Payload namespace clarification

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ns0:MT_SAMPLE xmlns:ns0="urn:ns_lisa_impl_rad">
This my default Payload.
can anyone explain me what is "ns0" mean in this payload?
can we change it?
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One of the biggest misunderstandings in XML is namespaces. There's absolutely no difference to an xml parser or to the interpretation of a document whether you use a prefix on every node, or a default namespace. Prefixes are only a syntactic abbreviation. In other words:
<mydoc xmlns="uri:my-namespace">
    <subnode />
(Default namespace flows into the child - there is no prefix, so it uses the default namespace)
is identical to:
  <ns0:mydoc xmlns:ns0="uri:my-namespace">
    <ns0:subnode xmlns:ns1="uri:my-namespace" />
(The prefix ns0 maps to uri:my-namespace, and both nodes are marked with ns0)
and to:
<ns0:mydoc xmlns:ns0="uri:my-namespace">
    <ns1:subnode xmlns:ns1="uri:my-namespace" />
(No default namespace, but ns0 and ns1 both map to uri:my-namespace and hence have identical meaning)
<ns0:mydoc xmlns:ns0="uri:my-namespace">
   <subnode xmlns="uri:my-namespace" />
(ns0 is defined on the parent, but we then set a default namespace for this node - and any children, if it had any)
In all of the cases above, the namespace of subNode is uri:my-namespace.
It turned out in the end that the problem was that the schema defined the namespace as "uri:my-namespace" but the result document was coming back with a namespace of "uri:my-namespace/" - the trailing slash being all important. Remember folks, namespaces are just strings - a trailing slash may not make a difference to most Internet browsers, but they do in XML Schema.
As a bonus, a little note on elementFormDefault.
If in your schema you use elementFormDefault="qualified" then you can validate all of the documents above with a schema similar to (pseudo-code): 
<xs:schema targetNamespace="uri:my-namespace" elementFormDefault="qualified">
   <xs:element name="myDoc">
            <xs:element name="subnode" maxOccurs="1" />
If you changed the elementFormDefault to "unqualified" then instead it would only look for the root element to be in the namespace, and child elements would be unqualified (in the empty namespace):
<ns0:mydoc xmlns:ns0="uri:my-namespace">
<ns0:mydoc xmlns:ns0="uri:my-namespace">
   <ns1:subnode xmlns:ns1=""/>
(An explicitly empty prefixed namespace definition)
<ns0:mydoc xmlns:ns0="uri:my-namespace">
   <subnode xmlns=""/>
(An explicitly empty default namespace definition for the sub node, and its child nodes if it had any)

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    Before invoking Input task, I have created a transformation to initailize the payload elements, so that in the UI these field elements will be become editable.
    I have an ADF table which is used to insert account details elements which is initialized in the transformation with namespace.You can simple use a ADF form to do this. Create ADF editable input fields in a panelFormLayout and wehn user enters values and clicks ona button .. pass those values to BPM payload.
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  • Namespace clarification ...!

    Hi Experts ,
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    why are we using urn and http  and is there any specific diffrence between urn and http kindly let me know .
    Aziz khan

    Hi Aziz,
    http:// is used when you specify an HTTP address as a namespace this does not mean that you can access additional information about the namespace from this address (in some cases an XML schema definition is hidden behind the address). The HTTP address used merely ensures that the name of the namespace is unique. SAP namespaces adhere to the standard<Name>.
    urn is used when the Namespaces with this prefix have no value in the sense that they are not connected with a Web page in the Internet.

  • How to remove namespace prefix from target payload when using HTTP in PI7.0

    i have a requirement to remove namespace prefix from target payload when receiver receives the payload by an HTTP request.
    i am not able to use XML Anonymizer Bean as in HTTP channel its not possiile.
    Target structure after mapping now is:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns3:Order xmlns:ns3="urn:xxx-com:pi:project">
    i need the target structure after mapping should look like:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Order xmlns:="urn:xxx-com:pi:project">
    i removed namespace from source and target Message Type of message mapping but still getting "ns3" prefix. My requirement is to just have this ns3 removed.
    Please reply if anyone has solved this problem before.

    Hi ,
    >>>i removed namespace from source and target Message Type of message mapping but still getting "ns3" prefix. My requirement is to just have this ns3 removed.
    Which process you've used for removing mapping. In case of java mapping plese remove ns3 while creating the target element. Please go through the below blog it may help you.
    Quick Tips: Dealing with Namespaces in XI/PI

  • Namespace in XML Payload for HTTP Sender

    I have just configured my snychronous HTTP <--> RFC Scenario. When I want to test it with some XML payload in the HTTP testing tool I get a mapping runtime exception.
    After some investigation using the test tab in the message mapping I realized that missing namespace in the XML payload caused the error. I tried to add manually a namespace to the XML and then it worked
    This is very strange I though that the namespace of the sender interface is automatically added to the XML payload?
    Do you have any information on this?

    U need to copy the payload from Message mapping test message tab and use that payload.
    or u can use the HTTP test client for testing the same.
    sample HTML code to create HTTP Client:
    You can also use the Wfetch application by Microsift for the same..
    download the same from below link

  • XML Payload does not have namespace and prefix.

    I have created a consumer business service which will be called from JDEdwards EOne, pulls data from database and send it to Fusion Middleware.
    SO, I have created proxy using JAX-WS option. And suggested in oracle doc, I created proxy outside OMW and then copied it to my project. XML payload is getting generated without namespace and prefix. After some research, I modified Now, I am able to send the payload and if test it locally from Jdeveloper and take xml output using marshaller I can see it has namespace and prefix as well. BUt, when I run this from server it does not have namespace and prefix.
    Please help.

    Hi Naresh,
    The "rejectedMessage" property is for 10G, I am not 100% sure about its implementation in 11G.
    In 10G the faulted XML file moves to this location "Oracle_Home\bpel\domains\domain_name\jca\project_directory\rejectedMessages".
    This property is used to move the files which are not valid XML or which are not schema compliant. For DB polling I don't think this property is used.

  • Namespace and prefix are not coming up in xml payload created from BSSV

    I am facing this issue that when I am creating xml payload from BSSV, payload does not have namespace and no prefix. I googled on this and made code change in package-info. java file. Now, when I test BSSV locally from Jdeveloper xml gets created with namespace but when I run it from server, there's no namespace.
    Does this file gets deployed on server? is it ok to make change to it? If not, then what is the other way to resolve this issue?
    Please suggest.

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the valuable input.
    We have already implemented note 378648 i.e these all parameters are already there under sidadm user in DB node.
    BR_OFS_RESOURCE=< database_resource_name>
    BR_OFS_CLUSTER=< cluster_name>
    registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Oracle/HomeX ORA_<SID>_AUTOSTART is having value false.
    Please guide what could be the other possible reason?

  • In SXMB_MONI how do you view an Payload document that uses a namespace

    We are creating small XML documents and pushing them through PI 7.1. Everything works perfectly well, but in SXMB_MONI when you try to view the payload, i.e. the XML document, you can't view it with the embedded copy of IE as it uses a namespace and IE doesn't know where the schema associated with that namespace is?
    If you open the document in a text or XML editor then you can see the payload without a problem. It is however annoying and confusing to staff when they see nothing in the XML Message View.
    This probably isn't a SAP GUI problem per se, as it is using the dreaded IE to display XML, but I still would like to resolve the problem if is possible.
    Any suggestions?

    The namespace refers to a schema which is a local file as defined by the vendor. IE doesn't know where to find this schema so it can't do anything. The file is perfectly valid as checked by XMLspy using it's validator.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    <OpenShipments xmlns="x-schema:OpenShipments.xdr">
         <OpenShipment ProcessStatus="">
              <content goes in here/>
    We can't change the way the namespace is specified that it set by the vendor and we know it works fine in there software. This is a problem with IE which shows nothing, or if forced shows:
    The XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and
    then click the Refresh button, or try again later.
    Error opening input file: 'OpenShipments.xdr'. The system cannot locate the
    resource specified. Error processing resource ...
    The problem is I don't know how to tell IE running within the SAP GUI where the xdr file is. I have the file I just don't know how to connect it to IE.
    If I could make the SAP GUI use a proper XML editor by default that would be a lot better as IE is a terrible browser and terrible XML viewer... but that's another story...
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    Edited by: Adam Trickett on Oct 6, 2011 10:22 AM

  • Namespace in Payload

    I have completed the configuration and design to receive the invoice message from our partners.
    As there are 2 partners, I have configured receivers in Receiver determination by defining the conditions.
    It is not working if the payload contains namespace. Please see the namespace in the payload
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Invoice Version="4.0"
    It is working if the payload does not contain namepace. That is as shown below:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Invoice Version="4.0"
    FYI -- I have used xpath, prefix and also context objects, still facing the problem.
    Can you propose any solution how to handle?
    Suraj Kumar

    Removing the namespace of your XML document can be done by creating a stylesheet that removes the namesspaces from the input content (which is an xml payload). The result, a payload that contains xml-tags without namespaces.

  • Namespace missing in the payload

    Hi ,
    I doing a JDBC to IDoc scenario.I am using a JDBC sender Adapter to get data using a select query from DB Table ,every thing works fine.The Structure get filled up ,but the namescape is missing in the source payload (SXMB_MONI).Anyone knows why this is happening.

    Hi Venu,
    looks like you are missing namespace in the JDBC data, you should mention the docNamespace in the JDBC sender adapter.
    Copy your payload and paste this in your mapping test tab. How ? After copying the payload go to Message mapping, there is Tab for Test right next to the Design. click on that and then click on the SRC button in the source message and paste your XML and do a test. Then you will know whats going wrong.
    One other precaution is, you can fill the fields in the test tab then click on SRC button to look at what the source XML should look like.
    hope you understand, if not post the question again.

  • Remove Namespace in payload

    I had developed a sync BPEL process which generate a XML data.
    I found that the result XML in BPEL console does not contain any namespace which is prefer to my application. However, when i invoked the BPEL throught java program, the result XML payload will contain the namespace information. How can I remove such namespace??? Thanks

    Removing the namespace of your XML document can be done by creating a stylesheet that removes the namesspaces from the input content (which is an xml payload). The result, a payload that contains xml-tags without namespaces.

  • How to change the Namespace of the payload

    I have 2 questions about the namespace of the XML Payload.
    1. How can I change the Namespace Prefix?
    Since we have SP13 the prefix is <b>p2</b> with the previous Versions the prefix was <b>p1</b> or <b>p0</b> . Is there a possibility to change this prefix (without an external XSLT or Java Mapping)?
    2. How can I change the whole Namespace?
    I know the function of the Message-Type to change the namespace of the Message. But in one scenario I have to implement 3 namespace statements and 1 schema location
    <b><ns0:ZMCFAUF1 xmlns:ns0="TDB" xmlns:xdb="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="TDB zmcfauf1.xsd"></b>
    Is there a possibility to implement this without an external Mapping?
    Thank you for your help

    Hi Thomas,
    according to your first question: Why does this matter to you? As I already wrote in another thread:
    According to the XML namespace declaration the prefixes are just internal aliases with no external meaning.
    E.g. <ns1:abc xmlns:ns1="" /> and
    <iLikeLongPrefixes:abc xmlns:iLikeLongPrefixes ="" /> are totally equivalent according to the XML namespace specification.
    Therefore, everyone (human or machine) who produces a program can choose the prefixes as he wants. Moreover, he may change the rules for creating these prefixes without being incompatible.
    Consequently, the namespace prefixes should not be important for you.

  • Deleting Message Type name and namespace tag from XML payload

    Hi Gurus,
    Need help. My payload looks like this
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    - <ns1:MT_O_sss xmlns:ns1="">
    - <Job>
       <Field name="xxxx" value="" />
      <Field name="xxx" value="" />
      <Field name="xxx" value="" />
    But The soap webservice is expecting it in
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    - <Job>
       <Field name="xxxx" value="" />
      <Field name="xxx" value="" />
      <Field name="xxx" value="" />
    I have to remove the message type name and namespace tag.
    So how can I achieve this. I am sending this payload using a Receiver Soap Adapter. Please help. I am kind of stuck.

    you have to simply add one module in your communication channel
    that is XMLAnonymizerBean
    you can refer below for help:
    Remove namespace prefix or change XML encoding with the XMLAnonymizerBean
    hope it helps.
    ujjwal kumar

  • XSLT for payload with namespaces

    Hello Experts,      attn:Stefan.
      I am using a XSLT to parse the input xml payload and retrieve the Value of a particular field which will be used for receiver determination.
    The XSL code used by me is :
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="">
    <xsl:output method="xml" version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" indent="yes"/>
    <xsl:template match="/">
    <ns1:Receivers xmlns:ns1="">
    <xsl:value-of select="NemRefusionIndberetningSamling/NemRefusionIndberetningStruktur/HeaderStruktur/ReferenceAttributTekst" />
    And the input payload I am getting is something like:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <NemRefusionIndberetningSamling >
         <NemRefusionIndberetningStruktur xmlns="urn:oio:abc:nemrefusionindberetning:2009.07.03" MessageID="1">
              <HeaderStruktur xmlns="urn:oio:abc:nemrefusionheader:2009.07.03">
    The XSLT works fine with above payload. But now we need to add namespaces in top level elements. So the payload will be like:
    <NemRefusionIndberetningSamling xmlns="urn:oio:abc:nemrefusionsamling:2009.07.03" UUIDIdentifikator="DF8C1CB43B2E14F1A0C5005">
         <NemRefusionIndberetningStruktur xmlns="urn:oio:abc:nemrefusionindberetning:2009.07.03" MessageID="1">
              <HeaderStruktur xmlns="urn:oio:abc:nemrefusionheader:2009.07.03">
    Top element being changed by addition of namespace, XSLT fails to retriev the value of required field i.e. <ReferenceAttributTekst>
    Changed element:
    "<NemRefusionIndberetningSamling xmlns="urn:oio:abc:nemrefusionsamling:2009.07.03" UUIDIdentifikator="DF8C1CB43B2E14F1A0C5005">"
    I am sure that there should be a way to handle namespaces in XSLT. Please suggest me the correction to XSLT to handle this namespace addition to top element.
    Kind Regards,

    In XSLT you put a prefix before the XPATH rule like this:
    you declare the namespaces in header as attribute xmlns:p1="..."
    Something like:
    <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="" xmlns:p1="..." ...>
    In your example you have to consider, that namespaces without prefix are inherited to subnodes. That means you have to build your XPATH like this:

Maybe you are looking for

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