Parameter for BI-report-URL

I need embed a BI Report in a factsheet of CRM 2007. I have absolute no idea about BI. So, now I have a stupid question.
Given  a BI-report-ID ,e.g.
  0TPLB_0CSALMC02_Q009_V01, but it is still necessary to fill out the so called parameters for BI-Report-URL.  How can I know, which parameters are to be passed? Where can I find the parameter?
Thanks in advance

Hello Holger,
it is a pretty good hint. thanks  and point awarded!
I looked through the web API reference, mentioned in IMG guide .  But I have still the question:
Does a BI report accept only specific parameters ? just like a method , function ....
I mean, whether there is a table, where all corresponding parameter are listet for each BI-report ID .
Where are some specific parameter names declared? For example  "0Country". How can I know, that the "0Country" refers  exactly to  country, instead of other concepts. 
Thanks a lot

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    I am writing a report in ORACLE 6.0, and I need to create a user
    parameter for my report.
    My database includes fields: item_id, item_cost, and item_desc.
    What I want to do is: set up a user parameter for item_cost, and
    the report will prompt the user to enter number into this
    parameter, then the report will display item_id and item_desc
    depending the user-entered item_cost.

    My SQL code is below:
    select item_id, item_invo, item_desc
    from tb_item
    where item_invo=:p_1
    but I got an error message:
    REP-0788:Warning: The value of restricted LOV parameter p_1 is
    not among the selectedble values.
    Would you help me again? Thanks.

  • Parameter of BI-Report URL

    now I have a BI-report ID:   0TPLB_0CSALMC02_Q009_V01
    I need to add this Report into the webgui of CRM-2007. For this purpose, in CRM 2007 we need to specify the paramters of the BI-report-URL. But I have no idea , how to know which parameter we shall use here.
    I have looked through the document "Web API Reference" , but it can not tell me, which BI-report needs which parameters.
    Thanks a lot

    Here is an example code for this badi implementation:
    METHOD if_ex_bsp_dlc_fs~get_bi_rep_parameter.
      DATA: lr_bol_entity TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_entity,
            lr_value_node TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_wd_value_node,
            lr_collection TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_col,
            lv_repid TYPE string.
    **this is only a example
          lr_bol_entity ?= iv_data_collection->get_first( ).
          lr_value_node ?= iv_data_collection->get_next( ).
          IF lr_value_node IS BOUND AND lr_bol_entity IS BOUND.
            lv_repid = lr_value_node->get_property_as_string( 'REPID' ).
            IF lv_repid = 'SAMPLE7'.
              REPLACE '&1' IN cv_addparameter WITH '0CRM_SOLDTO'.
              REPLACE '&2' IN cv_addparameter WITH '156'.
        CATCH cx_sy_move_cast_error.

  • How to pass multiple values to a single parameter in BW report URL

    Hi Experts,
    I am new to EP and learning .... i am stuck at one point where we need to pass multiple parameters to a BW report URL, this is the URL that we launch from BSP.... Suppose i have to pass different multiple values to a single parameter, how to do it....
    i m getting many answers to pass parameters to iviews, reports, but not specific to my case.. can u plz help me....
    Thanks in advance
    Priya Rai

    What is the prolem you are facing if you split the single date param as two parameters say startdate and enddate?
    If you pass as single string then you might have to split the same at reciever end.
    Are you trying any thing specific?

  • Parameter for Xl Reporter

                    I build one xl report in xl reporter but i whant make parameter for ther posting date wise i tried all way but its not work it only genrated all data in that company i whant tosort repot about ther posting date how can do it. i maked parameter also but it not sort please reply with perfect solution

    It will not be easy to describe the complete process to make parameter working for XLR.  However, could you share your steps tried so far.  That might save a lot unnecessary explanations.

  • About passing multiple values in parameter for oracle report
    Hi all,
    i want to pass multiple value using , to separate them 1,2,3....
    here is my query
    ,to_char(oh.ordered_date,'DD-MON-YYYY') d_date
    ,to_char(oh.ordered_date+31,'DD-MON-YYYY') d_validity
    ,oh.cust_po_number d_po_num
    ,rcust.customer_id AS customer_id
    ,oh.order_number d_salesorder_no
    ,oh.cust_po_number d_project
    ,oh.attribute1 second_addr
    ,oh.attribute2 remark1
    ,oh.attribute3 remark2
    ,substr(oh.transactional_curr_code,1,3) as currency
    , ordertype
    , as d_payment_term
    ,rat.description d_payment_desc
    ,rsa.email_address as sales_phone
    ,rcust.customer_name||' - #'||rcust.customer_number d_to_custname
    ,rcust.customer_name d_cust_sign
    -- ,raddr.ship_to_flag
    ,oh.sold_to_contact_id AS attn_id
    , AS SO_type
    -- ,net_org.ORG_LOGO
    oe_order_headers_all oh
    ,ra_customers rcust
    ,ra_addresses_all raddr
    ,ra_site_uses_all rsite --double_line
    ,ra_terms rat
    ,hz_party_sites hps
    ,hz_contact_points hcp
    ,ra_salesreps_all rsa
    ,oe_transaction_types_tl tyl
    -- ,apps.ar_contacts_v acv
    -- ,net_org
    WHERE oh.sold_to_org_id = rcust.customer_id
    AND oh.payment_term_id = rat.term_id(+)
    --AND        rcust.customer_id = acv.customer_id(+)
    AND oh.salesrep_id = rsa.salesrep_id
    AND oh.order_type_id = tyl.transaction_type_id
    AND rcust.party_id = raddr.party_id
    AND raddr.address_id = rsite.address_id
    AND rcust.party_id = hps.party_id
    AND hps.party_site_id = hcp.owner_table_id(+)
    AND hcp.owner_table_name(+) = 'HZ_PARTY'
    --AND        hcp.contact_point_type (+)='PHONE'
    AND tyl.LANGUAGE = userenv('LANG')
    --AND          raddr.ship_to_flag IS NULL
    AND oh.order_number =:P_CONTRACT_NO
    and oh.org_id = :P_ORG_ID
    --and            net_org.org_id = :P_ORG_ID
    and after para form
    function AfterPForm return boolean is
    :CP_Param := 'where oh.order_number in ('||:P_CONTRACT_NO||')';
    return (TRUE);
    it said ora-00933 but my query can run i dont need the multiple values para, can anyone help me how to modify the report so it can pass multipel values thanks

    HI I tried changing the parameter width to a larger value, it can output , and the field where I show the order_number i used source P_CONTRACT_NO,
    it will display as 102005000,102005001 and I also tried using the column from the query directly, it will be separated , it has some other problem
    I have the header part and main part,
    and also there are page numbering, with the order number field set as order_number it will output single number , but the page order is wrong
    102005000,102005001 will be like header page: 102005000 1/4 102005001 2/4, main page 102005000 3/4, 102005001 3/4
    DO you have any idea how I can set the page numbering setting so it will output as header page:102005000 1/2 102005000 2/2
    header page:102005001 1/2 102005001 2/2
    ?? thanks

  • Placing a parameter for a report in header when no XML data returned

    Good Afternoon ~
    I have a request from a user that requires the need to place a reports parameters in the header of the report even though  the report may return no data.  Example of this would be a missing time card report. 
    I have only seen the use of this when there is data returned.  If the report returns no data there is no XML.  
    I have no idea how I would accomplish this.  Any suggestions I can get on this is much appreciated.  How would I capture the parameter used?
    Thank you much!

    Apparently I am not notified of these updates.    Sorry this took me a bit to get to you. 
    The report data is using an Oracle Report to generate the XML.  All other formatting is done in BI  Publisher.

  • Little help for calling report from a form

    It is Oracle 9i and Reports 6i.
    -> I have a form with only one BUTTON.
    -> I have a REPORT with only one USER PARAMETER 'P_1' which is a number.
    -> I have only one query INSIDE the report. It is "SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE EMPNO = :P_1'
    -> I added the report to form in the OBJECT NAVAVIGATOR of FORM and the NAME OF REPORT is 'REOPRT4'
    here is the code on the form:
    vid report_object;
    vname varchar2(100);
    vid := find_report_object('Report4');
    vname := run_report_object(vid);
    -> the FORM and REPORT are in "c:\helloworld" directory.
    -> the error I am getting is 'internal pl/sql error'
    -> I WANT THE USER TO ENTER THE RUNTIME PARAMETER FOR THE REPORT AT RUNTIME, so no need to worry about supplying the parameter through code!!!
    Thank You very much. I appreciate your kind help!!

    I think that you have to add some code, see page 15 in this:

  • In Drill through report pass hyperlink value as parameter to another report using ssrs 2008 R2

    Hi All,
    I have one drill through SSRS report in which if I click one hyperlink in the summmary report it should be passed as parameter for detail report, like this....
    If I click A1 then that should be passed as parameter to detail report and display A1 data in detail report
    If I click A2 then that should be passed as parameter to detail report and display A2 data in detail report.
    Please give me some ideas or expression code to achieve this in using SSRS 2008R2. Its very urgent.

    Thanks the folowing is my source data for the parameter I am including to the drill through
    when EA_STATUS in ('E4', 'U4', 'P5', '02', '03', '04','B2','B3','B4','12')
    then CAST('Project' AS VARCHAR(15))
    else CAST('Non-Project' AS VARCHAR(15))
    As you can see it has only 2 values.So how do you suggest I wirte the expression to include in the report.
    The name of the parameter I will be using is EAProjectGroup.but below is the error I am getting trying to run the report
    rsMissingFieldInDataSet] The dataset Trends contains a definition for the Field EA_PROJECT_GROUP_DESC. This field is missing from the returned result set from the data source.
    [rsErrorReadingDataSetField] The dataset Trends contains a definition for the Field EA_PROJECT_GROUP_DESC. The data extension returned an error during reading the field. There is no data for the field at position 45.
    Preview complete -- 0 errors, 72 warnings
    what does the position 45 mean?

  • How to create own Selection Parameter for ME2M list

    Dear Sir,
    We use ME2m tcode for getting list related to Purchase Order . We have been told that we can create our own "SELECTION PARAMETER" for ths report . Kindly guide us as what steps need to be done for this pl .
    With Thanks and Regards
    Sonia Mittal

    you can also set a variant for the existing / default ME2M screen
    fill all the required entries then click on GOTO >>Variants >Save as Variant
    next time when you run T code ME2M, you can select the variant and run the t code
    hope this will help you

  • Dynamic url link for Crystal Reports Enterprise?

    Hi all,
    We recently upgraded to SBOP 4.0 SP2 and are looking at migrating our existing Crystal Reports from Crystal Reports 2011 to Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.0.
    Up to this point we have been utilizing the BW Publisher and role menus in BW.
    Our long term goal is to migrate users from the BW GUI to the BI LaunchPad but this will be a gradual process.
    Until we make the final switch to the LaunchPad we need to maintain the links in the role menus. I found the Document Link option for Crystal Reports so I have a URL to point to the report that we can put in the role menu, but the system value is not dynamic. Is there a way to make this dynamic like we can do with web template URLs?
    For example, when using a web template URL we can use the <bsp_server> parameter in the URL to determine the SAP system. Is there an equivalent that can be used in the Document Link for the Crystal Report to determine the respective SBOP system?

    Below is link for the Crystal report for Eclipse 2.0:
    you could always refer to the following thread as Bryan updated with new releases :
    [Crystal Reports for Eclipse 2.0 Release Update 8 is Now Available!|Crystal Reports for Eclipse 2.0 Release Update 8 is Now Available!;
    Hope this will help
    Rameez Shaikh

  • Crystal Reports URL Reporting Parameter promptOnRefresh in JSP

    I'm trying to run crystal reports from a JSP file that redirects using a URL string, but the promptOnRefresh=0 parameter that I pass doesn't seem to be preventing the report from prompting for parameters when the report viewer refresh button is hit.
    I'm running BO Enterprise 3.1. In Infoview, all of my report URLs forward their report IDs to a JSP page, (z_dw.jsp), which reads the infoview cookie for a logon token, and creates an IEnterpriseSession to get an enterprise token and the user's info. The JSP then redirects to view the desired report using the URL pattern below:
    The actual Java code to construct this URL is below:
    String redirectStr = "http://<server>:<port>/CrystalReports/viewrpt.cwr?id=" + request.getParameter("rpt")
      + "&apstoken=" + enterpriseToken
      + "&promptex0=\"en" + userName + "\""
      + "&promptOnRefresh=0";
    This forwards to the desired report and prompts for needed parameters correctly. Unfortunately, if the report is refreshed using the report viewer refresh button, all of the parameters are promted for including the reportID, which our users wouldn't know. In the xi3-1_url_reporting_opendocument_en(2010).pdf guide, it mentions that the 'promptOnRefresh' parameter can be set to 0 to prevent this from happening, however it didn't seem to work in my case.
    If anyone can advise me on how to fix this problem or how to disable the report viewer refresh button through a URL string, I would be very grateful.

    This turned out to be a valid bug, and the SAP Design Team fixed it in Fix pack 2.6 for BOXI 3.1 in response to this issue. If you encounter something similar, just upgrade to the latest fix pack and this problem should be taken care of.

  • Contact Center Anywhere8.1.3|Unable to get proper Report URL for Supervisor

    I am facing a problem to view the Reports using Supervisor login under Reporting.
    The version of Oracle CCA is : 8.1.3.
    1) The urlforccatotawreports field in the systemconfiguration database table is been updated with
    2) Inside TAW application, web.xml is been updated, below is part of it.
    (IP and Port is mentioned in the actual file/field)
    3) The WebLogic server, Database server, Network Manager and TCP IP Bus have been restared after making the changes.
    If the URL is been updated in the opened browser
    from : http:///ReportServlet?fileName....................
    to : http://IP:Port/TAW/ReportServlet?fileName.......
    then we are able to see the reports properly.
    Appreciate quick help.

    Check the database table CCA.SYSTEMCONFIIGURATION.
    Column URLFORCCATOTAWREPORTS, is used for the report server URL.
    TAW is deployed as the default service, so TAW is omitted
    If you have muliple report servers as defined in the TAW/WEB-INF/web.xml
    </context-param> DNS record will contain two or more results.

  • SCCM 2012 R2 reporting error: "The DefaultValue expression for the report parameter 'UserTokenSIDs' contains an error: A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated. (rsRuntimeErrorInExpression)"

    I have two SCCM environments under same active directory domain and one service account have been used for SCCM configurations on both the environments (QA and PRODUCTION). I am facing similar error as mentioned above while trying to fetch reports on
    PRODUCTION site, but the QA site is working fine, though same service account have been used for configuring both. While looking at the reportserverservice_<date> log on my Production DB server i see the following error
    "processing!ReportServer_0-3!2124!01/02/2015-09:09:30:: e ERROR: Throwing Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ProcessingAbortedException: , Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ProcessingAbortedException: An error has occurred during
    report processing. ---> Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ReportProcessingException: Cannot read the next data row for the dataset DataSet1. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'Override
    Default' to data type int."
    My DB and SCCM primary site are different and the reorting services point is installed on remote DB server. Please help me resolving the issue.
    Troubleshooting performed:
    1.Disabled the registry key 'EnableRbacReporting' from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\SRSRP to 0 and then restarted SSRS service and the reporting worked for some minutes after that the registry key reverted back to 1 automatically and
    reporting started throwing errors again.
    2. Checked with the permissions on DB whether or not 'sysadmin' role is assigned to the SCCM service account.
    3. re-registered the SQL management Provider WMI class.
    mofcomp.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Shared\sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof”

    Hi All,
    Finally found exact solution to the reporting error.
    Error: while launching SCCM reports (both from Console and web based) an unexpected error occured with error message as "The DefaultValue expression for the report parameter ‘UserTokenSIDs’ contains an error: A specified logon session does not exist.
    It may already have been terminated. (rsRuntimeErrorInExpression)"
    Solution: This is password replication issue for the domain account used to configure reporting services point in SCCM. If your SQL SSRS reporting services instance and databse runs with local default account whereas the reporting services point on SCCM
    primary site is configured with domain account, (As in My case) you need to perform the following in order to get rid of the error.
    Launch 'Reporting Services Configuration Manager' from the SQL SSRS box(either Local or Remote), Connect to Report Server Instance->Go to 'Execution Account' tab->Specify the 'Execution Account' as domain account and password which is used to configure
    Reporting Services Point in SCCM Primary Site, and then click apply.
    Now Lauch the report either way (Web based or from Console), the error will disappear and all your default reports will execute perfectly as before.

  • One parameter for multiple Crystal reports in Publication

    Does anyone know if it is possible to enter one identical parameter for multiple Crystal reports in publication when scheduling? BOE 3.1 SP3 Windows, Java.
    To elaborate I am creating publication with multiple reports, each report has one parameter and this parameter is identical in every report in publication. So instead of entering this parameter many times I would like to enter once. 
    If yes point me in the right direction to get the how to or post the steps.

    Thank you so much for your answer. It was very helpful. In the end, it didn't work but it helped me figure out what was happening. I use a different form for the reports and I had it coded in the form which report to use. I created a second form for the second crystal and then I used an if statement to choose the form and it worked like a charm.
    Thanks so much again!

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    Hello Experts,  (BI7.0) I have a MultiProvider in wich 4 InfoCubes inside. In ervery InfoCube is ProfitCENTER. Like this: 1. CUBE :0WBS_ELEMT__0PROFIT_CTR 2. CUBE: 0COSTCENTER__0PROFIT_CTR 3.CUBE: ZWIO_COOR__0PROFIT_CTR 4.CUBE: ZWIO_COOR__0PROFIT_CTR