PO Upload Error "Account does not exist in chart of accounts"

Hi All,
I am trying to upload PO data using LSMW (IDOC "PORDCR101"). For records which have GL account they(IDOC's) are erroring out with message "Account XXXXX does not exist in chart of accounts GBCA".
But the funny part is if I am able to create a PO using same GL manually from ME21N.
Any idea what this issue is?????
Thanks for your time.

During Manual PO creation based on the Account Assignment Category field,  a default GL account gets populated based on the FI settings.
for example if you enter as K defualt GL will get populated in PO creation.
where as in the case of LSMW it wont consider the GL assignment like how it considers in Manual and through's the error.
Consult the FI consultant also in this regard.
reward if useful

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  • MR11 received error FH004 "Account does not exist in chart of account"

    after apply supportpack upgrades from SAPKH46C08 to SAPKH46C53, MR11 list contain line items that were cleared before the upgrade.  I've also used FBL5N and status now says open.  When I try to clear GR/IR with MR11, it errors out with message FH 004 "Account does not exist in chart of account..."  I even tried to search OSS notes, none are found.  Anyone have a similar problem but fixed? if so, how was it fixed?  thank you.

    working with transaction MR11.  Problem came from OLD Open Items that were transferred from an old system (not SAP R/3).  It only applies to "Invoice Surplus".  The Old Open items were cleared before the 4.6C support pack upgrade from SAPKH46C08 to SAPKH46C53.  I am not sure (1) why these become "open" again  (2) why when using MR11, I received "Account does not exist in chart of accounts..." error message code: FH004. (3) this does not apply to newer open items.  Newer items posted fine without errors.  Any ideas?  thank you.

  • Account does not exist in chart of accounts COA1

    Hi Expert,
    While running GR/IR clearing report, i am facing the following issue,
    I checked FS00 & FSP0 transaction. G/L account is created for the company code and chart of accounts.
    Is there any other issue?
    Please suggest.

    please shre athe error code
    check entry in OBYC>WRX
    here wht account you have given then check in fs00 for the co ocde you have created account properly

  • G/L account 1212 does not exist in chart of accounts INT

    Dear Seniors,
          While i do stock upload in MB1C using movement type 561, it is giving an error that
    G/L account 1212 does not exist in chart of accounts INT
    Message no. M7054
    The G/L account entered is not included in the chart of accounts for your company code.
    If the system has determined the G/L account, the system setting is faulty. Contact your systems administrator.
    If you have entered the G/L account yourself, correct the input. Copied from M8043
    I have changed the G/L account in OBYC but still this error is coming. what would be the cause and how to solve it ???

    Hi ,
    To create the account for chart of account INT use tcode FSP0 .
    And if you are trying to replace the account with another account check two entries in OBYC
    one is in GBB --- give correct combination of valuation modifier , valuation class , use general modifier BSA and your new account
    another is in BSX --give correct combination of valuation modifier , valuation class .
    If still you are getting error revert back .

  • G/L account dose not exists in chart of account

    Hi every one
    I have problem in MIRO.
    My goods receipt is successfully done.But while doing miro system gives error message that
    " G/L account dose not exists in chart of account ."
    error is not descriptive .... how would i know which G/L account system is asking for . so that i can check in FS00.
    if i have to create new G/L account then where to assigne this G/L account. so that it will automatically determine  G/L account.
    if it need to check with posting keys , account keys then which  keys i have to look for???......

    Please check you company code - controlling area - chart of accounts linkage. I hope it is not there.
    Please check in FS03 - information in company code tab - whether company code and chart of accounts data exists or not. If not check with FI consultant for above link. Tcodes OX06 and OX19.
    Edited by: Praveen Raghavendra on Jan 8, 2009 2:16 PM

  • GL account 131139 does not exist in chart of accounts INT (CIN)

    Hi All,
    I understand this question has been discussed many times.
    But I am not able to solve it.
    The error is in MIGO.It was working fine before.I activated CIN by doing all the settings.
    When I do MIGO its giving the error.The GL 131139 has been created in chart of accounts INT also.
    I have assigned it in CIN settings -Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction- for GRPO.
    Do I have to maintain it any where else.Kindly help.
    Thank You..

    The error says G/L 131139  not created under Chart of Account INT
    As you said "G/L account 131139 is created for your company code"
    1st check in t.code: OBY6, the assignment of Chart of Account INT to your company code.Just cross check Chart of Account 'INT'
    Now check Chart of Account INT present is your G/L 131139 in FS00 t.code with your company code in Information(CoCd) TAB
    Biju K

  • ZCM 11.2.3a Image upload error [directory does not exist]

    We are uploading a number of images to the server.
    A lot of these are large images and the workstation has been build as a VMWare workstation.
    So far with the exception of one, all have uploaded successfully.
    One image is failing to upload when it is about halfway through. The error displayed on the workstation says "Directory not found"
    Looking at the novell-pbserv.log I see the following error message related to the image upload.
    RWCC unknown compression command code: 0x4000000 (67108864)
    RIP2 RWCC faiolure 3, 1851,
    Any help /ideas appreciated.

    Hi Shaun,
    No we are using the the ZCM 11.2 pxe boot files.
    Although we have upgraded to ZCM 11.2.3a the image files from 11.2.3.a and the latest October Imaging update are crashing.
    I did post on the forums regards this and have a SR open for it. # 10865188291
    We are testing an upload of this particular image for the 3rd time. The other images have uploaded without issues.
    They have run a defrag on the disk prior to uploading.

  • G/L Account does not exist Error 4113

    Hello Experts,
    I am trying to create a Request in FICA via FKKORD1 and I receive this error. I have done all the necessary configuration. Not sure which posting area these requests hit. I have configured accouts for Posting Areas 0050, 0070, 0060, 0061, 0040, S000, S001 and 1220. Please help as I can not move.

    Check this thread where the same topic has been discussed
    Invoicing Error >4113 - G/L account does not exist
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • G/L Account does not exist error while invoicing

    Hi ,
    I am trying to invoice an account. While invoicing it is throwing the following error message G/L Account does not exist.
    From where can I know which G/L account it is refering to? or which main/sub is not mainteined for this ADID.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi There
    Go to the sales document (order VA02) (Contract VA42).  Click on the relevant item and go to > Environment > Analysis > Account determination.  It shows 6 options, click on each one till you find the relevant account.  Do this for all items on the Sales/contract if necessary.
    This can be found in customizing under SPRO > Sales and Distrib > Basic Functions > Account assignment/costing > Revenue account determination, > Assign GL accounts.  Your SD consultant can help you.
    In VF02, release the billing doc and it will give you details as well.
    Hope this helps
    Kind regards

  • FP08M error: Key for G/L accounting does not exist

    I am receiving this error message 'Key for G/L accounting does not exist' when trying to reverse document using t-code FP08M. If you could help me understand the error message, and maybe a way of getting the document reversed I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you!

    Such GL issues arise due to incomplete entries in TFK033D table.

  • Error 1297 A privilege that the service requires to function properly does not exist in the service account configuration

    When I try to start Windows installer in Services.msc, it gives me this error Error 1297 A privilege that the service requires to function properly does not exist in the service account configuration. How do I fix this? I am running Windows 7 ultimate.

    Based on the error code, we can use the Services Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in (services.msc) and the Local Security Settings MMC snap-in (secpol.msc) to view
    the service configuration and the account configuration for Windows Installer service.
    Besides, the following two threads focus on the similar issue and can be referred to as reference.
    Error 1297: "ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_SERVICE_PRIVILEGE 1297” FTP service in Windows 7 computer
    Service fails to start, error 1297 and 7000
    Hope it helps.
    Best regards,
    Frank Shen

  • G/L account does not exist but cannot create G/L account.

    Hi Guys
    i got this error which says G/L account NO. 121000 does not exist in the chart of accounts INT, but when i tried to create the G/L account in FS00, the system says ths G/L account exists in company code PS01.this company code PS01 has the chart of accounts INT. suggestions are welcome.
    Thanks and Regards

    interesting... the message means GL account is not created in chart of accounts INT (FSP0) but if its availabe in another comp. code with the same chart of accouns it MUST be created in INT. Try to create it for your particular company code (FSS0).
    T-Code FS00 covers both views.
    Best regards, Christian

  • Full import error : "user does not exists"

    Hi all,
    I had 5 separated windows based servers (32bit) with oracle database 9i. I decided to centralize them into one server. So, I configured a new Linux (64bit) and install an Oracle 10gR2. Then I configured a starter database with dbca. I prepared a full dump file from one of old servers and successfully full imported it into starter database on new Linux (10g) server. After that I configured another database using dbca. But when I wanted to full import the previous dump file into new database I have got the error "user does not exists" regarding some demo schema and import terminated unsuccessfully.
    I decided to create users regarding the errors and restart the import. After each user creation I was getting a new error for a new user account.
    My main question is why first time import terminated successfully without any error but second one in new database raised error?
    Edited by: Iman.Jam on Aug 25, 2009 9:38 AM

    Hi yingkuan,
    imp full=y file=.... log=..... userid=system/[email protected]
    ORA-.... : user does not exists
    And I know that import will create users that are not exists. Actually, all my specified schema are created but not some of accounts
    Edited by: Iman.Jam on Aug 25, 2009 9:59 AM

  • Messaging Server 4.1: Received mail is not returned to the sender if the receiving local account does not exist.

    I have found that received mail is not returned to the sender if the receiving
    local account does not exist. This problem occurs even if I use Console to
    enable the Return message to sender option under the error handling methods.
    In addition, I have used the configutil
    to confirm that I have set the value
    for Unknown account action to "13," which corresponds to the settings "Return
    message to sender," "Notify the postmaster via email," and "Log the error in
    the log file." Yet, in this situation, an error message is being sent to
    postmaster, but not to the sender, and the error is not being recorded in the
    log file.
    Do the following steps:<BR>
    <LI>From Console, open the appropriate Messaging Server.
    <LI>Click the Configuration tab.
    <LI>Open the Services folder.
    <LI>Select SMTP.
    <LI>Click the System tab.
    Check the "Domain handled by this server exclusively" field to make sure that
    your mail domain is listed. If your mail domain is not listed, then Messaging
    Server will assume that there is another mail server that is handling the
    domain listed and will forward requests to this server.
    For more information, please see the document <I>Messaging Server
    Administrator's Guide</I>, Chapter 3, Configuring SMTP Services at <BR>

    On Thu, 12 Dec 2013 16:16:02 +0000, lpphiggp wrote:
    > I'm seeing this XTCOM error occur all over our /var/log/messages for one
    > server, running SLES11sp2 / OES11/sp1;
    > I don't really know what this is even for. We don't use NetStorage or
    > iPrint even, this server only does basic NCP file serving, DHCP, and
    > hosts a GroupWise PO.
    > Is this anything to be concerned about?
    If this:
    is to be believed, it seems to indicate that your NAM configuration on
    this server is not valid. I'm not seeing this message here on the OES
    servers I looked at, and NAM is working correctly here.
    David Gersic [email protected]_niu.edu
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    iphone is dead, gone  to insurance co. for replacement. They say because "Find My iPhone" is still active, they can't replace or try to fix it. problem is can't log in to de-activate it, cos email account does not exist anymore. How can I de-activate it?

    You never used your iPhone?
    You never logged into iTunes?
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