Place a pic in a pdf form?

I've been working with pdf forms to allow people to customize flyers, business cards, etc. with their own information.
I'd now like to create a form that allows someone to place their own picture in a specified box or place on the form.
(They will be on their own to get the size and proportions correct.)
I'm pretty sure it's not possible with AppleScript, but is it possible with javascript?
My forms start in InDesign, if that matters, and I'm working with CS4. Thanks.

It's possible with JavaScript, but it does not work with Reader, which is stupid. The buttonImportIcon method presents the user with the image file selection dialog.
A form created with LiveCycle Designer can include an image field, which does work with Reader, but this doesn't come with Mac version of Acrobat.
It is also possible with Reader if the document has been Reader enabled if the user can get the image pasted to the clipboard first. They can then paste the image as a stamp, which can then be resized and even rotated. You just have to teach them how to do this.

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  • Why can't I 'place' a signature into a .pdf form created in LiveCycle Designer 9???

    Hi there,
    I have been pulling my hair out all afternoon!
    I have created a dynamic form in LiveCycle Designer 9 - saved it as a Dynamic XML Form - opened it in Acrobat X - saved it as Reader Extended PDF and Enabled Additional Features. My colleagues will then need to open it in Reader X and select the option to draw and place thier signature in the text field I have provided them with. When I open the form in Reader X and click on the SIGN tab I get the following error message:
    The security settings on this document prevent adding text and/or placing a signature on it from Adobe Reader. To fill and sign this document you need to print it out.
    I have looked for help on this issue everywhere, yet to no avail.
    I do not want to hear about using digital signatures or Echosign, We only want and need to have staff sign forms by drawing their signature.
    Please help!

    Hi will,
    I am not aware of Reader Enabled PDF from Acrobat X.
    Have you tried enabling digital signature using Reader Extensions which comes with LiveCycle Server. viz http://I.P:Port/ReaderExtensions

  • How to place a pdf form online?

    I created a new pdf form with all the necessary field but when i uploaded it online, I could not write anything in the form fiels or tick a box

    Maybe not using Adobe Reader. What browser?

  • How can I get a PDF form to email to me when it is hosted online?

    Ok, I'm not a coding expert, but I understand CSS and html alright.
    I am trying to create a PDF form for my website:
    I have already created the forms (they are under the purchase section of the site) and when they are saved to the harddrive they work just fine. HOWEVER, when you fill them out and they open in the browser they will not submit to me (aka. I don't get them by email, even though the submit button correctly re-directs you to the thanks page).
    In the fuctions of the submit button I have it set to mailto:[email protected]
    When the form is saved on the hard drive (I open it from the desktop) and click submit it brings up a dialog box and asks me how I want to send it. I then choose desktop mail service, it opens it in an email and sends it.
    I want customers to be able to click the form from the website - fill it out right there in the browser - and then be able to submit it to me that way.
    I am assuming I must route this through the php or something, but am not sure how to do that. I have the php working for the contact from on the website, but I don't know php so I used pre-written code to do that. Is there some simple code I can drop into my php that will handle these forms? Help, please! Thanks

    I looked at the Stationary form, and there are a number of things you need to change. It is currently set up to submit as "HTML", as opposed to FDF, XFDF, or the entire PDF. This is fine if you're submitting the form to a web server, which can read the field data, place it in an email, and send it off. This is actually much preferred to relying on the user's machine being set up properly to send an email. Many are not and not receiving order that someone thought was submitted will be bad for your business. Consider removing the existing forms today and you can update when they are working.
    Your web hosting service likely has a PHP script that is designed to work with HTML forms and send an email with the form data included. This can work with a PDF form if the form is correctly set up. To do that, you will need to know how the script works and what it is expecting in the way of form data when it processes a submission. The PHP script should also be modified to send an appropriate response back to the user, which can be a simple redirect. The way you have it now with a link to the redirect page is wrong. It goes there whether the form is complete or not and whether the email actually got sent. This can be avoided by having the web server take care of this.
    If you don't have the expertise to modify the form to suit the PHP script and PHP script to suit the workflow, you'll need to find someone who does.

  • PDF forms and how they work with different Reader versions

    I'll start this off by giving a little background information and describing a workflow scenario. I work as an InHouse designer for a company that keeps the majority of the employee population always a few versions behind. Fortunately, for us designers they keep us updated, but it doesn't always play nicely when you're saving your PDFs for older versions of Acrobat Reader.
    What happens is that I create a form in InDesign, export a PDF, and then create my form fields in Acrobat Pro 9 on a Mac. After saving for version 9 I then take the PDF and test within the Windows environment which our IT is enforcing Acrobat Reader 7. The PDF opens ok and I can fill out the form, but I cannot save. I then open in Acrobat Pro 7 for Windows and then it gives the option to save or make modifications.
    My questions really come down to whether or not Reader 7 is doing this because of how old the technology is, or if that would change if our IT would allow Acrobat Reader 8 or 9? Now I've looked at the Acrobat Pro 9 comparison chart and it states "Enable users of Adobe Reader®   (version 8 or later) to fill in and save PDF forms locally." Does this mean that we just need version 8 or 9 and then people can save the form? What in version 7 is causing us not to be able to save? Did that change the technology in some way? I'm trying to figure out if we get IT to upgrade users to Reader 9 if this will solve the issue or will they have to install Acrobat Standard/Pro 9 to save a PDF form?
    What other selling points could we make to our IT department that using Reader 9 is a lot better than using Reader 7? Any technology benefits, security or functions?

    ~graffiti wrote:
    No version of Reader can save a filled in form unless it has been enabled first.
    To enable, open the file in Acrobat then go to Advanced>Enable usage rights in Adobe Reader...
    And for my standard disclaimer, if you are going to use the forms in a corporate environment, be sure to study and understand the usage limits for enabled forms (the limit is 500 uses, but there are caveats to that) in the EULA. Mostly the enabled forms are meant for very small time users. If you do not meet that requirement, Adobe sells another product that can enable files for unlimited uses but it costs in the tens of thousands of dollars and is a server side solution.
    Hey Graffii,
    I enabled the usage rights and that did help with saving in Reader 7. I am a little concerned about the limit of 500 uses. Let me try and understand you a little better. I have a PDF that has a couple form fields and you're saying that the PDF can only be opened 500 times? I've never heard of restrictions on PDFs before. Does this happen after you place just 1 form field? How do I find out more information? I looked in the EULA, but found nothing.
    Also, what does Adobe mean here "Enable users of Adobe Reader®   (version 8 or later) to fill in and save PDF forms locally." Are they saying that you need Reader 8 or later to read a form or that you need Acrobat Pro 8 or later to enable the form feature?
    It's all very confusing because one of the features they tout in version 9 is the ability to save forms locally, but once I enable the form I could save it with Reader 7. It's hard to tell if they are referring to Reader 9 or Acrobat Pro 9.

  • How can I export a PDF form and the filled in fields to a text document?

    OK, so I have a situation.  I need people to be able to open a reader-enabled PDF form, fill out the form fields, and then export the filled-out PDF form to a basic text document.  This seems easy since Adobe Reader can save to text.  The problem is, the answers in the form fields do not show in the text file!  Each radio button shows as yes and no, and there is no indication in the text file which one was selected.  In addition, the form fields are not exported next to the questions on the form.  I tried flattening the form in Adobe pro, and that did not work either.
    How can I create a fillable form for Adobe Reader, and then let the user export their answers AND the questions on the form to plain text?

    OK, so I tried this as a starting point, and assigned it to a button on page 3 of the form.
    for (var j = 0; j < this.getPageNumWords(p);j++) {
          var word = this.getPageNthWord(p,j,false);
    This gives me all the words on the first page not in fields, and each word goes on a separate line.  Now, characters in the document such as "&" or ")" cause the rest of the word to go on the next line down.
    Next, I tried this:;
    for (var j = 0; j < this.getPageNthWord(j);j++)
          var word = this.getPageNthWord(j,false);
    This only gives me the first word on page 3, the page the button is placed?
    What I need to do is run the code and place words on one line until the code hits a keyword "var cKeyWord1 = “Key1” for example?, then insert the value of field one, Start a new line in the console, restart the code where it left off until it hits the next key word "var cKeyWord2 = “Key2”, insert the value of field two, add a new line, and on and on.
    Is this possible?

  • How do I complete online .pdf form and then print?

    Sometimes, I can enter data on an online .pdf form and sometimes, I cannot.  I need to complete forms and then print them rather than print a blank form to complete by handwriting.  Window XP and Vista on my computers.  I have installed some Adobe and Acrobat programs but do not know which ones would help me with my problem.  thank you

    Adobe is the company. I assume you are talking about Reader and Acrobat. It would be nice to know which ones, but the answer is likely the same. With Reader, you can only complete the form electronically in Reader if the creator added from fields for your to fill in. If not you have one option and that is to print. You could still play with filling it out electronically, but you would have to print the form, put it back in the printer, and use your word processor to place the information on the form. This is a bit time consuming and requires some measuring and possibly some trial and error, but it does work - I used to fill forms out like this all the time, but generally forms I filled out once a month and so it was worth the time.
    With Acrobat, you can use the Typewriter tool, Use the Text Touchup Tool (not real convenient) with the ctrl key used when you place the cursor, or create your own fields. Depending on your version of Acrobat, you may not be able to create form fields (like AA7 Std and before I think, Pro includes the form tools). With forms, you may also have the choice of the form files under TOOLS>Advanced Editing (typically called AcroForms) or the FORM menu that typically takes you to Designer.
    Those are your choices, though there are variations with version (next time try to tell us the program version you are using and if it is Reader or Acrobat - for Reader you may want to go to the Reader forum).

  • Add filename and path into PDF-form

    I create different PDF-forms for our company with LiveCycle Designer 8.2.1 .
    Now I have to integrate the name of the form-file and its path automatically into the form. My idea is to place a text-field, I will give the type "calculated" in the value-tab of the object-palette. This Text-field should be filled with the file name and the path where it's stored in the background. I find these two values in the info-tab of the form-properties dialog-box. My questions is: How do I get these values, that I can place them via script into my text field?
    Can someone give me a hint? Thanks.

      To get the path ...;
    To get the file name ....;

  • How to open a pdf form with fdf data

    Hi all,
          I am working on a new project. In that, I have to load a PDF contract form with FDF data on Internet Explorer Window.
    I don't know how to do it. Actually I tried using this format on the URL (while loading the respective page)
    But it opened as an empty pdf document. . Actually I need it with the fdf data.
    Can anyone know any other way to do this?
    Or is this not possible to open a pdf form with fdf data in a browser?
    Thanks in advance

    @ Bernd. It still opens a text file
    Here's my FDF file sample
    1 0 obj
    /FDF << /Fields
    <</V (07/22/2009)/T (Loan_Note_Date)>><</V (22.29)/T (Loan_AnnualPercentage_Rate)>></V ()/T (Seller_ESignatureArea1_Date)>><</V (GA Dealer)/T (Seller_Signer_FullNameTitle)>><</V ()/T (ThirdParty_ESignatureArea1_Date)>>
    /F (MARSMFLZ.pdf)/ID [ <1f0b6b55f345db39e8246247138fe562><e960588530b0d06d35cd618b34d4c314>
    >> endobj
    /Root 1 0 R
    (I have uploaded the related pdf file before.)
    Just now I got an idea to use WScript (the code is written in javascript)
    ws = new ActiveXObject("");
    ws.Run('"AcroRd32.exe" "C:\\annukar\\Refi\\Refinance_Module\\Forms\\Contract.fdf"', 1, true);
    this opens my fdf document in Acrobat reader using command prompt.
    I have a doubt now, can i use some string in place of "C:\\annukar\\Refi\\Refinance_Module\\Forms\\Contract.fdf" in the above command?
    I mean something like fdf_file = "C:\\annukar\\Refi\\Refinance_Module\\Forms\\Contract.fdf"
    and replace ws.Run('"AcroRd32.exe" fdf_file,1,true). I tried it but it doesn't work Any idea's? Since the path will not remain the same always. So i need to change it

  • PDF Form with Text in Particular Font

    I have created a Certificate of Completion in CS4. It is 8.5x11 and, among other things, has a TIFF certificate background and border overlaid with text. My customer wants a PDF in which they can type two pieces of info: the name of the awardee and the date. These go in different places and in different fonts and sizes. How do I create such a PDF so that only this info can be entered, and entered in the correct size, font and area?
    Should I post this in the PDF forums?

    Basically, you need to create a pdf form.
    Add a text field to your form.
    There you can choose which font your want the text to appear in.
    The trick is, when you export from InDesign, in the "Advanced Tab" — set "Subset fonts when percentage…" to 0%, so the whole font embeds.'
    I believe there's an option in Acrobat to embed the font as well, but I'm not recalling what it it.
    But that will ensure the font appears correctly.

  • Using dynamic referencing in PDF Form with Checkboxes

    I have created a checklist that contains approx 60-70 steps. About 20 of them are to have a checkbox that fills an adjacent field with the date, and another with the user name. I have already got this functioning as a stand alone process.
    aaa = checkbox
    aaadate = field for date
    aaaname = field for name
    function test() {
    var one = this.getField("aaa");
    var two = this.getField("aaadate");
    if (one.value == 'Yes') {
    if (two.value == "") {
         this.getField("aaadate").value = util.printd("dd-mmm-yy",new Date());
         this.getField("aaaname").value =;
    }} else if (one.value == 'Off') {
         this.getField("aaadate").value = "";
         this.getField("aaaname").value = "";
    I do not want to write a piece of code for each checkbox so I am trying to figure out how to use dynamic referencing so that when i check on a checkbox, the code takes the checked checkboxes' name (aaa) and is able to determine the two other fields name by appending/concatenating (name + "date"  = aaadate)
    I have tried various methods and done tremendous research; I'm not sure if I lack the knowledge to incorporate what I've found properly, if I just have been looking in the wrong places for the wrong things. It seems like this should be possible in a PDF form...
    Please help

    You need to inject the part of the field name that changes as a variable. So your code would be something like this:
    function test(base) {
        var one = this.getField(base);
        var two = this.getField(base+"date");
        if (one.value == 'Yes') {
            if (two.value == "") {
                this.getField(base+"date").value = util.printd("dd-mmm-yy",new Date());
                this.getField(base+"name").value =;
        } else if (one.value == 'Off') {
            this.getField(base+"date").value = "";
            this.getField(base+"name").value = "";
    And you would call it like so:

  • PDF form online but when submitted via email, received as XML

    I'm trying to include a pdf form, created in Designer, on my website where guests can fill out the form and then hit the submit button and the form is emailed to me. Currently, I am linking to the form like it is another web page.
    When the form is emailed to me, it is in the XML format. Once the file is opened, it gives me instructions on how to view it. It says to open the original pdf form and somehow place the xml data into it. Isn't there an easier way?
    I would like to receive the "filled out" form as a pdf via email so I can just open it up with reader and print it. Others, that are more technically challenged will be receiving the "filled out" form also. The easier the better. thanks in advance

    A PDF that has been Reader Extended activates latent Adobe Reader functionality such as save filled in forms, annotate, sign, and submit interactive Adobe PDF documents. For more info see
    Adobe Enterprise Support

  • Some XML customizing not displayed correctly in graphic in PDF form

    we have following problem: We want to create a read-only PDF with an integrated graphic with analytical data.
    The PDF form is created with SFP. Data is extracted and the graphic rendered with the class CL_IGS_CHART_ENGINE.
    We used SAP chart designer and transformed the XML into our string.
    The graphic is displayed in our PDF, but some customizing settings in our XML are neglected, especially the font type, her only courier is displayed. Also some manual positions of legends don't work.
    When I display the chart in the SAP GUI using cl_gui_chart_engine everything works fine, so  I assume that the XML and the  transformation is correct.
    So where is the problem: Mime type? codepage? printing job?
    Thanks and Regards

    I would like to know what type of scenario do you use. Is that WD form? Or offline form?
    Based on the type, you may find your solution here:
    When you need to send a picture into the offline form: another image question - using Regular ABAP not web dynpro and Display a logo dynamically in adobe form
    For the WD form: /people/bhawanidutt.dabral/blog/2007/11/15/how-to133-integrate-adobe-form-on-webdynpro-for-abap-and-deploy-it-on-portal
    What MIME type (picture type) has your generated picture? JPG for example is ok, but for exotic types please check in your LCD (place Image on the layout and open the dialog for picture assignment, you can see the allowed picture types in there).
    Regards, Otto
    p.s.: What is the mentioned XML customizing? XML is the form of the femplate, but I have never customized anything IN THERE. Did you change the XML source manually? Or what type of changes are not managed correctly?

  • Saving PDF form on Mac prevents viewing and printing by another viewer

    We run a student competition which is affiliated with a national competition.  The national competition provides a set of forms that must be filled out by the students, teachers, etc.  We have a process set up whereby students can download a PDF form (which is enabled by the authors  for saving from Reader).  They are supposed to fill out this form (actually several of them), and then save the file(s) to their drive.  Once they have the forms filled out and approved by their teacher, they upload them to our website via a standard web form, which simply saves the uploaded PDF for later viewing by the student, teachers, judges, and committee members.  When students do this using Adobe Reader on a PC, it works fine.  (I'm not sure if Reader X works, actually, but I know Reader 9 does).  The problem, though, comes up with Mac users.  When they do the same thing, it seems to override the extended rights in the document, resulting in a document saved on their disk that displays with all the fields initially unviewable (that is  they all appear blank).  If you click on one of the fields, you can view the fields one at a time.  Each field appears and disappears as you move thru the document.  But we can't simply read the form, nor can we print a copy (which is necessary if the student wins and proceeds to the national competition.)  This is true if the form is uploaded or emailed or transported by USB drive--it is simply a property of the saved file.   In our testing, this appears to be a generic property of forms processed on  a Mac--and we haven't found a way around it.  Is there any way for a student who has filled out a form on a Mac to save the form while PRESERVING the extended rights?  Or do we just have to tell them that Macs don't work right?  If there is a way for them to do this, I could provide the instructions on the page that delivers the forms.  But we've tried to explore the Mac interface (inside Safari and in the PDF viewer that is provided on the Mac systems) and can't find any place that gives options that seem to affect the extended rights.  Help!

    kblyons46 wrote:
    and we haven't found a way around it.  Is there any way for a student who has filled out a form on a Mac to save the form while PRESERVING the extended rights? 
    There's an easy way around it. Make sure they are using Adobe Reader to fill in the form. 99% of these cases are because they are using the Mac Preview application to open PDF's and it will corrupt Adobe forms.

  • In Browser .PDF forms wont' work

    I am so frustrated right now. Can someone please guide me on how to open, fill out, and submit .PDF forms using ANY broswer (I don't care which one)  on the MAC?
    I've tried extensions, plug ins, Adobe reader itself, Adobe Pro, reading for 2 days and for the life of me I can't fill out and submit forms on Safari, Firefox, OR Chorome.
    My frustration is multiplied by the fact that this worked in safari before I updated to 10.6.8, which also updated Safari to 5.1.2 at the same time.
    I've read in several places that there is an issue with Adobe and Safari, but to not be able to accomplish this in any browser is unbelievable to me.
    I have the latest of everything, browsers, OS, adobe, you name it I've updated it.
    Can someone please help me throught this?? I would be so greatful !!!

    had the same problem but found a workaround. If you have created your form in Adobe Acrobat Professional X you will have to first choose file and then save as your form and select reader extended pdf and select enable additional features. The will allow your users to save a copy of the form as well as the data in the fields. once this has been done you simple email it to yourself and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader on the iPad then select the printer and and select print on the iPad. But the key to making this all work the form must forst be ceated in Adobe Acrobat Professional version X or greater. I have tried this and it works fine, it will also enable your form users to save the form and print to any printer with the saved field data. Hope this helps. I contacted Adobe and they say that they do not provide any support for the airprint feature. I suspect that the print protocol for the field data created in Adobe is not recognized by the airprint application. But if they investigate why we are able to print it only after saving it in reader extended pdf followed by enable additional features they should be able to resolve this issue by examining the difference between both print protocols. Hope this helps. If anyone out their has found a better way please let me know.

Maybe you are looking for

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