Please help with internet problems

I have just started having problems with my blackberry curve. When i go to internet and click on my bookmarks it opens up front page fine but when i try to click on pages to connect to from front page it kicks me out straight to bookmarks page. Please help ????????????> this has only started in last few days i.e i go to sky sports which it opens then trying to click on an item to read it kicks me straight to bookmarks page????????

Hi cp70uk
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Have you try Clearing your device Browser data ,you can try this and see if that helps ,For that Open your Browser > Press  the Menu key > Scroll down to Clear Browser Data ( Mark all fiels ) then Clear Now .
Then perform a Battery Pull Restart like this device POWERED ON remove the battery wait for a min. then reinsert it back ,after reboot see if problem resolves.
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  • [ETL]Could you please help with a problem accessing UML stereotype attributes ?

    Hi all,
    Could you please help with a problem accessing UML stereotype attributes and their values ?
    Here is the description :
    -I created a UML model with Papyrus tool and I applied MARTE profile to this UML model.
    -Then, I applied <<PaStep>> stereotype to an AcceptEventAction ( which is one of the element that I created in this model ), and set the extOpDemand property of the stereotype to 2.7 with Papyrus.
    -Now In the ETL file, I can find the stereotype property of extOpDemand as follows :
    s.attribute.selectOne(a|"extOpDemand") , where s is a variable of type Stereotype.
    -However I can't access the value 2.7 of the extOpDemand attribute of the <<PaStep>> Stereotype. How do I do that ?
    Please help
    Thank you

    Hi Dimitris,
    Thank you , a minimal example is provided now.
    Version of the Epsilon that I am using is : ( Epsilon Core
    Instructions for reproducing the problem :
    1-Run the uml2etl.etl transformation with the supplied launch configuration.
    2-Open lqn.model.
    There are two folders inside MinimalExample folder, the one which is called MinimalExample has 4 files, model.uml , lqn.model, uml2lqn.etl and MinimalExampleTransformation.launch.
    The other folder which is LQN has four files. (.project),LQN.emf,LQN.ecore and untitled.model which is an example model conforming to the LQN metamodel to see how the model looks like.
    Thank you

  • Please help with slideshow problems!

    Am using Photoshop Elements 8 and trying to make a slideshow. Have tried 4 times now and keep ending up with same problem, cannot reopen project to continue edititing.  Won't show up in orginizer and when I find on harddrive and try to open get message " wmv file cannot be opened".  How can I save a
    slideshow inprogress and be able to reopen and continue to edit and make slideshow?  I want to thank anyone who can help me with this in advance as I
    have gotten so frustrated that I want to just scream.

    Thanks for the help, thought I had done so but maybe not.  Anyway will have another go at it, now may I ask another
    question?  I am trying to add audio to slideshow.  I have some music I purchased thru amazon as mp3 files but I get
    message no codec and when I try to add wmv I get same message.  What type of file do I need and how can I add
    multiple songs to one slideshow.   I have one little wmv file that will go in, but it just replicates itself multiple times until
    it fills slide show. 
    Thanks again, sorry to be a bother, but this thing is driving this old man crazy.
    Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 20:34:32 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Please help with slideshow problems!
    You need to save the slideshow project in order to be able to go back later and make changes or additions to an existing slideshow . The wmv file is a final output format.
    Now you are most probably using only the Output command: that is what makes the wmv file.
    You should also do the Save Project command. (and I make it a practice to do the Save Project command before I do the Output command).
    If you look at the Elements Organizer 8 Help, there is a topic on "Create a slide show".
    -- Very close to the beginning of that topic is a screen shot of the Sldie Show Editor screen,
    -- The bar below the usual menu bar is labeled with a "B" and called the Shortcuts bar.
    -- The 1st entry on that Shortcuts bar is "Save Project"
    It is the Save Project command that saves the information about which photos, audio, etc you placed in that specific slide show so that you can come back again to do subsequent editing.  Save each Project with a unique name.
    After completing the Save Project command, you shoud see an "icon" in the Organizer for that slide show.
    Note:  you must also keep the photo files and audio files which you have used in this slide show: you can't delete them because the project file does NOT contain a copy of the photos, it only has the identification and folder location of the photo and audio files.

  • I have just started using WD external hard drives, I use it to save my movies and music on. On more than one occasion, when I connect to my MacBook it erases everything on had on there. Can someone please help with this problem?

    I have just started using WD external hard drives, I use it to save my movies and music on. On more than one occasion, when I connect it to my MacBook it erases everything I had save on the hard drive. Can someone please help me with this problem? I am super tired of having to put all of my movies and music on the hard drive just to have it erased again. The products I am using are WD 4TB My Book and 2 TB My Passport external hard drives. When it happens, there is always an icon that reads, EFI, along with the My Book icon. Thank you for your assisstance.

    dwgar1322 wrote:
    I have just started using WD external hard drives, I use it to save my movies and music on. On more than one occasion, when I connect it to my MacBook it erases everything I had save on the hard drive. Can someone please help me with this problem? I am super tired of having to put all of my movies and music on the hard drive just to have it erased again. The products I am using are WD 4TB My Book and 2 TB My Passport external hard drives. When it happens, there is always an icon that reads, EFI, along with the My Book icon. Thank you for your assisstance.
    Yes, you have WD software installed  REMOVE IT !! 
    WD has warned its customers about their huge mistake that their software doesnt work on Mavericks and causes data loss.
    (also dont use WD drives anymore)
    Read all about it here:
    See their website on removing the destructive WD software here: iencing-Data-Loss-with-Maverick-OS/td-p/613775
    Western Digital External Hard Drives Experiencing Data Loss On OS X Mavericks g-data-loss-on-os-x-mavericks/

  • Please help with AcroIEHelper problem

    I had perfectly running laptop. Now, with no reason every time I turn on my laptop I get a messege that Windows Installer is preparing to install something. Then Installer asks me to insert a disc with Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Pro. When I insert the disc installer tells me that it can not access a file. Exactly:
    Adobe Acrobat 7.1.0 Professional
    Error 1304: Error writing to file C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\ActiveX\AcroIEHelper.dll.
    Verify that you have access to that directory.
    I checked that directory and did not find such file. Sometimes, this messege appears when I try to open C: or folders on my Desktop but not always. Once it showed up when I tryed to start IE. Ater I uninstalled Adobe Acrobat this messege stopped showing up. But when I reinstalled Adobe Acrobat it started again.
    I have tryed almost every anti-malware I could find - McAfee, Spybot, Spyware Doctor, Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware, Superantispyware, AVG 8.5, Dr. Web - all these programms I ran in both normal and safe modes. I even went to BIOS Setup and returned to factory settings. Nothing helped. I went to malware forum and people did not find any malware in my logs.
    Then, I installed WinPatrol that seems to be able managing startup programs. After I desabled SC-Acrobat.exe and Adobe Gamma Loader I do not have this annoying Windows Installer for Adobe Acrobat warning any more when Windows starts. But it still shows up often, but not always when I open C: or folders on my Desktop. I have Windows Vista Home.
    So could you please help me with this problem? Thank you.

    MamaDragonBoy wrote:
    It's already set to "mixed" wireless b and g... should I try setting it to all g?  Both my laptop and my husband's are "g"
    setting it to g certainly wont hurt anything.


    I recently swicthed from the 8830 which was a wonderfull phone. MY curve from sprint, 8330 is dead every day by 5 pm. I already exchanged the phone and had the battery replaced (third battery) I used my 8830 with the same applications and the most it would be by like 50-70 percent.  I dont know what to do. The curve is SUPPOSED TO  get better battery life! but actually is not. Its become a non realiable phone for me. Its still under my 30 days. Even though i already swaped it once. I do not want to get rid if this phone. I love the blackberry i just need the battery to last me either the same or better than the 8830 as blackberry promised....
    I have read forums in closing the applications but even when i do its still the same. I occasionally do get the hour glass problem and it does lag quite a bit.  Does any one know of a battery issue?? Has to be???
    I let it die last night and recharged it completely - as some of you recommended. I will try it today but my hopes arent to high ....
    Please help.
    Thank you 

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  • Please help with start problem of my new X61s

    I baught my X61s 2 weeks ago. It was received with vista home installed. I downgraded it to XP myself 1 week ago and it was working very well. Today, when I turned on the machine, nothing appeared on the screen, and I only hear about 7 beeps. I tried to turn off and turn on the machine several times, but no difference. I don't know what happen.
    Please help me! Thanks.

    Per the magic beep decoder ring that might mean bad DIMM or system board.
    I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!

  • Please help with namespace problem

    I am trying to display a gif image an I have a namespace problem.
    Here is my xml document:
    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="authors.xsl"?>
    <name>Mike Galos</name>
    <name>Cynthia Randall</name>
    Here is my xsl stylesheet:
    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" version="1.0">
    <xsl:template match="//author">
    <image     xmlns:xlink=""
    I want the browser to diplay the gif image but it is only showing the image icon and not the actual gif image.
    Can anyone please help??
    Thanks in advance,

    do you use a special browser?
    if not, do you really expect a standard browser to understand this kind of non-HTML image tag?
    <image xmlns:xlink="" xlink:show="embed" xlink:href="logo.gif" xlink:type="simple">check HTML 4.0 (
    or XHTML(
    for the correct tag syntax.

  • Please help with some problems with my N96

    Hi there,
    I have spent a fair bit of money on my Nokia N96 and unfortunately it is out of its warranty etc.And I have few issues with it.
    So can anyone advise me as to how about I can overcome some issues:
    Firstly, in my message inbox only the numbers display instead of the names (e.g.. +447770260.. Instead of Peter), has anyone had this issue or can help with this? I have gone into the message setting and nothing sticks out and says click me for number or name to be displayed.
    Secondly, the vibrating device doesn't seem to work at all some days and other days it seems fine? Is this a common fault or is it my phone. Also, is there anywhere on the phone to adjust the vibrating force which maybe getting in the way?
    Many thanks for any advise or for merely looking, and grateful for any help.

    read the above thread in regards to the contacts issue. it is a common issue for the s60 phones no fix as yet and it has been few years now.
    there is no way you can adjust the vibration force. its either on or off. the vibration should work at all times if you have it set to work. it should not be random. you might want to take it to nokia care for them to have a look at it despite the fact that it is out of warranty.  
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  • Please help with connection problem!

    Hi people,
    I am trying to use Siemens Speedstream 4200 modem to connect to the internet using its ethernet port. It is connected via USB to my wife's HP Pavillion DV9000 laptop (Win XP)and works fine with that. Almost all hardware in Brazil where I live does not support mac, so I'm not sure if the modem is made only for PC. I imagine that's unlikely. I have tried using both a simple direct ethernet connection to my mac as well as via my airport base station (which I initialised) but to no avail.
    My airport is connected and has the IP address I have also checked 'set serice order' to make sure the correct method of connection is at the top of the list. Do I need to find out some of the PC's network info to apply to my mac's setup?
    Please, any help most appreciated as I need to connect for my work.
    Thanks! Ben

    1st the technology is the same worldwide, and it is not restricted to Mac only or Pc only the technology works on all compuuters irreguardless of the manufacture.
    Turn off the Modem you are using and the same with the Airport Base.
    Plug the ethernet into the Speedstreme Modem and into the Airport Router start the Modem first and wait a minute and then do the same to the Airport Base.
    If your wifes PC is wireless it should connect as well as the Mac.
    Get the Mac working first. The Pc should connect as well as the Mac either way with Ethernet or Wireless, if she has a wireless card in her's.
    Don't be afraid to consult the paperwork that came with the Airport, or Airport Extreme Base.

  • Help with internet problems

    Hi im very frustrated that every 3 minutes or so my internet light will go off and my dsl light will start blinking. This is especially bad since i play on xbox live, and every time this happens i get disconnected. Im using a Westell modem - model 327W, and below i will post a link to a status repord of a dsl test i did. Any help is appreaciated. Oh and ill answer some simple questions, yes my phones have filters and they are good, and yes my cable lines are good.

    #1 Please post the modem stats, from the router.
    #2 If you have no idea of what I mean, after you log-in to the router show the first screenshot that you see.
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  • Please help with video problem

    I hope I'm in the right forum. I have a MS-6368 Mainboard & recently the video has gone bad. The boarders of anything on the screen & the text is for the lack of a better word squiggly. Horizontal lines seem to be ok but all vertical lines & all text have this squiggly swimmy motion. Just a warning that I am very computer ignorant.

    Since your able to boot into safe mode okay your problem sounds like it is simply a driver problem. In safe mode Windows is not loading the driver for your video controller. In safe mode Windows loads its own generic video driver which has very limited capabilities. Actually the generic driver has only just enough capabilities to function in safe mode operation.
    Try to follow Hjongste's suggestions or, download the drivers for your motherboard and follow the instruction in the readme. If there is a readme file because the installer will more than likely do everything for you anyway. They have the VGA driver for your motherboard on this page:
    Just run the installer program and see if that cures your problem.
    By the way...
    I did a search in the knowledge base for your motherboard and the question "Can I disable the on-board video for MS-6368?" question was answered with "No, you cannot, this is a chipset limitation." So adding a video card is probably out of the question anyway. The help you've been provided is very useful. Don't be timid about following their advice.

  • Simple maze game for LV enjoyment and please help with my problem

    Here has a simple game for enjoyment, you can try to play and improve it with code/map etc.
    Green color represent player, and red for Exit.
    Hope you can kindly look at my problem and hope can get your kindly help.
    Thank you everyone.
    Attachments: ‏79 KB

    Sorry for the wrong link
    Here: my problem
    Thank you very much

  • Please help with a problem relating to Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.10

    I have created a form using acrobat professional 7.10 and the form requires signing. there are few people in the office with acrobat professional and i want to enable usage rights for adobe reader. i can not find this button anywhere in the program.
    Can someone please tell me how i go about enabling this feature on my form.

    Can someone please tell me how i go about enabling this feature on my form.
    Upgrade to Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.

  • Please help with driver problem trying to reinstall windows 7

    Hi, product is HP 655 Notebook pc operating system windows 7 however due to my daughters negligence (dont know exactly what, do know she very rarely if ever shut it down properly) the computer would go on but but only to black screen stating after general info at top (PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable) next line (PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE ROM), on last line (No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key). dint have the boot disc only the product key so downloaded windows 7 home premium, put it on disc to start again.  While trying to install Win 7, I get past a couple of screens in (collecting information) then I get stuck at a "Select the driver to be installed." screen. there is nothing in the box to choose just a statement  "No signed device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK.". Im certainly no expert but can and have followed instruction just dont know if i'm missing something, any help in this matter would be very much appreciated and thank you in advance!

    Hi del922,
    Your HP 655 is a commercial product and to get your issue more exposure I would suggest posting in the commercial forums. Here is a link to the Commercial Notebook forum.
    Thank you,
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    Thank you,
    I work on behalf of HP

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  • Fi-sl totals and line items

    dear experts, i have timestamp generated for actuals line items table for fi-sl. i also have the totals summary table but it has no timestamp. i like to find out how can i compare records for the 2 tables given that timestamp is not present in totals

  • Host Command Problems on 9i Unix

    I am using web froms 9i running on a Unix server with 9iasr2. I am trying to manipulate files on the server not the client. I have tried: host('rm -f /mypath/filename.txt') host('rm -f /mypath/filename.txt',NO_SCREEN) host('touch /mypath/filename.txt

  • Photosmart printer not printing straight

    I have recently purchased a HP Photosmart 5515 e All-in-One printer (model no. B111h). I managed to set it up with no problems, however, when I try to print out documents I notice the images are not straight - they all seem to be skewed slightly. It 

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