Playing Slowmotion video over airplay does not work with ios update!!!!!

after upgrading last ios , airplay to shoot slowmotion video does not work.
I was expecting it to be fixed with recent update, but still not working!!!
I use it for education at my clinic - which is essential, and how come apple does not fix it at all?
or apple should give downgrade option at least.
FIx it, fix it, fix it!
Main purpose of puchasing ipad air2 was to airplay slowmotion video to big screen and i  am quite disappointed with my purchsing ipad air 2.

As the original poster, I too had issues with my iPhone 4 (4.2.1) and Apple TV 2 playing nice. The Airplay icon was visible for music, and worked perfectly. However, when watching a video, purchased through iTunes, only the "audio" option would be selectable for Airplay. After updating the Apple TV software, everything works perfectly well. When watching a video on my iPhone and selecting the Airplay icon, one of the options is to play "video" through the Apple TV, not simply audio.
It would have been nice to know that my Apple TV needed an update when I updated my iPhone 4 to 4.2.1.

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    Something is not configured correctly that is creating issues with your AppleTV.  You can disconnect it from the TV and power, and then plug it into your computer with a micro-USB cable.  After launching iTunes on your computer, you will be able to restore it to default settings and upgrade the software.

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    please could you describe your workflow. It might help to find some solution. Also it would be great if you can share a sample of your document. Please email it to [email protected] with the reference to this discussion "PDF Portfolio does not work with iOS Reader 11.3.2 on iOS 7.1.2"
    thank you.

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    Please locate the model number of the AirPort Express and post back that information.
    The model number is located on the side of the AirPort Express. It begins with an "A" followed by four numbers.
    We are not sure what you mean by "does not work".  Does this mean that the AirPort Express worked at one time and has just recently stopped working?
    Have you installed a newer operating system on your iOS device recently?
    Or, is this a new AirPort Express that you are trying to configure for the first time?
    If yes, what service will the AirPort Express perform on your network?
    Please remember that we cannot see your network, so we only know as much about your problem as you can tell us.

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    This problem was reported on Nov 21, 2014 and other people had reported it prior to me.
    When will this be fixed by Apple - it worked in the past and does not work now.
    Should i return my iPad Air 2 and get my money back?

    Problem seems to be resolved. Should have thought of it myself ;-) thanks so far!

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    I just installed Mountain Lion today, after finally getting the up-to-date code from Apple.
    I have also downloaded and installed the update for Mountain Lion, that fixed Powernap issues.
    Maybe it could have something to do with the firmware on the Apple TV? I am currently running version 4.4.4(3330)

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    I installed the latest update 10.8.2 and now my brand new Superdrive will not work with new MacBook Pro Retina display.  When I plug in Superdrive and try to start a DVD, it say "DVD quit unexpectedly......"   Took to Apple store and they said it was latest update.  Anyone else with this problem?

    Dear all,
    Perhaps you found out yourselves but the latest Software Update, called OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Supplemental Update, solves this issue. I recommend you install it and restart your Mac.
    When you insert a DVD in the drive and DVD Player launches, you will be prompted to confirm the region encoding (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, based on the encoding of the DVD you are about to play). This is normal, and you should confirm it again, even if you did it previously.
    Naturally, if most of your DVDs are encoded for one region and you want to play a disc encoded for another region, please remember you may make a limited number of region changes when you play other DVDs, and the last one will be permanent. So, act with caution and sensibility.

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    Will you not post the link to the video like I requested, or at least let us know if you can play the videos on the pages I linked to? It would prevent more random guesswork.
    Firefox doesn't try to play files it can't handle. When coming across a direct link to a file that could be handled by a plug-in, but that plug-in isn't installed, Firefox would display a download prompt.<br>
    That's not the issue here, where there's an unsupported format error. That suggests an MP4 file that can't be played. Even if a plug-in that can handle MP4 files were installed, Firefox probably wouldn't use it due to bug 861090.
    Firefox has supported HTML5 H.264 video on Windows Vista since version 22.0. There's no point in installing the very old — and likely abandoned — Windows Media Player plug-in.

  • Bluetooth in Subaru still not working with ios update

    Bluetooth is still not working in my Subaru with my iphone 6.  I've updated the iOS to 8.1, done most of the suggested tips I've read on line and my phone will still not find my car's (or my plantronic headset).  Bluetooth does work with my jawbone speaker, but that's it.  I'm looking for any new suggestions. Thanks

    I just sold my Motorola RF-850 that was hooked up to my GTO today because it wasn't working with my IPhone.
    I can't believe you paid for the Holden one.
    Anyway good luck.

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    I bought AppleTV 3. Airplay works perfect with my Iphone 5 (ios 6.0.2) but is really having problems with my Ipad 2 (ios 6.0.1), nothing, or just sound when using game apps. Photo apps seem to work. What could be the problem, and more important what is the solution.

    Problem seems to be resolved. Should have thought of it myself ;-) thanks so far!

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    The sound seems very faint but can here static on playback.

  • Capturing video via Firewire does not work on CS6

    I recently installed 64 bits Windows 7.
    The capture function in Premiere CS6 does not work with my panasonic camcorder NV-GS500
    Windows recognizes the camcorder, but I cannot do anything with it in the Capture window.
    This not an Premiere-specific problem , because also wit Nero I have the same problem.
    I expect that the Windows7 driver for my camera needs to be upodated, but Panasonic cannot help me.
    Is there anybody out in the Premiere community who knows a solution?

    Windows 7 Changed the standard 1394 driver from XP which allows Win 7 to Throttle bandwidth on Firewire devices. This is why Ann mentioned the legacy driver which is basically the old XP driver. The bandwidth throttling causes allot of issues with certain cameras during the Handshake process which is why you often have deck control but no preview or primary video stream. If you follow the instructions in the link above or the paste below to set the Legacy driver for the 1394 controller , that will often resolve these issues. However some firmware on different manufacturers Firewire controllers include these C-State Bandwidth throttling sets so it still may not work. In that case you want to get a Firewire card with a TI chipset. The firmware on TI chips are clean and dont include the C-State changes.
    Solution 6: Use the Legacy FireWire driver (Windows 7 x64)  
      Click the Windows Start button; type "device manager" into the Search box and select Device Manager
      Swivel open the "IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers" item
      Right-click on your listed 1394 controller; select "Update Driver Software"
      Click the "Browse my computer for driver software" button, followed by the "Let me pick from a list" button
      Select the option that has "(Legacy)" at the end of the name; click Next and let Windows install the driver
    Make sure you restart the system after you make the change to legacy. Also do not have the Firewire device plugged in when changing the driver to Legacy.
      Close out of dialogs and retry capture'

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    Hi, my name is Elias and I have problems with ACS Password Aging over SSH does not work and there is no password aging meseges sent by ACS to de console when I use SSH. I know that there is problems with this but I can't find any workaround or documentation that says that there is no workaroun. Can you help me with this??
    King Regards.

    Hey Elias,
    SSHv1 does not support password changes as you can do in telnet. You will need to be
    running a version of IOS that supports SSHv2.
    The following site explains what versions support this:

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    Flash player does not work with Ie or Firefox with win 8.1 64, If i try and play a video I get the message to install Flashplayer.
    If I try and install it it says it is already installed. Your onsite  installer says it is not applicable to my machine.
    I have followed all the normal steps re enabling addons and active filters etc.
    all to no avail Pc is Dell 6 months old, Flashplayer has never worked on this machine. Last MS update mid Dec 2014.
    Version of flashplayer is 15....03.......

    Flash Player is a built-in component of Internet Explorer.  There's nothing separate to download or install.
    Firefox requires a different version of Flash Player (the NPAPI plug-in), which will be served to you if you go here: using Firefox; however, there are some unique stability issues related to Firefox on Win8.1, and you're probably better off using Google Chrome if you want a more optimal experience with Flash Player.
    For problems where IE isn't being detected by sites that require Flash:
    First, confirm that ActiveX Filtering is configured to allow Flash content:
    Internet Explorer 11 introduces a number of changes both to how the browser identifies itself to remote web servers, and to how it processes JavaScript intended to target behaviors specific to Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, this means that content on some sites will be broken until the content provider changes their site to conform to the new development approach required by modern versions of IE.
    You can try to work around these issues by using Compatibility View:

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    Hi everyone,
    I had issue after issue with the latest iTunes update (12.1.1) not working on my windows 7. It simply would not lunch when clicking on the shortcut to open.
    After a fair bit of searching I found this alternative version which seemed to do the trick and now it works:
    iTunes for Windows (64-bit - for older video cards) - iTunes64Setup.exe(2015-02-18)

    The "for older video cards" installer - which, like most prior "64 bit" versions of iTunes, is actually a 32 bit application with a 64 bit installer - may be a useful fallback if the full 64 bit version does not install or run correctly.  Although is a major improvement over, there are clearly still some lurking incompatibilities with some 64 bit Windows systems/components.  It is, however, a little misleading to say that "iTunes 12.1.1 does NOT work with Windows" - in many cases it works fine without switching to the alternative version.  I have the full 64-bit version of running on three systems - two Windows 7 and one Windows 8.1 - no issues with either installation or operation on any of them.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Cannot enter event in iCal on iPad

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