Photos and Albums have Disappeared

I appreciate that there seems to have been some problems with iPhoto 09 and Snow Leopard.
I have been successfully using iPhoto 09 since I installed Snow Leopard without any problems. I purchased Snow Leopard immediately after it was launched. I back up everything on a very regular basis to a Lacie external drive.
I recently returned from holiday and imported 377 photos from two cameras. The import also included a few small movies taken with one of the cameras. As usual the import worked perfectly. Both myself and my wife had a quick look at the photos and movies so I know I am not going mad when I say that they have disappeared! I created an event for all the photos in my iPhoto library and a separate album for all the photos and movies. I also did some general tidying up at the same time before backing up to my Lacie using Super Duper which has always worked very well.
A couple of days later when I went to look at the photos I had imported they had disappeared. And horror of horrors they are nowhere to be found on my Lacie. The various other tidying up tasks that I completed at the same time which included creating events and some new albums are also nowhere to be seen.I am completely mystified.
When I go into my Home Pictures Library and click on Originals there is no sign of the photos either. I have also tried a spotlight search with no success. The Originals file for years 2001 to 2008 show all the titles of the events I have created however the same does not apply to 2009 which simply shows a variety of different dates. I do not have any untitled folders in my iPhoto library. The following will hopefully make what I am trying to say a little clearer:
*This is an example of how my photos are listed in the Originals folder for the years 2001 to 2008:*
California 2001
Pat and Fred 50th
*This is how my photos are listed in the Originals folder for 2009:*
4 Jul 2009
7 Aug 2009
7 Jul 2009
7 Jul 2009_2
8 Aug 2009
8 Aug 2009_2
8 Aug 2009_3
8 Aug 2009_4
8 Aug 2009_5
13 Sep 2009
15 Mar 2009
19 Jun 2009
Australia 2009 Jayne's Photos
Australia Sue's Photos 2009
Oz Quick Album
Rovinj Photos
Take That
To make matters worse I needed my SD cards and have deleted the photos from them which I hardly ever do until I am satisfied that everything is ok.
If anybody has any ideas or remedies I would be extremely grateful.

To recover the missing photos: Run file recovery app over the Camera cards - MediaRecover is one but there are many others.
The layout of the Library you describe is not unusual. This is due to a change made with iPhoto 09, where there is no longer a strict correlation between the Events in the iPhoto Window and the Folders in the Originals Folder.
Is there any chance that you have a second iPhoto Library lurking on your Mac somewhere? This can happen betimes, a common place for such a thing to be is In the Volumes Folder:
In the Finder Use the Go Menu and select 'Go To Folder'
In the resulting Window type
A Finder window will open at this location. Can you see another Library there?

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    OK, I understand.  Try this ... it's much safer.  It will simply restore your backup, but not do anything to your iOS:
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    I will move this post to the forum so that the Adobe staff for the forum can find out what happened to your lost files between March and August 2014.

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    either tell us more details or restore your backp from before this occured

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    This is what happened, I was deleting a few things in HP Gallery trying to clean things up and I had to leave my home to do an errand. When I got back and opened IPhoto, all of the photos and albums were gone.
    Luckily, I have a back up file with all the photos, but I no longer have any of the albums. Here are the files I believe I deleted from HP Gallery: Library.IPhoto, Thumb,, and Do any of these files have anything to do with the missing photos and albums? If so, can I restore IPhoto with the albums?
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    Ibook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  
    Ibook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

    Hi don,
    You run into problems when you have another program accessing iPhoto's important files.
    The Library.iPhoto contains all your album info plus much more. The Thumb files can be recreated on a rebuild. If you trashed the first file, then no you cannot get your album info back.
    Two Apple kbs for you to read
    Don't tamper with files in the iPhoto library folder
    About the iPhoto Library folder
    You will have to create a new library by following the next directions:
    Close iPhoto
    Rename your messed up iPhoto Library to "iPhoto Library_old"
    Drag this library to your desktop
    Hold down the Option key and launch iPhoto
    This is the window you will get
    Create a new library or choose a library to open
    Choose to create a new library
    Once this new empty library is open it is time to import the images from your old library
    Go to File>add to library
    Navigate to the old library on your desktop and choose it.
    iPhoto will start importing the images from your old library
    This is what to expect:
    Your images will be imported in nice dated rolls. (make sure your view is set to sort by rolls to see it) There are a couple of caveats to this. You will get rolls named "Originals" These rolls will contain your video clips and your original images that you had edited. If you had RAW files they would be in those rolls too (I don't do RAW, so I don't know for sure) Delete what you don't want from those rolls. You will also get the jpeg pointer files to your video clips imported. They will just be jpegs and will not point to the video clips anymore as iPhoto made new ones when the clips were imported again. You can delete those. they should be in a roll right next to the newly imported video clips so they are not hard to find. The thumbnail files don't get imported as iPhoto makes new ones when the images are imported.
    Once all you images have been imported, check through the library and make sure everything looks ok.
    You can now start making your Albums, and do your keywords or any other organizational steps.
    You can also delete the old library on the desktop.
    It is also a good time to backup this new library to CD/DVD by burning the iPhoto LIbrary folder in the Finder, or copying the iPhoto Library folder to an external drive formatted for Macs, or copying the iPhoto LIbrary folder to an iPod.
    Good luck!

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    I have just finished reinstalling my operating system (Windows XP) and am now reinstalling my programs.  I have just reinstalled Hp printing software.    There is a new feature available I would like to use from HP updates.  It allows a person to print  photo albums from facebook.  I tried to run the program but I get the following message:
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    Only your friends can change the share/privacy settings of their photos. The photos need to be shared with you, and your friends need to enable sharing photo with apps in their FB App Settings. See attachment for FB App Setting.
    - Carolyn
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
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    * Please mark a reply “Accept as Solution” if it solved your issue so others can find it.

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    So, basically, iTunes acts as if I don't have anything in iPhoto at all. I did an experiment, and moved my iPhoto Library out of the Pictures folder, launched iPhoto, and created a new iPhoto Library. I also added some albums and photos. These appeared in iTunes just fine! But when I moved my original iPhoto Library folder back, iTunes went back to displaying nothing.
    I also tried rebuilding my iPhoto libary (launch holding down the Cmd-Opt keys, and selecting all items to rebuild. This did not fix anything in iTunes.
    MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Have you checked for non-ascii characters in your Album Names, Picture Titles or Keywords? Specifically, be wary of any characters apart from the 326 letters of the alphabet and the basic 0 - 9. [email protected]£$%^&*() can all cause problems.
    Also, have a look at this thread,
    About half way down there's a post from Dave E which contains the following:
    Sal, I had a similar problem once. I'm sorry you had to go through so much of this but maybe what I discovered can still help you.
    - View your albumdata.xml file in some text editor, like TextEdit.
    - Do a Find (cmd f) for "List of Keywords"
    - The XML under that looks kind of like this:
    You will probably have more keywords, this is just an example. But see the format - everything that has <something> ends with </something>.
    When I had the problem, the example above looked like:
    <string>Favorite <key>6</key>
    Notice the line return and </string> are missing for "Favorite". This happened to one of my keywords, and I don't know what caused it, but I deleted that keyword (and the one after it) from within iPhoto's preferences, and typed them in again.
    The problem went away. Maybe some bogus character got into the keywords to make the XML go bad.

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    2.  As a workaround for when you have already created a Book, batch rename your Images with a leading index or counter after setting the order manually.  You'll have to create a Naming Preset, e.g.: "{Index}_{Version Name}".  The renaming should go in the order that you selected the Images, so be sure to select the first one first, and then use "Edit→Select all" to extend the selection to all Images.  Once the Images are in your Book, a sort on Version Name should be the same as the manual sort you created.
    3.  At the risk of stating the obvious, you could create the Book, import the Images, and then sort them.  The Book -- it is, to Aperture, just a special kind of Album -- retains its own manual sort order.  I recommend using Albums this way.  Use Projects to cull and develop Images, and use Albums for output.  Sorting for a Book (or any output) is better done in the container devoted to that output (and not in the Project, which is more general).
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    I have just updated to the new photo app...
    All my photos and albums pre 2014 are no longer within the iphoto program, nor are they on the new photo app...
    what has happened to all my photos???

    I only have the iphoto folder and the new photo folder...
    Both folders contain the same photos.
    I used to have all my photos from my old camera, old phones etc - but it seems since the update it has only kept photos from my new phone.
    I can't believe something like this would happen - i've had my mac almost 4 years, and this is the first time this has happened :-(

  • How to download photos and albums to PSE10

    How to download photos and albums to PSE10? sharing and storage has been discontinued, and therefore Elements 10 can no longer communicate with it. If you allowed migration, then your photos should be safely stored in Revel and you can login using the same username and password you used in to see them. Revel does not have connectivity with Elements 10. Elements 11 is the first version of Elements that can communicate with Revel.
    Elements organizer/Revel Help:
    Getting Started with Revel:

  • "Reply" and "Forward" and "Move" have disappeared rom my email, so I have to go into "mailbox" in the top bar.   How can I get them back?

    "Reply" and "Forward" and "Move" have disappeared rom my email, so I have to go into "mailbox" in the top bar.   How can I get them back?

    under the "view" menu open custimixze toolbar.  Then drag those from that list back up to your tool bar.   

  • Lost all photos and albums in iPhoto version 9.4.3

    Hi all, I'm currently using iPhoto version 9.4.3.
    Didn't do anything out of the norm but lost all my imported photos from my iPhone that I've painstakingly put into albums.
    Only thing I did differently was shutting down my laptop cos I was catching a plane. After restarting my laptop and iPhoto, I realised all photos and albums were gone.
    Read solutions abt rebuilding libraries but didn't work.
    HELP! Not sure what to do next, so anything suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Try the following:
    1 - launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys held down to open the First Aid window.
    2 - Run Option #4, Rebuild Database.

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