Payload Encryption SAP PO 7.4 Java stack only

Hi Folks,
I am trying to implement Payload encryption in SAP PO 7.4 Java stack only. I implemented the encryption as suggested by SAP as per the following links
Encrypted Message content on database level (AAE) :
Encrypting Message Content on Database Level (AAE) - Advanced Adapter Engine - SAP Library
and then configured Service interfaces for encrption:
Configuring Service Interfaces for Encryption - SAP NetWeaver Process Integration - SAP Library
But I am still seeing the payload in the message monitor. Is it because of the roles that I has been assigned to me. If so what are the roles that needs to be taken out from my profile to not see the payload?

>>>Encrypted Message content on database level (AAE) :
This encrypts the message content at the database level not at the monitoring level.
If you would like to restrict the access to "view payload" for specific interfaces, then refer to below blog -
Michal's PI tips: Authorizations for viewing payload of messages on Java stack - implementation

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  • Adding FQDN in SAP Po 7.4 java stack only

    Hi Experts,
           I want add my FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) with my host name in SAP Po 7.4. For example my host name is ABCDE and my FQDN is , now i wanna to add my host name with FQDN like ABCDE.XYZ123.COM. Please any one explain me how to do this thing in PO 7.4 java stack only....

    Hi Ahmed,
               We have installed PO 7.4 SR2 java stack only.  when i try to click ESR in  link after loading java am getting the error like  Cannot connect to server using message server: ms://hostname:8101/P4.
             When try to connect from remote system am this above error message. In PI installed local system am able to access this link successfully.
    In my local system host directory i have added like this 10.xx.xx.xx     Hostname This also not resolved my issue.
         This is very Urgent... Please anyone guide me to resolve this issue...

  • How to enable ping service on java-stack only system

    I have installed SAP NetWeaver 7.0 - Java Trial on local host.
    How can you activate the ping service there?
    It should work under "http://localhost:50000/sap/bc/ping"
    (I know how to activate it with transaction SICF in an abap system, but I have java-stack only here, so I can't call transactions. I can only use the Visual Admin, right?, but there I could not detect a ping service so far)
    More detailed:
    I created system "SAP_WebDynpro_XSS". (this is necessary for connecting to ECC abap backend for ESS Packages) and set following parameter:
    template:"SAP system using connection string"
         category: Web Application Server
              Web AS host name: chrisSAP:50000
              Web AS path: /webdynpro/dispatcher/
              Web AS protocol: http
    But when I test the "SAP Web AS Connection" for this system, I got following error:
    7. The Web AS ping service http://chrisSAP:50000/sap/bc/ping was not pinged successfully. If the ping service is not activated on the Web AS, you can try to call the ping service manually.
    8. An HTTP/S connection to http://chrisSAP:50000/webdynpro/dispatcher/ was not
    obtained successfully; this might be due to a closed port on the Firewall.
    I guess step 8 did not pass because step 7 failed, and not because of a closed port or firewall (I made sure everything is open.)
    The strange thing is that the connection test fails, but the connection seems to work fine!
    I mean I can see the front ESS page in the portal when logging in with an ESS-user, and there are no errors in the log. If I change the SAP_WebDynpro_XSS parameters to some other made-up values, then the front ESS page does not come up and some errors appear with "SAP_WebDynpro_XSS" inside.
    That proofs that the connection is working despite the failed connection test, right?. But what can I do that the connection test passes? It seems that somehow SAP has hardcoded the path "/sap/bc/ping" which usually exists on an abap system. But I have java-stack only, so how can I tell that the function that runs the test?
    A system connection test fails, but the connection is working fine!
    If someone could explain that to me...

    Dear Srini Nookala,
    thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I don't understand the relation of my question to your answer.
    >> check with OSS note 1019335 SAP NetWeaver AS Java 6.40 SP21
    I have Version 7.0 SP14. I read the OSS note, but there are around 100 changes listed. I read them all, but couldn't figure out one that has to do with ping and system test. So which sentence inside the note are you referring to?
    >> The problem is due to JCo parameters configuration not properly, Ask Basis team, they will do it.
    I am basis team. I configured the JCo properly as described in manual and tested them afterwards. They run successful. Also all the links that you gave refer to JCO connections about how to set them up and test them. But what have JCO connections to do with System-connection tests? As far as I know JCO-connections are not used for system connectivity tests. You can set them up independent. I understand that JCO-connections are used for getting data from backend servers. But the system "SAP_WebDynpro_XSS" is defined for determing the webdynpros on localhost (frontend, not backend).
    So please can you explain me what JCO-connections which refer to remote hosts have to do with a ping service on local host that cannot be reached? And which part would be not configured "properly"? Timeouts? user?
    To define my question more properly:
    Is it possible to make the connection test work on a java-stack only host for a system that refers to itself (localhost)? Or is it a known bug?
    Some sub-questions
    Am I using the right system template (I am using "SAP system using dedicated application server")
    I have no abap on local host (chrisSAP). Only java stack. Usually path refers to an abap system, right? So in my opinion I have 3 possibilities:
    - install abap-stack on local host (portal) and activate ping service.
    - somehow install a ping service that runs under the given URL in Visual Admin (how?)
    - somehow tell the connection test to skip pinging and continue test. (How?)
    Any additional advice would be highly appreciated.

  • SAP PI 7.11 JAVA Stack do not start - Loading [PoolManager]...

    our Java Stack of our SAP PI 7.11 do not start. In the SAP MMC we get following error:
    -1501 (Some managers fails to start)
    I loooked into the std_server0 log and find this error:<br><br>
    Loading [PoolManager]... [31] ms<br>
    ERROR: Server process failed to start due to:<br>
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sap/jvm/monitor/thread/ThreadWatcher$Callback<br>
         at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredConstructors0(Native Method)<br>
         at java.lang.Class.privateGetDeclaredConstructors(<br>
         at java.lang.Class.getConstructor0(<br>
         at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(<br>
         at java.lang.Class.newInstance(<br>
         at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)<br>
         at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(<br>
         at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(<br>
         at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(<br>
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:$Callback<br><br>
    Now I post you the all of the Log-File:<br>
    stdout/stderr redirection<br>
    node name   : server0<br>
    host name   : iilsrv02<br>
    system name : IPE<br>
    system nr.  : 00<br>
    started at  : Mon Jan 09 13:57:24 2012<br><br>
    JVMX version - Nov  5 2007 23:34:18 - 01_REL - optU - windows amd64 - bas2:88748 (mixed mode, sharing)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sapportals/portal/pb/layout/taglib/ContainerTag addIviewResources)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sap/engine/services/keystore/impl/security/CodeBasedSecurityConnector <br>getApplicationDomain)
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sap/engine/services/rmi_p4/P4StubSkeletonGenerator generateStub)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sapportals/portal/prt/util/StringUtils escapeToJS)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sapportals/portal/prt/core/broker/PortalServiceItem startServices)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sap/engine/services/webservices/server/deploy/WSConfigurationHandler downloadFile)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sapportals/portal/prt/jndisupport/util/AbstractHierarchicalContext lookup)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sapportals/portal/navigation/cache/CacheNavigationNode getAttributeValue)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sapportals/portal/navigation/TopLevelNavigationiView PrintNode)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sapportals/wcm/service/ice/wcm/ICEPropertiesCoder encode)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sap/lcr/pers/delta/importing/ObjectLoader loadObjects)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sap/engine/services/webservices/jaxrpc/encoding/InstanceBuilder readElement)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sap/engine/services/webservices/jaxrpc/encoding/InstanceBuilder readSequence)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sap/engine/services/webservices/jaxrpc/encoding/TypeMappingImpl initializeRelations)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sap/engine/services/webservices/jaxrpc/encoding/GeneratedComplexType _loadInto)<br>
    (CompilerOracle exclude com/sap/lcr/pers/delta/importing/ObjectLoader loadObjects)<br>
    The active factory is :<br>
    WARNING: The hash of package index [E:\usr\sap\IPE\DVEBMGS00\j2ee\cluster\bin\index.list] is corrupted<br>
    Reading kernel properties from kernelProperties.bin file...<br>
       Checked the data for 47 ms<br>
       Read the objects for 234 ms<br>
       Substituted the values for 31 ms<br>
    Finished reading kernel objects for 265 ms<br>
    Startup mode [NORMAL] and action [NONE] read<br>
    AS Java version [7.11.3710.93986.20100429121726] is starting server process [ID2867950] on host [iilsrv02]...<br>
    Loading [LogManager]... [157] ms<br>
    Loading [PoolManager]... [31] ms <br>
    ERROR: Server process failed to start due to:<br>
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sap/jvm/monitor/thread/ThreadWatcher$Callback<br>
         at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredConstructors0(Native Method)<br>
         at java.lang.Class.privateGetDeclaredConstructors(<br>
         at java.lang.Class.getConstructor0(<br>
         at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(<br>
         at java.lang.Class.newInstance(<br>
         at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)<br>
         at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(<br>
         at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(<br>
         at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(<br>
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:$Callback<br>
    Loader Info -
    ClassLoader name: [system:Kernel]<br>
    Living status: alive<br>
    Direct parent loaders:<br>
         at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(<br>
         ... 16 more<br><br>
    Have someone an idee where to find the error and how we could resolve it?<br><br>
    Thanks and regards<br>

    You are right, JSPM will not start with server0 down. And server0 will not come up with SAP JVM not updated.
    Perhaps you could try a manual update of the SAP JVM as mentioned in the thread:
    SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NW CE 7.1 -  java doesn't start after updating jvm
    Hope it helps.

  • How to create multiple files with Receiver File Adapter in SAP PI 7.31 Java Stack

    Dear Friends,
    I am using Sender JDBC Adapter and Receiver File Adapter in Integration Flow in SAP PI 7.3 EHP 1 SP08 Java Stack environment. The requirement is that we need to create multiple files based on the row count in jdbc resultset. If there are 5 rows in resultset, we need to create 5 XML files with one row elements in one file. Similarly if there are 10 rows, we need to create 10 XML files.
    So how can we create multiple files in this scenario. I tried placing a for loop in the Java Mapping as below in the transform method:
    DynamicConfiguration conf = arg0.getDynamicConfiguration();
    StringBuffer sbFileData = new StringBuffer();
    for (int i =0; i < record.size(); i++ {
         . // Create XML for each row and Marshal the object into to the String Buffer
         String strFileName = "DC_" + new SimpleDateFormat("ddMMyyyyHHmm").format(new java.util.Date())+"_"+i+".xml";
         conf.put(KEY_FILENAME, strFileName);
    So here I'm flushing the OutputStream for each record. But it's not creating the multiple file, instead it creates only one file will all record XMLs appended to each other.
    Please let me know if I missing something or need to do some thing else.
    Shreyansh Shah

    You can easily achieve this using graphical mapping.  Create your target message type like below
      Details  0 to 1
          Data  0 to 1
    Source sample structure
    <column-name>column-value</ column-name>
    Then do the message mapping like below
    map <row> with  MT_Target
    contant ----> Deatils
    column-name ------>Data
    In the signature tab of message mapping, choose the occurrence of your target message type as
    0 to unbounded.
    This will generate multiple files from multiple rows.
    Let me know if you have any doubt.

  • How to add SAP PI 7.1 JAVA stack in solution manager

    I just added PI system in solution manager.For ABAP stack it is working fine.
    Could you please help me that, how can I add java stack of PI system in solution manager?
    If it is through NWA in PI what will be the steps?

    could you please more specific as I am new to this one?
    In my PI system SLD Data supplier is already configured for other system.
    How can I do this using NWA for solution manager.

  • User configuration on NetWeaver AS 7.10 / AS Java 7.10 (Java Stack only)

    Hi everybody.
    I'm just a beginner and have only very few knowledge about configuring the AS. I downloaded and installed the SAP NetWeaver Application Server, Java EE 5 Edition form
    Now I would like to limit the access to an web service. The web service is written in Java (EJB 3.0), so I added the annotation
    to the associated method. Where can I create the user "TestUser" and set his password?
    For sure I have already looked to some sdn threads, but all the instructions and tutorials are made in ABAP or by the Visual Administrator, but I don't have this tool. I only have the "SAP Java EE 5 Engine - Config Tool".
    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Hi Johannes,
    The users (roles) specified in the @RolesAllowed annotation are logical Java EE roles for the corresponding module (EJB jar in this case). They do not actually exist in the server environment. Instead, they have to be mapped (assigned) to one or more of the existing UME roles. For more information please check the <a href="">Administration Guide</a>, from page 49 on.

  • How to install java stack ,only  abap ,basis patch level 9 installed

    how to install java stack ,already installed abap ,basis patch level 9,please any one guide me and please give me installation steps for java stack.

    From sapinst, install Java Add-on.
    check installation guide.

  • PI 7.4 java stack only, Acknowledgement creation not triggered

    Hello everyone
    I have one IDoc-To-File scenario working fine, including acknowledgements (ALEAUD) being sent back to the sending system. The message log in such cases looks like this:
    But I have another IDoc-To-HTTP scenario for which the acknowledgement (ALEAUD) creation is not being triggered, thus the system that originally sends IDocs doesn't get back any acknowledgements. In the message details I can see this:
    I believe that it is because of QOS = EO (async) and the http adapter continues (and fails) without waiting for a http status code coming back from the receiver.
    Just to try it out I would like to set QOS to BE (best effort). How and where to achieve this?
    Thanks anyone for some help!
    Kind regards

    ok, in the message log I found this:
    So this is clearly an error coming back from receiver system... sorry, didn't realize it somehow.
    But still... why is no acknowledgement (ALEAUD) being triggered?
    This is how I configured it in the Integration Builder and NWA:
    Business System A with a sender communication channel B of adapter type IDoc_AAE
    RFC Parameters = From NWA
    Resource Adapter Name = A_RA
    Ack Connection Factory Name (reuse NWA configuration) = A_CF
    On the Ack Settings Tab I checked "System Ack Ok Requested" and "System Ack Error Requested" and "ALEAUD Special Handling Needed"
    Connection from PI -> SAP ERP System A
    In NWA I created a new Destination of type RFC called ACLNT<CLIENT> pointing to sender ERP system (A)
    Connection Test (ping) is successful
    Connection from SAP ERP System A to PI
    In NWA I created a new Resource Adapter called A_RA and configured its properties like this:
    Binding Key = PI_AAE_IDOC
    destinationName = ACLNT<CLIENT>
    gatewayServer = <IP of ERP system>
    gatewayService = sapgw<instance n° of ERP system>
    local = false
    MaxReaderThreadCount = 5
    multiRepository =
    ProgramID = PI_4_A<CLIENT>
    In SAP ERP system in SM59 I created a new RFC destination, type = T, as registered server program with same ProgramID (PI_4_A<CLIENT>)
    Connection test (in SM59) is successful
    To enable / allow acknowledgements...
    I set the persistance parameter to true in the JavaIdocAdapter
    I created a JCA Connection Factory on the outboundRA Resource Adapter. Within this JCA Connection Factory I put in Configuration Properties the destinationName = ACLNT<CLIENT> (the RFC Destination Name created earlier and pointing to the sending SAP ERP System A which should receive acknowledgement ALEAUD Idocs).
    I did the same for the IDoc-2-File scenario mentionend in my 1st post... there acknowledgment messages are working fine.
    Best regards

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.01 Java installation on MSCS and Log shipping for DR

    Hi Experts,
    Can anyone please explain if below is possible :
    - We have installed Netweaver 7.01 Java application server on Microsoft clustering which is working perfectly ok.
    -Now we are looking at building a DR solution for the above installation using SQL Server 2008 Log-shipping. The DR site has the same MSCS configuration as the primary site.
    -If we log-ship the production database and create a secondary database in "standby" or "norecovery" mode, how do we install a Passive SAP Central instance in case we want to failover from the primary to secondar ?
    - We know that we have the primary database log-shipped to the secondary site and in the event of failure we can switch the roles and make secondary as primary and then perform the system copy steps on the MSCS. the drawback here is that it will take a long time to bring the system online if we perform the system copy. Our RTO is one hour only so this is not acceptable.
    Question : Is there anyway we can install the Central Services and Applicaiton servers beforehand on the secondary site on the secondary log-shipped database so that in the event of failure all we do is bring the secondary database primary and then start the SAP on the secondary site ?
    If yes then can anyone point me the any SAP note or documentation that has the details of how to do this.
    I have already looked at 1101017, 965908 but its not clear how we can perform the installation on the JAVA stack only.
    We want to implement similar to what is shows in the below diagram :
    Appreciate if someone can assist in resolving the above query.
    Thank you.

    Thanks Markus for your reply.
    I did looked at the HA web page from SAP and configured MSCS for HA but there's no information regarding DR setup. All it says is setup a log shiping which we already know but there's no procedure to setup SAP on the DR site(Passive SAP central instance)
    My original question still stands :
    - Is system copy the only option that we need to perform at the DR site in the event of failure ( Assumption is that we ieve make the secondary database as primary and also sync file system for JAVA using SAN replication technologies)
    - We have to achieve an RTO of 1 hour which is not possible in this case as performing system copy using MSCS HA option will take few hours to setup and test.
    -The link "" shows that we can have SAP PAssive central instance. Whats the procedure of installing this Passive instance on the secondary site so in the event of failure all we do is make the secondary database primary and bring the SAP system online(installed already - no system copy performed) and also file system is already is sync.
    Thank you.

  • How to find Traces in SAP PI 7.3 java only stack

    Hello Experts,
    How to find the trace logs and pipeline steps in sap pi 7.31 java only stack, which we will get in below areas,
    1. In sap pi dual stack , SXMB_MONI (abap stack) in window 1
    2. In sap pi dual stack , monitoring--->integration engine--->message monitoring----> xml messages(data base)
    I  already found some blog related to the logging but i doesn't help to find the traces which we get in SXMB_MONI (window 1, trace)
    Your suggestions are highly appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,

    In Single stack we go for ICO instead of classical configurations(Pipe line steps(SA,RA,RD,ID)).
    Link you are referring is to find the display of traces that you put in your UDF or Java mapping or XSLT mapping .
    If you want to see the traces/payloads of end to end flow ,then you can see the same either in your communication channel monitoring/receiver channel or via message monitoring/adapter engine-->message log
    If you want to see payloads in the below steps .you can also do so by following the below link.
    Message Staging and Logging Options in Advanced Adapter Engine of PI 7.3x
    Processing Step
    After mapping step, but before outbound schema validation
    After outbound schema validation
    After sender adapter processing, but before inbound schema validation
    Before mapping step
    Before scenario look-up step (check if scenario is local Advanced Adapter Engine based or dual-stack based involving Integration Engine)

  • Java Stack mandatory for a SAP BI system integrated with EP?

    Hi Guru's,
    Currently we are using SAP NetWeaver 2004 s version 7.0 system for our BI.
    This is integrated with the EP. But our BI system does not contain the Java Stack installed.
    When we work on WAD templates and execute  the template, it is automatically directed to EP portal where we can see our reports.
    Here my question is do we need Java Stack for this system to use ADOBE DOCUMENT services or can it work with EP only for the web functionalities.
    Any info on this is of great help.
    Best Regards

    HI Reddy,
    We came to know from our basis team that we do not have the Java Stack installed in our BI 7.x system yet.
    As it is integrated with EP which has Java, our web reports are working.
    1) But my question is still do we ned to install the Java Stack in our BI system as i do not find any Export to PDF option in EP for the reports (eventhough AS Java supports this).
    2) Or can we use the existing configuration without Java STack integrated to EP for the new tools like Report Designer and Integrated Planning?

  • SAP BW 7.4 on HANA ABAP & JAVA stack

    We have requirement for SAP BW 7.4 on HANA ABAP & JAVA stack integration.
    Please clarify the doubts.
    1. Is there any possibility to install ABAP & JAVA stack same SID?
    2. If install different with SIDs, How can we do integration? Any restriction is there to integrate?
    3. Can we use same HDB SID for both ABAP & JAVA stack?
    4.We plan to configure the JAVA stack as UME data source from ABAP stack, Is it good practice?
    Any one share the better ideas & solutions for this issue.
    V Srinivasan

    Hi Experts,
    Great for viewers.
    But still expecting some ideas above questions kindly answer.
    Also i got some important points.
    Java Stack for BW on HANA
    At least any one answer the purpose of BW Java Stack.
    V Srinivasan

  • SAP ECC 6.0 EHP4 installation with ABAP+JAVA stack

    I need to install SAP ECC6.0 EHP4 with ABAP+JAVA stack on windiws server 2008 with oracle.
    I have read that for this, we need to install ECC 6.0 EHP4 ready and then upgrade to EHP4 using ehpi installer.
    I have found the documents seperately for ABAP and JAVA stack and not for ABAP+JAVA.
    I need clarifications on these.
    1.Do we need to install ABAP and JAVA instances seperately with EHP4 and then upgrade(In that case I have to install both instances on single host)?
    2.Should we give seperate <SID> for both instances and create seperate databases?
    3.Hard disk requirement for this set up.(We have 150 GB including C drive)
    4.Steps to perform after installing ECC6.0 EHP4 ready
    5.Please send me the doc. if anyone has
    Anyhelp would be highly appreciated.

    > 1.In the installation document for EHP4 ready for SAP ERP 6.0 ABAP.It is mentioned that this installation contains only basic EHP4 for ERP 6.0 and we need to install additional EHP4  functionality in the SAP ERP 6.0 -EHP4 ready system.
    > It states that atleast Support pacakge stack (SPS) 1 of SHP4 needs to be installed.So If I install this stack using EHPi installer in the post installation activities my SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4 will be in place?Please confirm.
    > 2.Can I install SAP SR3 with dual stack and upgaradte it directly to EHP4 at a time?
    Yes you can do SAP still supports dual stack ERP systems to EHP4
    > Any solutions or suggestions from others also welcome.
    Why do u want a dual stack ECC ystem?? any specific requirement???
    Edited by: nirmal konchada on Feb 2, 2011 12:16 PM

  • Java Stack is not started in SAP netweaver ABAP+JAVA Stack

    Dear All,
    Win2003 64 bit , ECC6.0 , Oracle
    Its a newly installed SAP Netweaver  Dual Stack (PI) , Yesterday i have done Client copy from 001 to 999 (SAP_UCUS).
    Client copy also successfully completed .
    login/system_client=999 ,i have activated in Default profile and i have restarted the Server.
    Now i dont have issue with ABAP stack ,its working fine, but java stack is not working running.
    std_output0.out log:
    Service started. (812 ms).
      Service com.adobe~XMLFormService started. (2937 ms).
      Service started. (390 ms).
    ServiceManager started for 73719 ms.
    Framework started for 85781 ms.
    SAP J2EE Engine Version 7.00   PatchLevel is running!
    PatchLevel September 11, 2006 16:35 GMT
    Login :### Excluding compile:
    Excluding compile:
    Excluding compile:
    Excluding compile:
    SAP J2EE Engine Version 7.00   PatchLevel is shutting down!  PatchLevel September 11, 2006 16:35 GMT
    C:\Documents and Settings\ixdadm>jcmon pf=D:\usr\sap\IXD\SYS\profile\IXD_DVEBMGS
    [Thr 4576] MtxInit: -2 0 0
    JControl Monitor Program - Main Menu
    0  : exit
    10 : Cluster Administration Menu
    20 : Local Administration Menu
    30 : Shared Memory Menu (Solid Rock, experimental)
    command => 20
    Can't open shared memory administration (rc = -107)
    Kindly suggest .
    Edited by: satheesh0812 on Dec 30, 2010 12:00 PM

    Please provide the full log entries of server0_out.log.
    You can access UME service properties in config tool by following this path..
    Global server configuration -> services ->
    There you can set the following settings for new client 900 (it u want to change it)
    Refer this [useful link|] to get more detailed information. Refer [Config Tool actviities|]  link To get more information.
    Also, Make sure that the Users J2EE_GUEST, J2EE_ADMIN, SAPJSF ABAP Users exist in the ABAP client (i.e. client number as mentioned in ume.r3.connection.master.client ) and they are not locked. All the required roles need to be assigned properly.
    Bhavik G. Shroff
    Edited by: Bhavik G. Shroff on Dec 31, 2010 2:58 PM

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