i never had problems til recently with Mail, but jpg's are not showing in my inbox.
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!
this ever happened to someone? what should a do? re-instal Mail?

Hi and thanks for your answer.
The attachments are not in messages that includes HTML, those work. It's the simples emails with jpg's attachments that are not working. I mean, I can quick look and download them but they just don't show anymore in the message.
The Skitch thing is only the name where the screenshot pic is stores, nothing to do with the Mail app.
In the Mail I have the "displaying remote images" selected. I've changed nothing in the preferences. I don't now what happens. I've been lately trying new programs and I've changed some java options for example, but I don't think it has nothing to do with it, or does it?
Should i reinstall Mail app?

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  • Pictures not showing up, when uploaded?

    Hey I have a website Anyways I have been using it for quite awhile for our business. Lately we have had problems with certain pages in our websites. For whatever reason instead of a picture there would be a question mark there. Anyways when I go back into Iweb it looks normal. I try uploading again, and it is still not there. I have tried switching pictures, which either made that picture not show up, or it made different pictures not work. Sometimes there are also problems with the buttons. I also tried deleting the whole page and making a different one? Anybody who has had problems and any success getting rid of this please let me know. Here is the page we have the most problems with:

    Darryl ~ If you haven't already done so recently, in iWeb choose +File > Publish All to .Mac+ and then, in a browser, view those pages which previously had photos missing.
    If that didn't help, it may be a system problem...
    Quit iWeb and in +Applications > Utilities >+ double-click on +Disk Utility+. In the column on the left, click on +Macintosh HD+. Click on the +First Aid+ tab then on +Repair Disk Permissions+. When that has finished just note whether or not many permissions were reported & repaired. Now restart iWeb and choose +File > Publish All to .Mac+. Then, in a browser, view those pages which previously had photos missing.
    If that didn't help, quit iWeb and in +Library > Preferences+ look for a file called either:
    Drag that file to the Trash. Restart iWeb (it will automatically create a "clean" plist file) and choose +File > Publish All to .Mac+. Then, in a browser, view those pages which previously had photos missing.

  • Certain artist pictures not showing up on iPhone

    We all know that iOS 7 has artist pictures in the Music app that are default chosen by iTunes. For most of my artists, this new feature works perfectly fine, except for the artists that do not have a picture chosen by iTunes, and I'm ok with that. The thing that's irritating me beyond comprehension is the artists that i KNOW have a picture chosen by iTunes that refuses to show up on my iPhone 4. I'm 100% sure on the spelling and spacing and everything, but for about five artists on my iPhone, the picture will not come up.
    (screenshot taken from the iTunes store). As you can see, this band has a picture. But on my iPhone, it won't show up--it just shows the album artwork of one of their albums. I have no idea if it has something to do with the unpopularity of the band or something, but I have deleted it off iTunes, synced my iPhone, added the songs back, synced my iPhone again and it still won't show up. So resyncing does not work. It's as if its encoded into the device or something bizarre like that.
    I've tried the solutions posted onto this discussion: iOS 7 music app does not display artist pictures and has incorrect album art after master reset. but it only worked for my brand new song additions, which had not yet loaded the artist pictures. The songs by Fujifabric (band in the screenshot I inserted) I have had for over a year and the artist picture still has not come up.
    It's a petty problem but as a mild perfectionist it's really a pain in the *ss. Thank you for any help.

    Last night I downloaded 5 years worth of pictures from my iPhone to my iPhoto on my Mac book, I needed the space on my phone so I deleted all the photos when the pop up asked if I wanted to delete or keep.  Before I did this I downloaded and installed the iPhoto app for iPhone and it seemed the pictures were showing up in the app.
    And are the photos now showing in iPhoto on your Mac, or did that go wrong?
    After I deleted and from the photo library on the phone and unplugged from Mac Book it seemed an update was happening and pics were loading to the app.  This morning I checked and NOTHING is showing up in the iPhoto app besides photo stream and one shared folder.
    What is it you expected to happen?  iPhoto on your iPhone will show you all photos stored on your iPhone, but it does not show you the photos in iPhoto on your Mac.  When you deleted the photos from your Camera Roll and the on your iPhone, you deleted them also from iPhoto on the iPhone.  The iPhoto app does not store photos , it just organized the photos that are stored elsewhere on the iPhone and shows them in one place.
    If you want the photos back on your iPhone, create albums in iPhoto on your mac and then sync these albums to your iPhone using iTunes.

  • Pictures not showing when putting together a photobook - bar or book

    I am trying to make a photobook but half the pictures in my album are not showing in the photo bar. If I drag and drop them and then click on each photo book page they appear there - but when I zoom out they also seem to be missing in the book. It's really frustrating when putting together becuase I can't see what I'm trying to place and I'm not sure the book will print properly either. Can anyone help?

    Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Include the option to rebuild the thumbnails. It can take 3 or 4 goes for this to work

  • Pictures not showing up

    Hello All,
    I'm having a difficult time figuring out why my pictures are not showing up on the website. I do have them in one "images" folder in the directory, but they still aren't showing on the site. I do, however, see them in the 'live' view and aslo if I preview the page in the different browsers.
    The website is
    I am new at this, teaching myself, learning and stumbling as I go, but this is frustrating me.
    Any advice or guidance would be appreciated!!!!!
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Helena,
    it works no, as I could see!
    Two small suggestions I would have for you, moreover about your search box: Because the input option for the font is designed "white" apparently, you can read the entered search string only when you move the pointer over it. Please see here:
    Text is written(!). After marking:
    As for search it would perhaps be appropriate to use a color different from white.

  • Pictures not showing in wide mode


    So could you please confirm that the problem here is that you would like to view 3:4 pictures on 16:9 without cropping the images? So you would like the program to stretch the aspect ratio so that the picture would fill the full screen. OR that the computer
    would zoom into the picture so that it would remove part of the upper and lower part of the original picture? This feature is not support with photo viewer slide show.

  • Pictures not showing up online.

    Some pictures are not showing up for me online.
    For example, when I do a search on photobucket, I just get a ton of little blue boxes with question marks where the pictures should be displayed.
    Help please?

    Fantastic news, and Thank You!
    You had a DNS issue... DNS is where you type in and it goes to a server and looks it up the number & comes back with Address:, which is what the computer really needs to get there.
    This may happen hundreds of times per page.
    Either the DNS servers of your ISP are flaky, (getting more common/frequent), or you never had any, or the ones stored in the Router/Modem weren't getting passed to/used by your Mac, etc.

  • PDF pictures not showing

    I've exported a keynote to pdf in order to share with people and so far have feedback from one windows user that some photo's are not showing for them whereas all is fine on my imac.
    It turns out that keynote pic's that are masked are selectively not showing for this person- again, the exact same pdf file is fine for me. I went into the adobe reader settings for this person and the settings (default) are just like my adobe settings... no settings need changing that I can see (i.e. pictures turned off or such...
    One other bit of info... the person sees a shadow or outline of where the masked photo would be... but the slide background is showing. And again the pdf looks just fine on my computer???
    Any suggestions other than having to go thru my presentation and redoing photo's so no masking...
    actually I'm doing a demo of keynote 09 maybe I'll try pdf for that to see if any different...

    Hi Robert,
    It is true Acrobat Pro can flatten layers. I just exported a Keynote file to PDF containing masked images and there was only one layer generated. Can you confirm you file has more than one layer? You can do this in Adobe reader with the View> Navigation Panels> Layers Menu item. Transparency is a separate issue.
    Flattening layers and flattening transparency are two different things.
    Flattening Layers makes 1 layer. Flattening transparency removes the alpha or transparency value assigned to objects by rendering the overall effect of multiple overlapping objects and blending modes into a single pixel-image like a tiff and replacing the objects (largely – sometimes line-work gets left) in the file. This is used in print world because high-end image image setters have no way to interpret transperency that illustration programs (and Keynote) can generate in there PDF files.
    Which is a long way to saying if you save in a PDF format prior to transparency PDF 1.5 and below I think?? you'll get rid of transperency from your file. Thhere are also newer PDF/X standards used in print industry but I have no experience of them.
    Print from Preview application to a PDF would probably flatten a file. I get options for various PDF formats in my print dialogues but you may not because I have additional software installed that may be generating them. Sounds like the update did the trick anywho.

  • Iphone 4s pictures not showing up in places

    pictures are not showing up in places     ried to restore worked for a few pictures  then quit working

    I've got exactly the same problem. When I first got the phone I swear it worked ok (3 weeks ago) now I have the same problem. Photo Stream seems to work OK (although I have known it drop the odd photo) and load the pictures on my ipad and PC with 5 minutes or so.
    The only way I have found to get them to show is by turning off then back on. This works for the ones that were previously taken but not for any new ones. The odd thing is that when you delete a photo, it seems to update the "Places"  almost instantly
    My son as a 4th Gen Ipod and it has the same problem, yet my Ipad 2 works fine and updates places within moments.
    With the ical birthday problem and now this - I'm slowly going off Apple and it's IOS

  • Title Pictures Not Showing Up In Netflix?

    When I go into Netflix, I have quite a few black boxes in the spaces where title pictures (for shows) are supposed to be.  If you highlight the box, the title will show underneath, but there is no pictures.  There are however, pictures of other titles spread throughout randomly.  Below is a screen shot...
    Not really sure what's going on here...any help is greatly appreciated.

    All three have been tried and the pictures still don't come up.  I have yet to check my other Apple TV upstairs to see if that one is having the same issues...

  • N85 pictures not showing up in gallery

    The pictures that I take on my N85 are not showing up in the photo gallery. Using the file manager, I can see that they are being saved to my memory card, but they do not show up in Photos. Really annoying.

    im having a nokia n95 nd i faced same prob as u did..... when i open my gallery it shown the message that [no images or videos]..i found a solution..for that.the steps r below..
    1-press remove memory card
    2-than remove memory card from phone
    3-switch off ur phone
    4-switch on ur phone
    5-put in memory card
    6-wait 20-25 secs as phone will load memory card
    7-open menu  now nd see if ur phone have loaded the memory card
    8-open gallery ,
    u can see everything there back now
    so enjoy................
    so guyz who found my post useful can thank me for that here or on my email ...[email protected] or add me on yahoo messenger [email protected]    i will be happy to know it.
    thank u

  • Picture in picture not showing

    I have used "picture in picture" a number of times on a video clip.
    Viewing the video clip inside iMovie results in some of the pip's showing and some not showing.
    The pip's that do not show are all images, not videos. Videos seem to work as expected.
    What I've done:
    1.Exported the video to iTunes and it appears that the pip that I don't see inside iMovie is present.
    2. Checked all the inserted images are either jpeg or png.
    Any suggestions as to the source of the problem?

    The X indicates that this image has been rejected. You may have inadvertently hit the 9 key which is a keyboard shortcut to reject a photo. Select the image and hit the zero key. That should bring it back.

  • Pictures not showing on PDF file

    I have converted a word file into a PDF file, my original file included some logos and pictures, the pictures came out okay, but the logos are not showing. All you can see is the frame with a small square with an X on one of the corners. Can you assist me in resolving this issue? Thank You.

    This forum is for discussion of the PDF language itself and its specifications,
    not for discussing problems with particular programs and how they generate PDF. Please repost under the appropriate application program forum, in this case the
    Acrobat forum for the OS platform you are using.
    - Dov

  • Picture not showing online pls help

    Hello I am a basic Dremweaver user. I am trying to add a picture to my webpage but online when I check the images space flashes but does not show the image. It is correctly loaded on the server and local and linked cprrectly SRC. Can anybody help please?

    I use the design layout and just drage the scr to the folder of the image. Then I check the remote folder to make sure the image is uploaded to the server. I know the images id there because when the other images are loading online, if I scroll  to the end I will see the box clearly and without image. But when the previous images are loaded and it comes down to the new image (empty box) that box then dissapears and no image is leaded.

  • Contact pictures not showing on iPhone in iMessage

    Hello, my contact picture and my mother-in-law's contact picture does not show in iMessage on our iPhones. The pictures show up on our iPads though. How would we fix this?

    This is not a feature on the phone but is on the ipad.

  • Edited pictures not showing in screen saver

    I have a lot of pictures in my Picture Folder. I have my screen saver set for Picture Folder. And all the pictures do show up when the screen saver is running. But those pictures that were originally taken in landscape format but later converted and saved in portrait format still appear in landscape mode -- that is, on their side -- in the screen saver. How can that happen?
    I have gone through every picture in the Picture Folder to make sure that each is properly oriented and saved in that orientation. Yet they still appear on their side in the screen saver (though they appear normally in Preview). What's going on here? And how do I fix it?

    I have edited some photos (crop and/or colour
    adustments). Although the thumbnail is still visible,
    it will not load in full screen mode - I'll only see
    a gree square with an explanation mark.
    Even more annoying, a photo book I'd ordered came
    with grey spaces: again the thumbnail appeared
    allright, but if I click to view the page I get this
    screen picture holder. I'll have to ask for a
    reimbursement, but in the mean time, I'd like to know
    what to do.
    thanks in advance
    I'm having some trouble posting. Sorry for my last post with only original message showing and my comments missing.
    I am having trouble with full screen also but not quite the same. I cannot get a previosly edited photo to show full size on the full screen. It only transfers in the same small size as it is in the Library source screen even though I clk on the preference for "edit in full screen." Any idea what is wrong?
    iMac A1173   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

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    Hi Everybody The left shift key of my Macbook air started to work exactly like the alt key, like it was remapped. (the alt key works normally) The solution of the problem might be simple but I couldn't find any way to change the behaviour in Maverick

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