PI Document Deletion

Hi all,
How the deletion indicator IKPF-LSTAT  is set for the PI documents ?
Many thanks for your time !
Thanks and Regards

Goto MI02, and on top menu in physical inventory document >additional function-> delete.
You will get  IKPF-LSTAT in PI documents

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  • Document Library document delete using Event Receiver

    Please suggest your solution for the following scenario:
    A user deletes the document from document library and an e-mail has to be triggered to the admin notifying the information about the document deleted recently along with the option to Approve\Reject. If the Admin approves it, the document stays in Recycle Bin
    and if Rejected, the document gets restored to the document library.
    I came across some articles about 'event receiver' which can trigger an e-mail but couldn't find any coding for the recycle bin and deletion. Is there any other workaround to implement the same?

    In that case, Instead of the deleting the file through code, you can send to recycle using the SPFile.Recycle and SP.CopyTo method.
    SPFile Class
    Murugesa Pandian.,SharePoint 2010| MCPD | MCTS - Configure

  • Shoping cart deletion when follow-on document deleted

    Hi Experts,
    it is not possible to delete a SC when the follow-on is deleted - the deletion button is deactivated. The SC is in status I1115 Follow-on Document Deleted, is there any way we can delete the SC?
    Thanks for your help.

    It should be not possible to delete SC when there was a follow on
    document was created in the backend, even if the PO was deleted.
    Because of  performance reasons and because the items on one SC can
    result in different backend purchase orders this is standard behavior.
    Is possible that when you delete the follow on document the SC goes to
    the sourcing.
    You should be able to delete a SC where no follow on object was created
    in the backend.

  • Compliance Policy Center - Document Deletion Policies option is not yet enabled

    I have configured Compliance Policy Center for my Online tenant. Created a policy and assigned it to a Site Collection.
    I am trying to view policy assigned to Site Collection from Site Settings > Document Deletion Policies (as mentioned in
    https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn790608.aspx   ) however this setting is not yet displayed. technet article says, it takes 24 hours once you assign a policy, but its almost
    a week have been spent. Still not yet displayed.
    Kindly assist me to get it done.
    Mayank Nigam

    Hi Mayank,
    As a common practice, it is recommended to dig into the ULS logs cause it will give us more details about this issue. However, as it is an online environment hosted in the cloud by Microsoft, there is
    no method to get the log files from client side.
    Since this is an issue more relate to Office 365 SharePoint Online, I suggest you open a thread in Office 365 forum, you will get more help and confirmed answers there:
    Or you can contact Office 365 Support, it may involve the backend support engineer and provide more professional support on SharePoint Online issue:
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact
    [email protected]

  • Cancel document deletion  process (tr. va42)

    Hello all,
    Iu2019m trying to  cancel the deletion process of a document ( tr. va 42) in  in a particular case.
    Iu2019ve  tried  to use MV45AFZZ include programs FORM USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT and USEREXIT_DELETE_DOCUMENT  u2013 I check  all necessary condition but I donu2019t know how to disallow
    to delete document  - massage with type u201CEu201D is  Illegal message.
    How and in what user-exit can I cancel document deletion  process?

    Is it suitable for you to use this construction in userexit_delete_document:
    ... some conditions checking..
    message 'U cannot delete this document' type 'W'.
    clear sy-ucomm.
    leave to screen sy-dynnr.

  • Dump when message triggering in MV50AFZ1 for document deletion.

    Hi Gurus,
    My requirement is to raise a error message in time of delivery document delete in VL02N.
    Funtional Req: Delivery Document should not be deleted if picking done.
                 if lips-komkz <> ''.
                    message E066(VL).
    The above is the code that I am using. It hit the break point. But when it reaches at message statement it gives below short dump:
    "During "Exit Command" processing, the program tried to send a " " message.
    This is not allowed at this point in processing.                          
    The program had to be terminated.                                                                               
    Screen name.............. "SAPMV50A"                                      
    Screen number............ 1000         "
    Can anyone please tell me how to achieve the requirement.
    note: When using VL02 SAP standard itself generate a message and not allowed to delete the document if picking done.But user also use VL02N and in this case standard delete the document directly although picking already done.

       Well you can try a couple of things:
    1. If the check that you are doing is based on the value of a field that is already saved and is already avaliable try using the BADI and try to get the value of that variable from the data base and do the check and raise error message.
    2. If it is not already in the data base then in the badi try to get the variable value from the call stack of the screen check the below thread on how to do that:
    LINK: [Get values from stack|retrieving internal table info. during runtime from callstack;
    Then you can use that value for the check in the BADI
    3. I would suggest you should definitely check enhancement spots if you are on ECC6.

  • How can I disable iCloud without having my documents deleted?

    Hello everyone.
    Before trying out iCloud, I had a number of documents on my ipad. I decided to try iCloud, but upon switching it back off, my documents were deleted off of pages. Upon restarting iCloud, they reappear.
    So my question is, how do I turn off iCloud without having my documents deleted?

    > Syncing documents with iCloud is not enabled by default.
    Then you shouldn't come on so strong. I have a 200 Gig Dropbox account and I have been wary from day 1 of using my 1 year MobileMe "free" storage that would eventually go away if I didn't pay Apple. I would not, and did not, set iCloud to save my documents.
    I'd like to get the real answer from Apple emloyees. If you can not delete from iCloud without deleting on the computer, it's a bad design. What I'm talking about is very easy with Dropbox.

  • Document deletion - MCDOKDEL

    Hello Friends,
    I have a problem with document deletion in SAP DMS.
    Documents were marked with deletion indicator which i deleted with report MCDOKDEL. These documents are no longer available in the system (no result with CV03N). Document hierarchy was maintained for these docuemnts.
    These documents are still visible in document hierarchy (with decription deleted) under superior document. I want to permanently remove these document records from the system. Please help.

    Hi Rohit,
                The activities to delete the doucment are all correct. Kindly check in the transaction SE38 as soon as when you Enter
    MCDOKDEL, here you can find the system gives three options as Document Type, Test Mode, and Execute Checks. When u want
    to delete the document from the system then u should not mark for TEST MODE option.
                After doing this activity kind now check the Hierrarchy u will find only one document. so kindly, DONOT MARK "x" IN THE
    hope this will help your query

  • Alert on document delete

    How can set alert on document delete from particular folder in SharePoint 2010 ?
    Its working on add and edit action thru "Alert Me" but not working on deletion. 

    Hi S.Gautam,
    From your description, you want to set up an alert on document deletion from a particular folder in a SharePoint 2010 library. Is it right?
    You can open the library, and select the particular folder, then click Library->Documents->Alert Me->Set alert on this document. In the “Change Type” section, select “Items are deleted”.
    Like the screenshot:
    When a document from the folder is deleted, you will get an email like:
    Best Regards,
    Wendy Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • Document delete BAPI in DMS

    Could you please let me know BAPI for document's contents deletion in DMS
    Moderator message: please (re)search yourself before asking.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Jul 12, 2010 2:55 PM

      I thought you want to delete the document.... OK..
    If you want to delete the originals, please check the below link(answers given by me)
    [Re: Search for a function module for deleting document originals (DMS)]

  • Document Deleted and Created again with diff doc. number

    Dear All,
    We are having the scenario that we have some parked documents during the fiscal year (2009) and before the yearend closing, we intend to change the new posting date (01.01.2010) for those parked documents which were created through Logistics Invoice Verification.
    When we give new posting date (01.01.2010) and make save as parked/completed, the system issues a message,"Document 5105601528 2009 was deleted and created again under 5105601532 2010".
    We need to keep the same document number 5105601528 for the next fiscal year also and do not want to generate new document for 2010.
    I request you to all please provide your valuable suggestion that how we stop the new document number for the same document during next fiscal year.

    As you mentioned that you have changed the Posting Date in the Parked Document from old fiscal year to new fiscal year date 01.01.2010 , then the system will generate the Number based on the sequence available.
    It is not possible to retain the same Document Number in the next fiscal year 2010.
    Hence if you want the system to generate to the same old number, then in the new fiscal year, you shouldnt have any parked/posted document with that number.
    As per my guess, in the new fiscal year already a Document was parked/posted with the numbers 5105601528, 5105601529,5105601530 and 5105601531.And the next number in sequence is 5105601532, iey when changed the posting date of the parked document system generated ihe next available number.
    Hope you understand.

  • Document delete notification

    Dear all,
    I need your help with this requirement. We need to send email notification to the document author and administrator whenever a document is manually deleted from UCM.
    What should be the approach to accomplish this functionality? We explored subscriptions but its limited to sending notifications only when a new revision of the subscribed content is checked in.
    Your suggestions to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    You could write a custom filter that attaches to updateExtendedAttributes.
    Documentation on the filter: Executed when revision information about a content item changes (check in, delete, update) right before the 'dRevRank' flag is calculated.
    If you then check if the service called is DELETE (and there's no revision left), you could send an email in the custom Java code from there.
    I don't know how you would be able to differentiate between a manual or automatic (which process initializes this?)...
    For a complete list of filters, see the documentation in the [HowTo components sample|http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/content-management/ucm/samples/index.html]. There also documentation there on what filter are, how they work, and even an example on how to use them.
    Regards, Stijn

  • Recovery of documents deleted from sharepoint online

    Is there a way to recover a document that is deleted and purged from the secondary/administrator recycle bin? If not, are there options (third party services, maybe?) or solutions to create some kind of recovery plan beyond that stage? What are your approaches
    on this?

    You will need to open a case with Microsoft via the Office 365 Portal. They will be able to help recover data that is up to 90 days old, I believe. However, from memory, they will not recover specific documents, but entire sites only.
    Trevor Seward
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  • Copying Control: Sales Document to Sales Document delete

    hello all,
    I want to prevent users to create a sales order refer to another sales order.
    They always do that in my company, so we have a big document flow and proces are most of the time false :-(.
    I'm a junior in customizing and I htought I can delete the copying control between my sales order type to sames order type.
    What do you think about it? what can be the impact?
    thanks for your help!

    Dear Swiercz,
    There is no harm in Deleting Copy control between Order type to Order type, provided you are sure that either of the Order type would not be used to create other Order type.
    Alternatively, in you copy control settings between Order types, you can delete all the Item Categories that are listed under Item.. This would make sure that no data is copied from one document into other...
    Hope this helps...
    Give points if useful...
    Jignesh Mehta
    Mumbai, India
    091 98700 10230

  • Original document deleted from desktop

    Hi i am creating a document in CV01N and attaching a word document from desktop  and check in.
    in CV02N i am deleting this word document and save
    i could not find the original word document in the desktop
    i don't want the original word document should be deleted from the desktop
    can anyone help me

    Hi Sunil,
    I need a clarification, when actually document getting deleted from Ur desk top,
    after checkin or after deleting the checkin document from DIR.
    If it is getting deleted after checkin, then go to T-code DC30 - Workstation application and select the application of Word document and choose the details and remove the tick mark from "Delete file after check in" .
    According to my knowledge there is setting in SAP DMS if U delete the checkin document from DIR it will get deleted from Ur desktop.
    Still if U will face the same problem after the above setting, let me know to help you.

  • Physical Inventory Document deletion in Production system

    Hi Friends,
    There is an physical inventory document # xxxxxxxxx from 2003, which has
    also posting block, which is likely to cause that couple of materials
    can not be maintained.
    Now This document needs to be simply deleted in tx
    MI02. I tried this in Test system and did not have any trouble.
    However I am not sure can i do the deletion in Production system..??
    Pleae guide me is there any problem in production to cancel this Document.
    What type of precations i  need to take care in Production system.

    Hi there
    You can delete it directly, it is not an issue, if you want to cross check ( if the material with CC), you can run in MICn for those materials and generate session page you can see for avail for the generate session to create the new PI/CC (based on the Last count date as the older one, not the recently counted and deleted,,)
    Hope it helps

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