PO text transfer to Back-end in case of Extended Classic Scenario in SRM 4.

Dear experts,
My system is in SRM 4.0 in Extended Classic Scenario. We use in the PO internal note text and vendor But thses texts are not transfered to Back-end.
Is it normal?
Do I need to customize something?
Can it be achieved by BADi? How then?
OR is it only possible from SRM 5.0?
Thanks in advance

Yes you can do this. Implement BADI BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW, Refer parameter IS_SC_DOCUMENT>LONGTEXT,  and CS_PO_DOCUMENT>IT_PO_ITEM_TEXT. Map the exact text-id of the R/3.
Note: if this BADI is not present, use BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK
Regards, IA

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    Can anybody provide me with the ABAP call stack ( I mean the program logic) on how the SC is converted to PO and transferred to the R/3 system in the case of extended classic scenario. I know that the SC after the approval process is over a method called "setrelease" of object bus2121 is executed. I tried to debug his method but could not found out the exact logic.

    Hi Sankar,
    You will find the answer here :
    kind regards,

  • Attachment transfer of PO from SRM to Back end for extended classic scenario

    Hi Experts,
         We are using the SRM 7.0 with EHP 701 and ECC 6 , we have a SRM requirement where we need to transfer the attachment of a PO to back end ECC. I tried to implement the note 1594966 , but it doesn't work . we are using Extended classic scenario. Please suggest some SAP notes or the procedure to be followed to achieve this.
    Thanks ,

    As far as I am aware this functionality of transferring attachment is not supported in Ext classic scneario  
    Also  I suggest you should debug and see if its sending attachment from SRM if yes then
    could be something missing at ECC side , To debug use this
     You may also check in SXI_monitor and see if attachment is being recieved and sent from SRM and ECC respectively
    Are you configuring this for the 1 st time or its an error which u encountered?
    You must raise a NOte to SAP for the same till a solution is found .
    This one is another which you can check ..

  • PO attachment transfer to ECC - Extended classic scenario

    Hi all,
    We are on SRM 5.0 ECS.As standard,can the SRM PO attachments be transferred to  ECC PO?Is this possible in  ECS?If so,what are the steps?

    HI Alexander,
    The purchase order in the Extended Classic Scenario is transferred to the backend system with different Function Modules. The
    attachment transfer logic was only implemented in the Classic Scenario.
    One reason for this decision was, that the leading Purchase Order in the extended classic scenario is the local one, and in the local purchase order the attachments are available.
    At the moment it is not planned to support the attachment transfer in the Extended Classic Scenario. The transfer of attachments to backend PO is developed only for Classic Scenario.
    I am sorry that this is not the result that you wanted. This also explains why in the ECS PO transfer BADI BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI does not have the parameters for attachments where as the Classic PO transfer
    We have some notes related to SC and POR reporting issues when transferring attachments to ECC side, but ther are related to Classic scenario:
    1400088: SC attachments transferred to ECC PR are lost on EHP upgrade
    1413792 Attachment deleted after changing purchase order
    I hope this information help you to understand this issue,
    Kind Regards,
    Rafael Rhoden

  • Issue connecting SRM 7.01 to a R/3 4.5B back-end

    I need your help with the following. We are currently trying to connect a SRM 7.01 system to a R/3 4.5B back-end. We almost got everything working except for a small problem, maybe you can help. We are using the classic scenario and are creating purchase orders in the back-end based on a SRM SC.
    First question did anyone successfully connected a SRM 7.01 system to a R/3 4.5B back-end?
    The problem we are encountering is as follows. In customizing in SRM I have selected system type R/3_4.5B as the back-end system type in u2018define system landscapeu2019.This causes for the determination of driver FM B45A_PO_CREATE when SRM wants to create the PO in the back-end (BBP_PD_SC_TRANSFER  ).This action succeeds because the PO is created in the back-end.
    However, the next action of BBP_PD_SC_TRANSFER  is to read the data again from the back-end via FM B45A_PO_GETDETAIL. This synchronous call is done in order to update the SC status in SRM and create the linkages in BUS2121. This last action fails, because at the time the get detail Bapi is executed by SRM, the EKKO table in the back-end is not yet up to date and error u2018W5 107 purchase order does not existsu2019 is issued by the BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL in te back-end. This causes the SC in SRM to get status I1112 (error in process). Even though this status is issued in SRM, the PO is available in the back-end without any errors if I check this  via ME23.
    What I see is if I debug the SC transfer process and wait 1 or 2 seconds between the B45A_PO_CREATE and B45A_PO_GETDETAIL. The issue is not there. In this case it appears that the EKKO table is updated on time in the back-end and the B45A_PO_GETDETAIL can be processed in SRM without problems in order to update the SC status. I get status I1113 follow-on document created in this case.
    Thus my conclusion is there is a timing issue when connecting to a R/3 4.5B system. Does anyone know a solution. Our thought goes to a small enhancement in the B45A_PO_GETDETAIL FM creating a timer to wait a second before the execution and fetching of the data. I tried it and it worked. But of course I prefer a standard SAP solution. Did anyone experienced similar behavior? Or knows a standard SAP solution to this problem?
    Appreciate your help.
    Best regards,

    Hi Surender,
    The code changes in this note only apply if the system type is u201CERP_Xu2019u201D. This is not the case over here, we are trying to connect to a R/3 4.5B system.
    Some additional info, we have multiple back-ends connected. All ECC back-end function correctly and for these we do not have the problem. Only for the very very old R/3 4.5B system.
    Any way I tried the note but no luck. This because of the above.

  • Getting parameter values from ITS to back end Modulepool program

    I worked on external ITS developments for SRM project
    I  was passing values from and to between ITS front end template and corresponding back end module pool program.
    I was using filed-set and field-get macro for passing values. It was working perfectly.
    Now i am in new  SRM 5.0 project where we are using integrated ITS and i developed small screen in which I am trying to read the value which I am entering in template text filed.
    In debug mode i could see that ,when it execute FIELD-GET macro  getting SY-SUBRC is equal to 1. I am not able to get the template value in PAI because of macro failure.
    I just copied the same program which i developed in external ITS system still same problem.
    Please some one help me  if I am missing some thing in this.
    Code which i am using.is
    in ITS:
    <form method="post"  name="zebp_rrcode" action="`WGateURL()`" >
    <textarea name="FREE_TEXT_DES" cols="35" rows="10" onKeyPress=fmlength()> </textarea>
    <input type=submit name="~OKCode=TEXT" value="Send text">
    In Back end code of PAI.
    move sy-ucomm to ok_code.
      data: len type i.
       data: idx type i.
      data: wide_row(80)  occurs 0 with header line.
       data: wide_text(80) occurs 0 with header line.
       idx = 1.
          field-get 'FREE_TEXT_DES' idx wide_row len.
          if sy-subrc <> 0.
    Srikanth Akula
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            Srikanth Akula

    Hi Srikanth,
    Can you please explain us how you were able to get and set the values.
    And may i know what for you have developed a Internet Service ie Scenario...?
    If you have any help documents for developing ITS application... plz forward it to this mail id...
    [email protected]
    Srinivasan K

  • How to fing out the details of PO item befor replicating to the back end.

    Hi SRM Guru
    We are working on the SRM 4.0 and extended classic scenario.
    I want to see all the details which are send to the back end for creation of the purchase Order.
    I will specify the steps I follow.
    Create the SC( waiting for approval ) , Approver approves the SC then SC will be created in SRM and the replicated in the Back end .
         I have tried to find out this through the external debugging
    I have set the break points @ BBP_DOC_SAVE_BADI and BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI, CL_HANDLER ( Methods ), but I am not able to reach the point to the PO creation in SRM and its replication in the back end.
    1     Does any one tell me the sequence of the badiu2019s coming?
    2     How the PO gets replicated in the back end ?
         which bapi(BAPI CREATEPO) is called ?
         After which event this bapi  called ?
         Which data is passed for the creation of PO ?
    3     where I will get the information on the structures/internal tables which are getting      populated during the debugging.
    With Regards

    U mean u want to know at runtime?
    Get the output from ur proxy as a string, count the number of "<" characters and divide it by 2. :-P
    Of course, you'll have to treat the header fields separately.

  • Can two different SRM clients systems connect to one R/3 Back-end system?

    Trying to developing SRM Co-Exist/Global strategy, based on the following scenario:
    1.  Two different SRM client systems, each at DIFFERENT SRM Version/Release Level.  SRM system "A" runs in Stand-Alone and Extend Classic Scenario mode.  SRM system "B" runs in Classic Scenario mode
    2.  Two different R/3 back-end systems, each with SAME R/3 4.7 Version/Release Level.
    Question 1:  Can the two (2) different SRM client systems be connected to one (1) of the R/3 back-end systems?
    Question 2:  Are there any Basis Plug-In (PI_BASIS) issues/difficulties to consider from either the SRM client or R/3 back-end side?
    Question 3:  Does each SRM client need it own unique transaction document type(s) and number range(s) definitions?
    Question 4:  Are there any other difficulties, for example, with RFC and Partner Profile related definitions and what are the steps to address/resolve difficulties?
    Please advise and thanks in advance for your feedback!
    Edited by: Ed Shigo on Mar 16, 2009 6:40 AM

    Question 1: Can the two (2) different SRM client systems be connected to one (1) of the R/3 back-end systems?
    They can be connected
    Question 2: Are there any Basis Plug-In (PI_BASIS) issues/difficulties to consider from either the SRM client or R/3 back-end side?
    Make sure that you have unique consumer entries for Middleware for Material replication, RFCs etc
    Question 3: Does each SRM client need it own unique transaction document type(s) and number range(s) definitions?
    Yes you need to have them.
    Question 4: Are there any other difficulties, for example, with RFC and Partner Profile related definitions and what are the steps to address/resolve difficulties?
    Don't see any difficulties as long as the a structured approach is followed.

  • SRM PO Changes are not transferred to Back end

    Hi All,
    I have a problem in PO changes.
    We are using extended classic scenario. User create PO in the portal and the PO will be transferred to the back end R/3 via RFC. Earlier in 4.7 we the PO's are updated with the changes.
    Recently we have upgraded to ECC 6.0. Now the changes are not transferable.
    Could any one help me to fix this issue and please give the steps that i need to check for fixing it.
    Pratap J

    Hi Thaigo,
    Thanks for your input. please go through the below.
    These are the table entries in BBP_BACKEND_DEST
    Client Logical system Destination                        System type RFC possible Local FI validation
    500    EP1CLNT500     EP1CLNT500                         EBP_5.0                  X      0
    500    RP1CLN500D     RP1CLNT500DIAG                     R/3_4.70    X                   0
    500    RP1CLNT500     RP1CLNT500                         R/3_4.70    X                   0
    In the table, it was still 4.70. So it needs to changed to ERP_4.0 ?
    Pratap J

  • Value for customized fields didn't get copied to back end system

    We are in SRM 4.0 and using extended classic scenario.
    We have defined two customized fields in account assignment tab in shopping cart and SRM Po and also in back end PO.
    SRM POs are having values for the field but while transferring the Po details to back end system, for some of the line items of the Po the entries are missing in back end system.
    Problem is only with few line items of the PO.
    Have tried with FM like BBP_PD_PO_TRANSFER_EXEC  and BBP_PD_SC_RESUBMIT, but it is not transfering the values to back end.
    Is there any other way to push the missing values to back end system.
    Please advise.

    Table adjustment has to be done accordingly. Get in touch with your Basis team.

  • Two SRM systems connected to One back end system

    Note: I have posted this message earlier ......but couldn't find that. I am just reposting the message:
    In our quality environment, we have two SRM and two backend systems. One for testing purpose and other for training purpose. We are planning to remove one back end system and connect both the SRM systems to one backend system.
    1. Is it possible to have this landscape?
    2. In SRM & R/3 we can define two RFC connnections but from R/3 side, I am not sure how the system will determine the respective RFC connection during GR or any other process.
    3. Are there any other difficulties?
    We are in SRM 4.0 using Extended classic scenario. We are using SRM for processing shopping cart, Po and confirmations.
    Please advise.

    Hi Prashanth,
    is  very much possible.
    for this you need to configure the partner profiles.
    need to define port
    need to configure inbound paramters and outbound parameters.
    we20 - create partner profiles.
    define outbound parameters and inbound parameters of the message type.
    we21 - define port.
    under Transactional RFC.
    and create a distribution model and add message type.
    revert back to me if any problem still you find.

  • Attachment missing in back end for purchase order

    Hi all,
    We are using SRM 5.0 SP10 extended classic scenario.
    I have created a shopping cart with attachment. A local purchase order has been successfully created and i can find the attachment in it.
    When i check in the backend the purchase order doesnt contain the attachment.
    I have made the required changes in BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK. I have made necessary changes in DC10,DC20 and DC30. 
    I have checked the related threads in SDN but couldnt find any help.
    Please let me know if this works only for classic scenario or the attachments can even be sent to backend in extended classic scenari as well. If yes please let me know what else needs to be done to be able to view the attachment in the backend.

    Hi Sanjeev,
    Thanks for your reply. I have looked into both the BAdis. I couldnt understand how bbp_driver_determine BAdi could be useful to this scenario.
    However i looked at bbp_ecs_po_out BAdi. It has IT_ATTACH as importing parameter but i couldnt make out how this BAdi could be used to transfer attachment to backend. It doesnt have a relevant exporting or changing parameter.
    Please advice.

  • Z Partner in classic scenario - Is possible to transfer  ?

    Hi Gurus,
    I`m working in classic scenario.
    SRM 5.0 / SRM Server 5.5 / R/3 4.7
    I need your help about Partner Functions in PO.
    I have a Z partner created in R/3 that is mandatory in one type of PO (in header) - the partner type is ZE. I need to replicate this Z partner in SRM.
    I tried to create a new type of partner in customizing - Define Partner Functions, with Func. Type - 0012 - Vendor, but the system didn`t allow.
    Because this, I used one line with Func. Type - 501 (Customer Partner Type:Org) and include my Z partner in field Abbrev.
    Like this:
    Function: 00000701
    Func. Type: 0501
    Usage: B2B
    Description: Embarcador
    Abbrev.: ZE
    After this, I created one new type of Partner Schema and linked this new Schema in one type of Bid Invitation (BUS2200) and one type Purchase Order (BUS2201) - the same type of PO that ZE partner is mandatory in R/3.
    In test in ITS, the system shows me the field to include the new partner, but when I try to create PO, the system can`t to transfer this new partner from Bidding SRM to PO R/3 and shows me the error message: the ZE Partner is mandatory in this type of PO (I know that this message is from R/3).
    Please, somebody knows if is possible to create new partner and transfer it from SRM to R/3 in classic scenario ?
    Thanks very much.
    Best regards,
    Edited by: Cristina  Alkmin da Costa on Jun 30, 2008 3:53 PM

    Hi. Patrner functions are generally different in SRM.
    Do you want to be able to select from a list of values in SRM and get the value passed to the backend or do you want a fixed value, or can you look the value up from somewhere?
    If you want to fix it or look it up you can simply use the BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW BADI to pass the value.
    If you want to select from a list of values, I think the only way is to create a custom field, see note 672960, then you can build a custom search help to find the lookup values you require.
    Once you have looked them up, you can pass it to the backend using BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW.

  • Transfer of Shopping Cart (SRM) to Back End Syetem (R/3)

    Hi experts,
    We have just upgraded to SRM 5.0 with SRM Server 5.5 (SP 0008). We have moved our EBP application from Requisite to CCM. In our old application we have created some customer fields in the shopping Cart and will be moving the data from the shopping cart to Back end (R/3).
    In R/3 EXIT SRM_PO is implemented to get the customer fields into Purchase Requisition. Now after moving to SRM 5.0, we are able to reproduce the customer Fields in Shopping Cart. But the data in those customer fields are not moved to Back end (R/3). Earlier BADI   ' BBP_CREATE_REQ_BACK  ' & ' BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK  '  is implemented and in new BADI's
    " BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW " & " BBP_CREATE_BE_RQ_NEW " is implemented as well which in turn calls the Old BADI's.
    In this situation, i would like to know the following,
    1. How the Shopping Cart data is transfered to Back end (R/3). Once we know this we can find whether Customer fields are getting transfered to Back end by Debugging.
    2. Is there any RFC or IDocs doing this transfer.
    Your replies will certainly help in my further analysis.
    Best regards,
    Prabahar N.R

    BAPI_PO_CREATE1 and BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE are used to create either PO or requisition in the backend in the classic scenario.
    Kind regards,

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