Phone broken, new phone awaited. Can I find out w...

After a power cut our phone stopped working.  I tried a number of things and eventually ordered a new phone.  We don't have any other landline phone to use in the meantime.  I think people are making calls to us and we could call them back on the mobile if we knew who they were..  Is there any way round this - until the new phone arrives?  Any ideas appreciated.
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Thanks for both replies.  I used to have an old phone which could plug in for such situations - but currently mislaid.  I am hoping to borrow one and also find my old one before this happens again - or I will get a spare.  I was just surprised to find there was apparently no way to find out (relatively quickly) who was calling our land line - eg through - unless I set up a call divert.  (eg the online bill only shows who I have called).  
And - I am fairly sure it is the phone that is faulty - the line has been tested OK and I have switched if off completely etc and redone the batteries etc etc.  It is some years old - so I have just gone with a new one...
Thanks again to both of you for your comments

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