Possible to join mp3 files on Import?

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and I manage them with iTunes. These are books not bought through the iTunes store, but borrowed from my local library.
I only recently discovered the joys of "Joining tracks" to make a single file for each CD, etc. ( It's terrific to have a single file fper CD rather than the myriad tracks that make up an audiobook).
I have heaps of books that I have already loaded into itunes without joining the tracks - and I would like to redo them somehow.
Does anyone have any easy way to do this? I know I can re-borrow the books or burn them to a CD or burn them to a "virtual" CD and reimport, etc - but that's infernally tedious.
I can copy them off to a folder as mp3 files, then import them back (Add file to library, etc)  - but I don't know how to join them when I do this, or if there is a way. (??)
Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the reply, but I noticed that one of the suggested links on the right seemed to be in the area, so I went nosing around.
Turned out to be an excellent suggestion on using external software to join the MP3s (my bad! should've thought of that ages ago...) and create an audiobook file that iTunes will recognize.
(In fact I knew that once it's a continuous mp3 you can just define it as Audiobook media in iTunes, etc)
I had to search around a bit as the tried and tested software is for the Mac - but I wound up finding a little freeware gem called MergeMp3. It's lightweight but effective and what I liked was that it has various sorting options that the better known "Mp3 to Ipod Audiobook Converter" does not have.
(Also I could get it off the author's web site rather than using CNET's wretched download manager that lights up every malware alarm on my PC...)
All good now and ready to shrink my zillion audibook itty bitty files.

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    You are not alone…
    I think you have to avoid editing inside the tags list with the 'metadata names'. Instead right click an item, select 'Open enclosing folder'.
    In 'real folders' you can enable the 'Title' in column via the 'Veiw Menu > show columns', that way you can see the file name & ID3/ EXIF titles.
    'Fake folders' (smart searches & the recent tags list) don't feel finished yet IMO.

  • Some mp3 files not importing

    I was backing up my Music folder and did a quick scan to see how many mp3 files were in it, to compare to iTunes. Windows explorer showed 9912 files when I searched ".mp3" but there are 3 other files that showed up. I tried to delete those, but it says they can't be found. No big deal. If I take those 3 out, it leaves me with 9909. My iTunes library shows 9898. A difference of 11. I opened iTunes and clicked Edit-> Add folder to library then selected the giant folder of music. After all the import was done, still only 9898 in the library. How do I find out what those 11 missing files are?

    I have the same problem here in Belgium/Europe after upgrading to iTunes 10.
    About 10gb of 310Gb in total is not readable anymore. I use only mp3 320kbps.
    You can still find them back in iTunes, but no playback anymore.
    I have deleted them from the list and do a "add to library". Impossible to import this data anymore.
    What is strange is that this mp3 data can be used in QuickTime Player.
    And..the same data is not readable on a another (Windows 7) pc with iTunes 10, neither on a pc with Vista and iTunes 9.2.
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    May be a silly question, but here goes:
    When I import mp3's onto my mac (from my old computer), i put them all into one folder..
    when i double click to play, they automatically play through itunes.. now i've noticed that itunes NOW ALSO creates a duplicate folder/file of those tunes that I have now played through iTunes, (in "user" > Music > iTunes > iTunes Music)...
    does this mean that there are now 2 copies of the mp3 on my hardrive, therefore taking up space?? I'm not entirely sure - but would not be happy if every song actually takes up twice the amount of space...
    Any help??
    Thanks everyone!

    I'm having a similar problem. Just installed iTunes, first iPod product, and my file usage has dwindled by the size of the music files. They've all been doubled, it looks like. Where is this located, and how can I be sure not to move/delete the wrong ones?
    Or, where is the setting to stop this, and if I change the setting do I need to re-install iTunes to get rid of the wasted file space?

  • Mp3 files wont import into itunes from external hard drive

    I just switched from PC to Mac and have the new aluminium mac book.For my PC I had all my music stored on my external hard drive.I have begun transferring most of it to itunes,but some of the files since hooking my external hard drive to my Mac book have turned into 'Apple Files' which appear to be document files as opposed to music files.Is there a way that i can convert them into the itunes format?
    Message was edited by: KatesM

    WMA is not supported directly by iTunes. In iTunes for Windows, you can convert (but not play) these files, as long as they're not copy protected, to an iTunes-supported format.
    Short of running Windows on your new Mac and handling this with iTunes for Windows, or using another (your old?) PC to convert the WMA files to another format (I would suggest using Apple Lossless, as otherwise you will lose some sound quality unnecessarily--unless the WMAs are WMA Lossless...), your only other option would be to play the files with software for OS X other than iTunes. In that case, you might consider VLC, which is handy for almost countless other audio and video files anyway.

  • Is it possible to join two video files?

    Is there any way i can use mac os to join two AVI files together, and then create a new copy of the combined video to show on my iPad. if i can avoid using iMovie that would be great.

    As far as i know QuickTime can not support all kinds of AVI, and even it can join AVI files into one, the joined AVI files cannot be imported to iTunes, iPad, iPod, iPhone for playback.
    I know a step by step guide on how to merge video files on Mac or Windows
    This guide support join all kinds of video and audio formats like  MP4, AVI, MPEG, MPG, VOB, MOV, RM, RMVB, 3GP, ASF, WMV, WTV, DVR, DivX, Xvid, M4V, MKV, FLV, F4V, SWF, WebM, OGV, Apple ProRes, AVCHD, MTS, M2TS, M2T, MXF, MVI, DAT, MOD, TOD, MPV, OGM, MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, FLAC, M4B, AAC, AC3, APE, AIFF, Apple Lossless ALAC, VOC, QCP, AMR, AWB, DTS, AU, RA, OGG  and etc
    And you can join video files as well convert video to other video or audio formats or keep the same video format as the original one.
    And you can also merger several video files even they are not in the same video format.
    Hope it helps more or less

  • Is there a better way? importing a .mp3 file to entire presentation?

    Not sure if this is even possible but I have a .mp3 file that I am going to try to import into Captivate. The issue is the file is one large file and the person speaking in it is not able to record individual audio clips so I can import to each slide. My thought is to import the whole audio file for each slide, and then edit it down to just the relevant section within each slide. Is there a better way to do this?

    Hi there
    Normally when you import an audio clip that is longer than the slide you are importing it to, Captivate provides an option to distribute the clip over several slides.
    Cheers... Rick
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    Captivate Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Adobe Certified Captivate Training
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  • Joining multiple mp3 files into one

    Hi all,
    I am very puzzled as to how to merge multiple mp3 files into one, to upload to Mixcloud. Now, I do have the "Join Together" script and it worked like a charm a few times but now it just freezes and there's nothing I can do.
    Any ideas? Is there any DJ software, other than Nicecast, that could merge the files?
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    A lot of folks preparing mixes for Mixcloud use Audacity.  It is a free audio editor, and has both Mac and Windows versions. 
    Besides joining tracks, it will also let you do crossfades, volume adjustments and other typical audo editing functions necesary to create a good quality mix.
    Editing in Audacity does not modify the original tracks.  You import the tracks into Audacity, do the edits, and  then export a single MP3.

  • 2mins 27 seconds audio import of mp3 file

    I have a 9 minute video file and am trying to overlay a similar length audio clip of same length, the clip is in mp3 format yet when i import the audio it will only allow 2 mins 27 seconds of audio in to the video, does not matter what track i import its always the same 2.27 mins, I can not find away to drag it to make it the correct length, it just seems there is a 2.27 min limit, HELP PLEASE!

    Don't know Why ?
    But I know How I would do.
    • Get Your .mp3 file into a sound editor or iTunes and convert it as .aiff
    (in iTunes Save out as an Audio-CD .aiff)
    • Use this in Your movie project
    Converting all audio to .aiff before using it in iMovie/FinalCut E/P is my
    strategy to get as few problems as possibly
    Yours Bengt W

  • An mp3 file on my computer will not import to itunes by either the drag-and-drop or the Add File to Library method.  Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  My OS is Windows 7.

    I purchased an mp3 from a private website on my laptop.  The itunes library i sync ipod to is on my desktop, so i copied the mp3 onto a flash drive and then into my desktop in the Downloads folder and Desktop folder as well as the itunes music folder, 3 places.  I opened itunes on the desktop and read the instructions for importing music that's already in my computer.  Neither the drag-and-drop or the Add File to Library method works.  I've tried both ways over and over.  Cannot figure out what the problem is.  I do note that the name of the mp3 file doesn't show the .mp3 extension, it appears as simply it's title, Eating Healthy, without any extension at all.  Could the filename be the problem, or do you have any other idea what I'm doing wrong?  My OS is Windows 7, using IE9.  Thanks.
    ADDENDUM AFTER READING ANOTHER DISCUSSION HERE:  I have now tried right clicking the song in Windows Explorer and choosing Open With, clicking itunes.  The mp3 plays in itunes but does not add to the library.

    I don't have a Recently Added playlist.  However, I discovered that the file I had named Eating Healthy was given the name You Can Enjoy Eating Healthy when it copied to iTunes.  I'm guessing iTunes pulled the full name of the piece from the internet.  Upshot--the mp3 did transfer to iTunes on all 3 tries, but I was looking in my alphabetized list under E, not Y, so I didn't see it there.  Thanks for your help. 

  • I get an error when trying to import MP3 files in iTunes?

    When I try to import mp3 files into iTunes (version 6), I get an error message of:
    The file "song file name" can not be imported An unknown error has occurred (-50).
    I have already imported these files into iTnes on my old computer, but run into this problem with my new laptop. I downloaded a new version of iTunes just like I installed all my new programs on this new laptop.
    For some reason, I run into this problem when trying to import any mp3 files (as mentioned, even mp3 files that I successfully imported into iTunes previously).
    (I've tried a complete removal and re-install, but that didn't help)
    Anyone know why I'm getting this error message and how to correct things?
    Thanks in advance for any help !!!

    those are the files that are sent as an error report... i dont know what the problem is! this is starting to get me mad! I need my music! some1 help plz.
    I cant load that one folder, what could be the problem? I've loaded another folder similar to this one but it was alot smaller and everything worked out fine, but for my big one its messing up.

  • How do I join multiple mp3 files into one mp3 file?

    I have multiple mp3 files that I would like to join into one mp3 file and to use it as an audio book. This explains how to do it, but in iTunes 12, I do not see an option called "Part of a Compilation" option.
    Is there a way to do it in iTunes without installing a new app?
    Thank you.

    Those instructions, if I read them correctly, are about how to collect several MP3s into a single audiobook.  They will not create a single continuous MP3.
    iTunes does not have the ability to combine multiple MP3s into a single MP3.  The best it can do is if you burn them to audio CD and then rip back with "Join Tracks" enabled.  The better way is to use an audio editor such as Audacity, or a special purpose combing tool such as MP3 Joiner.

  • HT1819 [Podcast] mix all the imported mp3 files into one Album

    Dear Sir,
    I need your help of the app [Podcast].
    Let me explain my problem.
    I enjoying listening to Audiobooks very much.
    Everytime I use the iTunes to import some mp3 stories into my iPhone, then change their properties from MUSIC to AUDIOBOOKS. Because I like the convenience of the very two buttons ( 15 seconds of fast backward jumping, and 15 seconds of forward jumping).
    But I cannot easily delete those mp3 files that I've just heard. The only way is to erase the whole album in SETTINGS.  (I have a bad memory, always forgot which one that I have heard)
    Then, I found the app [Podcast], it has all the functions that I need:
      one, 15 seconds of fast backward & farward jumping;
      two, very convenient (sleeping) timer function;
      three, I can easily delete each mp3 file that I've just heard so I know where CAN I continue.
    So, I love the app [Podcast], from then on, through the iTunes, I change the properties of my mp3 stories from MUSIC to PODCASTS. It's very easy to operate.
    But, then I found something strange: the app [Podcast] mixes every mp3 files together,into one ALBUM, in spite of the ALBUM informations that I defined in EACH mp3 tags.
    The app [Music] can classify each ALBUM of those imported AUDIOBOOKS, why can't [Podcast]?
    Could you please show me what to do?
    Thank you very much.
    [email protected]

    This is EXACTLY my problem....and I am disheartened that there is NO reply with fix for this.  I need to find another app to use.  I like to use the podcast app for audio files so I can listen to them in 1.5x or 2x speed.  Frustrated....
    Tom Hawkins

  • ITunes 10.6.3 not importing mp3 files but will play the mp3 files

    I recently updated my iTunes to v10.6.3 on my mac. However, I cant seem to add new music to my iTunes library. Dropping and dragging doesnt work even though the '+' curser appears and importing music using command + O doesnt work either. There is no indication of the music being analysed or anything.
    However, when I click on an mp3 file it opens and plays in iTunes but will not be added to the library. If I click on the mp3 file again from finder, it will play in iTunes from the last point..
    Does anyone have any ideas of wrong? Its frustrating me because I need to sync music to my iPhone and I cant

    Ye playing the file should automatically add it to iTunes but its not since I updated iTunes.
    The music plays and I can see the the time bar in the window on the top of iTunes but the file is not located in the iTunes library or anywhere in iTunes so I cant right click it.
    At the moment the mp3 file is on my desktop. Normally dropping and dragging it into iTunes adds it into my 'iTunes' folder in the 'Music' folder.. but this is not happening. I've tried manually adding the file into the 'iTunes' folder using the appropriate folder titles etc.. but iTunes will not detect the new mp3's. Wierd!!
    I think I might just have to re-install iTunes

  • ITunes no longer imports 320kbs MP3 files

    I have been using iTunes for several years.  I am a professional audio engineer and make my living doing it.
    For years, I have been able to load 320kbs MP3 files into iTunes and load them into my iPhone to check my mixes.
    All of this has come to a complete stop since this last update with iTunes.
    For those of you who might have an answer for me, here is some things you might need to know:
    1. Yes, these are valid 320kbs MP3 files
    2. Yes, they play in Quicktime
    3. Yes, they have proper Meta, ID Tags (all versions)
    4. Yes, they load and play just fine in ALL other players (Windows, other iPhone, iPad, iPod players ect) EXCEPT they do NOT load in this version of iTunes.
    5. Yes, I have uninstalled and re-installed iTunes - no help
    6. Yes, I have deleted my play list and rebuilt it from scratch - no help
    7. Yes, I have turned off iCloud - makes no difference
    8. Yes, OTHER PEOPLE (including my clients) are having the SAME PROBLEM with the new iTunes
    9. No, they do NOT load into iTunes -  iTunes does not allow me to drag and drop them, nor does it allow me to use the 'add to playlist' function.
    iTunes simply will not load my 320kbs MP3 files.
    I have been doing this same routine using the same method for years and it has ALWAYS worked until this last version.
    Something has seriously gone wrong with iTunes
    Anybody have a work around?  I really really need to be able to listen to my mixes on my portable devices (and so do my clients) and this bug is a show stopper.

    Go to iTunes preferences
    General Tab
    Import Settings
    Change Import using to  Wav Encoder
    Change Setting to Custom
    Now you will,have options to set everything
    How files are sent to iTunes is dependant on how you setup the bounce in Logic Pro itself
    In Bounce Dialog, select MP3 and then on right of Bounce Dialog box are settings for MP3 output file...
    of course, you select any of the other formats like PCM Wave and give it's settings...
    You can actually bounce to many different output files at the same time by checking the appropriate boxes on left hand side..

Maybe you are looking for

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