PL/SQL for sum/divide and multiply

I am tyring to do a small computation..I am not good at PL/SQL..Can u plz help..Also plz correct me if i am wrong - in the source used it shud say "Always, replacing....." and Source Type - PL?SQL Expression or Function,correct?
the function is
((Item A + Item B + Item C) / (Item + Item Y = Item Z)) * Item M..
The net result is displayed in an Item K
Thank you

ATD is correct that you should always do in SQL what you can ... in other words PL/SQL should never be the first choice.
But it appears from what you've written that you may need a function so here's some help.
You formula is:
((Item A + Item B + Item C) / (Item + Item Y = Item Z)) * Item M.
So you have 6 inputs A, B, C, M, X, and Y (Z making no sense as written) and they all seem be numeric. So:
  RETURN (((A + B + C) / (X + Y)) * M);
END myfunc;
/Should work just fine although it is so simplistic I can think of many ways it could be vastly improved. If it isn't what you want it is close enough you can alter it for your purposes.
What you have asked is about as simple as one can get. I would expect my students, after three hours of class, to be able to write it. Which means you really need to make taking a PL/SQL class important in your life.
For self study try these:

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  • SQL for summing weekly data

    I have two tables which has date column and holding more than month data. I want to sum the weekly data starting Monday by combing two table . Can you any help me on to get the SQL for this.
    SQL> select * from ORCL_DATA_GROWTH;
    REPORT_DA DATAGROWTH                                                                                                             
    03-SEP-12       9.78                                                                                                             
    04-SEP-12       5.36                                                                                                             
    05-SEP-12       5.42                                                                                                             
    06-SEP-12      33.36                                                                                                             
    07-SEP-12       5.47                                                                                                             
    08-SEP-12        5.5                                                                                                             
    09-SEP-12        5.5                                                                                                             
    10-SEP-12       9.47                                                                                                             
    11-SEP-12       8.16                                                                                                             
    12-SEP-12      23.97                                                                                                             
    13-SEP-12      51.28                                                                                                             
    14-SEP-12      24.05                                                                                                             
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    16-SEP-12      24.17                                                                                                             
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    18-SEP-12      24.17                                                                                                             
    19-SEP-12      24.19                                                                                                             
    20-SEP-12      50.96                                                                                                             
    21-SEP-12      24.19   
    SQL> select * from ORCL_PURGING;
    REPORT_DA PURGING_SPACE FILE_SYSTEM                                                                                              
    01-OCT-12            18 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata01                                                                     
    01-OCT-12             0 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata05                                                                     
    02-OCT-12            55 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata01                                                                     
    02-OCT-12             0 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata05                                                                     
    03-OCT-12            21 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata01                                                                     
    03-OCT-12             0 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata05                                                                     
    04-OCT-12             0 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata01                                                                     
    04-OCT-12             0 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata05                                                                     
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    06-OCT-12             0 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata05                                                                     
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    07-OCT-12             0 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata05                                                                     
    08-OCT-12            21 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata01                                                                     
    08-OCT-12             0 /dborafiles/orac/ora_Test/oradata05 Combining two table and daily out put sample below. But I want to have output by summing weekly value
    SQL> select a.report_date,sum(a.PURGING_SPACE) PURGING_SPACE,b.DATAGROWTH from ORCL_PURGING a ,ORCL_DATA_GROWTH b where a.report_date=b.report_date and
    _date<=(sysdate) and a.report_date >=(sysdate-30) group by a.report_date,b.datagrowth order by a.report_date;
    19-SEP-12            77      24.19
    20-SEP-12             2      50.96
    21-SEP-12            47      24.19
    22-SEP-12            19      24.16
    23-SEP-12            22      24.05
    24-SEP-12            25      28.11
    25-SEP-12            43      24.08
    26-SEP-12            21      24.06
    27-SEP-12            22      50.86
    28-SEP-12            22      23.05
    29-SEP-12            22      23.27
    30-SEP-12            22      23.61
    01-OCT-12            18      28.67
    02-OCT-12            55      25.92
    03-OCT-12            21      23.38
    04-OCT-12             0      50.46
    05-OCT-12             0      23.62
    06-OCT-12            70      24.39
    07-OCT-12            21      24.53
    08-OCT-12            21      28.66
    09-OCT-12            51      24.41
    10-OCT-12            22      24.69
    11-OCT-12            23      50.72
    12-OCT-12            22      25.08
    13-OCT-12            25      25.57
    14-OCT-12            21      23.38
    15-OCT-12            22      27.77
    27 rows selected.                               Thanks in advance.
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

    user9256814 wrote:
    This is my qery
    WITH purging_week AS
         SELECT TRUNC (report_date, 'IW')     AS report_week
         ,     SUM (purging_space)           AS total_purging_space -- same as in main query
         FROM      orcl_purging
         GROUP BY TRUNC (report_date, 'IW')
    ,     data_growth_week     AS
         SELECT TRUNC (report_date, 'IW')     AS report_week
         ,     SUM (datagrowth)           AS total_datagrowth
         FROM      orcl_data_growth
         GROUP BY TRUNC (report_date, 'IW')
    SELECT     COALESCE ( p.report_week
              , d.report_week
              )               AS report_week
    ,     p.total_purging_space
    ,     d.total_datagrowth
    FROM          purging_week     p
    FULL OUTER JOIN     data_growth_week d ON d.report_week = p.report_week
    ORDER BY report_week
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  • Javascript only works for "easy" numbers (and multiplying error)

    HIi Everyone,
    I have a scripting problem.  I used javascript to do some division and subtraction, but it only works some of the time in the second half of my form.  What I mean is, if I'm using a nice even number like 100-the calculations are correct, but if I use 415.75, it calculates, but not correctly.  (I actually also have that problem with some multiplying also???)  It's very weird.  And it only seems to be this particular form.
    I can e-mail the form if that will help.  I'd appreciated any help you can give me.

    Sure.  The form looks like this: (Field Names are in quotes.)
    1. Total Amount of Third Party Recovery      "total third"
    2. Accrued Compensation Lien                   "accrued"   (I clicked in calculations and just clicked "value is the sum of the following: and then clicked the field
         a. "indemnity benefits"                                             names of a and b.)
         b. "expenses of medical"
    3. Expenses of Recovery                             "recovery expenses"
    4. Balance of Recovery                              "balance"  (Its supposed to be #1minus #2)  I used this script:
                                                                     this.getField("balance").value = thisgetField("totalthird").value - this.getField("accrued").value;
    HiddenLockedField "percent" (The content is set to 100.)
    5. Lien Expenses Reimbursement Rate          "5"   (#2 divided by #1 * 100)   I used this script:
                                                                       event.value = ""
                                                                       var accrued = getField("accrued").value;
                                                                       var totalthird = getField("totalthird").value;
                                                                       var percent = getField("percent").value;
                                                                       if(totalthird!null && total third!=0)
                                                                       {event.value = accrued / totalthird * percent;}
    6. Expenses Attributable to Lien                    "attribute"    (Supposed to be #3 times #5.)  I went to calculations, anc clicked on, "value is the product
                                                                         of the following" and checked "recovery expenses" and "5".
    7. Net Lien                                                   "netlien"   (Supposed to be #2-#6) I used this script:
                                                                       this.getField("netlien").value = this.getField("accrued").value - this.getField("attribute").value;
    8. Reimbursement Rate of Future Lia.             "rate" (Supposed to be #3 divided by #1 * 100.) I used this script:
                                                                         event.value = "";
                                                                         var recoveryexpenses = getField("recoveryexpenses").value;
                                                                         var totalthird = getField("totalthird").value;
                                                                         var percent = getField("percent").value;
                                                                         if (totalthird!=null && totalthird!=0)   
                                                                         {event.value = (recoveryexpenses / totalthird) * perent;}           

  • Sql for sap functional consultant

    Hi sap consultants,
    I have a query related to sql for functional consultant.
    My question is what is the use of sql for functional consultant and what is the future prospect
    after learning it, means will it help in career growth in sap and also to build my candidature strong.
    Please suggest me regarding this.will highly appreciate your replies.
    Thanks in advance.

    Have a look at some of the blogs collected under SAP Career Blog Links. Your best route to becoming an SAP Functional specialist is to work your way into the support group of the company in which you already work. Experience is more important than the certificate. Get your experience supporting SAP as an SAP CRM specialist first, THEN get your certificate.
    If you try to do the reverse, you're signing up for a lot of heartache (see blogs in the previous link page). Whatever you do... do NOT quit your job to sign up for training/certification on the hopes that you'll find a job easily after you are certified. End user experience is better than nothing, but does not necessarily "count" as experience when you're trying to get a job for the first time as a functional specialist.
    Only AFTER you've been a specialist for a while does the end user experience add clout to your credentials as you can say " I've experienced the FULL spectrum of SAP" while folks who never had the end user experience seem somewhat lacking by comparison.
    So *eventually*, end user experience + specialist experience + certification = more than the sum of the parts.
    Hope this helps!
    Best regards,

  • Sum(sales) count for month year and week

    I have sales table : pord_id number, sale_date date
    my question: a) i need to populate sum of sales for week ie., from today to 7 days example 20-MAY-2007 to 27-MAY-2007
    b) sum of sales for month of MAY this year 2007
    c) sum of sales for 20-MAY-2006 last, only day
    Please help me with this query.. URGENT

    sql>select * from sale;
    2  02-MAY-07 
    3  03-MAY-07 
    4  04-MAY-07 
    5  05-MAY-07 
    7  07-MAY-07 
    8  08-MAY-07 
    10  10-MAY-07 
    11  11-MAY-07 
    12  12-MAY-07 
    13  13-MAY-07 
    14  14-MAY-07 
    15  15-MAY-07 
    16  16-MAY-07 
    17  17-MAY-07 
    18  18-MAY-07 
    19  19-MAY-07 
    20  20-MAY-07 
    22  22-MAY-07 
    23  23-MAY-07 
    24  24-MAY-07 
    26  26-MAY-07 
    27  27-MAY-07 
    28  28-MAY-07 
    29  29-MAY-07 
    30  30-MAY-07 
    25 rows selected.
    select sum(case  sales_date when trunc(sysdate)  then 1 else 0 end) day_sum,
             sum(case when sales_date between sysdate and sysdate+7 then 1 else 0 end) week_sum,
             sum(case when sales_date between trunc(sysdate,'month') and last_day(sysdate) then 1 else 0 end) month_sum,
            count(*) year_sum
    from sale
    where to_char(sales_date,'yyyy') = to_char(sysdate,'yyyy');
    1  5  25  25
    Message was edited by:
    Note: Truncated dates were inserted in the table                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • SQL query SUM and AVG

    Hi all,
    I think I'm being really stupid but I'm having SQL query issues.
    I have a table with lots of lines of transactions which all refer to different stores, for example:
    I need to come up with the average Sales for the combined months as a total. I.e. the average Store revenue for a given period is 200k+ 50k + 70k +100k / *3* (As there are only 3 unique stores) - hopefully this makes sense!
    So essentially I am trying to do both a SUM query (and grouping by store) and then outputting the average of all stores together. Is this possible?
    Thank you,

    This query returns 140 what seems to be the correct value:
    with data as
    ( select 'Reading' Store
      , 200 sales
      from dual
      select 'Leeds'
      , 50
      from dual
      select 'Manchester'
      , 70
      from dual
      select 'Reading'
      , 100
      from dual
    select sum(sales)
    , count( distinct store )
    , sum(sales)/count(distinct store)
    from dataThere are multiple options:
    1. You can get two IR's on one page (by using IFRAMEs - search for that word on the Forum)....
    2. You create another region with the query above and position that just below the report
    3. In the Region Footer call a PL/SQL process (using AJAX) that calculates the value using the query and prints it there (using htp.p)
    You can award this reply to your question by marking it as either Helpful or Correct ;-)

  • Built in SQL Function for Sum of Geometric Progression

    Hi all,
    Please let me know if there is any availble built in SQL function for
    SUm of Geometric Progression.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Kaushik B.

    and also relatively simple to write:
    s = a*(1-power(r,n+1))/(1-r)
    assuming you have a row with values of a,r and n (and that's the sum you need)

  • Power Pivot Configuration error while refreshing connection on excel sheet for SharePoint 2013 and Sql server 2014

    we are getting error while refreshing connection on excel sheet which containing data from data source in form of power pivot.
    error is "An error occurred during an attempt to establish a connection to the external data source. The following connections failed to refresh:"
    I am confused about Configuring the Analysis Service in SharePoint Mode.
    What account should be used for Configuring the Analysis Service in SharePoint Mode?
    what are the steps and what permissions are required and where to add it?
    can you please explain in detail so i can make sure about my account permission properly in my environment?
    Do we need to install Analysis service on sharepoint server box or not? if yes, then what are steps to follow it?
    it is mentioned here to have two services are running under manages services under sharepoint central,
    but we don't have SQL Server Analysis Services
    running under  Manage
    services on server.
    what need to be done here to fix this issue ?
    Deepak Patel

    Hi Deepak,
    We are currently looking into this issue and will give you an update as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your understanding and support.
    Meanwhile, could you please check if there is any related ULS log for help troubleshoot the issue when error occurs.
    Daniel Yang
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact
    [email protected]

  • Hey iphone an iphone 3g and i only have about 13 apps and the yellow bar on itunes for my phone is way to big i deleted all my photos all my music every thing i ryed restoring ans all it still takes up space for sum reason ?? please someone help me

    hey iphone an iphone 3g and i only have about 13 apps and the yellow bar on itunes for my phone is way to big i deleted all my photos all my music every thing i ryed restoring ans all it still takes up space for sum reason ?? please someone help me

    If Other (the yellow bar) is too big something is corrupted.  The only solution (that I know of) is to restore from your most recent backup using iTunes (see

  • GeoRaptor 3.0 for SQL Developer 3.0 and 2.1 has now been released

    I am pleased to announce that, after 5 months of development and testing, a new release of GeoRaptor for SQL Developer 2.1 and 3.0 is now available.
    GeoRaptor for SQL Developer 3 is available via the SQL Developer Update centre. GeoRaptor 3 for SQL Developer 2.1 is being made available
    via a download fro the GeoRaptor website.
    No release notes have been compiled as the principal developer (oops, that's me!) is currently busy doing real work for a change (another 3 weeks), earning a living
    and keeping the wolves at bay. More extensive notes (with images) will be compiled when I get back. (Unless anyone is offering! See next.)
    We are still looking for people to:
    1. Provide translations of the English dialog menus etc.
    2. Write more extensive user documentation. If you use a particular part of GeoRaptor a lot and think
    you have found out all its functionality and quirks, contact us and offer to write a few pages of
    documentation on it. (Open Office or Microsoft Word is fine.) Easiest way to do this is to simply
    make screen captures and annotate with text.
    3. Conduct beta testing.
    Here are the things that are in the new release.
    New functionality:
    Overhaul of Validation Functionality.
    1. User can specify own validation SELECT SQL as long as it returns three required columns. The SQL is thus totally editable.
    2. Validation update code now allows user to associate a PL/SQL function with an error number which is applied in the UPDATE SQL.
    3. UPDATE SQL can use WHERE clause of validation SELECT SQL (1) to update specific errors.
       NOTE: The generated UPDATE statement can be manually edited. It is NEVER run by GeoRaptor. To run any UPDATE, copy the statement
       to the clipboard and run in an appropriate SQL Worksheet session within SQL Developer.
    4. Main validation table allows:
       a. Sorting (click on column header) and
       b. Filtering.
       c. Copying to Clipboard via right mouse click sub menu of:
          - Geometry's SDO_ELEM_INFO array constructor.
          - SDO_GEOMETRY constructor
          - Error + validation string.
       d. Access to Draw/Zoom functions which were previously buttons.
       e. Added a new right mouse click menu "Show Feature's Individual Errors" that gathers up all the errors
          it can process - along with the ring / element that is host to the error (if it can) - and displays
          them in the Attribute/Geometry tabs at the bottom of the Map Window (where "Identify" places its results).
          The power of this will be evident to all those who have wanted a way of stepping through errors in a geometry.
       f. Selected rows can now be deleted (select rows: press <DELETE> key or right mouse click>Delete).
       g. Table now has only one primary key column, and has a separate error column holding the actual error code.
       h. Right mouse click men added to table menu to display description of error in the new column (drawn from Oracle documentation)
       i. Optimisations added to improve performance for large error lists.
    5. Functionality now has its own validation layer that is automatically added to the correct view.
       Access to layer properties via button on validation dialog or via normal right mouse click in view/layer tree.
    Improved Rendering Options.
    1. Linestring colour can now be random or drawn from column in database (as per Fill and Point colouring)
    2. Marking of SDO_GEOMETRY objects overhauled.
       - Ability to mark or LABEL vertices/points of all SDO_GEOMETRY types with coordinate identifier and
         option {X,Y} location. Access is via Labelling tab in layer>properties. Thus, coordinate 25 of a linestring
         could be shown as: <25> or {x,y} or <25> {x,y}
       - There is a nice "stacked" option where the coordinate {x,y} can be written one line below the id.
       - For linestrings and polygons the <id> {x,y} label can be oriented to the angle between the vectors or
         edges that come in, and go out of, a vertex. Access is via "Orient" tick box in Labelling tab.
       - Uses Tools>Preferences>GeoRaptor>Visualisation>SDO_ORDINATE_ARRAY bracket around x,y string.
    3. Start point of linestring/polygon and all other vertices can be marked with user selectable point marker
       rather than previously fixed markers.
    4. Can now set a NULL point marker by selecting "None" for point marker style pulldown menu.
    5. Positioning of the arrow for linestring/polygons has extra options:
       * NONE
       * START    - All segments of a line have the arrow positioned at the start
       * MIDDLE   - All segments of a line have the arrow positioning in the middle.
       * END      - All segments of a line have the arrow positioning in the END.
       * END_ONLY - Only the last segment has an arrow and at its end.
    1. A new graphic ScaleBar option has been added for the map of each view.
       For geographic/geodetic SRIDs distances are currently shown in meters;
       For all SRIDs an attempt is made to "adapt" the scaleBar units depending
       on the zoom level. So, if you zoom right in you might get the distance shown
       as mm, and as you zoom out, cm/m/km as appropriate.
    2. As the scaleBar is drawn, a 1:<DEMONINATOR> style MapScale value is written
       to the map's right most status bar element.
    3. ScaleBar and MapScale can be turned off/on in View>Properties right mouse
       click menu.
    Export Capabilities.
    1. The ability to export a selection from a result set table (ie result of
       executing ad-hoc SQL SELECT statement to GML, KML, SHP/TAB (TAB file
       adds TAB file "wrapper" over SHP) has been added.
    2. Ability to export table/view/materialised view to GML, KML, SHP/TAB also
       added. If no attributes are selected when exporting to a SHP/TAB file, GeoRaptor
       automatically adds a field that holds a unique row number.
    3. When exporting to KML:
       * one can optionally export attributes.
       * Web sensitive characters < > & etc for KML export are replaced with &gt; &lt; &amp; etc.
       * If a column in the SELECTION or table/view/Mview equals "name" then its value is
         written to the KML tag <name> and not to the list of associated attributes.
         - Similarly for "description" -> <description> AND "styleUrl" -> <styleUrl>
    4. When exporting to GML one can optionally export attributes in FME or OGR "flavour".
    5. Exporting Measured SDO_GEOMETRY objects to SHP not supported until missing functionality
       in GeoTools is corrected (working with GeoTools community to fix).
    6. Writing PRJ and MapInfo CoordSys is done by pasting a string into appropriate export dialog box.
       Last value pasted is remembered between sessions which is useful for users who work with a single SRID.
    7. Export directory is remembered between sessions in case a user uses a standard export directory.
    8. Result sets containing MDSYS.SDO_POINT and/or MDSYS.VERTEX_TYPE can also be written to GML/KML/SHP/TAB.
       SELECT a.geom.sdo_point as point
         FROM (SELECT sdo_geometry(2002,null,sdo_point_type(1,2,null),sdo_elem_info_array(1,2,1),sdo_ordinate_array(1,1,2,2)) as geom
                 FROM DUAL) a;
       SELECT mdsys.vertex_type(a.x,a.y,a.z,a.w,a.v5,a.v6,a.v7,a.v8,a.v9,a.v10,a.v11, as vertex
         FROM TABLE(mdsys.sdo_util.getVertices(mdsys.sdo_geometry(2002,null,null,sdo_elem_info_array(1,2,1),sdo_ordinate_array(1,1,2,2)))) a;
    9. A dialog appears at the end of each export which details (eg total) what was exported when the exported recordset/table contains more
       than on shape type. For example, if you export only points eg 2001/3001 from a table that also contains multipoints eg 2005/3005 then
       the number of points exported, and multipoints skipped will be displayed.
    10. SHP/TAB export is "transactional". If you set the commit interval to 100 then only 100 records are held in memory before writing.
        However, this does not currently apply to the associated DBASE records.
    11. SHP/TAB export supports dBase III, dBase III + Memo, dBase IV and dBase IV + Memo.
        Note: Memo allows text columns > 255 characters to be exported. Non-Memo formats do not and any varchar2 columns will be truncated
        to 255 chars. Some GIS packages support MEMO eg Manifold GIS, some do not.
    12. Note. GeoRaptor does not ensure that the SRID of SDO_GEOMETRY data exported to KML is in the correct Google Projection.
        Please read the Oracle documentation on how to project your data is this is necessary. An example is:
               CODIGO as name,
               NOME as description,
               SDO_CS.TRANSFORM(shape,'USE_SPHERICAL',4055) as shape
    13. NOTE: The SHP exporter uses the Java Topology Suite (JTS) to convert from SDO_GEOMETRY to the ESRI Shape format. JTS does not handle
        circular curves in SDO_GEOMETRY objects you must "stroke" them using sdo_util.arc_densify(). See the Oracle documentation on how
        to use this.
    1. Selection View - Measurement has been modified so that the final result only shows those geometry
       types that were actually measured.
    2. In Layer Properties the Miscellaneous tab has been removed because the only elements in it were the
       Geometry Output options which have now been replaced by the new GML/KML/etc export capabilities.
    3. Shapefile import's user entered tablename now checked for Oracle naming convention compliance.
    4. Identify based on SDO_NN has been removed from GeoRaptor given the myriad problems that it seems to create across versions
       and partitioned/non-partitioned tables. Instead SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE is now used with the actual search distance (see circle
       in map display): everything within that distance is returned.
    5. Displaying/Not displaying embedded sdo_point in line/polygon (Jamie Keene), is now controlled by
       a preference.
    6. New View Menu options to switch all layers on/off
    7. Tools/Preferences/GeoRaptor layout has been improved.
    8. If Identify is called on a geometry a new right mouse click menu entry has been added called "Mark" which
       has two sub-menus called ID and ID(X,Y) that will add the labeling to the selected geometry independently of
       what the layer is set to being.
    9. Two new methods for rendering an SDO_GEOMETRY object in a table or SQL recordset have been added: a) Show geometry as ICON
       and b) Show geometry as THUMBNAIL. When the latter is chosen, the actual geometry is shown in an image _inside_ the row/column cell it occupies.
       In addition, the existing textual methods for visualisation: WKT, KML, GML etc have been collected together with ICON and THUMBNAIL in a new
       right mouse click menu.
    10. Tables/Views/MViews without spatial indexes can now be added to a Spatial View. To stop large tables from killing rendering, a new preference
        has been added "Table Count Limit" (default 1,000) which controls how many geometry records can be displayed. A table without a spatial
        index will have its layer name rendered in Italics and will write a warning message in red to the status bar for each redraw. Adding an index
        which the layer exists will be recognised by GeoRaptor during drawing and switch the layer across to normal rendering.
    Some Bug Fixes.
    * Error in manage metadata related to getting metadata across all schemas
    * Bug with no display of rowid in Identify results fixed;
    * Some fixes relating to where clause application in geometry validation.
    * Fixes bug with scrollbars on view/layer tree not working.
    * Problem with the spatial networks fixed. Actions for spatial networks can now only be done in the
      schema of the current user, as it could happen that a user opens the tree for another schema that
      has the same network as in the user's schema. Dropping a drops only the network of the current connected user.
    * Recordset "find sdo_geometry cell" code has been modified so that it now appears only if a suitable geometry object is
      in a recordset.  Please note that there is a bug in SQL Developer (2.1 and 3.0) that causes SQL Developer to not
      register a change in selection from a single cell to a whole row when one left clicks at the left-most "row number"
      column that is not part of the SELECT statements user columns, as a short cut to selecting a whole row.  It appears
      that this is a SQL Developer bug so nothing can be done about it until it is fixed. To select a whole row, select all
      cells in the row.
    * Copy to clipboard of SDO_GEOMETRY with M and Z values forgot has extraneous "," at the end.
    * Column based colouring of markers fixed
    * Bunch of performance improvements.
    * Plus (happily) others that I can't remember!If you find any bugs register a bug report at our website.
    If you want to help with testing, contact us at our website.
    My thanks for help in this release to:
    1. John O'Toole
    2. Holger Labe
    3. Sandro Costa
    4. Marco Giana
    5. Luc van Linden
    6. Pieter Minnaar
    7. Warwick Wilson
    8. Jody Garnett (GeoTools bug issues)
    Finally, when at the Washington User Conference I explained the willingness of the GeoRaptor Team to work
    for some sort of integration of our "product" with the new Spatial extension that has just been released in SQL
    Developer 3.0. Nothing much has come of that initial contact and I hope more will come of it.
    In the end, it is you, the real users who should and will decide the way forward. If you have ideas, wishes etc,
    please contact the GeoRaptor team via our SourceForge website, or start a "wishlist" thread on this forum
    expressing ideas for future functionality and integration opportunities.
    Edited by: sgreener on Jun 12, 2011 2:15 PM

    Thank you for this.
    I have been messing around with this last few days, and i really love the feature to pinpoint the validation errors on map.
    I has always been so annoying to try pinpoint these errors using some other GIS software while doing your sql.
    I have stumbled to few bugs:
    1. In "Validate geometry column" dialog checking option "Use DimInfo" actually still uses value entered in tolerance text box.
    I found this because in my language settings , is the decimal operators
    2. In "Validate geometry column" dialog textboxs showing sql, doesn't always show everything from long lines of text (clipping text from right)
    3. In "Validate geometry column" dialog the "Create Update SQL" has few bugs:
    - if you have selected multiple rows from results and check the "Use Selected Geometries" the generated IN-clause in SQL with have same rowid (rowid for first selected result) for all entries
    Also the other generated IN clause in WHERE-clause is missing separator if you select more than one corrective function
    4. "Validate geometry column" dialog stays annoyingly top most when using "Create Update SQL" dialog

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    Pravesh Kumar

    Hi Pravesh Kumar,
    As Visakh16 suggestted that you can download sql 2008 r2 standard and developer editon.
    If you have a subscription associated with your Microsoft account, you can download sql 2008 r2 standard and developer editon from below link, but these two editions are not for free:
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    Hi dah,
    "Thanks, but can I do one formula for all present and future raws? as raws are being added, I have to do the sum function again and again"
    You do need a separate formula for each group of values to be summed.
    If the values are in columns, you need a copy of the formula for each column.
    If the values are in rows, you need a copy of the formula for for each row.
    If you set up your formulas as SGIII did in his example (shown below), where every non-header row has the same formula, Numbers will automtically add the formula to new rows as you add them.
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    B2: =SUM(2)
    B3: =SUM(3)
    B4: =SUM(4)
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