Hey guys!
I just got myself a brand new itouch last week (I'm SO excited), the problem is this, i cannot get it to connect to the internet! I've got a wired connection, and i need to know how to either change everything over to wireless (which would be an expensive pain as I've got a HD tivo, a Wii, an xbox 360, plus my computed that are using up everything on my router) or somehow get a wireless router connected to all of this cable modem has only one output, too. So, I feel TOTALLY helpless! Maybe there is something I'm missing or not thinking of or something, but I'm so frustrated! I love my itouch and want to definitely keep it do i get it to connect to the internet? Sorry about the rambling message...Thanks for listening...

While an Apple Airport is a very nice router (and is clearly very Mac friendly in terms of setup and such), it is expensive.
You could achieve the same results - a wireless connection for your Touch - with a low-end wireless router from Belkin, Netgear, Linksys, etc. You only need 802.1 g/b (i.e., some of the newer, "faster" access protocol won't work on the Touch anyway), so you could go with some of the lowest-end offerings from these other manufacturers. Generally, such things are available from office supply (e.g., Staples) or big box (e.g., Best Buy) stores for under $50. You could also search somewhere like Craigslist and find and older one (that someone is upgrading from) for for next to free. If nesc, go to the maker's website to download a manual once you have a used piece of equip. Since you seem to be a PC (windows) user, you should be able to run the setup programs on the manuf-supplied CDs for most anything that you find.
In most cases, you can bridge your "new" wireless router to the wired router, thereby keeping your wired router fully in place. Or, you may be able to swap everything over to the wireless router (using its wired ports...most wireless routers have a least 4 wired ports...for those devices you have that aren't wireless). Depending on what you get for a wireless router, you have a variety of options.
Hope this helps.

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  • Please help! connection problems

    ok I've been working on this for several hours now and can't figure it out.  I just moved back home and my connection was working some yesterday but I can't get it to work anymore.
    It says I'm connected but it won't receive any packets.  I changed the SSID name and removed the old SSID's.  I reinstalled my wireless pci card drivers and switched pci slots.  I updated the router's firmware (it's WRT54G).  I changed Advanced Wireless Settings as suggested: Beacon Interval: 50; lowered Fragmentation and RTS threshholds by 40 each.  I switched the router to channel 11.
    I've tried repairing the connection many times (some times it works, most times it won't renew IP address); I've also reset the router many times.
    My computer skills are intermediate but certainly not advanced.  I can't directly connect it to the modem via cable b/c I don't have the necessary hardware (modem card?).  I talked to tech support and I was able to "ping," google, etc successfully but it just won't receive packets...Please help!

    The best thing to do at this point is to go back over setting up the wireless security settings again and make sure that while you are setting up these settings that you connect an Ethernet cable from that computer to the router then perform a power cycle
    You need to remove the power cable from the Linksys router, then remove the power cable from the modem, wait about 60 seconds, then plug in the modem, then plug in the Linksys router. Wait about 3 minutes while the modem and router sync back up. Once all light are back on,disconnect the ethernet cable and now try to connect.
    Here are instructions to follow if you need them
    Setting up your wireless connection in your router.
    *** Step #5 = you can choose the type of encryption that fits your set-up, the example I give is: WPA/TKIP+AES
    ***Also Pay close attention to the security and security key information and make sure it matches. (What is entered in the router must be entered in the computer.
    1.Open Internet Explorer and type into the address bar.
    2.You will now get a sign-in box, User Name = (Leave Blank)
                                                           Password = admin (all lower case letters)
    3.Once the set-up page opens, click on the Wireless Tab as youwill need to change the settings. A) Wireless Network Mode = Mixed
                  B) Wireless Network Name (SSID) = Choose any name and do not use Linksys.
                  C) Wireless Channel = 1, 6 or 11 is best, so see which work best for you.
                  D) Wireless SSID Broadcast = Enabled.
    4. Now go to the bottom of the page and click on save settings.
    5. Click on the Wireless Security Sub tab.
                  A) Security Mode: WPA
                  B) WPA Algorithms: TKIP + AES
                  C) WPA Shared Key:  Type 24 letters, and numbers using lower and upper case letters
                  D) Group Key Renewal: 3600
    6. Once again go to the bottom of the page and click on Save Settings.
    7. Now you can close out of this page.
    8. You will now need to enter the security info into your computer. I will now give you 2 links, depending which operating system you have, Vista or XP you will follow the one you have.
    Vista =
    XP =
    Now try to make a wireless connection.
    Good Luck,

  • Please help with connection problem!

    Hi people,
    I am trying to use Siemens Speedstream 4200 modem to connect to the internet using its ethernet port. It is connected via USB to my wife's HP Pavillion DV9000 laptop (Win XP)and works fine with that. Almost all hardware in Brazil where I live does not support mac, so I'm not sure if the modem is made only for PC. I imagine that's unlikely. I have tried using both a simple direct ethernet connection to my mac as well as via my airport base station (which I initialised) but to no avail.
    My airport is connected and has the IP address I have also checked 'set serice order' to make sure the correct method of connection is at the top of the list. Do I need to find out some of the PC's network info to apply to my mac's setup?
    Please, any help most appreciated as I need to connect for my work.
    Thanks! Ben

    1st the technology is the same worldwide, and it is not restricted to Mac only or Pc only the technology works on all compuuters irreguardless of the manufacture.
    Turn off the Modem you are using and the same with the Airport Base.
    Plug the ethernet into the Speedstreme Modem and into the Airport Router start the Modem first and wait a minute and then do the same to the Airport Base.
    If your wifes PC is wireless it should connect as well as the Mac.
    Get the Mac working first. The Pc should connect as well as the Mac either way with Ethernet or Wireless, if she has a wireless card in her's.
    Don't be afraid to consult the paperwork that came with the Airport, or Airport Extreme Base.

  • Please help: Internet Setup Problems.

    So here's the deal. I am trying to connect to the internet through a ethernet cable. I follow everything by the book while setting it up.
    I click on System Preferences and go to Network and it says "Ethernet is currently active...and the internet is connected via built-in ethernet." But when I click on Safari, it says I am not connected to the Internet.
    I run Network Diag and I get a green light for Ethernet, Network Settings, and ISP, but a red light for Internet and Server.
    Any suggestions?
    I have tried reseting the modem and all that. The cables are fine. They work on my other computer.

    Could be a lot of things, but we'll try some simple things first. If you are connecting directly to your modem and not through a router, then shut down your computer and unplug the modem for 30 seconds. Then, plug in your modem and let it go through it's intialization sequence (the lights blink). When all the lights are reasonable steady, about 30 seconds after plugging it in, plug the Ethernet cable into your computer and boot it up. I know you did this already, but that 30 second wait is sometimes the key.
    Now, if that doesn't work, then shut everything off again. Plug in your Ethernet cable to the computer and start it first. Let everything get settled (hopefully that 30 seconds) and then plug in your modem and let that get settled and see what happens.
    Now, if it still doesn't work and you're getting an IP address assigned, what does it start with?

  • Omni 10 mostly internet connection problem, also difficulties responding generally

    Dear all,
    For two weeks now i am proud owner of an omni 10 tablet. However, i already encountered some problems like the loss of the audio System, which was luckily restored with the help of the hp support via telephone.
    Unfortunately, my tablet is not properly connecting to the internet since yesterday. It also has problems opening PDF files with 'adobe read', deleting or newly creating appointments in the challenger app and foremost it sometimes does not open the settings section depite repeatedly tapping on its button..
    Most important currently is the internet connection problem. Is connects but says at the same time that the connection is limited. Additionally, it does not offer any solutions to this. That happend with three differend routers so far..
    I hope you can help me

    The only thing I can suggest is for you to follow as many steps in this document as you can: Troubleshooting Wireless Network
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  • Just one month before i bought iphone 5... but the iphone has the internet connectivity problem... while a iphone 4s is cathcing 3G tower, whereas iphone 5 is catching 2G network only.... I've tried so many things to get recovered, but alas

    Just one month before i bought iphone 5... but the iphone has the internet connectivity problem... while a iphone 4s is cathcing 3G tower, whereas iphone 5 is catching 2G network only.... I've tried so many things to get recovered, but alas, nothing is workable- such as- restaring the iphone, reseting the networks etc... Please help me out from this problem..

    to be clear, my phone works fine when not in motion in a vehicle.  If I pull over and come to a complete stop, remaining in the car, my phone works.
    And while the phone is not working when I'm in motion, an internet search or a text message will go through, but I can not use Siri or any voice assistance when doing the text message or internet search.  The microphone is greyed out.
    So this is a unique issue, which appears to be the iPhone and not Verizon.

  • Persistent internet connection problems.

    Every 8 months I get a spate of internet connection problems that last for a few months. (Meaning I get relief for two months at a time, and bad service for two months). When the previous bout of internet connection issues happened I was fortunate enough to get a good technician who showed me how to reset the connection at the fios box at the entrance to my home, by unplugging the backup battery, unplugging the connection box and then reconnecting the battery and plugging back in the connection box. The technician had remarked that there were problems with the main fios connection system to the townhouses, and somehow that got fixed.
    This time I have not had as much luck. The technicians on duty have had me reset the cable router (which isn't the problem) and even replace the cable router (also not the problem). Fortunately I have remembered the previous technician's solution and am doing that every three days, without contacting technical support since they have proven useless at this time, only continuing to have me get new routers that do not even connect without the previous steps.
    How do I get Verizion to bother to listen to me? At this time I am really wishing Cox was in my neighborhood, since I was able to go at least eight months straight without problems from them. 
    I am hoping that this causes someone to check on this problem. You had a good technician on technical support once, but  not now.
    By the way - this has been going on for over two years.

    Since we haven't heard back from you or have received a form submission as requested in your private support case, it appears assistance is no longer required. If you need any future help with your Verizon service, please make a post here on the forums so we can assist.
    **If someones post has helped you, please acknowledge their assistance by clicking the red thumbs up button to give them Kudos. If you are the original poster and any response gave you your answer, please mark the post that had the answer as the solution**
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  • RG54G2 Wireless Router Internet Connection Problem

    (apologies for the long message - trying to cover all details - summary: wireless router often drops internet connection)
    I recently bought an RG54G2 Wireless Router, a CB54G2 PCMCIA Wireless card and a D-Link GWL-630 PCMCIA Wireless card.  In addition to two laptops connected to the wireless router WLAN, I have two PCs (one Win WP Pro SP 1 and one Win98SE) connected to the router via wired LAN.  I also have a SurfBoard SB3100 Cable Modem connected to the WAN port (this connects to my ISP -  Optusnet (Australia) via DHCP).
    The problem I have is that the internet connection is disconnected many times a day (often every few minutes, sometimes an hour or so).  I am able to reconnect by resetting the wireless router via the wireless router configuration page.  When the internet is disconnected I am still able to access the computers on the LAN/WLAN (via Windows Explorer and Ping), I am also able to ping the router and the Cable Modem, but nothing outside of the cable modem.
    Also, when the internet is disconnected the System Status page indicates that the router is still connected to the internet, and the Diagnostics page passes the Test Connection test, though no external pings work.
    I did not have this problem when the cable modem was connected directly to the Win98SE PC (and other PCs via ICS).
    I have disabled the WLAN and the problem still exists with only the wired LAN.
    I have changed numerous settings in the wireless router config page with no success (eg disabling DHCP and setting each IP address, minimising LAN and WLAN speeds to 10 and 11MBps plus others).
    I have upgraded the wireless router firmware to R1.0.6.0 (no change to the problem).
    Searching on Google I have found several other cases of routers with unstable internet connections (none refering to the MSI routers), but none had solutions that helped my situation (most replies suggested updating the firmware).
    Any suggestions of how to make the router internet connection stable?

    maybe this is the FIX 4 wireles router internet connection problem
    please let me know if any one fix the problem with this tips
    M. B.      Feb 6 2004, 8:20 am     hide options
    From: "M. B." - Find messages by this author
    Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 16:20:48 GMT
    Local: Fri, Feb 6 2004 8:20 am
    Subject: SOLUTION to my router loosing connection to Windows XP
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    I am happy to report that after 8 days of constant battles, reboots, phone
    calls, cable pulling, router changing, it seems that I finally have found a
    combination that has had me using Verizon DSL account for over 12 hours so
    far without any kind of interruptions.
    Since so many of you tried giving me comments and suggestions, I felt that
    it is necessary for me to post this here so that the next person will not
    (hopefully) need to go through this hell as I did!
    My original problem was that when after I purchased a D-Link Wireless Router
    DI-624, I would get disconnected from Verizon DSL at least once every 2
    hours or so. My internet access would "freeze" and then a little popup box
    at the bottom right system tray would tell me that the "LAN cable has been
    unplugged".   After about a minute or so, my internet connection would be
    back working   This was NEVER happening during the 2+ years I was using my
    Westell modem alone (running in router mode).
    Please keep in mind: The problem I was having was not wireless related as
    it was happening to the desktop computer to which the router/westell was
    connected to!
    During these last 8 days, I tried: one DI-624 wireless router, two Netgear
    614v3 routers and two Linksys WRT54G v.2 routers. In addition, I received a
    brand new Westell 2200 modem from Verizon.   I also tried about four
    different CAT-5 cables. Here is the final outcome:
    I have the Linksys WRT54G (version 2) wireless router connected to the
    Netgear Fast Ethernet FA310TX network card in Auto-Sense mode (using the
    built-in XP drivers, as Netgear told me that there was never a newer
    revision released). I have DISABLED the built-in 3Com Gigabit LOM (3C940)
    network card (via the ASUS P4C800 Deluxe motherboard BIOS), DISABLED the
    Zero Wireless Configuration service, and have put in the IP/Gateway/DNS
    address numbers inside my Windows XP Network Connections | LAN setup. My
    operating system is Windows XP Pro SP1 and the modem is a Westell 2200
    configured as bridge only.
    If my situation continues to be stable, I *might* try to go back to the 3Com
    built-in card (disable any power management) and then re-enabling the Zero
    Wireless Configuration services. But in reality, I am happy with the way
    things are and have already spent enough time trying to get my router to
    work with Verizon DSL without having it drop connections!
    Now, the next step will be setting up the WIRELESS part of this. I don't
    even yet have a laptop with me on the premises, but the 802.11g card that I
    already have is the D-Link DWL-G650. I hope and assume that this will work
    okay with the Linksys...
    One thing I must say is that I never realized that how many problems other
    users are having. I would have thought that since 802.11x has been around
    in the mainstream by now 2+ years, that things would have been much more
    "system friendlier".   And again, my issues were not even WIRELESS related.
    All 3 tech supports were not really helpful, as none of them realized that
    the problem is somehow between the router and Windows XP (Ethernet card?)
    loosing a connection, which of course results in Verizon DSL loosing the
    connection also.
    One other comment about the Netgear 614 v.3 router: A number of people have
    responded to tell me that they have had this random "router resetting"
    happen to them (where the routers behaves as if someone turned the power off
    and then back on, and the lights flash) just as if you first turn it on). I
    was lucky to witness it myself during one of the "disconnects" that I had.
    This was actually the reason why I went back to try the Linksys one more
    time. So, I would definitely recommend staying way from this 614 (version
    3) model.
    Once again - THANK YOU everyone!

  • My Itunes is no longer allowing me to manage my music on my phone i can no longer select on my iphone to make playlists and delete music. Please help fix my problem.

    My Itunes is no longer allowing me to manage my music on my phone i can no longer select on my iphone to make playlists and delete music. Please help fix my problem. Iphone4s, 32gigs, IOS 7.1.2
    I don't know why it stopped working but it happened a month or two ago but the option on this phone that's usually all the way to the left when you select your device but now its not and I don't know what caused it. ive already tried troubleshooting my problem but have found no help.

    Hello Salmomma,
    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing when trying to connect your iPhone to your Mac.  I recommend following the steps in the tutorial below for an issue like this:
    iPhone not appearing in iTunes
    Additionally, you can delete music directly from the iPhone by swiping the song:
    Delete a song from iPhone: In Songs, swipe the song, then tap Delete.
    iPhone User Guide df
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • When is Apple going to fix Yosemite's internet connection problem

    Is Apple going to fix Yosemite"s internet connection problem?

    Nobody here knows any more than you do about what Apple is going to do. If you want help from other end users with your problem, you'll have to describe it in more detail.

  • Some Gmail features have failed to load due to an Internet connectivity problem.

    This error message comes up both using Firefox and Chrome when using G mail. Also if it works at all,
    switching from compose to draft just takes very long or keeps working.
    No problem with G mail using Internet Explorer or Safari.
    I have used Firefox for many years & want to go back when I can solve this Vexing problem.

    Thank you for your help.
    I reset Firefox, re started and wanted to answer using G mail with Firefox,
    and the same error message comes up.. When it does the screan gets
    very lite with the error message on top.
    '''''Some Gmail features have failed to load due to an Internet connectivity problem. If this problem persists, try reloading the page, or using the basic HTML version. Learn More.'''''
    I am now using Explorer to send this!

  • OSX Mavericks having internet connection problems.

    Just updated to OSX Mavericks on my early 2011 MacBook Pro, and it's having internet connection problems. I'm using wi-fi, and so far only Firefox and Mail will connect. All other programs (such as iTunes and App Store) won't establish a connection. This is a problem that only started after I installed Mavericks. What can I do to fix this? Thanks in advance.

    App Store / iTunes Store relies on Safari settings if you can't access secure sites from Safari then they won't work...  Reset Safari  and make sure Block Cookies Setting is not set to Always.  You can also try to create a new user and see if it works there to help isolate the issue.

  • [ETL]Could you please help with a problem accessing UML stereotype attributes ?

    Hi all,
    Could you please help with a problem accessing UML stereotype attributes and their values ?
    Here is the description :
    -I created a UML model with Papyrus tool and I applied MARTE profile to this UML model.
    -Then, I applied <<PaStep>> stereotype to an AcceptEventAction ( which is one of the element that I created in this model ), and set the extOpDemand property of the stereotype to 2.7 with Papyrus.
    -Now In the ETL file, I can find the stereotype property of extOpDemand as follows :
    s.attribute.selectOne(a|"extOpDemand") , where s is a variable of type Stereotype.
    -However I can't access the value 2.7 of the extOpDemand attribute of the <<PaStep>> Stereotype. How do I do that ?
    Please help
    Thank you

    Hi Dimitris,
    Thank you , a minimal example is provided now.
    Version of the Epsilon that I am using is : ( Epsilon Core
    Instructions for reproducing the problem :
    1-Run the uml2etl.etl transformation with the supplied launch configuration.
    2-Open lqn.model.
    There are two folders inside MinimalExample folder, the one which is called MinimalExample has 4 files, model.uml , lqn.model, uml2lqn.etl and MinimalExampleTransformation.launch.
    The other folder which is LQN has four files. (.project),LQN.emf,LQN.ecore and untitled.model which is an example model conforming to the LQN metamodel to see how the model looks like.
    Thank you

  • Please help, i connect my phone to computer and gives me error code this i phone cannot be used because the apple mobile device is not started

    please help, i connect my phone to computer and gives me error code this i phone cannot be used because the apple mobile device is not started
    uninstall and reinstall
    there is a complicated way to work with just the mobile device support but its simpler just to uninstall itunes and related components and then reinstall itunes
    ur music will be fine, u will just lose the playlists. but ur mobile device support will be working again.

  • How to resolve this: Some Gmail features have failed to load due to an Internet connectivity problem. If this problem persists, try reloading the page, using the older version, or using basic HTML mode.

    Keep getting this message while using Gmail "Some Gmail features have failed to load due to an Internet connectivity problem. If this problem persists, try reloading the page, using the older version, or using basic HTML mode. "
    I have to use the older version of gmail for it to work properly.

    now i cant even send emails out of gmail, except when using the older version.

  • I have updated all of my plugins and still cannot get any videos to play i get either an error message or internet connection problem message and my internet is working fine

    videos have stopped playing on firefox, i get an error message on youtube, facebook and on netflix i get an internet connection problem, i have no problem with my internet connection, i have updated all of my plug ins...what has happened

    If you get an error that says can't backup, try moving the existing backup file to a safe location and thry again. again. You can find the location of the backup file here:
    iPhone and iPod touch: About backups

Maybe you are looking for