PC Suite and Windows 64 bit

Hi Guys!
I am seeing a lot of posts made on PC Suite support for Windows XP 64-bit. I have made a post on the thread that was running.
PC Suite 6.8 will be released during April this year, it has support for 64-bit windows.
I made this post a few days ago on PC Suite 6.8 as soon as I got the news:http://discussions.nokia.co.uk/discussions/board/message?board.id=connectivity&message.id=188&view=b....

11:29 AM
defiant wrote:
Well can I put my name down for beta tester ?
i dont think demanding for this sort of thing is the best way to approach it defiant...

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  • Nokia 6085, PC Suite and Windows 2000

    I can't find the PC Suite version that will work with my phone and Windows 2000. Can someone point me to where it is so I can download it please?

    Active_Lad wrote:
    I have a trusty 6600 (that neither slides nor folds!) but find that I can't use the normal PC Suite that is Win7 compatible; I must use a device-specific version. However, the device specific version doesn't support Windows 7. So I am stuck. Is there a workaround to either force the device-specific version to work on Win7 of get the 6600 to work with the normal PC Suite?
    Sure you can. Install in XP compatibility mode as admin.
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    N8-00 RM 596 V:111.030.0609; E71-1(05) RM 346 V: 500.21.009

  • Nokia PC suite and Windows Vista business

    Has anybody tried installing PC suite on Vista business. One of my friend claims he is unable to sync his E90 with his laptop.
    Here's what he mailed me
    "• The installation gets completed and does not get completed at the last stage when there is a message that installation is completed successfully .
    • after pressing OK button next window pops up as follow.
    • welcome to get connected wizard which says please have your mobile phone and connectivity accessories at hand and click next , after conecting phone suddenly a message comes up saying that thereis no available connection type therefore the connection to the phone can not be established. the wizard will exit , I have to press okay as thereis no other button available, once I press okay the whole window disappears ."

    I was able to fix my problem by completely uninstalling PC Suite and artifacts of its install using the PC Suite Cleaner app (Extras in the software section)
    To Nokia:
    It appears that when i chose to 'never show this window again' when the Get Connected wizard first starts up, that in subsequent attempts to Get Connected, some mission-critical initialization and discovery failed to occur.
    I'd surmise that this was a registry key change, but as a user I should be able to un-do this action, to be able to see this Wizard start-up page again.

  • C7 OVI Suite and Windows 7 Home 64bit - no way to ...

    Hello everybody, I've just bought my C7 smartphone and I'm trying to synchronize my Outlook contacts. 
    I've installed Ovi Suite and tried to connect C7 via USB and bluetooth. It seems it doesn't recognize the connection properly. in fact, Ovi Suite shows the message: "the device is not in USB PC Suite mode. try to disconnect and reconnect the device". Checking my C7, it automatically selects the Nokia Ovi Suite connection (so, it should work properly!).
    Some tips:
    - the Ovi Suite window shows the generic "Nokia Device", it seems it doesn't recognize C7.
    - I tried also with Microsoft XP 32bit and everything works fine.
    It seems to me maybe there's a problem with Windows7 Home - 64bit?
    Could anyone help me?

    Could you please try this?
    1. Unplug the phone from your computer.
    2. Uninstall all Nokia related applications. These applications include Nokia OVI / PC Suite, Nokia Cable Drivers, and PC Connectivity solution.
    3. Restart your computer.
    4. This step is necessary only in a few cases. If you do not have one already, install a registry cleaning application. My recommendation is CCleaner along with Registry Mechanic. Clean your registry using these applications.
    5. Restart your computer.
    6. Install Nokia OVI Suite or PC Suite, whichever is your preference. Make sure that you have the latest setup file.
    7. Download the Nokia Cable Drivers setup files from your region’s official Nokia website.
    8. Install the Nokia Cable Drivers setup file.
    9. Restart your computer.
    10. Plug in your phone and wait while its drivers are installed by Windows.
    11. Restart your computer.
    12. Run Nokia OVI / PC Suite. Your phone will now be detected by the application.
    Hopefully it will help you to solve your problem
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    It will help me to serve you better !!!!!
    Thanking You

  • Problem with PC Suite and Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit

    I installed PC Suite on my desktop with Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit installed.  I was able to eventually run PC Suite (granted it needed to run in XP SP2 compatibility mode) and sync my calendar on my W518a cell phone with PC Suite via Bluetooth communications.  After I turned off my computer and restarted it, I could no longer open up PC Suite...its icon appears in my system tray with a red X over it as if it can't find the program.
    The SonyEricsson website indicates PC Suite can run with Windows 7.
    What is causing the problem I am having?  How do I get this corrected?

    I have downloaded and reinstalled the PC Suite software.  Although it is not working as well as it should, as long as I have my cell phone on with Bluetooth enabled prior to clicking on the icon to open the application, it seems to work OK.  Otherwise, when it opens, it just hangs and the only way you can close the program is to get into Task Manager and force it closed when its status is showing as "Not Responding".  I also have found that just "closing" the PC Suite window does not close the application...you have to click on the option to "Exit the Application" otherwise you continue to have it in your system tray with a red X over the icon.

  • PC suite and Windows Explorer

    - I am using Windows Professional v2002 Service Pack 2.
    - I have installed Nseries PC Suite that came with my N95 8GB. (Have installed several of the other applications that came with this including Nseries LifeBlog v2.5, Nseries Content Copier, etc.
    - I can connect to the N95 fine to transfer photos, install applications, etc.
    - However, I cannot browse the data folder of the N95 from Windows Explorer. I used to be able to do this with the previous version of PC suite I had installed. I need this to be able to transfer log files from our Symbian application. All I can do at the moment is transfer pictures, etc, which is no use for development.
    Does anyone have a solution for this?

    Nokia has 2 versions of PC Suite:
    The version which is dedicated to Nseries devices and Nokia Pc Suite 6.xx something that is more "generic" for any Nokia model (providing the phone can be connected to a PC).
    The features are a bit different and Phone Browser is missing from NSeries Suite.
    Both are updated on a regular basis, so maybe the messaging side a appear also in Nseries version, but I too use the more generic version, main reason is that I have several phones (N95, E61 and 5300) and they all work well with Nokia PC SUite 6.8512, which I just updated 2 days ago from www.nokia.com/pcsuite

  • PC Suite and Windows rights management

    I have trouble connecting my N80 to get sync'ed properly and have been browsing this discussion. It seems like many of the issues are linked to the same: rights management for Windows users. Maybe Nokia developers are a bit unfamiliar too this? If you test the sw on a single station with no networking and policy, you will not get a result reflecing the world of the user.
    At least suply an .exe package for installation enabling us to "run as" under Windows for installing for users WITHOUT local admin rights (common corporate practise).
    Furtermore I wonder where the "clean-up" application went? Uninstalling PC Suite leaves a lot residue in registry.

    seraphim. You have missed the point.
    As a general policy, windows users should not run their machine logged on as a user with administration rights. This is good security practice and this policy will be enforced in Vista.
    The Nokia PC Suite can only be installed by an administrative user, it writes to the registry for that user and that user only. If the same person (ie:me) then logs back in in normal (user) mode, the software won't work.
    Normally there is a workaround. You log in as a normal user with user rights. Choose the installation executable and select (by right-clicking) 'run as ..' This allows the package to be run with administrative privileges - the username and password for an administrator is required before the action completes - but in the *context* of the normal user account, so the registry changes apply to the normal account.
    Because PC Suite is distributed as an .msi file, this workaround is not available.
    The proposal to use active directory to distribute software which will only be of relevance to people with a particular gadget is unrealistic. This is precisely the case where standalone installs by trusted administrators should be used.
    The real problem is that PC Suite does not install properly and is confused by a change of user identity. This just needs fixing. A workaround using 'run as ..' would be useful however.
    No one is proposing that the software should be installed by just anyone. 'run as ..' prevents this by requiring administrative credentials. At present even a fully qualified network administrator with full local rights *cannot* install PC Suite for a normal user.
    This is not right. Being rude to prolie_no will not make it so.
    You might also like to take some time to make sure that your links work.

  • Sync PC Suite and Windows Live Mail - Possible?

    I had Microsoft Microsoft Outlook and Nokia PC Suite in Sync.
    But I've changed my Laptop and now I have Windows Live Mail and Outlook
    I'm using only the Windows Live Mail, that has a calendar also.
    When I install Nokia PC Suite, it says that it syncs with Outlook
    Express and Outlook.
     - Does Nokia PC Suite sync with Windows Live Mail at all?
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    I am fed up!!!
    Apparently Nokia is not listening to their customers and instead diverts them to a damn Nielsen forum to write down all their frustration and needs again and again.
    Why is it so complicated to provide an easy syncing tool between Windows Live Mail calendar and the N8 and C7 or E52 phones i.e. their built-in calendars (e.g..). Yes Nokia, I have bought all three phones within a time span of 5 months and have NOW FINALLY DECIDED to end my Nokia-sympathy due to lack of listening support. It comes as a joke that the internet is full of grief towards this standard problem and that none seems capable to do something. Apparently none wants to do anything as the whole situation looks like a "friendly agreement" between Nokia and Microsoft. They call it Marketing, I call it short-term-wannabe-software- regulation-policy as an aim to support, e.g. Outlook!!!
    Goodbye Nokia. I'll turn to Apple! Please excuse my frustration

  • PC suite and Windows problem

    o my god !
    I am running windows xp media center edition 2005 (sp2).Phone-N70 with cable.
    I was already having so much problems with PC suite 6.83....And then I found a FAQ ...it says my pc's operating system is not supported by Pc suite. Wat should i do...Wat is the correct version for me...
    my problem is after installing pc suite-On the device manager...Under portable devices...n70 is disabled...And thr is an error with Windows Portable devices !

    Ya..but everytime i restart my pc....it comes over n over again

  • Ovi Suite and Windows Contacts sync problem.

    The sync process randomly misses phone numbers (Phone -> Windows).
    I tried removing all the contacts into the Windows library and restarting the sync, but the same problem happen.
    Any idea?

    Dear Marina,
    You said "So this issue is more like a Window Contacts application limitation".
    I disagree; This is the limitation of the imagination and experience your developers have.
    How stupid should someone be, not be able to figure a simple logic that if a damn field is not available, use any !^%@$# Windows Contacts field which is available?
    When your software cannot do a one to one matching of the fields, Nokia Suite shouldn't even call it Sync with contacts application, and place Windows Contacts as an option!
    Windows Contacts syncing has always been a way for people to share their contacts among devices! What you have done is proven how dumb your software developers can be!
    A simple, very simple solution is to fill in any field which is available to at least maintain the integrity of the data!
    A little more intelligent solution, which might be too much for Nokia's developers, is to try and fill in Work or Home fields and then force fill in the fields it couldn't find. This way a contact with only a "Telephone" number, will at least have a number saved!
    Did that sound harsh? It is really irritating when you see how simple logic gets ignored, rendering an application that has had its roots around for decades, useless.

  • Nokia PC Suite and Windows 7

    I have upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and my Nokia E51 will no longer sync with Outlook 2007. Does anyone know how to get round this problem? Is Nokia planning on a Windows 7 PC Suite release any time soon?
    Go to Solution.

    Having posted this question I found a solution at http://www.symbian-guru.com/welcome/2009/01/how-to-install-nokia-pc-suite-v71-in-windows-7.html
    This is based on the Beta version of Windows 7 so is slightly different but the approach is the same!
    It now works :-)


    For the last one year, I have been using my Autocad and Inventor Pro with no problems in my two PC. Late June 2014, I was asked my Microsoft to update my OS to Windows 8.1. I did as I have been doing every time Microsoft tells me to update their stuff.
    Since that update, no Autodesk application is working on it. I lost my windows installation disk and I don't want to buy another OS. How do I get out of this mess? ....I even lost the restore partition on my HDD!!!!

    Some Application would have repair function in Programs and Features wizard. I am not familiar with Autodesk products, but you can have a try.
    If this cannot work, I suggest you use installation media to reinstall your Autodesk products.
    Alex Zhao
    TechNet Community Support

  • PC Suite and Windows Live Mail desktop

    What version of Windows is being used?
    Vista Ultimate 32bit
    What Service Pack is installed?
    Windows Upedate autoupdate costantly my system, so...
    What version of PC Suite is installed?
    What is the connection method, cable, bluetooth or IR?
    USB Cable
    Now, PC Suite synchronize my contacts with Windows Address Book, but there is now way to synchronize my Windows Live Mail desktop contacts (that are suprisling in another databse). So, I should synch with PC Suite, then import in Windows Live Mail desktop the Windows Address Book.
    Its quite annoying, isn't? There is no way to solve this problem? I cannot use windows Mail, because I should connect to several hotmail accounts that are supported only in Windows Live Mail desktop.

    No, he means this:
    Please adivse when PC Suite will support Windows Live Mail (it includes a calendar too)
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  • PC Suite and Windows Vista

    Hi all,
    ANyone knows if lastest version 6.8 will run on Windows Vista beta?.
    Best regards,
    Jose M.

    Good news to Vista users.... I heard that the next version of Nokia PC Suite will be compatible with the Microsoft Vista operating system. Should be available around spring 2007 Message Edited by ajak on 22-Dec-2006
    10:29 AM

  • Nokia 6600 , PC Suite and Windows 7

    I have a trusty 6600 (that neither slides nor folds!) but find that I can't use the normal PC Suite that is Win7 compatible; I must use a device-specific version. However, the device specific version doesn't support Windows 7. So I am stuck. Is there a workaround to either force the device-specific version to work on Win7 of get the 6600 to work with the normal PC Suite?

    Active_Lad wrote:
    I have a trusty 6600 (that neither slides nor folds!) but find that I can't use the normal PC Suite that is Win7 compatible; I must use a device-specific version. However, the device specific version doesn't support Windows 7. So I am stuck. Is there a workaround to either force the device-specific version to work on Win7 of get the 6600 to work with the normal PC Suite?
    Sure you can. Install in XP compatibility mode as admin.
    ‡Thank you for hitting the Blue/Green Star button‡
    N8-00 RM 596 V:111.030.0609; E71-1(05) RM 346 V: 500.21.009

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