Preview full screen mode/slideshow is great, except one thing

As an owner of a 13 inch screen Macbook Air, I love the full screen slideshow mode. It's especially cool to page through a PDF with the three-fingered side swipe motion. But one annoyance is that every time I go into full screen mode with a PDF, I have to click the Maximize Size icon. Is there any way to set a preference to maximize automatically when entering full screen mode? If this isn't possible, I hope this becomes a feature soon.

I don't know, since I rarely use it w/19" monitor, but you can file an enhancement report (or bug report) with Apple, via its Bug Reporter system. Join the Apple Developer Connection (ADC)—it's free and available for all Mac users and gets you a look at some development software. Since you already have an Apple username/ID, use that. Once a member, go to Apple BugReporter and file your bug report/enhancement request. You'll get a get a Bug (ER) ID number; thus, starting a dialog directly with engineering.

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  • Full Screen mode - file Name

    Is there a way to display the file nane in Full Screen Mode.. This would speed things up for me.. we take 2 or 3 shot
    of every kid.. We rename all the files. So going back and for trying to pick the best one and delete the others. We are making the switch to Mac and we are used to ACDSee on the PC..
    Joe in Peoria AZ

    Is there a way to display the file nane in Full Screen Mode..
    Yes Bridge displays file names in full screen mode but strangely enough not
    when having opened the files with hitting spacebar the first go. You have to
    rate one and after this all the files will appear bottom left including the
    star rating.
    I'm kind of used to this but glad you remind us again, to my opinion it
    should be there in the first place, viewing full screen is not the same use
    as viewing a slide show.
    Again strangely in slideshow you have the option to set caption in some
    rudimental form but for full screen preview I'm not aware of such an option.
    But as said, the workaround is to select files in Bridge, hit space and use
    the shortcut cmd+. (dot) to increase the rating with one star.
    Now all the filenames and ratings / labels do show permanently for this
    visit to full screen.
    Decreasing rating is also easily done with cmd+, (comma). Hitting this
    decrease option first to none rated files sets them to reject, again hit
    cmd+. And the rating turns back from reject to zero.
    It is a very easy and useful way of selecting and rating, all the keys you
    need are close to each other

  • IPad Web App full screen mode Network Connectivity Retry Option

    I have developed a web application in HTML5 for iPad (full screen mode). Now I am testing the application on iPad for connectivity scenario i.e. to see how the app behaves when the connectivity is lost and then resumed after some time.
    Steps -
    Launch the web application in full screen mode from home screen (connected to a wifi network).
    Click on any button to submit the form and at the same time turn off external wifi modem.
    A pop-up message appears with the options to close or retry.
    Now turn on the modem and click on retry.
    The expectation is that on clicking retry the data in the web form should be sent to the web server, but instead of POST request, a GET request is being sent. Because of this, the data filled in the form is lost as the page is simply refreshed.
    Can anyone please help me in resolving this issue.

    This is more of a feature of the browser already.
    With iOS6, Mobile Safari on the iPhone introduced full-screen browsing support in landscape mode. s-6/
    One isn't able to take advantage of this feature in portrait mode though. However, the meta tag you're referring to in order to hide Safari UI Components requires the webapp to be added to the Homescreen; then when you launch the site through the icon on the Homescreen, you would find the UI components hidden.
    Also, the latest version of Chrome for iOS released a couple of days ago includes the ability to view pages in fullscreen as well (for both landscape and portrait modes) with scrolling gestures enabling the hiding and showing of the omnibox and toolbar while navigating down a page. int-and-improved-voice-capabilities

  • Full screen mode broken in Aperture since Lion update?

    Just been testing and it seems Lion or something has messed up Full Screen mode in Aperture. Any one else getting the same?

    I click top right icon or hit 'F' and it eventually loads to the browser window but the dock is on top. I scroll with 'V' to get to desired view. Usually a beachball for 10 secs.
    Leaving full screen mode using 'F' goes to black screen and just hangs or shows normal mode which then fades and goes back to black. Hitting Esc to get out gives me a black screen and nothing happens too.
    Only way out is to use scroll left gesture on Magic mouse to get back to desktop. have to quit Aperture to get back to normal mode.
    And repeat...

  • Is it possible to play a slideshow in less than full screen mode

    running 10.9.4, latest version of iPhoto. Is there any way I can play a slideshow at less than full screen mode? Like maybe half or quarter screen instead of having the app take over the entire screen? Very irritating. If I could run a slideshow as just one of several apps open on the desktop. Any way to do that?

    The slideshow will play inside the iPhoto viewer pane and not in full screen mode, if you use the "Preview" button and not the "Play" button.

  • I can't play videos (youtube for example) unless it is in full screen mode. The audio works in either, but the video only shows in full screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I can't play videos (you tube for example) except in full screen mode. The audio works in either, but the video doesn't load or run in the normal you tube web site.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, the error console shows all sorts of different errors. Though, alot of error parsing values.

    Do you have any Mail plug-ins? In particular, do you
    have any plug-ins installed on one computer but not
    the other? In the Finder, go to each of the following
    folders (if they exist). What do you see there?
    Not Found
    Not Found
    Smart Crash Reports Folder / Smart CrashReports.bundle
    > I have a number of Mail Rules in
    place which place messages
    of certain topics in specific Smart
    This doesn’t make sense to me. You cannot tell a rule
    to move messages to a smart mailbox, only to a normal
    mailbox. Each smart mailbox has its own set of
    conditions that messages must satisfy in order for
    them to appear there.
    OK. I misstated this. I have a number of Smart Mailboxes with their specific rules in which to route certain topics to specify mailboxes. I am trying to not have to create each Smart Mailbox on each computer.
    The problem is that when I am on the road I add contacts, bookmarks, keychain items, contacts into my laptop and vice versa when home. I would just like to have those Sync on both computers. Seems like it should be easy, but it hasn't been.
    I really don't think I have anything "non-standard." A few Smart Mailboxes, a couple of signatures, thats pretty much it.
    Note: For those not
    familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers
    to the user’s home folder. You can easily locate any
    of the folders referred to in this post by copying
    the folder path here, doing Go > Go to Folder
    in the Finder, and pasting the folder path

  • HT2506 Change Full Screen Mode Background Color in Preview

    Is it possible to change the background color in full screen mode from black to white?

    It is not set up to make this change in Full Screen Mode.
    However you can change the background of the open file by Preview>Preferences>General>Background Color

  • Can I change the transition animation in Preview's full-screen mode?

    When moving through a PDF file in Preview's full-screen mode, the pages slide off to the left/right when using arrow keys (up when using the space bar). I discovered that I can skip this animation by holding down the option key when I hit the arrow key, or by using a four-finger swipe.  But I'd like to use my remote to advance pages in the PDF, and I'd like to get rid of the transition animations permanently.  Is there a way to customize the transition animation preference? I don't see anything in the Preferences to do this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Just as an update, Ralph explained (here) that in Snow Leopard, the iChat application no longer gets it's speed values from QuickTime.

  • Photo Captions in slideshow or full screen mode

    How do I show captions in full screen mode and/or in slideshow mode?

    In the slideshow mode click on the Settings button  and then in the Settings pane select Show Caption and select Titles, comments, etc.

  • I open Preview in full screen mode and open two files.

    How do I switch between the files? In non full-screen mode I can press cmd +` but this does not work in full-screen. I can go to Windows and choose the one I want but that is inconvenient. I tried this in Mail and Windows does not work.

    Hi there
    The only way to display things in that manner from inside the browser is to use JavaScript to open the window. When you open the window using JavaScript, you have the ability to define many of the window characteristics, such as toolbars and all that.
    Likely this will require engaging in a conversation with the support area of whomever supports the LMS you are using in order to figure out what you need to change to make this happen when the LMS serves the Captivate content.
    Cheers... Rick
    Helpful and Handy Links
    Captivate Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Adobe Certified Captivate Training
    SorcerStone Blog
    Captivate eBooks

  • Can only view Mail in full-screen mode

    After installing Yosemite, I can only view the main Mail window in Full Screen mode, unless I check "Classic View" in Preferences. Classic view does not help much, because it does not show the preview, which is essential to me. If I exit fullscreen mode, the minimized window appears for a split-second and then disappears down the left bottom corner of the screen and you cannot find it anywhere. The only way to see anything again is to go to Mail - View - Full Screen. Any help is much appreciated.

    Yes, I get the mail quit unexpectedly notification, together with a problem report, which is 808 lines but the pertinent part seems to be a CALayer position:
    Process:               Mail [476]
    Path:                  /Applications/
    Version:               8.0 (1990.1)
    Build Info:            Mail-1990001000000000~3
    Code Type:             X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process:        ??? [1]
    Responsible:           Mail [476]
    User ID:               501
    Date/Time:             2014-10-29 13:45:47.710 -0700
    OS Version:            Mac OS X 10.10 (14A389)
    Report Version:        11
    Anonymous UUID:        1FB6E94D-94CE-A889-F941-38C1A494F319
    Time Awake Since Boot: 1100 seconds
    Crashed Thread:        0  Dispatch queue:
    Exception Type:        EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
    Exception Codes:       0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000
    Application Specific Information:
    *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'CALayerInvalidGeometry', reason: 'CALayer position contains NaN: [720 nan]'
    abort() called
    terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException

  • No sound in full-screen mode.

    When playing a movie or music video in full-screen mode, the sound goes away.  All other sounds play normally, but just the movie/music video sound goes away. The sound returns when exiting full-screen mode. I am on a Mac Mini Server (mid-2011) and play the sound through a Thunderbolt display.

    Thanks, I downloaded Acrobat 8 to try using legecy option but got message that I couldn't open it as it's not compatible with my OS. I can only use version 9 it seems.
    The fact that the file will play makes me think this should be possible so I kept trying.
    I found some success which allows one to see how nice this will be when it works.
    By following the instructions as before I put the play button on the bottom left except by dragging a small marque the button is that small size & doesn't cover the image.. After browsing & choosing the file, click the show advance options button & choose from the "Enable When" menu, " The page containing the content is opened"
    From the "Playback Style" menu choose "In floating window" Click OK & Save.
    When this is opened in Reader you are asked if you want to enter Full Screen Mode, choose yes. In FS Mode the photos start to do their thing, transitioning into each other. The floating window is in upper right partialy covering the photo. The pause sign is displayed as if it is playing but it's not. It never does unless you click the pause sign then click it again to play. One has to wait a while before this will work, maybe it's loading or something. Any way the music starts. By now the slides have ended.
    You can right click the floating window & choose "Close floating window". I it disapears but the music continues to play. One can then tap the left arrow on the keyboard to transition, still in FS Mode. Can also click right arrrow. It looks good. Only not automatic.
    To stop the music before it ends one has to click back to the 1st photo & right click on the small square & choose show floating window, then click the pause button to stop it.
    I think it is a bug. It just doesn't work as it should. How do we got Adobe to fix it?
    It would be so nice to have a cross platform way to share a slideshow with sound.
    If anyone has any better luck plmk.

  • Can't see pictures in full screen mode

    This is my new Mac Computer. Some of the pictures can not be viewed except as thumbnails. (When I try to see in full screen mode, there is a quick 1 second view,then a grey screen with an I in the middle and a dotted line surrounding it. There is no rhyme nor reason why some photos can been seen in full mode and some can only be seen as thumbnail.

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.
    The ! or ? turns up when iPhoto loses the connection between the thumbnail in the iPhoto Window and the file it represents.
    The most common cause of this is User Activity in the iPhoto Library Folder. Have you altered, moved or renamed anything in the iPhoto Library Folder?
    If you haven't, then try rebuilding the database. Hold down the apple and option (or alt) keys and launch iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild.

  • Mail - can't reply in full screen mode

    Hi there
    I've been enjoying running Mail in Lion in full screen mode. However if I try to reply to a message, I don't get the reply window come up. It fails whether I use the keyboard shortcut, click on the icon or use the menu command.
    I have to leave full screen mode to get a reply message window.
    Any clues on this?

    I found this solution online today it worked for me I hope it solves your problem if you haven't already solved it.
    This solved my question by BRegan6 on Oct 29, 2014 2:26 PM
    I've just gotten off the phone with Apple Support who solved this problem.  Open mail.  Go to Mail Preferences/Viewing and Check box "Use classic view".  Then open a new mail viewer window (File/New Viewer Window).  At this point, assuming you have the same problem that I did where you can only see the window showing emails, but not the email preview window, move your cursor so it hovers right at the bottom edge of the window.  The cursor will change to a horizontal bar and an up arrow.  Click and drag up a few inches.  At this point you should now be able to see the email preview window.  Now go back to Mail preferences and uncheck classic view.  The window now stays open in non-classic view.  Hope this works for you too.

  • Full screen mode bug in Safari?

    In Safari, running in full screen mode, if a link opens a file (eg an Excel workbook), sometimes the Excel (non full screen) window will open over the top of the Safari full screen window. When that happens it's impossible to get access to the Excel window, as clicking on it will jump to the desktop "space" (where the window should have opened?). The only way out of the problem is to move to the Safari full screen "space" and take Safari out of full screen mode using the button in the top right corner (Esc doesn't work in this case). After that I can access both Safari and the Excel window no problem.
    This doesn't always happen, but it has happened enough times to be annoying, and also happens with other apps (eg Preview), not just Excel.
    Anyone else had the same problem?

    It is a bug. If you start to search for something with the Safari not in full screen mode the history and predictive search functionality is there. If you then expand the application window to full screen it the search field will continue to work as expected. However, if you open the application and first expand it to full screen view before using the search field it will not work properly; the history will be inaccessable and the predictive search will fail.  In order to restore functionality, hit 'control+command+F' to return to non-full-screen mode, type something in the search field or access your search history via the hour glass and then return to full screnn mode. The search field will now function normally again. This is definitely a bug and this behavior explains why the search seems to be fixed at times, and broken at others.

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