PCR Configuration Guide (MSS)

I am looking for the PCR Configuration Guide to set up the MSS WebDynpro applications with Adobe Forms.
We are working with xSS SP04 and NW04 SP9.
Kind regards,

Hello Noel:
You may want to try http://help.sap.com/saphelp_erp2004 and do a search under personnel change request.
This is used for:
Using this Web application, a manager can execute the following functions:
·        Create a change request
·        Monitor status and display submitted change requests

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  • PCR Configuration guide

    Dear guru's,
      If you have the configuration guide for PCR(Personal Change Request), can you please forward me to [email protected] Good post would be rewarded with points.

    Hi vivek,
    If your problum was solved then please close the thread.

  • ESS / MSS configuration guides on ECC6 and EP7

    Can any one send the ESS/MSS configuration guide or documentation (Not sap help) for setting up self services applicaiton in ECC6 and EP7 environment.
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    these links are helpful to you
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    Can you please send me configuration guide for ESS/MSS mySAP ERP 2005.
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    --> SAP Business Suite Applications
    --> SAP ERP
    --> mySAP ERP 2005
    --> Upgrade
    --> Upgrade Documentation - mySAP ERP 2005 SR2
    There choose your database and operating system.
    If you're looking for functional details check

  • Configuration Guide for MSS

    Please anyone provide the MSS Configuration Guide? What all need to be on Enterprise Portal 7.0 side and ECC 6.0 side.
    Please reply.

    Please see the below link:
    It will give all the documentation you require to implement MSS.

  • PCR WF in MSS

    Hello All,
    I have been trying to configure workflow for use in PCR forms in MSS.
    I think I have already configured workflow, for the most part, but I am getting errors in the form of emails after initiating PCRs.
    For a PCR without approval, I am getting the following error:
    Executed Action: Exception Occurred
    Error Message: Error when starting work item 000000002021 Message no. SWP085
    This is followed by several other errors.
    Can anyone guide me as to the reason of this error please?

    This is something to do with your WF settings check with standard one and it will work
    check the note
    1151096 - Error handling when accessing attributes of WORKINGWI

  • Previous Button is not working in PCR forms in MSS

    Hi All,
    We are configuring the MSS scenarios for PCR (Persnel Chaneg Reques) forms under the Work workset.
    I am able to select the pdf form review it and submit but what is happening is whenever I click the <b>previous step button</b>, I get the <b>Internet Explorer Error</b>, asking me send error report or Dont send. When I click dont send , it takes me back to the login screen.
    I checked the browser and tried in different system and they all working in the same manner as I described above.
    Is there anything I'm missing out? Did anyone encounter similar errors?
    Thanks for your help in advance

    Hi Noel,
    Thanks for your response.
    Yes the IE crashes when I hit the previous step. I tried different IE settings still no go.
    We have implemented ECC6.0 (ERP2005), EP7.0 SP9 (NW2004s).
    Accoring to the note that you suggested (SAP Note 950797), it says
    NW2004 SP 15 will eleminate this problem. But I guess we are using more advanced version.. and still having the same issue.
    I will open an OSS also if there are any other suggestions please do let me know

  • Process flow of letter of credit and configuration guide

    Hi friends,
    I want to know accounting entries at every stage in letter of credit for purchase transaction, so also requesting for configuration guide. Points will be assigned
    my email id is [email protected]
    Edited by: keetu on Apr 22, 2008 8:35 AM

    Check these links.

  • What is BDI or BDS spelled out? Jabber for Mac 9.2(1) Installation and Configuration Guide

    I’m spending the day catching up on Jabber/IM&P release notes across the server/clients.
    So I’m used to EDI and UDS, but we have a new acronym in the Jabber for Mac 9.2(1) Installation and Configuration Guide called BDI and BDS. However they don’t define what BDI stands for other than BDI is LDAP for non-windows
    Clients and suggests it should be used for Jabber for Mac.
    What is BDI or BDS spelled out? Something directory integration, but what is the B ?
    Then to add to the mix they reference BDS which sounds like the old UDS (is UDS changing to BDS?)
    How can Jabber get any more confusing…
    I also noted in the  Jabber Video for iPad 9.3.4 release notes that Apple is removing the Always Connect option in the near future. Manually launching Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client before making a call. This is going to upset some customers who like how Lync uses https and just works from anywhere with enhanced directory integration…

    Basic Directory Integration. It's not new, we had it in the Windows clients as far back as CUPC. The distinction got introduced when EDI was introduced, relying on Windows ADSI APIs instead of the client making a native LDAP bind.
    To my knowledge BDI/BDS are the same thing; I'm guessing S is 'service'. UDS remains unchanged.
    I also noted in the  Jabber Video for iPad 9.3.4 release notes that Apple is removing the Always Connect option in the near future.
    Well, they lost a patent infringement lawsuit and chose to change the functionality instead of pay the troll. That's not Jabber's fault. Collaboration Edge will be the way to avoid this in the near future.
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  • In Solution Manager, where can I find the SRM 7.0 Configuration Guide?

    Please give me directions on how to download the SRM 7.0 configuration guide within Solution Manager, these documents are not available on the service marketplace.  We have sol manager 4 I believe, it's not sol manger 7.0.
    Also, if you could send me the guide at matt.joseph at thq.com that would save me from losing more time trying to figure out Solution Manger
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Log on to your SAP Solution Manager system.
    2. To be able to access configuration documentation, create a project as follows:
    1. Create your project with transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN for project administration.
    2. Connect your SAP system to SAP Solution Manager with transaction SMSY for the SAP Solution Manager system landscape.
    3. Create a project structure and add the required scenarios for your SAP system to your project structure with the Business Blueprint transaction SOLAR01,
    4. Add your SAP system configuration structures to your project structure with the configuration transaction SOLAR02.
    3. Go to the project structure folder <project name> using transaction SOLAR02.
    4. Access configuration documentation for SAP NetWeaver usage types at Configuration StructureSAP NetWeaver 7.0.
    5. Access configuration documentation for all areas of SAP SRM at Configuration StructureSAP SRM <release>.

  • IPC in CRM 5.0 - Configuration guide

    i'm looking for a configuration guide for IPC
    under CRM 5 standalone (no R3 backend ).
    thnx ..

    Hallo Blackman,
    Did you try working with the ´best practices'. currently we are using the BP for the CRM 5.0 implementation. This should be sufficient I suppose.
    Read the BP and it should be sufficient.

  • Student self services - configuration guide or cook book

    Dear All,
    We have recently upgraded to EHP4 and enabled student self services.
    But when I changed my program of study no workflow is triggered in the backend.
    Do I need to do any configuration for this ?
    Is there any configuration guide or cook book available for student self services.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Best Regards,
    Aleem Mohiuddin.

    Hi Aleem,
    You can find cookbooks for configuring SLcM on the following page: Student Lifecycle Management [original link is broken]
    For the 'Change of Program' functionality you need to configure the following workflow to your customer need: COP_APPROVAL (WS template: 29800011 via trx PFWS).
    Please also make sure you have applied note 1321998.
    Best regards,

  • Configuration Guide for Transaction Banking Process Chain - 0TB_DM_INIT_P01

    Hi All,
    Just wondering whether there is any Configuration Guide available for various Transaction Banking Process Chains, like,  [0TB_DM_INIT_P01|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/en/7e/0d6a99cbdf4873998b533e088b6a1b/frameset.htm], etc.
    These process chains in Activity Status Coversion (i.e. Dormancy management) are quite complex and I have been able to activate the chains - but while running some of the processes are giving errors...
    So, was wondering whether any Building Block Configuration Guide like CRM Analytics (or, others) available or not?
    If not, should I just open an OSS ticket to get official guide from SAP?
    Thanks for help.

    Hi All,
    Just wondering whether there is any Configuration Guide available for various Transaction Banking Process Chains, like,  [0TB_DM_INIT_P01|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/en/7e/0d6a99cbdf4873998b533e088b6a1b/frameset.htm], etc.
    These process chains in Activity Status Coversion (i.e. Dormancy management) are quite complex and I have been able to activate the chains - but while running some of the processes are giving errors...
    So, was wondering whether any Building Block Configuration Guide like CRM Analytics (or, others) available or not?
    If not, should I just open an OSS ticket to get official guide from SAP?
    Thanks for help.

  • IC WebClient 5.0 Configuration Guide....

    Could someone please mail me the configuration guide for for IC WebClient (CRM Version 5.0) to my mail id [email protected]?
    Thanks in advance...

    Hello Shivraj,
    As you said and as it's stated in several SAP Guides: 'Configuration guides are only available in SAP Solution Manager'
    But I can't find the config guides in our Solution Manager system...Does our Solution Manager people need to do something in Solution Manager so that I can find the config guides in our Solution Manager?
    If anyone has the answer please get back... so that I can put an end to my configuration guide hunt And does someone have a configuration guide for CRM 5.0? If so I would really appreciate if someone could mail it to me at [email protected]
    Kind regards
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  • SEEBURGER EDI &AS/2 adapter installation and configuration guides

    hi ,
    can any one provide me SEEBURGER EDI &AS/2 adapter installation and configuration guides or links please?
    thank you,

    You can get the original manuals from Seeburger if you are installing the Seeburger on server.
    Please see the below links
    Details on XI EDI adapter from seeburger
    Check this for Conversions-
    SAP Adapters
    EDI with XI

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