Previews in 3.3

So what exactly is the change in 3.3 concerning RAW images, previews and the imbedded JPG?
In pre 3.3 version you had the option to use the imbedded JPG preview during import while Aperture created its preview to speed things up:
So what's different in 3.3?

But un that case you could have a situation where the Preview doesn't match the version.
That is exactly what I am afraid of. The Prefeence panel contains a clear warning that the previews might not match.
Ah OK then I was right,  what a mess. We thought explaining RAW before was tricky wait till we get the, "It looked just like what was in the camera before I adjusted the exposure 1/2  a stop. Now the colors are totally different!, WHAT HAPPENED?"
This is not going to end well, should have stayed on the bike!

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    This issue can be caused by the temporary files, sometimes Outlook may not handle its temporary file folders well, so cleaning out the folder may solve this issue.
    We can follow the steps in this link to empty the temp folder:
    Hope this can help you.
    Melon Chen
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    daoliver wrote:
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    You need to define the testing server correctly in your site
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    There has never been even an album preview like other websites.
    I think you're asking a bit much for continuous preview of a browser list, it they can't even do an entire album list that never changes.
    Yes, I was being sarcastic.
    You can contact Apple, if you think it will do any good:
    itunes menu > help > Provide itunes support
    Or an email page from here, you have to dig several levels to get to the email or chat buttons

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    I can not do that either, then again, I never tried it in Leopard so... hope that helps

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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
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                    import mx.controls.Alert;
                    import mx.messaging.Channel;
                    import mx.messaging.ChannelSet;
                    import mx.messaging.channels.AMFChannel;
                    import mx.controls.Image;
                    import mx.managers.DragManager;
      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Dimension Value"  width="10" dataField="dimensionValue"/>
                                                   <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Unit Nmae"  width="10" dataField="dimensionUnitName"/>
                                           <mx:Spacer width="2%"/>
                   <mx:Spacer height="0"/>
                <mx:VBox width="100%">
                    <s:HGroup height="90" top="0" left="0" right="0" verticalAlign="justify" gap="10" paddingLeft="5" paddingRight="5" paddingTop="5" paddingBottom="5">
                        <s:Button id="btn_loader" top="5" bottom="24" width="100" label="load" click="loadImages()"/>
                        <s:Group width="100%">
                            <s:Group name="cl" top="0" left="0" bottom="0" width="20" mouseOver="//scroll_on(event)" mouseOut="//scroll_off(event)">
                                <s:BitmapImage source="@Embed('../assets/left.jpg')" top="0" left="0" bottom="0" right="0" fillMode="scale"/>   
                            <s:List id="imgList" skinClass="skins.ListSkin" top="-3" left="27" right="28" bottom="10"
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                                    <s:HorizontalLayout gap="0"/>
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  • Previewing Pages document in Preview shows page numbers incorrectly

    Previewing Pages (5.2) document in Preview (7.0) shows page numbers incorrectly. Regardless of starting page number preview shows as Page 1.
    Suggestions appreciated...

    That appears to be YABIP5 (Yet Another Bug In Pages 5].
    Pages .09 documents are fine.
    No prizes however for finding bugs in Pages 5/5.2 it's swarming with them.

  • Previewing/Playing HD SHQ MP4 video in Timeline is choppy and static.

    Previewing and playing back my HD SHQ MP4 video from my Sony Xacti HD video camera in the Timeline is choppy. I have to export to QT in order for me to see the video smoothly.
    I have crammed the Power Mac full of RAM (8GB) and have four external FW800 drives, and have set all the system settings to playback at full quality, but it still is choppy. Is there anything I can do? Or is this HD video just too much for even this machine?
    Thanks for any help.

    It doesn't matter how fast your hardware configuration is.
    mp4/h.264 is not an editing codec, but a delivery codec.
    Look at your easy set ups. There are none for mp4/h.264.
    Both formats are computational intensive and to decode them for editing is nearly impossible.
    convert to DVCProHD or pro res or AIC. Those are editing formats.

  • Preview of loops has effect on it (digital delay)??

    Previewing my drum loops (all music loops actually) ... I'm picking up digital delay. Where is it coming from?
    When I drag the loop to the arrange window the effect is still there ... even though there is no effect assigned to that particular audio track.
    I'm just getting up to speed on this Logic update. So I'm at a loss. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.

    This is only happening when I am using the beat mapping. I have a piece of audio I've 'beat-mapped'. Now I want to add a loop to it. But the loop previews, and the loops when I add them to the audio track, have some weird digital delay effect on them.
    This isn't happening if I'm NOT doing a beat map. Everything is normal.

  • How do I get loops to keep the effect settings I hear when previewing?

    When I place loops into a new track, the effects settings go away and it is simply a dry signal. How can I move a loop from the browser into a new track and have it keep the effects settings that I hear when I preview the loop?

    If you drag a green MIDI loop onto the Arrange window space, it should create a Software instrument track with all the required plug-ins for the sound, so don't drag it to an already existing Software instrument track.
    If you drag it to an audio track it will convert it to an audio file, so obviously the instrument/fx plug-ins wont be in the channel strip.
    If that's what you mean?

  • Previewing Transients in Loops?

    Hi there,
    I've got two questions regarding transients in Apple Loops.
    If I create an Apple Loop from an audio sample I have, the transients differ in the Logic Sample Editor to how they are when I open the loop in Apple Loops Util.
    For example, let's say I've 'rhythmically' sliced a drum loop with a transient at each hit, when I open it in Apple Loops Util, the transients just show at regular intervals as selected in the toolbar (1/4s, 8ths, 16ths, etc etc). Is there a way to keep the transients from the Sample Editor?
    Also, when working with transients in the Apple Loops Utility, is there a way to preview the audio between transients. Like when you double click a section between transients in the Sample Editor, you can play back just that slice.

    exo wrote:
    Okay, let me try again. I need three loops. Two loops start at the same time one runs fast one runs slow. The slow one is probably independent to the problem. When the second loop is done, it needs to restart and start a third loop that takes less than the second.
    This is all still very vague. You are omitting crucial information.
    Which one is the "second loop". Slow or fast?
    What is the meaning or "probably" in this context?
    Should the first loop continue forever?
    What determines if the second loop is done?
    What does the third loop do during that one second? Is it actually looping many times or is it just executing some code once?
    What should happen after the third loop is done?
    It might be much easier if you could describe your problem from a real-world perspective instead of programming terms.
    What is it suppused to do? What is is controlling? What behavior should the user see?
    Message Edited by altenbach on 04-28-2008 08:32 AM
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .

  • Previewing midi loops

    I've a bunch of midi drum loops from Groovemonkee and was wondering if it's, in any way, possible to preview them with any of LP's instruments? Without having to drag them into a track with a preloaded instrument that is. I guess what I'd like to do is click through the midi loops, previewing them with the sound of a drumkit I like, then just drag and drop it into Logic.
    Help is greatly appreciated.

    You can open them in Quicktime, if they've been recorded right they should just play as a standard midi drum kit.
    If not, then they'll play as a piano. Quicktime won't let you change the midi channel number unfortunately.

  • External preview display via. Mini-DVI to video adapter QUESTION

    Hello, I have been browsing this forum for a while, and this is my first question.
    I have a Macbook Core2duo running Final Cut Pro. I purchased a Mini-DVI to S-video/composite video adapter.
    I cannot get my work to preview on this external monitor. I would like to view the canvas on the monitor while working. I had this setup at school on a G5, but I cannot get it to work on my macbook. The only way apple suggests doing this is by setting up a camera via. firewire and then run from the camera to the NTSC video display (television). I would just like to do it via. mini-dvi to my television for previewing.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you,
    Morgan Bressler

    From what I've been told, using the computer's video output isn't outputting a true NTSC picture. I was told when talking about how the Macbook Pros dropped the S-vdieo port that I shouldn't use that anyways, but rather to go the firewire route. THat was actually converts the video source to true NTSC instead of taking a computer output to a TV. While I have no doubt that it works, I'm willing to bet that you'll see a noticeable difference between the G5 S-video and your MB using firewire. Most consumer camcorders from the past several years do digital (firewire) to analogue (NTSC) conversion, so you probably don't even need a new box.

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