Page Setup options cached somewhere?

I'm trying to help someone in my office who can no longer select "Tabloid" size paper in the Page Setup. We have a Xerox Splash G640 which gives me about fifteen different page sizes in the Page Setup window, but even after deleting her printer from the Printer Setup Utility and re-adding it, she only gets Letter and Legal size. When I started helping her, the Printer Setup Utility said the printer was using the generic postscript driver and I manually changed it to the correct driver. This did not fix the issue, so we deleted and re-added the printer. But, the incorrect page sizes are still in the Page Setup window. If you select another printer from the list in Page Setup and choose Tabloid size paper, the printer prints a Tabloid size image, but on a Letter size piece of paper... She's got Mac OS X 10.4.3 (we're giving everyone updates to 10.4.5 later this week) and although this issue is occurring in any application, we need to print from PhotoShop CS2.
It appears to me that Mac OS X is "caching" this information somewhere, but I'm not sure where. Is there a folder or file I could delete to try to clear this up?

Thank you for your reply. I've already replaced the PPD with the one from my computer which does show all the page sizes correctly (on my computer). It appears to be an issue deeper than simply selecting the correct PPD file in the Printer Setup Utility. Somehow, the options in the Page Setup are "stuck" and will not change even if you change the PPD file associated with that printer. You see the same page size options (the incorrect ones) whether that printer is set-up with the "generic" PostScript driver, the correct Mac OS X printer driver or manually selecting the Mac OS 9 printer driver from the Classic System Folder/Extensions/Printer Drivers. No matter which PPD we choose, the wrong page sizes persist in the Page Setup dialog.

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  • Crystal 2008 - New Page Setup options - need explanation please

    I have been unable to locate documentation on the new Page Setup screen for Crystal 2008.  I am specifically looking on detailed documentation about the following check boxes:
    Printer Options:
         No Printer
    Page Options section:
         Dissociate Formatting Page Size and Printer Paper Size
    Margins section:
         Adjust Automatically.
    Can someone please detail for me these options.  I'd like to know why I would use them and how do they work when combinations of them are selected.  I am most interested in the second option (above), but would like explanations about all of them.
    Thank you.

    I do not think the No Printer option is valid for us as our reports are not web based.
    Does the Adjust Automatically apply to the reports as they are run from a runtime client?  or does this just adjust for design mode?
    This is why I am asking about the 'Dissociate Formatting Page Size and Printer Paper Size'.  It sounds like this is the setting we may want to check when creating our reports before we distribute to runtime clients.
    Here is why I want to know.
    We develop our reports to fit 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper.  We distribute our reports to our clients along with the runtime merge modules.  We have a VB.Net 2005 program that our software application executes in order to print the reports (using the Crystal for .NET methods, etc.) from our software application.
    Some of our clients are in Europe.  They use A4 paper.  We have re-designed some of our reports so the fields will fit within both paper sizes (8.5x11 and A4).  However, we have over 500 reports we distribute, so we have not modified all reports.  Therefore, prior to Crystal XI, we recommended to our runtime users that if the data on the report did not fit on the A4 paper (it was truncated), then they need to go into the printer properties (from the printer dialog box...these are users running the report, not developers) and change the report from portrait to landscape before they print.  This would print the report landscape with data across 8.5", and then white space on the right/remainder of the page, but all the data would print, nothing truncated.  After we installed Crystal XI, using this option of selecting landscape at print time, no longer worked.  The report would print with the orientation in which it was created (in our case portrait) regardless of what the user selected from printer properties. 
    This is why I am asking about the 'Dissociate Formatting Page Size and Printer Paper Size'.  Can someone at SAP elaborate on this please?

  • CS3 page setup: in print dialog box???

    I am confused about the page setup in CS3. Coming from Illustr. 10 if I started a drawing in landscape mode and wanted to change into portrait mode I had to change the document and page setup boxes. Now in CS3 there is only a document setup, the page setup is in the print dialog box. Can someone share some light on this?

    I think the process is now as it always should have been. It was crazy always having to go to two different dialog boxes just to change one setting. The thinking here is that Illustrator is now smart enough to know to automatically adjust the Page Setup settings for you -- if you rotate the document from Landscape to Portrait for example, AI should be able to figure out on its own that you want it to print that was as well.
    The main point here is that Page Setup options aren't needed much anymore -- most of the options are handled directly within Illustrator's Print dialog (and can hence be saved in Print Presets, etc).
    :) Mordy

  • IPages does not keep page setup when I save as template

    I have created both an envelope and a 4 x 6 note card in Page Layout, both LANDSCAPE with custom, named, paper sizes, and saved both as a template in My Templates. In both cases, when I start a new project using either template, the page setup has the orientation as PORTRAIT and paper size as OTHER. How can I make sure the Page Setup options are saved in the template?

    I have made a sample card and it works as expected.
    +Menu > File > Page Setup… > check Orientation vertical > click on the plus button > make a new custom page 6" wide x 4" high > Name and save+
    Design and Save As Template.
    I think you have got confused with the orientation in the custom and Print As… options. They work together.
    When the orientation is vertical, the measures must be width and height as you see it on your desktop.
    Landscape orientation rotates the page just as you see it in the little icon, effectively turning it on its side.
    It all has to do with which way it is fed into the printer. Horizontal custom + vertical feed = Vertical custom + landscape feed.

  • Landscape option Greyed out in Page setup

    Post Author: whaworth
    CA Forum: General
    I am using Crystal reports Product version
    I have to edit an existing report, and have done successfully on a number of reports already, but it involves adding a lot more columns to the report, therefore making it too large for paper.
    So far I have gone in to Page setup, and clicked the 'No Printer (Optimise for screen display) and changed the orientation to landscape. This has worked for 2 reports.
    The third is basically the same report, but when I open page setup, the No Printer option is already ticked, but the landscape orientation option is greyed out, and portrait selected.
    Is there somewhere else that this could be set that overiddes this. All the reports have the same printer settings, so I can't see this being the issue.
    Thanks in advance

    Post Author: whaworth
    CA Forum: General
    I have worked this out.
    For some reason the server was setting the default printer to be the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, which overides any setting in the report.
    setting a normal printer to be the default printer has worked.

  • I would like to change the project page layouts, but setup option in Project Superuser are not available. How can I change the selected page layouts?

    I updated the page layouts for a project in Project Management. Now I woujld like to change those chosen page layouts, but the setup options for the project are no longer available for me to change. How can I update the original chosen page layouts (for performance management) to different layouts or change the chosen layouts to the default (blank) layouts?
    Chris van de Graaf

    It all began inside the settings of my Sanyo VPC-HD2000A when somehow the selection got switched from 1280 x 720 to that other setting with so-called 25fps. Also, I don't know whether the mishap occurred before or after I took my new footage.
    I edited the clips last night and now they are on my blog and channel and they seem ok but slightly fuzzy.
    I used a Sanyo VPC-HD2000A .7x wide angle lens with macro and I notice that when I zoomed in to the little sun conure, the picture blurred. I think that might be something that happens when one zooms the focus.
    Also, I was born and raised to a teenager in Hawaii, but now Southern California has me in its grip.

  • FF 6 "Page Setup" missing "Format & Options" and "Margins & Header/Footer" tabs

    Running 6.0.1 or 6.0.2 on FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE when I select File->Page Setup the standard popup window no longer has tabs for "Format & Options" and "Margins & Header/Footer" that I see on Windows XP when running 6.0.2 - this would be okay were it not for the fact that printing (using CUPS on FreeBSD) no longer prints the headers and footers (which I see just fine when I do Print Preview) something in FF 6.x has regressed and is affecting Page Setup.

    Yep, this I know. And have long since done this (probably before FireFox was called Mozilla). In fact my margins are set the way I want them (and have been unchanged for years - at least since 2006). That was the first thing I checked.
    The fact is ever since I upgrated to 6.01 from 5.x (which was a few weeks ago) my printing from FF6 has not included the footers and headers. As I've said, I can see my footers and headers when I perform Print Preview, but they do not appear on the printed page(s), I truly believe this is changed behaviour due to the upgrade to FF6. Next week I will try a screen capture of my Print Preview to include an image for the "Add images:" feature when posting a reply, but I don't know how to show the physical printed page lacking those same headers and footers short of shooting a photograph with a macro lens and including that as an image. Therefore for now, you will just have to take my word for the fact of missing footers and headers. Also, next week I would be able to post here my about:config settings for the margin preferences which I assure you have remained unchanged for several years. FWIW, printing from Opera 11.11 to the same printer from the same workstation where FF6 is running does include my footers and headers. To my thinking this fairly much puts the blame for this problem on FF6. Thanks.

  • Page Setup / Paper Size- custom not an option

    Following previous advice to get Adobe Acrobat installed to enable more print options, which I did, I am not seeing the custom paper size available as an option under page setup.
    I am trying to follow along with Matt Kloskowski's video tutorial for print presets where he goes in and makes a contact sheet effectively become a triptych print setup. He goes to change the paper size from the standard to 11" x 4", and clicks Page Setup/Paper Size/Manage Custom sizes and enters the new dimensions.
    When I go to Page Setup, and choose Adobe PDF under printer name, "manage Custom Sizes is not an option for me under Paper size- they are all standard sizes.
    Any thoughts on why this might be?

    Set your paper size as a custom size:
    1. Open the Pages doc
    2. Press shift+ ⌘ +p to open the page setup
    3. In the 'settings' pull down menu choose 'custom paper size'
    4. Click on the new button and create your custom size and save by pressing o.k
    5. Now your custom size will appear in every page set up dialogue.
    For my two printers this is all I have to do. The printers adopt the page set up selected in Pages.

  • Ps CS5 "Print Page Setup" dialog will not open

    Hello: I was printing via my Photoshop CS5.
    I accidentally created a paper size of 0cm x 0cm and attempted to print (up to this point Photoshop and Print worked).
    I now (permanently) get an error message: "There was an error opening your printer. . . "
    Photoshop >File >Print. . . will not open the Print Page Setup.
    Photoshop >File >Print one copy (works, but still tries to print 0cm x 0cm, the printer spits out a blank page).
    Using the (Mac/Apple) app 'Preview' I deleted the paper size preset '0cm x 0cm'.
    apps; Preview, Text Edit, Mail, Word, . . . all print properly (they can open the 'Print Page Setup' dialog).
    I set up two other printers (now three in total) and they work with all applications (except Photoshop).
    I uninstalled and re-installed Photoshop and my printers, including all their preference files.
    Also, I again deleted Photoshop preference files by opening Photoshop while pressing 'Shft-Opt-Cmd'.
    In 'System Preferences' >Print & Fax >Printers; I reset my computer's "Printing System".
    I repaired 'Disk Permissions', Safe Boot and have also done multiple restarts.
    Since only Photoshop has a problem, I believe Photoshop has (somewhere) set a preference thinking it's default paper size is 0cm x 0cm which is throwing an error and preventing the 'Print Page Setup' from opening.
    I updated Photoshop Adobe Air, Printers, . . . after re-installing.
    I ran an app that clears my computer's caches.
    I reinstalled (and updated) my computer's operating system (OS only, not my account and data).
    I would appreciate your help. Thank-you, M_L_R
    Mac OS: 10.6.8, Apple/MacPro 2009, 2 x 2.93GHx 8-Core processors, 16GB of Ram (DDR3 1066 MHz)

    Hello: I repaired my (Print: Page Setup. . . dialog panel will not open) problem.
    The fix was one of the many suggestions I researched in the 'Adobe Help'.
        Unfortunately I dismissed this solution (until now).
            see >Solution 7: Create a different user account and run Photoshop as that user.
    Some of the (following) procedures may not be necessary, but the core solution is in there. . .
        Mac OS X v10.5 or later >System Preferences >Accounts >Guest Account (sharing only) >Allow guests to log in to this computer >Automatic Login (for Administrator, still active - optional) >then log out of the (main/administrator) account >then Log in to the guest account >go to the applications folder (in the guest account) >open Photoshop >create a new simple document (example: create one text letter) >Print. . . (in this situation Print: Page Setup. . . the dialog panel opens [remember: this is the error problem in the main account]) >(do what you normally do) select your printer >set up a page size and printer options >print. Save that Photoshop project >delete that Photoshop project >Log out (of the Guest account) >Log in to your regular (main/administrator) account >the Guest account can now be deactivated (optional) >open Photoshop (in your main account) >test print a simple document >the (Print: Page Setup. . .) dialog panel now opens >(do what you normally do) select your printer >set up a page size and printer options >print. Save that Photoshop project >delete that Photoshop project >the (Print: Page Setup. . . dialog panel will not open) problem is repaired. Bye for now, M_L_R

  • Elements 11 - Print disabled after Page Setup

    I just got Elements 11 and it's not going well.  The most severe bug is that if I click on Page Setup..., the print dialog becomes non-functional.  Page Setup... and Print... buttons no longer do anything when clicked.  The problem persists until I quit and relaunch Elements.  Sometimes I can work around this by configuring everything in the Print window alone, but this prevents setting Elements options for custom paper sizes.  I've already tried resetting Elements' preferences.  All other apps, including the older version of Elements I had, print without problem.
    MacOS 10.6.8
    Adobe Editor 11.0
    Brother HL-2170W 4.5.0
    Canon PRO-100
    Craploads of __NSAutoreleaseNoPool leak warnings
    *** Assertion failure in -[PSCocoaMenu itemAtIndex:], /SourceCache/AppKit/AppKit-1038.36/Menus.subproj/NSMenu.m:779

    Creating a new user account is not an appropriate workaround.  I've trashed all the Adobe files (user prefs, user cache, user library, system library) and reinstalled with no improvment.  All other applications, including Elements 6 that I was using, print fine.
    My current feeling is that Elements 11 is a dud and I need to contact Adobe for refund.  There are other problems too.  Sometimes layer selection stops working or selects the wrong layers until the app is restarted.  Some zoom levels produces large blocking (Flash has the bug too).  Transparency handling at the edge of selections seems to use a lower quality or less correct algorithm compared to earlier versions.  Imported AI files have a light colored border.  Printing doesn't work.  The GUI is the most clumsy and inefficient that I have ever witnessed.  Every attempt at making progress on my work has been blocked by bugs.

  • In Pages '09, OSX 10.8 how do I print multiple pages on one sheet of paper.  (I used to be able to do this in earlier versions via the "page setup" menu.

    Forget it.  The answer is that the multiple page per page setup comes up in the printing menu.  (When you do command-P)

    Click on the Show Details button in the Print dialog.
    Whenever options seem to disappear, have a look around and explore what is available. Particular when they have what appears to be relevent labels.

  • Page Setup -- printing on tabloid pages

    This simple problem in Acrobat X (10.1.0) is causing me to go back to Acrobat 9:
    When I need to print to a tabloid-size page (my printer contains both sizes of paper), I cannot find "page setup" anywhere except in the print dialog box. When I click that button then the following message comes up:
         "The Page Setup dialog box is provided by the operating system. To ensure that you can use the full print capabilities of Acrobat, please set all print options from the Application print dialog box. Do you want to continue?"
    Oh yeah? Where IS the Application print dialog box? Isn't that what I was just in?
    In Acrobat 9, if I wanted to change the printing paper size, I could go to File>Page Setup and change the size and IT WOULD REMAIN AT THAT SIZE UNTIL I CHANGED IT AGAIN.
    But in Acrobat X, I must click this button EACH TIME I print to get a size other than the default [which is governed by my Mac's setting for Print/Fax (OS X, 10.5.8)].
    Can someone tell me what I'm missing? It should be simple... (like it is in Acrobat 9).

    After selecting Page Setup in the Print Dialog box (going through the warning), I then chose "Paper Size: Tabloid", and BEFORE I exited THAT page setup dialog box, I switched from "Settings: Page Attributes" to "Settings: Default". (Note that the "Settings: Default" attribute immediately bounced back to "Settings: Page Attributes".)
    But it seems to work! The page size stays Tabloid (or A4 or whatever) until I change it again -- no matter whether I open a different document or quit Acrobat X and start it again.
    It's not intuitive... and I was not having any success in finding an answer or a workaround.
    So thank you so much for your response!
    Hope that someone else having the same problem will find this thread.

  • Xerox 7830 fails to obey "Choose paper source by PDF page size" option in Acrobat Pro -- Adobe issue or Xerox issue? Workaround?

    Our former office printer (Xerox 7345) had no problem with this. But the new Xerox 7830 fails to obey the "Choose paper source by PDF page size" option in Acrobat Pro. Even the "Page Setup" is overridden by the Xerox printer driver. It is extremely annoying to have to go into the Xerox driver dialog every time, regardless of that check in the box and the correct dimensions being displayed in the picture.....

    Unfortunately, not only does this not solve the problem with multi-page-size documents, but it's begun happening on files which are all one size as well, where that box isn't even checked.
    It appears that what's happening is the newer versions of Adobe Acrobat don't play nicely with emulated postscript support past a certain date. We're replacing our Canon with a newer model that has actual postscript support, and if that resolves the issue I'll be certain to post confirmation here. Copies of Adobe Acrobat 7 and 8 in our office haven't seen this problem at all; it's simply everyone who has upgraded past that point that can't print reliably.
    More news next week, after we get the new copier.

  • Lost reverse page orientation in page setup in CS2 going from 10.4 to 10.5

    I do a lot of hi quality printing for CDs & DVDs using Photoshop CS2. With OS 10.4.11 in page setup from the file menu, I had three icons (for landscape, portrait, and reverse portrait). Now with 10.5.8 - I have only two.
    Some programs like Preview have a box to check for "reverse page orientation" in the "page setup" menu or in the print submenu for "layout", but not CS2. (Preview prints to fill the page not to accurate size)
    Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a secret way to bring up the reverse page orientation option that I just haven't discovered?
    This really messes me up for precise double sided printing - and it makes me wish I'd stuck with 10.4.
    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

    See my new question (July 2011) and replies re this matter.
    BDAqua came up with the answer, which is to save a reverse version in Photoshop of the images to be printed reverse, and then those images directly in the usual portrait setup in the printing dialogue. This way, I won't be dependent on having a reverse image orientation option in the printer setup. (lost for Photoshop CS2 in OS 10.5)
    Again - I appreciate the help.

  • Page setup fails export to PDF

    I have exported a pages document as PDF, but when I open it with an adobe reader it switches page size. I wrote it as A4, but the PDF opens as US letter size.
    I can change the page setup in the adobe and print as A4, but the PDF is for circulating to trainees and I would like it to be the correct page size without them having to mess about with it.
    Am I missing a trick in the export process, or is it just one of those things beyond my control where the fates are teasing me?

    I have exported a pages document as PDF, but when I open it
    with an adobe reader it switches page size. I wrote it as A4,
    but the PDF opens as US letter size.
    could this be caused by an option in Adobe Reader?
    I always export/print documents to A4 and don't have any problems with Preview or Adobe Reader 7.0.

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