Personas 2 SP2: field values disappear after entry?

Hi Folks - we made a couple of changes to our Personas 2.0 flavors for IMA1N and IMA2N. The flavors work fine in our development system. After transporting the flavors to our QA system we now see a problem with data entry. When data is entered into certain fields and the enter key is pressed, the data values disappear.  Tab-caching is used on these flavors but I am not sure if this is the issue.  It is possible that I missed something when building the transport in /PERSOS/ADMIN_UI.  I selected only the flavors to be transported.
Can anyone think of a reason why this would happen?
Thanks!  Jeff

Hi Jeff,
Does the tab caching indicator turn red? It is possible the QA system or the data used has additional validations that prevent the tabs from being selected to continue the tab caching routine.
If everything looks OK and it is still an issue, please create a support ticket.

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    I've got a single page form where all but afew fields are bound to an xml schema. Two of the unbound fields -Names and Address- are causing me a bit of a headache. I can fill in the form, either manually or using a data import and all of the fields show up just fine. However, when I save>close>reopen the values in the Names and Address field are gone.
    I even tried deleting and recreating the field just in case I had some kind of hang up and it still doesn't work.
    Does anyone know what's happening?

    The work-around for importing pieces of data into a bound form involves importing the xml and then parsing it to fill only those fields you're looking for at that point.
    You can find more info on that process in the following posts
    Mark Schenecker, "Import an xml file into adobe designer field using javascript" #3, 5 Jul 2005 1:02 pm
    David O'Hanlon, "Retrieve data from XML file" #3, 2 Jul 2005 5:51 am
    Also note that you can always export as xdp to get ALL the field data -but if you export as xml it only exports the data tied to the schema.
    On (re-)import, the xdp will attempt to fill all of the field in the form. The xml will attempt to fill all fields bound to the schema -even if the imported schema has no entries in the fields, it considers them tto be empty fields and will replace any data existing in the form with the blank from the schema.
    And one more point - it is possible to bind fields to more than one data source. This doesn't mean that you can bind fields to more than one schema -rather that you can bind a field to both a governing schema and webservice. Unfortunately I'm not terribly skilled at this yet so I hesitate to give instructions. It's in the documentation, though.
    Good luck!

  • Textarea default value disappears after a second in version 11, why?

    I use default value in html form element, textarea.
    It works fine in firefox 4.0 beta.
    But not in firefox 11 and firefox 3, the default value disappears after a second just like a flash.
    How can i solve this?

    A good place to ask advice about web development is at the MozillaZine "Web Development/Standards Evangelism" forum.
    The helpers at that forum are more knowledgeable about web development issues.<br>
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  • How to modify person or group field value with new value

    I have person or group field having property Person Only.
    Thsi firls already have one value. Now I want to update it but this code to update value is not working.
    string myName = @"ABC\myname";
    SPUser myUser = web.SiteUsers[myName];
    SPFieldUserValue myNamevlaue = new SPFieldUserValue(web, myUser.ID, myUser.LoginName);
    oSplistItem["My_x0020_User"] = myNamevalue;
    I am getting myNamevalue correct in the veriable. But why its not updating in the list?
    is there any issue in the above code?
    Do I need to delete previous value and then update new value in this field? How?

    The format of the user value in people/Group field must be
    ID;#Name, you can use the following code snippets to update the people/group field.
    string loginName = "ABC\\myname";
    SPUser user = web.SiteUsers[loginName];
    SPList list = web.Lists.TryGetList("ListName");
    if (list == null)
    Console.WriteLine("list is not exist!");
    SPListItem item = list.GetItemById(3);
    item["My_x0020_User"] = user.ID.ToString() + ";#" + user.Name;
    Please remember to mark the reply as answer if it help, and unmark the answer if it provide no help.

  • Reference field value disappears on the Receivables transaction line window

    Hi Everybody,
    I have below problem while creating the manual invoice from Receivables.
    when i am trying to utilize the reference field on the Receivables transaction line,
    so that it can be used to enter extra data for manual invoices.
    At the moment if you enter data in the file and save it . it was visible.
    Again when i re query the transaction then it disappears.
    Kindly some one suggest me how to view reference field value from Transaction line and as well as from back end in which column of Trx table i can see the data. Please help me to resolve the issue.
    Many Thanks.

    Pl check the below note.
    There is an enhancement pending (2660680) for this issue. You may have to check the status of this enhancement with Oracle Crop.

  • CS4 eye dropper values disappear after grouping mask layer with next layer

    Have an adjustment/curve with a mask (layer1).  Under layer 1 is a second layer with just an image needing color correction(layer2). When I group the top layer1 with  image layer2,  the colour values disappear in the info pallette. Never did this in any other version of PS..... Strange?

    Yes!  I am confused too!  But, no, I am positive of the approach as I saw it in use.  Can you read a .psd image from an e-mail?  (I'm really stupid about most things.)  If yes, then I can send each step - otherwise...
    Do these steps and watch the result.
    Open an image.
    Make a selection.
    New layer via copy from the Layers Menu Icon (L1 - blank)
    ON LAYER 1 !!!
    CMND + New Layer Via Copy (creates ...)
       L2 and it will have the marching ants outline of/from Background. 
    (Option+Layer Mask and the selection appears in solid black in the layer mask box)
    NOTE:  You don't have to create that blank L1 - you can 'just' from Background/selection CMND+New Layer and get the outline copied to L1(in this case).  What I saw involved first creating a blank layer as above - really.  The next steps, make the selection in L2 appear and the L1 disappear (deleting is cheating...)
    Wish I had a clue
    Is what I've done - so far - right?
    How to make the layer/selection appear in L2.
    chris pantaleoni
    Pantaleoni Photographer
    2690 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 201
    San Diego, California 92106
    619-857-7280  e-mail:  [email protected]

  • Values disappear after saving the Purchase Order and Goods Receipt PO

    Our client is using SAP Business One 2007 A(8.00.181) SP 00 PL 47, When they raise Purchase Order for service item, the details and amount disappears automatically after adding the document and similar case for Good Receipt PO. But when they book directly in AP invoice the details and amount will appeared.So please help on solution for the above problem.
    Best Regards,

    Dear Mr Burton,
    If I understood correctly you cannot see the information inside the document you added. This made me think that it is a GUI issue.
    In the second answer you specified that when you try to open it again you'll receive the error message saying that there is no total value or total and I assume there is no information in the document.
    I believe the second issue is a consequence of the first one.
    I was suggesting to open a message on the portal (the message that requires the S number from the partners) in order to investigate the issue better.
    However, as you have an error message that pinpoints to certain fields it could be possible to see the information in the tables. Do you have this information?
    Marcella Rivi
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Drop down list in Table Control - Value disappeared after pressing ENTER

    Dear Gurus,
    I have a problem in one of my development where I used a table control in which one field is a drop down list.
    I used VRM_SET_VALUES and VRM_GET_VALUES for populating the values from the programand not use any domain level value table for that field.
    My problem is when I select one value from this list , and pressing enter , the value get disappeared. But if I use a domain for this field with value table then everything working properly.
    My doubt is am I doing some miss coding or using the VRM_ function modules improperly ?
    I am sharing some code with you
    in PAI :
          id            = 'ITAB-FIELD3'    "This is drop down list element on screen
          values        = values[]    " even it is not the expor will work..
         id_not_found   = 1
         OTHERS         = 2.
      IF sy-subrc NE 0.
      No sy-subrc check required.
    IN PBO
                id     = 'IVBAP-ERNAM'
                values = values[].
    Can you please help me.
    Thanks .

    The link contains the list box creation, just check if this might help.
    Re: Getting values back from a listbox.
    Regards and Best wishes.

  • InputFile value disappears after openning file

    I am using Jdev 11.1.16
    Since a moment ago something weird started happening with an inputFile component. Right after you browse and open a file, the filename suddenly disappears from the component.
    It doesn't matter if autosubmit is true or false, the filename suddenly disappears, is lost immediately after selecting a file.
    I created a brand new page to isolate the issue with other stuff from the page,and the same behavior. What's going on?
    I see some other posting on this issue, but no solution. This sounds like a bug as other mentioned, but I don't think so. A couple of days I worked with the inputFile component a no issues.
    I have no clue on this.... Help please

    Finally, I found the solution. The property usesUpload was missing in the parent form.
    <af:form usesUpload="true">
    <af:inputFile label="Upload:" value="#{managedBean.file}"/>
    <af:commandButton text="Begin" action="#{managedBean.doUpload}"/>
    Thanks to :
    Chapter 8 - Working with Input Components
    Oracle Fusion Developer Guide: Building Rich Internet Applications with Oracle ADF Business Components and Oracle ADF Faces

  • Field value disappeared when saved in Quick Sales Order form

    We have developed a custom form which is similar to the Find Customer Search form in Quick Sales Order form (Navigate to Tools --> Find Customer).
    The custom form searches Customer and populates the selected customer details in Quick Sales Order form (populating the values in Quick Sales Order form is handled in Custom.pll).
    When we select Bill to or Ship to Contact in the Quick Sales Order form and save the Order, the Bill to and Ship to Contacts are disappeared (If the Bill to and Ship to Sites are not Primary).
    Can anyone please help me on this...

    Check if 'Audit Trail' is setup in OM Parameters for the OU.
    Also check if "Processing Constraints" are setup correctly.
    For Qty reduction we need to add a new row called "delete".

  • OTBI  - Prompt value disappears after running report

    Hello All,
    Fairly new to the cloud work-space with its reporting tools.
    When we try to run the report, the prompts are visible for the first time the report. Upon selecting the values, and running report, the prompts disappear. I tried setting the prompts on the side of the page as well as top of page. Both times, the prompts disappears.
    Any thoughts?
    Many thanks!

    We need to add a tag in the instanceconfig.xml file to achieve this.
    Stop the services and place the below given tag in instanceconfig.xml
    The tag can be placed anywhere between the server instance tags in instanceconfig.xml.
    Restart the services and login into the application and check by setting some values in the prompts.
    Hope this helps.

  • Object disappears after pressing enter key

    I need to attach the transaction J1B3N to keep the connection objects.
    Perform the steps as the help of SAP:
    Object links to other SAP objects
    You can make an object link to SAP objects that are not shown in the possible entries list. To do this, proceed as follows:
    In the standard system, there are already two special screens for the module pools SAPLCV130 and SAPLCV140 for the linked SAP object.
    You must create two new screens with the same number for the module pools SAPLCV130 and SAPLCV140 .
    The processing logic must follow that of screen 1204 in program SAPLVC130.
    Create function module OBJECT_CHECK_XXXX (XXXX = object name)
    If the object can be classified, this function module already exists .
    Otherwise copy the function module for linking equipment DOCUMENT_CHECK_EQUI and change it as required for the new object.
    After performing these steps can see the screen with the number of document tab Link Object, but I am having the following problem: I inform the document number field and press Enter this number some of the screen.
    Already remade several times but can not find the point I'm failing.
    Thank you,

    Hi Michely,
    could you please check if the necessary object is correctly mainatined in structure MCDOKOB too. Here the following coding part could be useful to analyse why the value disappears after hitting enter:
    Main Program     SAPLCVOB
    Source code of   LCVOBU02
    IF NAME CP '*# '. ENDIF.
    IF NAME CP '*# '. ENDIF.
      KEY1 = NAME.
      KEY1 = ' '.
      LEN1 = 0.
    Here the keyfield is read from table TCLO and then the length is read from structure MCDOKOB for example. So it is necessary that the same data is maintained in table TCLO and structure MCDOKOB to grant the correct working for new individual objects.
    Best regards,

  • Added new field in SC Item table but after Check/Enter the value disappears

    I have added a field in the SC Item table in view V_SC_DOTC_BASIC. Everything works perfectly well except that when a value is entered into that field and ENTER or CHECK is selected, the value goes away and the field becomes a read-only field with nothing in it.
    I know I am missing something, but what?
    All help is appreciated and rewarded.

    Thank you for your reply Masa.
    There is currently an implementation of that BADI that is in use. Brief detail on it. We added a field to the SC Item and included it in the table view for WBS Element. This will allow the users to enter the WBS Element on the item line and not have to go to the Account Assignment section.
    The BADI implementation takes whatever is entered in that field and applies it to the account assignment for that item.
    The actual value in the field is never changed. It is just used to update the account assignment.
    It is not a tabular addition, so the ET_ICF does not come into play.
    Is there anything else you can think of that would allow for the field to display its entries once the CHECK/ENTER is activated?

  • The data fields in a filled-out PDF form disappeared after a crash.  Is there any way to restore the lost entries?

    Adobe Reader crashed while I had a filled-out Adobe PDF form open.  When I reopened the file, I found that all of the data that had been entered into the form fields had disappeared.  Is there any way to restore the data that is missing?
    I note that the "Restore" command in the Adobe Reader file menu is not available (grayed out).
    Thanks for your time.

    Hi a2jc4life,
    maybe you can restore your deleted profile with this tool

  • Journal entry disappears after saving and not available to post

    Hi Gurus
    On BPC for Netweaver version 7.5 and excel 2003 i am able to save the journal entry but am not able to post it since it disappears after saving. I could see the Journal ID being generated and then the layout gets cleared . i am unable to post this journal. Also when i go to journal manager and tries to list the journals this saved journal does not show up.
    I have already set the application parameter "JRN_MAXCOUNT" to 1000  so that i can see the journals that i create.
    Have any of you faced such an issue?

    Hi Tara,
    Thank you very much for your tip. I had Datasource as one of the header fields and i moved it to the item fields to make it work. I am still not sure why does that. May be because when we create the journal template system proposes only the required fields in Header and if select additional ones its not liking it.
    I cannot come up with a reasoning why we cannot incorporate a non required field in header journal template . The obvious reason that i included the datasource dimension in header itself was because it was a common value that i want to use for all my journals.
    Anyway i hope SAP would either fix this or come up with a reasoning.
    Thanks again..

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