Pdf files become pixelated when filter effects are applied...

I have some pdf files in my Motion 4 project. When I uncheck the "fixed resolution" box, they pdf files look great. But when I proceed to add any filter effect like any of the Glow filters, the pdf file becomes all pixelated and looks horrible. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,
- Nick

Filters fix the resolution, rasterizing the vector graphics. Try make it very large, the apply the filter to the containing layer and shrink the layer to be the desired size...

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    Hello, all,
    I'm preparing an important presentation and want to ensure that my slides look great when projected at an event next week. I'm concerned because at a practice pitch a couple weeks ago, they appeared pixelated when projected, even though they looked beautiful on my laptop screen. This includes fonts and vector graphics. I had created the slides in InDesign 6 and exported to PDF. I'm posting screen shots of the file settings for each below. Should I have done something differently? Can anyone share best practices for exporting to PDF when the intent is to project the PDF from a laptop? I would really appreciate any advice.  Thanks!
    Creative Cloud subcription (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop 6 were used)
    MacBook Pro, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    OS X 10.7.5
    Waiting on technical details of projector

    If you're displaying the PDF with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader then any vector content (graphics and text) will scale perfectly; the document setup in InDesign has no bearing other than to set a 4:3 aspect ratio for the pages (PDFs don't measure in pixels). As Rob says there's no getting around the resolution of the projector.
    Given how PDFs behave there's no complex 'best practice' guide for on-screen or projected content driven by a desktop computer. You can work in any color space and use any combination of transparency, raster and vector content you wish, then just run  Export > Interactive PDF with the default options. If you're displaying via a mobile device it's a good idea to work in RGB, as some PDF-reading apps will mess up  CMYK>RGB conversion, and don't bother with any rich media (Flash/video).

  • Why my pdf files become blank when i try to open them from the internet?

    Everytime I open a PDF file on the internet my screen is always black/ blank

    Hi andredezhon,
    Please let me know what browser, OS and Reader version you are using to view the pdf files.
    Try downloading the latest version of Adobe Reader from : http://get.adobe.com/reader/
    and then try viewing the pdf. Also try viewing the document from a different Browser and check.

  • Pdf files become unclear when zoomed

    I read a lot like magazines, newspapers etc that are in pdf format.  I save them to ibooks and read whenever there is a free time.  Recently i observe that the letters become vague and unclear when zoomed.  Can some of you advise a solution to this problem.

    Filters fix the resolution, rasterizing the vector graphics. Try make it very large, the apply the filter to the containing layer and shrink the layer to be the desired size...

  • Generated file becomes empty when date parameters are used

    I have a concurrent program which when run should generate a file. The From and To date parameters make use of a value set (FND_STANDARD_DATE_REQUIRED) whose format type is the 'standard date' and maximum size is 11.
    When I run the program in APPS, the format for the FROM and TO date parameters I use is 'DD-MON-YYYY'.
    The package which is being called by this program has this in the select statement: and ct.trx_date BETWEEN p_begin_date AND p_end_date
    ct.trx_date field type is DATE
    Each time I comment out this part of the select statement then compile the package and run the program, I am able to generate the file with the expected records. But when I use this part of the select statement, the genereted file is empty.

    Yes, I expect 12 records to be in the file.
    Am just not sure if the problem has something to do with the data type being passed. In the package that is being called, the from and to date parameters in the procedure are 'VARCHAR2'. While in apps, the concurrent program's from and to date parameters were assigned a value set whose custom type is 'CURRENT DATE' with format 'DD-MON-YYYY'.

  • The photo book review pdf file is fully smudged and there are many horizontal lines all over the pictures. the book looks absolutely ok , but the pdf is showing all problems. also when i uploaded the book, it was successful, but got an error message later

    I created a book on I photo and uploaded it yesterday. it was all ok and the order was accepted. However i got an error message today. The book looks perfect on I Photo, when i do a preview, the PDF file is totally smudged and there are 100s of horizontal lines all over the photos. Also the coloures are bleeding all over.
    what can be the case and how can i resolve this.

    if the book looks good order while in safe mode - then reboot into normal mode
    Before ordering your book preview it using this method - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1040 - and save the resulting PDF for reference - the delivered book will match it.
    Apple will stand behind the order if it does not match your preview

  • I am using i padmini with retina display. i was curious to know if the pdf files saved on adobe reader app are safe from any hacking

    I am using i padmini with retina display. i was curious to know if the pdf files saved on adobe reader app are safe from any hacking

    If they are saved on your iPad, they are as safe as anything else.

  • PDF files break up when scrolling down the page

    Embedded pdf files break up when scrolling down the page i.e.

    Go to the "inspector"-click on the "table" icon-then "headers and footers" where you can set the number of headers or footers you want and click/unclick "freeze". You can also do that directly from the button bar on the "header-footer" buttons

  • Why are my PDF files so big when I open them or when I print them out? I only see and print half of the document, didn't have any problem on internet explorer

    I was trying to print something from the internet and when I did what came out was half of the document. What should have been printed in 1 sheet of paper was printed in 2 and it was only half of the document because the letters and images were too large.
    I noticed that when I saved the document from the Internet to my folder the document was in half. I tried to save it again but it didn't work. I tried to fix the printer to see if that was the reason but still I continued to see only half of the document. I tried printing again but still the same thing happened.
    I thought it was a problem with my printer but then I remembered that the same thing happened with other PDFs files. I then tried the same thing on Internet Explorer and when I saved the document I saved the whole document not only half of it and the letters and images where not large like when I used Mozilla. I was also able to print the whole document in 1 sheet of paper.
    I don't how to solve this problem, thank you for your help and attention

    Hi efacg,
    Most printing issues are solved by resetting the Printing preferences. When you print from Firefox and you click on the down arrow, do you see Defualt and Firefox? Please make changes to the preferences here and preview the document.
    If this continues to be an issue please also see [[Fix printing problems in Firefox]]
    If there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help.

  • I have a problem using the "save as pdf..." command of the print panel of MS Word (lower L corner).  When file has a few photos in it, the pdf file becomes huge; 7 mb Word file becomes 31 mb., on MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo processor , OS X 10.5.8

    How can converting a MS Word file to a pdf make the file 5x bigger?  Can someone tell me how to update the "save as pdf..." feature when "printing" a file in MS Word (Word:mac 2008, ver. 12.2.5).  The problem is that using this to create pdf files gives huge files when the Word file has graphics pasted as pictures from Powerpoint, even for simple graphics and when first exported at low resolution (180 dpi) as jpg files from Powerpoint and inserted into Word.  

    Here's a little more info on the save_as_pdf issue.  It is Word files in 97–2004 format (doc) that get 5x bigger.  The conversion works fine and file size is normal if the Word file is saved in most recent Word format (docx rather than doc).  Somehow MS Word can't save its own files properly in pdf format.  Thanks Bill for all the frustration.

  • Placed EPS file becoming pixelated?

    Hi, I have imported an EPS file into Indesign.  When I come to export this InDesign file as a PDF the EPS is pixelated on the PDF?  It looks fine in InDesign when I view it in overprint preview, but when it is PDF'd it becomes pixelated?? Also, the document will only be shown as a PDF, but it seems to have a slightly cloudy appearence to it.  ( like a white frosted effect over it) The full colour is restored on the PDF when I click on Advanced / Print Production / Output Preview. Is there a way of always having it to these settings? Thanks in advance, Andy

    can you start by telling us the operating system (and version) you are using, along with the version of indesign you are using?
    how is the pdf being made? is it being exported to pdf and if so, what options are being selected? what happens when the options are changed?
    is the EPS a photoshop file or an illustrator file? is it RGB, CMYK or LAB? what happens when you safe the EPS as something else and place the file?
    put simply, from your description of the situation i can't nail it down to one thing in particular, so try playing with the above options and see if it makes any difference, and if so, what you did that solved the problem (if it gets solved of course).

  • Help w/ Newsletter created in Photoshop becoming pixelated when emailed

    Hi all,
    I created a newsletter using Adobe Photoshop. However, when I use an email client to email it out, it becomes very pixelated. I have changed the dpi and it still becomes pixelated. Currently, the newsletter is set to 100 DPi but still becomes pixelated. How would I be able to fix this? I use iContact to email the newsletter and the actual image (bc it is rather large) is hosted on Photobucket. Early thanks for the help!

    Photoshop just doesn't do Newsletters very well.  Even MS Word would be better. Much better.  If you can use something like inDesign, or MS Publisher, and save as a PDF, your text will be perfect regardless of how much you zoom in, and it would produce a much smaller file size.  Plus you can have live links (hyperlinks), or hyperlink the images to larger versions (if you have somewhere to put them online.  With inDesign you can doo all sorts of wonderful things making a really impressive document that would be fun to create, and impress your readers.

  • PDF file size doubles when recording to CD

    XP Pro Sp3
    I have old PDF files that I am trying to burn to disk for protection.  The documents are one size but when I add them to the CD record program they show double the size.  Example this  document was 323KB in size but when placed in the recorder program it takes up 668 KB's
    This is the data from the file  323KB  8/2004  Application: PScriptd5.dll Version 5.2  PDF Version 1.3 PDF Producer: Acrobat Distiller 5.0 (windows) On the properties window under General is says it is blocked to help protect this computer.  I don't know what that means  I am using Adobe Reader 9.3 to
    read it.
    I am using Sonic Record Now version 6.5 as my record software. It came with the computer in 2004 I know it is old. Grin.
    I did multiple scans on it and it shows up clean.  Any ideas?

    Hi there:  First I apologize I think I gave the wrong answer to the question about the issue being resolved.  You were right on the mark.  The issue has nothing to do with the PDF file but with the burning software miscalculating.
    Thank you for your time in replying to help me.

  • Pdf file gets huge when attached to an e-mail

    A very strange problem. Yesterday, I received an e-mail with a pdf attachment that was 10MB.  When I saved the attachement to a fold, it became 9.6kb.  I created a new e-mail and attched the smaller saved version of the pdf.  It showed as 10MB in the e-mail.  The same thing happened to another e-mail pdf attachment that I received this morning.  I even inserted an older pdf file from my computer into a new e-mail.  Same thing.  This is making it very difficult to send e-mails with pdf attachment, as they are too large for some to receive.  the sender of the original e-mail is also seeing it in the sent e-mail as 10 MB.
    I have windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP 3;  Acrobat reader 9.3

    First of all: what e-mail client are you using?
    Do you use Adobe Reader to send the PDF file, or you simply attach the PDF to a message you are composing?  That message, what format is it - plain text, HTML, RTF?
    Anyway, I have a very hard time to understand how a file of 9.6KB can show up more than a 1000 times larger (10MB) as a PDF attachment!  Does your e-mail client give the exact size of the attachment, additionally to the total size of the message?

  • Avoiding the 'Save PDF File As' dialog when printing to the adobe PDF printer from a service

    Hello, can someone please help.
    I have Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro installed.
    I have an in house application which (among many other things) effectively monitors a directory and prints the file to the default printer. It works fine when run as an application.
    I have set the defaults on the Adobe PDF printer to put the output PDF file into a directory and not to open it so it works silently without prompts.
    When I run my application as a service, it brings up the 'Save PDF File As' dialog and I would like to avoid this. My impression is that if I put the right registry key in then it will work.
    I do not want to do any scripting if I can avoid it.
    Thanks for all constructive help given.

    Thank for your help Bill, but changing settings in the distiller did not seem to work. As my application prints directly to the default application without using anything specific to Acrobat, I was hoping there was a simple way forward. A colleague suggested copying registry entries from the account I logged on as to the S-1-5-18 entry, then rebooting. This had no effect as the prompt still comes up.
    Aandi, I don't have the Acrobat SDK or any experience of it.
    Also I'm not sure where any code/script would sit since the application is stable and so I would rather not change it.
    If it amounts to a few lines of javascript sitting outside the application then that would be of interest.

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