PRD Upgrade strategy keeping the original 4.7 PRD Intact

This is our plan for our PRD Upgrade.
For our Upgrade, we are planning to keep the Live Productive 4.7 System Intact.
We plan to take a Copy of the Live Productive 4.7 System and then Upgrade this Copy.
Copy will be taken using Full File System Backup and Restore on a separate Server.
Now my plan is, I plan to complete the below Roadmap Steps-Initialization, Extraction, Configuration, Checks and Preprocessing in the Live Productive Instance. Doing this I save wasting time in Business Downtime.
After Preprocessing Step is over, I wll get Business Downtime. I will do a Full File System Backup,Restore to a separate Server(will take 4 hrs approx).
And then go ahead with Downtime Step and ahead and complete the Upgrade.Which will take 14 hrs approx.
So a Business downtime of 48hrs will be enough.
My question is, can I run the Roadmap Steps from Initialization to Preprocessing on the Live Production which is hosted on hostname hostecc1. Then, take Business Downtime, do a full Filesystem Backup and Restore it on another host (hostname hostecc2). Continue the upgrade (from Step Downtime) and complete it on that particular host?
Doing this, I achieve 2 goals:
1. My original Production is Intact,
2: I save time by not performing all the Roadmap Steps in the host hostecc2, which will take hours and will not be feasible to get so much of Business Downtime

I was looking out for this.
Once i enter the Business downtime and complete the copy to host2, my host1 is anyways not used. So, I will plug host1 server off my LAN. I can now change the hostname of host2 to host1 and continue the Upgrade.
Then once Upgrade is completed, I will take the export. Once export is completed, I will plug host2(now host1) off the LAN and I will change the hostname of original host1 back to its original. And perform Import. Ofcourse, Parallel exp-imp wont be possible.
Makes sense?
Do you forsee any other issues apart from the hostname?
I dont think there can be any other issue.
To your suggestion - If i do copy first and then the Upgrade and then UC , it will be a long affair and we wont get so much of Business Downtime.
Looking forward tou your inputs.

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