Please help find the program

Please help find the program to block unwanted number, call and SMS, that not all block number ,but  the number on which you want to.

Which part of "The 5310 is just a java phone that cannot support applications like this." did you not understand?
If you want to achieve any form of blocking at all, it won't be with that phone. Your operator may be able to help by putting a block in place on their end, though, but I doubt it.
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  • HT5624 Please help find the IMEI number Please?  My Iphone was stolen  AIS network  (Thailand)

    Please help find the IMEI number
    By email:
    My Iphone was stolen
    AIS network
    thank you very much
    <Personal Information Edited by Host>

  • Please help  finding the Flash program in Toronto

    Hello everybody!
    Can anyone direct me to a College that has the best program
    (full-time/ part-time- up to 1-2 years, but not distant) in
    Web-design, particularly in Flash. I'm searching such program in
    Toronto and 'll be thankfull for any information you can give.

    I'm no expert on Flash, but I can tell you some basic stuff
    you should know:
    1. most universities will not teach flash.
    2. the professors who do teach flash preferred Actionscript 2
    over Actionscript 3. I don't know how they feel about AS4, but it
    seems the skeleton/reverse kinematic features are a really big hit
    even with the glitches.
    3. Flash is like Rome. Your knowledge of it will not be built
    in a day, no matter how shiny the speaker's teeth may be.
    Based on these three points, you should look for something
    that familiarizes you with Object Oriented Programming, Web Design,
    Animation, and Multimedia. You probably know all this stuff
    already, but you want to avoid the guy who says for $750 bucks his
    2 hour seminar will make you a pro. For $750 bucks you should
    expect a full multi week course with multiple days each week,
    several course objectives, a final project, and some textbooks to
    boot. Cut the textbook down to 1 manual from Barnes & Noble and
    pick up the programs from here:

  • Please help :( finding the diference between a table value and a count

    Ok... Pretty much, atm I am trying to make a view which is a capacity (specified by a table) minus a count(*) of all the tables, what I am doing is getting the capacity and atempting to take it away from a joined table which contains all of the people booked into a certain flight.. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm sure (surely hopeful) it will work..
    To sum my question up, how can I make a view which has one table minus a numerical result from a count(*)... If I can that is.
    I have made somthing which could be possibly ported into a function which returns the correct answer.. maybe is it better/possible to make the view somehow start a function?
    Edited by: 893357 on Oct 26, 2011 11:17 AM

    How about starting with this "design" (I came up with it in 20minutes so it can be refined further)
    (FLIGHT_NUMBER  VARCHAR2(6) primary key,
    (FLIGHT_ID     NUMBER primary key,
    (PNR          VARCHAR2(6) primary key,
    FLIGHT_ID    NUMBER foreign key references FLIGHT_DETAILS (FLIGHT_ID),
    (PASSSENGER_ID  NUMBER primary key,
    PNR          VARCHAR2(6) foreign key references FLIGHT_BOOKINGS (PNR),
    select fm.flight_number, fm.from_city, fd.flight_id, fd.scheduled_departure, fd.total_seats,
    fd.total_seats - fd.booked_seats available_seats
    from flight_master fm, flight_details fd
    where fm.flight_number='&flight'
    and fd.scheduled_departure = '&scheduled_date_time'
    and fm.flight_number=fd.flight_number
    -- whenever a new reservation is made (only if available_seats >= required_seats)
    select from flight_details for update of booked_seats where .....
    insert into flight_bookings ...
    insert into passenger_details ...
    ... store the number of seats in a variable :purchased_seats
    update flight_details set booked_seats = booked_seats + :purchased_seats
    commitHemant K Chitale

  • Links in Windows (7, 64-bit) doesn't open, getting error:" [link] Can't find the program", help!?

    Everytime I click a link that's not in the actual browser window, could be from a word doc, pdf-file or just plain info link in windows gadgets, I get an error:
    [Clicked link]
    Can't find the program
    I have:
    Windows 7 64-bit
    Firefox 4 RC 1
    Firefox is standard browser and installed at default location.
    please help, it's getting really annoying!!

    This is what I get when opening a link from Outlook 2010.
    Windows 7 64bit
    Firefox 4 RC
    Firefox 4 is set as the default browser
    Links won't open in FF4 from any external programs (tweetdeck, outlook, word, etc.)

  • Installed itunes, checked in, I try to download free applications out the window: this Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store. But the mail I receive, that I'm registered, and I have an Apple ID, please help find out!

    installed itunes, checked in, I try to download free applications out the window: this Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store. But the mail I receive, that I'm registered, and I have an Apple ID, please help find out!

    This could be a delay while internal service records were updated. Check it out again - is it okay for now?

  • For some reason I am having trouble finding the program

    I clicked Try and then It istalled stuff but at the end I could not find the program at all! It is not on my desktop or in programmes, why is this, have I done something wrong? Were could I find it ? Please help!

    It should be in the typical location.  Which operating system are you using exactly?  What Adobe software did you just install?

  • How can I find the program which is calling my SAPscript??

    How can I find the program(std/Custom) which is calling my SAPscript form??

    check in NACE transaction or TNAPR table
    reward points to all helpful answers

  • Find the program name

    I have to find the program name which can let me know a field which exists in different custom program...
    Can anyone guide me please. Its bit urgent

    Hi ,
    run the program RSSCAN1 or RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN .. give the program name as z* and in the search string give the name of the field that you are looking for.

  • Please help finding pre-exsisting methods

    please help find pre-existing methods
    JavaFirstTime Jan 2, 2005 3:21 PM
    please help clever people :)
    how to output decimals in 2 decimal places only?
    how to output large integers using format: 12,376,452
    I've been told there are pre-existing methods for that, but i just can't find it... ideally i need to know the source code...

    Well, there's many ways to do it ... Here's one:
    class NumberFormatDemo {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    new NumberFormatDemo().go();
    public void go() {
    double decimal = 123.456;
    System.out.println((int) decimal + "." + (int)
    + (int) (decimal * 100 + 0.5) % 100);
    int largeInteger = 12376452;
    public String recursive(int largeInteger) {
    if (largeInteger > 999) {
    return recursive(largeInteger/1000) + ","
    1000) + "," + largeInteger%1000;
    } else {
    return "" + largeInteger;
    yes, that's exactly wot i need...
    how didn't i think of that myself, using mathematics, i was thinking it would be more complicated like converting decimals to string then count letters and so on.
    Thank you for putting me on the right track :)

  • Urgent, please help. why the ListSelectionListener() called twice?

    I had two JList, and every time, I click value in list1, it will call the ListSelectionListener() twice, and when I click on value in List2, it called the list2 actionListener twice also, I don't know why?
    Please help.
    The part of the code list below:
    jList1 = new JList(words1);
    JScrollPane scrollPane1 = new JScrollPane(jList1); jList1.setBackground(Color.lightGray);
    jList1.addListSelectionListener(new javax.swing.event.ListSelectionListener() {
    public void valueChanged(ListSelectionEvent e) {
    /* add Column_Name to the jList2*/
    JScrollPane scrollPane2 = new JScrollPane(jList2);
    jList2.addListSelectionListener(new javax.swing.event.ListSelectionListener() {
    public void valueChanged(ListSelectionEvent e) {
    void jList1_valueChanged(ListSelectionEvent evt)
    void jList2_valueChanged(ListSelectionEvent evt)
    {     }

    You can call ListSelectionEvent.getValueIsChanging() to find out if the selection is in progress or if has been finished. You will get an event both when the user starts the selection (presses the button) and when he/she finishes it (lets go of the betton).

  • I have proubleam with string to date conversion, i out put date fromat is 2012-04-30T23:48:55.727-07:00 . so please help me the format conversion

    i have proubleam with string to date conversion, i out put date fromat is 2012-04-30T23:48:55.727-07:00 . so please help me the format conversion.
    i wrote the method but it not workig
    My method is
    -(NSDate *)dateformstr:(NSString *)str
    NSString *date = [str stringByReplacingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];
        NSDateFormatter *dateFormate = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];
      [dateFormate setDateFormat:@"yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:sssZZZZ"]
    // NSDate *formatterDate = [dateFormate  dateFromString:str];
        return formatterDate;
    but i did not the value and if i try othere formate i is working but my requiremet format is 2012-04-30T23:48:55.727-07:00.
    can any help it out in this senario.

    Sorry Butterbean, but I'm interested in the answer to your question myself.
    I've spent a few hours transfering my library from one computer to another and then find out that my ratings didn't transfer. Like you, I've spent many hours rating my 2000+ songs. I'm sure you have more, nevertheless, I want to find out how to get those ratings. They still show in my iTunes on my laptop but, when I go to the iTunes folder and display the details of at song, no rating is there. If you find out how to get them to display there in the iTunes folder, it seems that would be the key.
    Hope you get your answer soon.

  • Please Help for the Query

    Please Help for the Query
    Hi frds please help me for the below query.What I want to do is to pull out the data from below table :-
    date ticker indicator
    03/13/2008 3IINFOTECH -8
    03/18/2008 3IINFOTECH -4
    03/25/2008 3IINFOTECH -5
    03/27/2008 3IINFOTECH -3
    as such :-
    date ticker indicator
    03/13/2008 3IINFOTECH -8
    03/25/2008 3IINFOTECH -5
    03/27/2008 3IINFOTECH -3
    Here I want to find the Trend i.e either asc or desc order from the lowest indicator.
    In the above sample data -8, -4, -5, -3 out of which I want the asc order data -8, -5, -3 and exclude -4 data.Because the asc order -8, -5, -3 will not follow.
    So I want the data
    date ticker indicator
    03/13/2008 3IINFOTECH -8
    03/25/2008 3IINFOTECH -5
    03/27/2008 3IINFOTECH -3

    Tabla creada.
    1 fila creada.
    1 fila creada.
    1 fila creada.
    1 fila creada.
    Validación terminada.
    3IINFOTECH -8                                                        
    3IINFOTECH -5                                                        
    3IINFOTECH -3                                                        

  • Need help finding the best Mac for gf

    hi I need help finding the best desktop. I am looking to buy MAC for gf.
    she uses final cut program question is does the GB/RAM/STORAGE matter on performance?
    She has a 2009 Apple computer I want to upgrade her to a new one
    I Dont know much when it comes to specs. She edits tons of videos and pictures.
    what's recommended for a video/photo editor that's good in performance ?

    Pro consumer might go with iMac even.
    Final Cut Pro latest benefits from dual AMD graphics.
    Video is one animal, graphics a much different.
    Great site full of performance, buying and configuration ideas:
    MacPerformance Go to the main topics
    I think you need to get clear on budgets. start with mid range and add all the options and can spend $4,000 or $7,000.
    Go to the Mac Store and do some looking and Google for reviews of software, hardware of course.
    Rumors Pro
    Visit the forum for FCP-X would be a place to start.
    Final Cut Pro X

  • HT6114 hello .. i am using mavericks OS  and it is showing it needs updates about 800 meg. and every time i download that it dosent do anything and again it is beginig to download again and again that.. please help me. the update is 10.9.2

    hello .. i am using mavericks OS  and it is showing it needs updates about 800 meg. and every time i download that it dosent do anything and again it is beginig to download again and again that.. please help me. the update is 10.9.2

    To answer the post title FireFox save all downloads automatically in the download folder, which you can find in the Documents folder. If you want to choose where to save your downloads go to tools>options>check always ask me where to save files.
    Secondly, I am assuming you have IE 8 installed as this is the only version that supports this fix that is currently not in beta. Go to control panel>internet options>advanced tab and reset the settings at the bottom. This may or may not fix the problem but it is a good first step.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello, I would like for my app to evaluate the above expression. If I use the following sign (#) I get this error: the attributes for a standard action cannot be deferred expressions. If I use the dollar sign the expression is copied as is and not ev

  • Problems connecting projectors

    I have issues connecting external projectors to the Kirabook. I use a HDMI to VGA adapter and all circular objects look compressed in the x direction. The same slides on another widescreen notebook connected to the same projectors look just fine. Cha

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    Now my phone shows a USB pointing to iTunes.  Phone doesn't get past this and it is not being recognized in iTunes.  Any ideas???

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    Every time i plug up the router it says limited or no local area connectivity and when i put the modem back on it works so wats happening? Model: WRT56G I have windows xp Message Edited by Eric11 on 11-12-2007 05:33 PM