Partner not copied from Purchase order to inbound delivery

When I create an inbound delivery (VL31N) from a purchase order (ME23N), the partner FM is not copied (whereas partner FO is copied).
Does someone know how to solve this issue? (customizing or user exit..).

Is there any specific Copy Control Routine or User Exit that copy Partners from a Purchase Order Header to Delivery Header?
Please provide me the Routine Name/Number or User Exit Name.

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  • Text copy from Purchase Order to Inbound Delivery

    Dear All,
    We would like to copy header texts from purchase order to the inbound delivery document.
    I could not found the customizing point copy-rules for theses documents.
    Is this possible and where have we to configure it?
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

    my situation is:
    - a WM managed warehouse, society A;
    - a HU managed warehouse (without WM), society B;
    - a purchasing process of HU from society A towards society B.
    Society B have a scheduling agreement; when a delivery schedule appears, in society A born a sales order and a delivery. After the registration of the delivery good issue, an idoc transfer information for inbound delivery creation.
    This process is ok without WM, but with a WM managed warehouse the idoc has the following problem:
    "V51VP - item was not found - process cancelled".
    Can you help me to transfer these HU?

  • Copy control from Purchase Order to Inbound Delivery

    Dear friends ,
    I'd like to know if is possible to transfer a Item text or Header text from a Purchase Order to an Inboud delivery.
    We need to transfer one text specific .. from PO to Inb.Delivery.
    If you have other options, feel free to post it here.
    Best regards,

    follow instructions given in OSS Note 751441 - Consulting: Settings for texts from purchase order

  • Customisation settings for VC Configuration copy from Purchase order to GRN(Goods Receipt note)

    Hi Experts
    I was looking for Customisation settings for VC Configuration copy from Purchase order to GRN(Goods Receipt note),
    Please share.

    Hi Ritesh
    Thanks for your reply,
    I checked  both of these transaction  we need to select 3 option Characetrstics frm configuration(prio) and classification. I will check that, I had one more question
    In PO VC configuration is called for class type-300  and  in GRN VC configuration  is called for class type -023. How it will fetch the variant class configuration to Batch class configuration?
    Once we had faced some issues the copy from PO to GRN was happening for some batches & some batches it was not happening.
    yes we have activated Mill Functions in our ERP box.

  • Item text in Purchase request is not copied to Purchase orders.why?

    que1:Item text in Purchase request is not copied to Purchase orders.why?
    que.2:where this item text is get stored, i mean to ask which table.
    please reply asp.
    SAP Learner.

    >que1:Item text in Purchase request is not copied to Purchase orders.why?
    spro >mm>Purchase Order>Texts for Purchase Orders>Define copying rules for item(line item) texts.
    spro >mm>Purchase Order>Texts for Purchase Orders> Define copying rules for header text.
    >que.2:where this item text is get stored, i mean to ask which table.
    use function module  READ_TEXT and table STXL

  • Purchase reqisition header note not copying to Purchase order header Note

    can you help me any body  regarding this issue
    "purchase reqisition HEADER NOTE  not copying to Purchase order HEADER NOTE " .
    it is very urgent issue for me please.

    hi madhu
    ans1.)  in ECC 6 it is not possible to copy PR text to PO text , becouse the only way to convert PR into PO is document flow and document flow will show you only line items.
    ans 2 )  PR text is used for maintaining text related to PR genration information , like which MRP run is giving this PR or other information which user wants to maintain .
    ans3.) if user have done same thing earliar then it may possible that he was using 4.7 or ECC 5  .
    let me konw what user is saying .
    ravikant dewangan

  • GR for Imported Purchase order vide Inbound delivery

    When I do Good Receipts for Imported Purchase Order using Inbound delivery and 101 movement type ,sometimes CENVAT clearing account gets hit and sometimes it does not get it .
    Please let me know the criterion based on which CENVAT clearing account gets hit .

    Hi Joseph,
    Just check whether the newly created delivery type is assigned to the Confirmation Category LA under the below path:
    SproMaterials ManagementPurchasingConfirmationsDefine Internal Confirmation Categories
    Ramesh Ch

  • Invoice Partner Not Defaulting Into Purchase Order

    We have recently upgraded to 6.0 and since go-live we have been having an issue where the invoice partner does not always default into the purchase order at conversion from PR. Can anyone offer assistance?

    Is there any specific Copy Control Routine or User Exit that copy Partners from a Purchase Order Header to Delivery Header?
    Please provide me the Routine Name/Number or User Exit Name.

  • Not to include item from purchase order to the delivery order

    i need some guidance on above topic. The user requested to have the functionality not to include the item from purchase order to delivery order when the item having  order balance quantity more than the available stock.
    In other words, if a PO contains several items, those order balance quantity which is more than the available stock will not be included in the DO.
    is the above scenario possible?
    please advise.

    Hi Yue ,
    u can do it , but in this case u have to make use of user exit or BADI.
    option 1 .
    by using user exit , u can delete/change picking/confirm qty .
    while doing  the PGI , do can cross check stock avail with PO qty and raise error messages.
    LE_SHP_GOODSMOVEMENT --> see its documentations in se18.

  • Rounding Off Value is not copying from Sales Order to Invoice

    Hi Experts,
    In Pricing Procedure i maintained DIFF- Rounding Off Condition type with the following Combinations.
    Cal Type: 16
    Bas Type: 4
    When i create sales order the system is calculating Rounding Off after saving the sales order.The requirement is that it should shows the rounding off value before saving the sales order.Secondly when i make invoice the rounding off value is not copying from the saved sales order.After i save the invoice in VF02 the rounding off value is coming .

    Cond type DIFF has cond catgory L Generally new when copying. So the value from sales order will not be copied, it will be redetermined in invoice.
    Also rounding off cond is to round the total value which can change in invoice based on the invoice qty.

  • Address not copied from Sales order/Delivery to Shipment Document

    Hello Experts,
    I need your help on Addrss of ship to in shipment document.
    Sales Order[VA01] >> Delivery [Vl01N]>> Shipment [VT01N].
    User changed the Address of ship to party (Header level) in Sales Order and It reflected to delivery as well and I believe It should also update the address in Shipment document.
    But when I checked the Address of the Customer/Unloading point in Shipment Document [VT03N] (as below) I found It was not updated It was same as Customer Master Record and I believe It directly copied from Customer Master Record.
    BUT While creating the Shipment system is copying the data from Customer master Record not from Sales Order /Delivery. Logically system should copy the updated address from Order/Delivery BUT It is directly copying from Customer Master i don't know where is the setting of this ??
    Can anybody help me on this ? How system takes the customer (ship to party) address in shipment ? Where are the setting of these.
    What I need to do so system take the updated address from Sales Order/Delivery not from Customer Master Record (Ship to party).
    Can I change the address of customer in shipment document ??
    Awaiting your precious reply.

    Hello Samir,
    Thanks for your response.
    I think you get my question in wrong way.
    I am sayingCustomer master data was not changed.
    User just changed the Address in Order (Order > Header >> Partner tab >> Change ship to address/overwrite ship to address).
    Overwritten Address / Updated address are copying in Delivery BUT not in Shipment document.
    What I need to do?  system should copy the updated address from Sales Order/Delivery BUT it is copying from Ship to party.
    I hope this time i am clear to explain my issue.

  • Unlimited Indicator not copying to Purchase Order

    Hello experts,
    I'm running ECC 6.0 and am unable to solve this.  I have subcontracting info-records for materials that specify a material to a vendor, pricing, tolerances, etc.
    In the Purch. Org 1 screen of info-record view, I can see the tolerances are maintained (5% under and unlimited over-delivery for example).  The 5% under is copying when a purchase order is created for the material in question, but the unlimited over-delivery indicator is not copying.  If I clear out the indicator and maintain an actual over-delivery tolerance, it copies just fine.  Only the indicator is failing to copy from the info-record.
    Any familiarity with how to solve this issue?
    Kind Regards,

    Hello Kelby,
    Even if nothing is maintained in the material master plant(purchasing view) the unlimited tick should default from the PIR. PIR always has a higher priority than master as it is specific to material+vendor. The help for the 'unlimited' tick in the PIR mentions this.
    You can have a look at this note. It is very old and probably not valid for your release. However this is the only note I could find. You should probably raise an OSS message.…

  • Cannot switch base units on Goods Receipt PO copied from Purchase Order

    I am wondering if there is a simple trick or setting for this or if we have to use a UDF/FMS...
    When using Uom for sales and purchasing, you cannot switch between Yes and No for base units on the target document(GRPO) when copying a PO to GRPO.
    For example, enter a purchase order selecting 'No' for base units and enter quantity 1 for item with Uom case(25 pcs in a case). 25 are ordered. If the warehouse receives 23 instead of a full case from the supplier,  they want to be able to enter 23 on the GRPO(copied from PO). They don't want the warehouse staff calculating what percentage to put in for quantity (23/25 = 0.92),  they would just like them to use the drop down box and change the base units to Yes and receive the quantity 23 units.
    Any suggestions?

    How often this would happen?  If it is very frequent, my suggestion would be considering it when you create PO.  You know, if you could change that option, the link between PO and GRPO will be broken.  It is not recommended.

  • Text messages not copied from sales order to billing

    Text messages which have been given in sales order are not copied to billing. Two of the text are copied and the other two are not getting copied. Checked the access sequence.. everything is correct.
    Please give a clue.

    Dear DV,
    These are basic settings to copy the Text from sales order to Invoice so please check in these areas,
    First you need to copy the sales order text to the delivery document from the delivery document you can copy the text to the billing document.
    To copy the sales order text to the delivery document
    You do the text determination for the deliveries also,define and maintain same TextId in the delivery header text procedure ,maintain the access sequence ,in the delivery text procedure access sequence you put the Text Object as VBBK for that Text ID.
    Make sure that you have assigned access sequence for your missed Text ID's in VOTXN transaction
    To copy the delivery text to the invoice.
    You do the text determination for the billing document,define and maintain same TextId in the billing document text procedure and maintain the access sequence,after that
    Go to VOFA transaction then selct billing document type then go in to the details screen here you do the check in the Delivery Text check Box (Top most bottom of the screen.)
    Now you can able to copy the sales order text to the invoice.
    Use VOTXN transaction for Text determinetion
    I hope this will help you,

  • Item texts copied from purchase order to delivery

    Hi Sales Gurus,
    I am facing the following issue.
    In the intercompany process we create the delivery based on purchased order.
    Our need is to copy the item texts of the purchase order to the item texts of the delivery.
    How can i do that?
    Thank you
    João Fernandes

    Transaction VOTXN, Delivery, Item.
    Then assign a specific text procedure and Access Sequence with the appropriate text ids.
    (Boa tarde)

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