Partial page load problem when using Muse in an existing non-Muse Masterpage; how to issue a jquery

Partial page load problem when using Muse in an existing non-Muse Masterpage; how to issue a jquery args.get_isPartialLoad().
My page is loaded into a palcehold within the Ajax update panel within the current Masterpage, so page loadload doesn't occur. But if my Muse page can capture  the partial pageload then I can tell jquery to run the Muse formating routine.

Jackie,  I am having the same issue and agree that it obscures our site analytics.
I only have the "WebMarketing" subscription - so I cannot see how often people visit my site (unless I just dont know how to view that).  Here is a screen shot of how many different locations I have and how much it affects my site visitor count based on the other locations which seem "legit" because they have more page views than visits.
I hope there is a way to fix or block this.

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  • I cannot sign in to any verizon web page - I checked allow on the cookie preference page - no problems when using Safari (I'm on a Mac).

    Happens no matter what Verizon page I try.
    This page opens even when I try to go to Verizon wireless, when I'm not trying to pay my bill.

    Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.
    "Clear the Cache":
    * Firefox > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    "Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:
    * Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"

  • Page layout problem when using more than 3 iviews(with Tab Strip controls)

    Hello Experts,
    I am using MS Visual Studio 2005 and PDK 2.5 for .net.
    I have created four iViews where two iViews are having TabStrip control which are dynamically added to iView.
    When I add iViews to the page and view page  ,I am not able to see the content of iViews having TabsStrip controls.
    But I can see contents with individual iView.I am using 3 columns layout for this scenario.
    I have tried all possible layouts available in EP.
    How should I placed iViews in page so that contents of iviews having Tabsrtip control will be displayed.
    Any help appreciated
    Sunil Pawar

    Hi Sunil,
              Try changing the isolation property of iView to URL(Isolated) from Embedded-->Save .Now assign these iViews to the page.
    For more info,
    <a href="">Isolation Property</a>

  • Macbook Pro/Mozill​a Firefox --Page Loading Problems

    I experience 'page loading' problems when going from one page to another. Sometimes the page takes a long time to load. Sometimes it times out and never does load.
    Does anyone else with this combination of laptop and browser experience these problems? Any suggestions for overcoming this lag?

    I know OS X used to have some problems with the way some routers do DNS.  There was this topic a while ago:​-load-speed-great-but-browser-quot-looking-up-quot​...
    For our Mac we had to set the router to send external IP addresses of a DNS system (either verizon's or something like OpenDNS which we use).
    You could manually change the DNS settings on the Mac to see if that fixes the problem and then you could mac the change the settings at the router level if you like.

  • I have some web pages that loaded completely when using 3G but partially loaded using Wifi.

    I have some web pages that loaded completely when using 3G but partially loaded (only text without any images ) using Wifi. Is it a site specific issue?

    Can you rule out the NoScript extension as a cause of the issues on those sites? Even if you allow the main site to run scripts, often a website will spread its content over additional servers, so you may need to visit the "S" button menu a second or third time to get full functionality. (Over time, you'll recognize some the servers as being for ads, tracking, or sharing buttons and you can just let those parts of the page not work.)

  • Web page load problem on iOS 6

    I have recently upgraded iPhone and iPad to iOS 6 and found certian problems while serving some of the website. furhter I did little analysis and found some secure sites which are using
    frames and calling external url in sided the frame  are have problem. I have noticed that left navigation which is part of main frame is coming properly while page load and when response is rendering from
    external call in body section of same frame, it overlaps previous rendered output. Further in one website which was use two external call had same behaviour that once one response is rendered its showing in web page but after rendering of response from another page
    It overlaps perious response.
    I had tried websites in different browsers and got same behaviour. I checked other versions and did not encountered this behaviour in iPhone 5, iPad 2, and iPhone 4s.

    I am having the same problem hopefully it gets fixed
    will check back here for a fix if you find one!
    League of legends news

  • ORA-01403: no data found Problem when using AUTOMATIC ROW FETCH to populate

    ORA-01403: no data found Problem when using AUTOMATIC ROW FETCH to populate a form.
    1) Created a FORM on EMP using the wizards. This creates an AUTOMATIC ROW FETCH
    Item Containing PRIMARY KEY - P2099_EMPNO
    Primary key column - EMPNO
    By default the automatic fetch has a ‘Process Error Message’ of ‘Unable to fetch row.’
    2) Created a HTML region. Within this region add
    text item P2099_FIND_EMPNO
    Button GET_EMP to submit
    Branch Modified the conditional branch created during button creation to set P2099_EMPNO with &P2099_FIND_EMPNO.
    If I then run the page, enter an existing employee number into P2099_EMPNO and press the GET_EMP button the form is populated correctly. But if I enter an employee that does not exist then I get the oracle error ORA-01403: no data found and no form displayed but a message at the top of the page ‘Action Processed’.I was expecting a blank form to be displayed with the message ‘Unable to fetch row.’
    I can work around this by making the automated fetch conditional so that it checks the row exists first. Modify the Fetch row from EMP automated fetch so that it is conditional
    EXIST (SQL query returns at least one row)
    select 'x'
    from EMP
    where EMPNO = :P2099_EMPNO
    But this means that when the employee exists I must be fetching from the DB twice, once for the condition and then again for the actual row fetch.
    Rather than the above work around is there something I can change so I don’t get the Oracle error? I’m now wondering if the automatic row fetch is only supposed to be used when linking a report to a form and that I should be writing the fetch process manually. The reason I haven’t at the moment is I’m trying to stick with the automatic wizard generation as much as I can.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks Pete

    Hi Mike,
    I've tried doing that but it doesn't seem to make any difference. If I turn debug on it shows below.
    0.05: Computation point: AFTER_HEADER
    0.05: Processing point: AFTER_HEADER
    0.05: ...Process "Fetch Row from EMP": DML_FETCH_ROW (AFTER_HEADER) F|#OWNER#:EMP:P2099_EMPNO:EMPNO
    0.05: Show ERROR page...
    0.05: Performing rollback...
    0.05: Processing point: AFTER_ERROR_HEADER
    I don't really wan't the error page, either nothing with the form not being populated or a message at the top of the page.
    Thanks Pete

  • NLS support problems when using AL32UTF8 in dads.conf

    Following a post by Joel Kallman, in one of the forum threads, about the mandatory use of AL32UTF8 in dads.conf, when running HTML DB v2.0, I changed my PlsqlNLSLanguage parameter accordingly.
    Prior to the change, I experienced some problems when using non-English characters – some application items appeared as gibberish when contained non-English characters, and the LIKE operator didn't perform as expected. After the change, it all seems to work OK, but now I have a different problem.
    All the non-English characters in my HTML page source code appears as gibberish. On screen, at run time, everything display correctly, but the source code seems to be corrupted. It is very difficult, and very annoying to debug the pages that way. Is there a way to enjoy both worlds – Using AL32UTF8 in the dads.conf, as required, and still getting a coherent HTML source code, containing non-English characters?

    I use the following settings and they work fine for me:
    Operating system:
    daust:oracle[o1020]> uname -a
    Linux 2.4.21-37.EL #1 Wed Sep 7 13:35:21 EDT 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
    daust:oracle[o1020]> cat /etc/redhat-release
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3 (Taroon Update 6)
    <Location /pls/htmldb>
        Order deny,allow
        PlsqlDocumentPath docs
        AllowOverride None
        PlsqlDocumentProcedure wwv_flow_file_manager.process_download
        PlsqlDatabaseConnectString localhost:1521:o1020
        PlsqlNLSLanguage AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1
        PlsqlAuthenticationMode Basic
        SetHandler pls_handler
        PlsqlDocumentTablename wwv_flow_file_objects$
        PlsqlDatabaseUsername HTMLDB_PUBLIC_USER
        PlsqlDefaultPage htmldb
        PlsqlDatabasePassword @BZvJYqadreElOqj5poCB5gE=
        Allow from all
    daust:oracle[o1020]> sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
    SQL> select * from nls_database_parameters;
    PARAMETER                      VALUE
    NLS_LANGUAGE                   AMERICAN
    NLS_TERRITORY                  AMERICA
    NLS_CURRENCY                   $
    NLS_ISO_CURRENCY               AMERICA
    NLS_CHARACTERSET               WE8ISO8859P1
    NLS_CALENDAR                   GREGORIAN
    NLS_DATE_FORMAT                DD-MON-RR
    NLS_SORT                       BINARY
    NLS_TIME_FORMAT                HH.MI.SSXFF AM
    PARAMETER                      VALUE
    NLS_DUAL_CURRENCY              $
    NLS_COMP                       BINARY
    Using AL32UTF8 resulted in the same problem as described ( and fixed ) here: Re: Strange - HTML not written correctly
    So, what is the proper configuration of the DAD, perhaps there are different ones for Unicode instances and non-Unicode instances.

  • TS2570 doesn't work, still the same problem when using Rapidweaver software. NOT with other software.

    i tried everything in this article, but still have the same problem when using Rapidweaver software. NOT with other software. I am converting my iWeb site  to Rapidweaver, whenever there is a calmer period in my office. I have 16 Gb RAM on my NEW iMac and have Parallels desktop, mail, safari, iWeb and Rapidweaver running simultanious.
    I never have the problem if i don't use Rapidweaver, but after i have added several pages to Rapidweaver, the problem begins. my iMac won't start up. the only thing that works is re-installing Macos OS X 10.8. i tried even whiping the completeharddrive, and reinstalling with a complete new user, the same problem.
    I had it on my previous iMac also, and bought a new one because i thought the problem was in the iMac first. i hadn't noticed it only happens with using rapidweaver.
    i sent my complete rapidweaver project to the programmers from rapidweaver at Realmacsoftware, but they couldnt reproduce my problem, there macs started up without any problem.
    i deleted all the rapidweaver addons and extra stacks, and started a complete new project.
    saterday i had the problem again, after adding about 5 new pages to my rapidweaver site.
    i think i have reinstalled Macos OS X 10.8.2 20 or 30 times by now
    does anyone have a sollution?

    Type '''about:support''' in the URL bar and hit Enter.
    Scroll down almost to the bottom of that listing and see if you have '''user.js Preferences''' just above the '''''Graphics''''' category.
    If you do have that, click on '''user.js file''' in this sentence. <br />
    ''Your profile folder contains a user.js file, which includes preferences that were not created by Firefox.''
    Does that "different homepage" appear in that user.js file?

  • Orange mail software problem when using distribution lists : some lists cannot be used for writing e-mails. The problem does not exist when using Internet Explo

    When writing an e-mail directly on the Orange e-mail service (not on Thunderbird) I am facing the following problem : some distribution lists cannot be used to complete the adressees. The same lists can be used without difficulty if I use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox. The Orange hotline told me that probably my Firefox version was not updated. Unfortunately I checked that, and apparently the automatic updating works. I have also updated the plug ins, without any result.

    Please could you specify which webpage you mean ?
    The process with Orange is the following :
    - 1. click on "Write an e-mail" on the mail webpage
    - 2. click on "To" to reach the Contacts which opens a new window
    - 3. click on "Distribution lists"
    - 4. click on the selected list then click on "add". The list appears ot the box corresponding to the addresses .
    - 5. click on the button "validate", which closes the window previously opened and normally
    - 6. reloads the initial page with the complete list on the line "To". Instead of that I get the last e-mail address I previously used .
    Question : at which step of this process should I try your suggestions ? I tried when the initial page was reloaded with the wrong address, but it did not work to get back the rignt distribution list;
    Note that the whole process functions with OTHER Distribution lists. The only difference is that the problematic one has a larger number of adresses (62) however inferior to the maximum indicated by Orange (100).
    I also remind that there is no problem when using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox.
    Thanks for your help !

  • Safari page load problems and 10.5.3

    Since I have upgraded to 10.5.3, I am experiencing Safari page load problems on all my user accounts on my 2.0 GHz Core Duo Black MacBook. I have reviewed threads in this forum and that of the Safari forum with no solution that solves the problem. so I post here in hopes of additional expert solution ideas.
    *The Problem:* Since upgrading to 10.5.3 Safari fails to complete page downloads for some, but not all websites. When these same websites are accessed with Firefox there is no problem. With Safari the page load will stop at about 75% completion, or the page will not load at all.
    Here is an example of a webpage that will not complete:
    Here is an example of a webpage that will not load at all: (my wife's business)
    I also have a G4 iMac running 10.4.11 on the same WiFi network that does NOT experience the Safari page load problems. All is good and speedy on this trusty machine.
    *Solutions Attempted:*
    - Deleted plist (with no effect)
    - Re-installed Safari from Leopard disk (with no effect)
    - Scoured User Preferences in Library for offending applications, plug-ins, etc.
    - Reset PRAM
    - Reset and examined cable modem and router (AirPort Extreme 802.11g)
    *Hardware and Network info:*
    - 2.0 GHz Core Duo Black MacBook
    - 2 GB Ram
    - AirPort Extreme Base Station (generation 1) running 802.11g

    Allan Eckert wrote:
    Hi Perry Lehman;
    Have you cleared out your cookies?
    Yes. I have reset Safari clearing all but website icons with no effect. I also tried turning of the Safari pop-up blocker with some very limited success. Disabling pop-up blocker will marginally help page load speed for some websites, but others still fail to load at all.
    Thanks for taking time to post.

  • TS2755 Hi all, I bought one iphone and 3 ipads, i set up all on one apple ID. Now i have a problem when using messages: when sending message from one device it appears again on screen from the other 3 devices. I need help of how to set up messages on each

    Hi all, I bought one iphone and 3 ipads, i set up all on one apple ID. Now i have a problem when using messages: when sending message from one device it appears again on screen from the other 3 devices. I need help on how to set up messages on each device separately and to start using messages app on each device independently. Thanks

    search google for "iphone remove picture from contact"

  • Problem when using About Operator in Contains Query

    I'm new to Oracle and this forums too. I have a problem when using about operator in contains query.
    I create a table with some records and then create a context index on 'name' column.
    CREATE TABLE my_items (
      id           NUMBER(10)      NOT NULL,
      name         VARCHAR2(200)   NOT NULL,
      description  VARCHAR2(4000)  NOT NULL,
      price        NUMBER(7,2)     NOT NULL
    ALTER TABLE my_items ADD (
      CONSTRAINT my_items_pk PRIMARY KEY (id)
    CREATE SEQUENCE my_items_seq;
    INSERT INTO my_items VALUES(my_items_seq.nextval, 'Car', 'Car description', 1);
    INSERT INTO my_items VALUES(my_items_seq.nextval, 'Train', 'Train description', 2);
    INSERT INTO my_items VALUES(my_items_seq.nextval, 'Japan', 'Japan description', 3);
    INSERT INTO my_items VALUES(my_items_seq.nextval, 'China', 'China description', 4);
    EXEC ctx_ddl.create_preference('english_lexer','basic_lexer');
    EXEC ctx_ddl.set_attribute('english_lexer','index_themes','yes');
    EXEC ctx_ddl.set_attribute('english_lexer','theme_language','english');
    CREATE INDEX my_items_name_idx ON my_items(name) INDEXTYPE IS CTXSYS.CONTEXT PARAMETERS('lexer english_lexer');
    EXEC ctx_ddl.sync_index('my_items_name_idx');Then I perform contains query to retrieve record :
    SELECT count(*) FROM my_items WHERE contains(name, 'Japan', 1) > 0;
    SELECT count(*) FROM my_items WHERE contains(name, 'about(Japan)', 1) > 0;
          1But the problem is when I using ABOUT operator like in Oracle's English Knowledge Base Category Hierarchy it return 0
    SELECT count(*) FROM my_items WHERE contains(name, 'about(Asia)', 1) > 0;
    SELECT count(*) FROM my_items WHERE contains(name, 'about(transportation)', 1) > 0;
          0I can't figure out what 's wrong in my query or in my index.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Hieu Nguyen
    Edited by: user2944391 on Jul 10, 2009 3:25 AM

    Hello (and welcome),
    You'd be best asking this question in the Oracle Text forum, here:
    And by the way, it will help others to analyse if you put {noformat}{noformat} (lowercase code in curly brackets) before and after your code snippets.
    Good luck!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • When using FireFox I often cannot view pictures in Hotmail, but have no problem when using other browsers

    When using FireFox I often cannot view pictures in Hotmail emails, but I have no problem when using other browsers

    Do you also have this issue if you temporarily switch to Private Browsing mode?
    *Tools > Options > Privacy, choose the setting <b>Firefox will: Use custom settings for history</b>
    *Select: [X] "Always use private browsing mode"
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    See also:

  • Coercion problem when using Shared Variable

    I have a curious coercion problem when using Shared Variables.  I want to share the state of a State Machine, which is an enum saved as a control (typedef) called TYPE State (see attached).  I create a shared variable called State and define it as a Custom Control, using the just-mentioned typedef.  So far, so good.  I've attached three simple VIs -- the first one, Init State, simply wires a constant to the input of the Shared Variable to initialize it -- the wired constant is, of course, defined by the typedef.  However, the Get State and Set State, meant to wire an indicator (for reading the state) or control (for setting it), develop coercion dots when wired into the Shared Variable.  Why?  How do I get rid of the dot?  [I suppose I could abandon my typedef and custom control, but the beauty of typedefs and custom controls is that it "enforces" rules, lets you use enums for clarity, keeps the code "honest", etc. -- I'd hate to give that up just to get rid of a dot!].
    On a related note, the code seems to work.  This is much too simplistic to do anything, but if you open Set State and Get State, set the state to anything, run it (it immediately stops, of course), then run Get State, you'll see the chosen state appear in the indicator.  So it does appear to work.  The "error" (coercion dot) may, I suppose, be a "bug" in Labview because it can't figure out the mapping of the (very simple!) Custom Control, but if so, I hope it gets fixed quickly!
    Bob Schor
    Coercion ‏38 KB

    Hello Bob,
    I am also seeing this behavior, I will escalate this question to our LabVIEW developers and post again here no later than next Tuesday, November 27th as National Instruments will be closed for the remainder of this week.
    If this issue does turn into a product suggestion, I would suspect the workaround would to live with the coersion dot for the time being.
    Enjoy the holiday
    Erik J.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

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