PDF Preview does not look like original

I'm trying to get a preview of my book for a client. Normally I PDF the file, send it to them and they approve or change the book how they want. The problem is when I pdf my extra large book, some of the files, especially ones I've zoomed in on, are distorted, and look very strange. Many have their heads cut off. But when I pull them up in Aperture, they look just fine. Has anyone else experienced this or know of a solution. My client doesn't live near me and needs to be able to see the final product as close to what will be printed as possible.

I tried changing my settings to the proper page size and still no luck. It's not distorted/cut off for every photo, it's only select photos. In particular, ones that I zoomed in on or modified within Aperture. I can post a link to a jpeg of one of the pages if that would maybe help or I can send you the link to the actual album. (About 127MB)

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  • Webgui theme not rendering toolbar, does not look like SAPgui for Win

    Hello all,
    I just installed the ITS 6.20 Patch 20 and when I started the webgui service, the theme that was genereatd does not look like the SAPgui for Windows at all.
    All I've got is a gray and blue color theme.  The top row is the "SAP Easy Access" header and on the next row are just simple square buttons (Menu, Tools, User Menu, SAP Menu, etc.).
    What do I have to do to enable the "richer" look-and-feel like the SAPgui for Windows 6.20?  I'm looking to get the toolbar with the paging icons, disk icon, goback, etc.

    You have to disable the Enjoy SAP option.
    1. Log in to the Admin service;
    2. Open the Configuration | General settings for the ITS instance;
    3. Remove the checkmark for the "Enjoy Design" option.
    4. Save and restart.
    Does this help?

  • My Ref. HD does not look like my Aperture Library

    I don't neccessarily have a problem, but I do notice that my referenced library on an ext. HD does not look like my Aperture library on my mbp. I notice that there are alot of separate images not in albums or projects or folders. Is there a way or need to reorganize the ref. images into a similar setup as my library. Any thoughts are welcome as I'm a bit of a neat freak, esp. with photos etc.
    Thank you.

    OK we're talking past each other here and not getting much accomplished.
    The top screenshot from this post Re: My Ref. HD does not look like my Aperture Library is not from within Aperture. How did you take that screenshot? Aperture does not display dates like that AFAIK, that sure looks like a Finder window.
    I believe the best thing you can do right now is to read the User Manual, especially the part about the parts of the Aperture library and Kirby's very good user tip. It should clear up your terminology and make things clearer for you.
    good luck
    To better explain my point. This is what a screenshot of an Aperture Library would look like from within Aperture
    This is a screnhsot of a Finder window
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  • "This does not look like a tar archive"

    I've seen other posts but everybody's fix seems to not work for me.  Here is my error:
    :: Starting full aur upgrade...
    Aur Targets    (3): setuptools python2-iso8601 gnome-shell-google-calendar-git
    Proceed with installation? [Y/n]
    tar: This does not look like a tar archive
    gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
    tar: Child returned status 1
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    /usr/bin/packer: line 271: cd: setuptools: No such file or directory
    No PKGBUILD found in directory.
    No matter what, I can't seem to get past this.

    It looks like packer is trying to download the PKGBUILD for setuptools from the AUR, but it doesn't exist. However, setuptools is provided by python2-distribute in extra (or python2-setuptools in the AUR). I think you should remove the current setuptools that you have, install python2-distribute (or python2-setuptools), then try to update again. I think that should work.
    EDIT: typo
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  • My interface -- buttons (back, forward, reload), firefox tab, groups, etc. -- does not look like the sample on your "firefox features" page. ("Groups" seems not to function at all.) I'm running the current firefox 4 download on Windows XP. Can you help?

    My interface -- buttons (back, forward, reload), firefox tab, groups, etc. -- does not look like the sample on your "firefox features" page. ("Groups" seems not to function at all.) I'm running the current firefox 4 download on Windows XP. Can you help?

    Thank you for your swift reply. I don't know that this has helped me, as I've reached my level of tolerance for fooling with this annoying little problem - for today anyway. It has been going on since I "up" graded to Firefox 4. My wife is running 3.6.x on her laptop with none of this foolishness. As BLASPHEMOUS as it may sound, I've gone back to IE for the time being even though I don't like it 1000th as much as I do Firefox.
    Not just to rant here, I would say that I found a way to put some buttons on the right side of the toolbar that immediately gave me permission to "back, forward, and reload", but upon closing the browser and going out for dinner with the wife, I find on return that not only are those buttons NOT still on the toolbar, but I can't find them anymore. I think they were in "add-ons" found under I believe Add-On Manager.
    I did also manage to achieve back/forward functionality running Firefox in SAFE mode, but this meant no No-Script, among other things, and I've grown too fond of that particular little script to give it up.
    I've rebooted, restored, and reinstalled, can't get this formerly completely reliable program to work like it always has. Before looking around on here, I was beginning to think it was my PC.
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP, cor-el. I'm going to see if I can get on live chat on Monday.

  • Does not look like the picture on your site. i have xp professional

    i downloaded ff v.4, but it does not look like the picture on your website. lots of missing components/tabs?
    i use windows xp professional.

    The orange Firefox menu button is hidden by default on Windows XP.<br />
    You see the orange (on Linux gray) Firefox button if the Menu Bar is hidden, so you need to hide the Menu bar to get the new appearance.<br />
    If you need to access the hidden Menu bar then press F10 or hold down the Alt key to make the Menu Bar appear temporarily.<br />
    You can place the Tab Bar on top.
    * View > Toolbars : [ ] Menu Bar
    * View > Toolbars : [X] Tabs on Top

  • I want to print an 8 x 10, but the photo does not look like the print preview - it truncates part of the picture

    I am using an HP PSC 2355 printer - and have not had trouble printing before. The 8 x 10 photo does not print like the print preview does - everything elarges when the actual print completes, which truncates all details that need to be printed. Is ther a setting that I should be choosing?

    There is no O or L in my Serial Number, and it starts with one single D, then a set of 3 numbers, 3 letters, 4 times, then 3 letters closing it down. When I check my Final Cut's serial number in the help section of the software, I get the same number. Yet, when I enter it in the site, it says, I have an invalid serial number. So I will call Apple Care. I hope I will be able to talk to a representative in an hour or so. It always takes so long that I grow beard while I wait.

  • Why is it that I downloaded Firefox 4.0 but I do not have the orange firefox box in the upper left hand corner of screen. My screen still looks like the old verison of firefox. My screen does not look like the one in the video. looks nothing like the one

    My Firefox 4.0 does not look anything like the videos you show about the features of the new Firefox. My screen looks totally different than yours. It does not have the orange box in the upper left hand corner of the screen. My screen still looks like the old version. I have the logo on the top of my screen with Ask a Question a vertical line Firefox Help - Mozilla Firefox.
    Under this line I have File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, and Help. Below this line is a tab with Ask a Question Firefox Help and a +. My husbands screen looks identical to the orange Firefox Box in the upper left of screen. I would like my screen to look identical to the ones shown in your videos. I only have one version of Firefox 4.0 my husband does have the Firefox 4.0 plus the Beta version. How do I add the Beta version? I have Windows Vista running systems. Please help. Thank you

    You're welcome

  • My Firefox screen at the top does not look like what you show at your help site, so I can't customize or learn how to do things

    I am running Windows 7 Professional and am not adept at using the Windows platform. Firefox on my computer does not look the way it is shown at specific "Help" topic pages, so I can't get the help needed. Three examples: 1. How to click on a link so it opens in a new tab; 2. How to customize the options; 3. How to get rid of the "Ask" web site window.

    On Windows, you can switch between a classic menu bar and a compact menu opened with an orange button with the word Firefox.
    You can switch between these using one of these methods:
    * right-click a blank area of the tab bar and turn Menu Bar on or off
    * View menu > Toolbars > Menu Bar
    * orange Firefox button > Options triangle > Menu Bar
    Does that help?
    To get to the tab preferences, you can do this:
    orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Options > Tabs
    To remove the Ask toolbar, you can go here:
    orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > Extensions category
    You might still have to do a little cleanup after removing an extension, if it changed your home page, new tab page, search provider, etc. Please describe any remaining problems in more detail.
    Hope this helps.

  • Export of noise reduction does not look like Develop preview

    I have a photo that has noise reduction applied, however, after export, it looks as if NO noise reduction has been applied.  Other photos look like they have the noise reduction applied.  Not sure why this one would refuse to export the noise reduction filter.  In the Develop preview, it looks great, no noise. After export, noise.
    Different but possibly related, On all photos, I noticed that the noise reduction preview in Develop doesn't update unless I zoom-in/zoom-out, then it updates it. But if I make any adjustments to the slider it doesn't update until I zoom-in/zoom-out again.  This seems like a bug.
    Lightroom version: 3.0 [677000]
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
    Version: 5.1 [2600]
    Application architecture: x86
    System architecture: x86
    Physical processor count: 2
    Processor speed: 1.8 GHz
    Built-in memory: 2047.2 MB
    Real memory available to Lightroom: 716.8 MB
    Real memory used by Lightroom: 252.1 MB (35.1%)
    Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 400.0 MB
    Memory cache size: 51.7 MB
    System DPI setting: 96 DPI
    Displays: 1) 1680x1050, 2) 1440x900
    Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry if this has already been reported.

    function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}
    Lee Jay wrote:
    danpancamo wrote:
    Here's the CR2 file
    TO recreate the problem
    1. import the CR2 into LR3.3
    2. In the Develop Module  change Noise Reduction Luminance and Detail to 100
    3. In the Library Module export to Hard Drive with 100% Quality no Sharpening
    4. View the JPG and compare to the LR3 views...  
    The two are virtually the same, as far as I can tell.
    It looks like the 1:1 issue in Develop view biting me again... If you view the image in develop view in less thatn 1:1 it looks great.
    Man the 1:1 view issue is annoying!   I want the image to look the way it does in Fit/Fill mode....     Is there a way to do this?
    If I export th CR2 to JPG then Import the JPG then appy NR to the JPG and export, I get the results im after....  there's got to be a better way?

  • My website upload does not look like the preview

    I used 398 nature template to make a new website (using DreamWeaver). Everything went well until I uploaded the files to the server. Here is the preview:
    Here is what it looks like now that I've uploaded it to the server:
    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    When you Define a Site in DW, you keep all of your site's files in a local root folder. When you upload to your server, you're moving the content of your local root to the server root folder.
    Basically, aside from some possible "server only" files/folders (like the cgi-bin folder for example), your local site and remote site directory structures should match exactly.
    So, if you have your .css files in a folder called css that's on the same directory level as your index.html page locally, the remote .css files must also be found within a css folder on the same directory level as the remote index.html page.

  • I just downloaded Firefox 4 and it does NOT look like it is supposed to look - My menu items are not in a single button, etc... as displayed in Step 2 of getting to know your browser on the welcome page for Mozilla Firefox 4. Can anyone help?

    This webpage [http://example.com http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/central/ ]shows what Firefox 4 should look like. My Firefox 4 does not have the menu items grouped and I have no app tab. All in all, my Firefox 4 is not what it should be... does anyone know why this might be and how I should go about fixing it? thanks :)

    To get the new UI you need to hide the menu bar. To do that in the View menu select Toolbars, then click on the "Menu Bar" entry.
    If you need access to the menus you can press either Alt or F10 to temporarily display them.

  • My Firefox does not look like the Firefox shown in your tutorials

    Going through the tutorials and help sections, the Firefox page shown does not match the one that I have. There is no Firefox button, the menu below the Mozilla logo is the "File Edit View...." menu. So the directions I am getting from the tutorials and Help sections can't be followed.
    I just downloaded Firefox, installed it, and checked for updates, which Firefox found and installed. I am now at 19.0.2
    I am running Windows 7 on a Lenovo Thinkpad. WIndows just updated.
    Am I running the latest version of Firefox? Why doesn't my version look like the help pages?

    hello, you can go to the ''view ''menu > ''toolbars'' & un-check the menu-bar - then you should get the default look.

  • My mouse preference pane does not look like Apple's

    Hi all.
    Just bought the Magic Mouse, and I like it. Would like to do some fine-tuning, though. On the apple.com there's a movie about the mouse, with a shot of the pref pane for mouse settings. It looks like this:
    Mine does not. It looks like this, with much less options (sorry for the Swedish language, but I think you get the point):
    What am I missing? I have the latest system (10.7.4). The apple.com it says that I need Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0, so I tried Software Update but it says I'm up to date on everything.

    Exactly. Secondary click is on, but locked to ctrl+click. I would like to modify this. The apple.com screen shot looks like it offers that option, but I might be wrong.
    I ran my old Logitech through SteerMouse, which offers a world of options. Apple stuff usually don't need to, since they're right from the start, but in this case I'd really like some more options.

  • JEditor pane does not look like the explorer.

    I would like to display the following htmlc ode on JEditor pane.
    I want to have two lists of assets and a title to each one.
    the problem is that one of the titles (the second one) does not displayed in the same location as the first one (It displayes ans if it is part of the list)
    I copies the code to a htm page and it looks fine on my explorer.
    I will be happy if you will tell me what is wrong in the html code.
    JEditorPane summeryMessagePane;
    summeryMessagePane=new JEditorPane("text/html","");
    //html string
    String text="<html><body><font face = Verdana size =2 color=black>The following files were defined successfully:<li><font face = Verdana size =2 color=black>/LDRS/mummy2_opt8_pal_2500kbps_10m_l2_ar128kbps.m1s.mpg</font></li><li><font face = Verdana size =2 color=black>/LDRS/nely_opt2_10m_pal_1860kbps_l2_128kps.m1s.mpg</font></li><br>The definition for the following files failed:<li><font face = Verdana size =2 color=black>/LDRS/mummy2_opt8_pal_2500kbps_10m_l2_ar128kbps.m1s.mpg.meta</font></li><font face = Verdana size =2 color=black>Unsupported asset format.<li><font face = Verdana size =2 color=black>/LDRS/nely_opt2_10m_pal_1860kbps_l2_128kps.m1s.mpg.meta</font></li><font face = Verdana size =2 color=black>Unsupported asset format.</font></body></html>"
    //set the string
    JScrollPane scrollPane = new JScrollPane(summeryMessagePane);

    What ever gave you the idea that HTML display on JEditorPane would look exactly like in IE?
    JEditorPane only supports HTML 3.2 (but no frames, I think), some CSS 1 and no Javascript. It's very far from being useful for displaying modern web pages.
    <font face = Verdana size =2 color=black>
    Bad bad bad bad bad HTML format. You are supposed to always quote tag attribute values:
    <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="black">

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    When I go to Netflix to watch a movie , after selecting a movie to play , Netflix checks the quality of the connection then starts to buffer at which time the program and computer hangs up. to clear I have to restart the computer. Thought my problem

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