Price error message while creating production order- Urgent

In past i was getting warning message of 'No price could be determined for material/batch and Plant" message no CK 465 at the time of saving the production order after creation but now it has stopped even though there is no price in material amster.
I changed the configuration to Error message (TC: OPR4_PPCO) and it works but why not for warning message?

Please confirm where i should check for Activity price?
But then why we are able to get error message.
Creating a production order which do not have standard cost in material master.
While saving, getting a error message'No price could be determined.......'
Now changing the message to Warning through configuration using TC: OPR4_PPCO
Now again creating the production order and saving
Expectation to have same message as warning but not getting anything.
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  • Error message while creating production order with KMAT material strategy25

    Hi PP Gurus I am running variant configuration cycle...Strategy 25, Custermer Req KEK (KMAT Matrl)
    Sales order & MRP Picked the components correctly as per the dependencies
    written. So Planned order generated against sale order.
    When I tried to convert planned order to Production order...I am getting the
    below error message..
    Error Message:
    You cannot make an assignment to make-to-order stock Message no. CO684
    Diagnosis The component cannot be allocated to an individual stock because
    make-to-order production and engineer-to-order production cannot be executed
    with this order.
    A possible cause is that you are trying to create an order with reference to a
    sales-order/project, where an account assignment to a sales order/project is not
    allowed in the settlement profile that is assigned to the chosen order type.
    This is inconsistant.
    System response The following responses are possible:
    Order processing is cancelled.
    The system resets the special stock indicator back to the original value.
    Procedure Choose another order type.
    I used order type with SD1 as settelement profile.
    OVZG: default 046, settlement profile = SD1
    OPJH: Settlement profile = SD1
    Plz through some light on this if u have worked on Variant Configuration/MTO
    1) Is creation of production order with KMAT material supported by SAP?
    2) If yes, why the above error occurs?
    Waiting for Ur reply
    With Best Regards

    Dear R.Brahmankar,
    I have check on the note, but it is not relevant to ecc6. The current system default setting is :
    Standrad setting for reqt class 046
    Special Stock E
    Acct Assgt Cat. M
    Valuation M
    Settlmt Profile SD1
    However if I change the Acct Assgt Cat. from M to E. It resolve the problem. I would like to know is this the right solution?
    Config in Acct Assgt M
    Consumption Posting = E
    Config in Acct Assgt E
    Consumption Posting = '  '
    In F1 key of Consumption Posting field it shown following:
    To flag the sales order item as cost- and revenue-carrying, enter an "E" (settlement via sales order).
    If you do not wish to flag the sales order item as cost- and revenue-carrying, do not enter anything.
    If you are working with nonvaluated sales order stock, always flag the sales order item as cost- and revenue-carrying.
    If you are working with valuated sales order stock:
      In the case of complex make-to-order production, flag the sales order item as cost- and revenue-carrying
      In the case of sales-order-related mass production, do not flag the sales order item as cost- and revenue-carrying
    Should we change to E?

  • Deleated Valuation Type --Need Error Message while creating Purchase Order

    In our scenario , i need a message should flash , if enduser by mistake select the deleated valuation type while creating Purchase Order.
    In current configuration , it's not there.
    Await your expert opinion.
    Shyam Kogta

    I investigated this recently in our company and gave this answer:
    A deletion flag does not restrict anything. It is just an indicator to tell SAP that you want this record to be deleted with the next archiving run.
    The archiving run then checks if a deletion is possible or not.
    So you can set such deletion flags long time in advance, even at a moment where you still have inventory.
    To block materials from beeing used in business transactions, usually the material and sales status are used. But these statuses can only be set at overall, plant and sales organisation level.  
    In some transactions SAP issues warning messages if a material has a deletion flag. This messages could be customized to be an error and prevent any business. However, this type of restriction is not designed for our machine, as we use the material and sales status.
    Anyhow, there is no message for valuation types that have a deletion flag in procurement area.
    There is one for goods receipts (but only for a certain industry solution that is not used by us)
    There is one for deliveries ( VL 211 ).
    The valuation types are defaulted from customizing to the transaction e.g. purchase order. Or from info record to the PO. So a standard purchase order gets valuation type  ABC , while an internal order (production) gets the DEF.  Usually there should not be a need to change this valuation type manually.
    So the only solution is to archive the material master at valuation type level.
    But I guess, you already have POs with that wrong valuation type, which means you have to archive the POs first. It you have already batches with wrong valuation type, then thy have to be archived as well before a material can be archived.
    And finally if you had stock in current year, then you can archive your material in year after next year, as SAP archives only materials that have no stock in current and previous year.

  • Error message while creating transfer order

    Hi Experts,
    My objective is to create a transfer order from a transfer requirement programatically.
    I am trying to create a transfer order using FM L_TO_CREATE_TR programatically. Prior to this FM, I am calling FM L_TR_CREATE to create a transfer requirement. I am passing this transfer requirement to FM  L_TO_CREATE_TR to create a transfer order.
    But on execution of L_TO_CREATE_TR , I am getting an error message: THIS SCREEN IS ONLY ALLOWED FOR MANUAL TRANSFER ORDERS as a status message in the program.
    Please tell how to solve this.

    Check whether following link is helpful

  • What is t-code or path see the error message while creating Purchase order

    I am creating PO and I have not maintained Info Record.While cretaing PO it is throwing warning message.Now I want to convert this to error message.How to do this.
    Raghavendra Pai

    You can alter the message at SPRO->Materials management->Purchasing->Environment data->Define attributes of system message.
    Here in the system message, go to  message number 341, then change category from W to E.

  • Error message while confirming production order.

    Hi Gurus,
    I would like to know if it is possible to get an error message when we try to confirm a production order if there is not a cost for each component.
    Please provide details if any.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    You can have setting for error message for incorrect costs in confirmation as below :
    Go to OPK4 ( Parameters for order confirmation) select plant & order type--> General individual entry ( tab)-> Error handling/logs
    Maintain tick in check box for Termination for Incorrect ActCosts.
    This will fulfill your requirement.
    Revert in case any doubt.
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  • Deletion marked material should give error message while creating proc ord

    i had marked the material for deletion through T-code MM06 & saved.
    Now when i'm creating the process order for the deleated material, System is giving only Warning message that " Material XXXX in plant XXXX has been marked for deletion."
    But my requirement is system shold give an ERROR message while creating Process Order for the deleted material.

    Yes Brahman is Right,
    Check the followig..
    Go to OMCQ and change the message category  to E- Error message instead of W- Waring message in Message no M7 127, but
    not  M7 121.
    and check it,
    Pavan idlur.

  • Error while creating Production order without BOM

    Hi Guys,
    While creating production order without a BOM i am getting the following error in the error log.
    Error: BOM for material xxxxxx does not contain any valid items
    Message no. CO636
    Kindly help.

    Dear customer,
    could you check in the master data screen of the order if one BOM has been selected?
    please coudl you check your customizing the following transactions:
    what do you have in 'BOM slection field' MRP4 view of the header material?
    Please check if with this info you can find the missing data to explode the BOM

  • Prt availability.while creating production order

    while creating production order. system checking PRT availabilty
    if PRT is not there system throws warning msg
    PRT: Item: 0010  Material TESTPRT1 plant BP01 is not available.
    Message no. CF301
    You are attempting to use a PRT. However, the current status of this PRT does not permit you to use it.
    how can change into error msg.........
    thx in advance

    I've checked the WUL of the message CF301 and found:
                index_imp             = affhd_sav-indbt
                tco11_imp             = tco11_tmp
                fhm_not_available_exp = fhm_not_available_tmp.
    FHM verfügbar
      IF NOT fhm_not_available_tmp IS INITIAL.
        CASE affhd_sav-fhmar.
          WHEN material.
            MESSAGE i301 WITH affhd_sav-psnfh
          WHEN sonstige.
            MESSAGE i302 WITH affhd_sav-psnfh
          WHEN dokument.
            MESSAGE i303 WITH affhd_sav-psnfh
          WHEN equipment.
            MESSAGE i307 WITH affhd_sav-psnfh
          WHEN OTHERS.
            MESSAGE a886
                    WITH sy-repid
    I'm afraid the attribute is hardcoded to be warning.

  • Unable to capture error message while creating an SO using bapi

    Can anybody suggest how to capture the error message while creating a SO using BAPI.
    I have developed a customeized BAPI and using the BDC format to create the SO.
    Note: i am using a call transaction method for the BDC.
    I am sending the message into message1.
    but i am unable to send the same into an internal table

    Hi Shyam
    If my understanding is correct, you are performing BDC process within the customized BAPI...
    And you want to collect the messages from BDC to an internal table and pass to the output.
    Proceed as below:
    1. While calling BDC, use CALL TRANSACTION .... with addition: <b>MESSAGES INTO itab</b>. The structure of itab should be like <b>BDCMSGCOLL</b>.
    2. Now the messages will be collected in ita.
    3. Prepare the messages using FM: <b>FORMAT_MESSAGE</b>
    4. Collect to the returning table.
    Hope this helps...
    Though i could not understand the reason of creating a BDC within BAPI, you can opt for loading orders via BAPI's like: BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT1 or BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.
    Kind Regards

  • Allocation error when I create production order

    Hi guys:
       I met allocation error when I created production order with CO01.could you help me out?urgent!

    What is the excatly the error so that we can tell u the reason

  • Warning to error message while creating a SC

    How to make a warning message to error message while creating a SC against the Cost Center when the cost center is closed in SRM 4.0.
    Currently we are running on SRM 4.0 with ECC 5.0 as back end and user are able to raise a SC and POs even the cost center is closed.We want to make it as error message and stop users to create a SC /PO against those closed Cost centers.
    Thanks and Appreciate your inputs.

    1. Get the backend message with a getmessage* FM.
    2. Check if it's a closed cost center warning.
    3. Add your own error message (can be just a copy of the message you retrieved) as an 'E' error
    Because this is a backend warning, you can't influence it in SRM with the message control in SRM unfortunately.

  • Error message while creating Appropriation Request

    Hey there,
    I am getting Error message while creating Appropriation Request.
    I have done all the confiig according to SAP Best Practices U30 Investment Management.
    When going into transaction IMA11(Create an AR) I can full in all fields but as soon as I click on the Control Tab I get a Run time error. Also when attempting to save the AR without clicking on the Control tab I get this message.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    RAISE_ exception
    Runtime Errors         RAISE_EXCEPTION                                                            
    Date and Time          18.07.2011 07:15:07                                                                               
    Exception condition "ERROR_IN_STATUS" raised.                                                                               
    What happened?                                                                               
    The current ABAP/4 program encountered an unexpected                                         
    Error analysis                                                                               
    A RAISE statement in the program "SAPLAIA_TOOL" raised the exception                         
         condition "ERROR_IN_STATUS".                                                                 
         Since the exception was not intercepted by a superior program                                
         in the hierarchy, processing was terminated.                                                                               
    Short description of exception condition:                                                                               
    For detailed documentation of the exception condition, use                                   
         Transaction SE37 (Function Library). You can take the called                                 
         function module from the display of active calls.                                            
    Trigger Location of Runtime Error                                                                
         Program                                 SAPLAIA_TOOL                                         
         Include                                 LAIA_TOOLU11                                         
         Row                                     119                                                  
         Module type                             (FUNCTION)                                           
         Module Name                             AIA_TOOL_GET_STATUS                      
    Source Code Extract                                                                               
    Line  SourceCde                                                                               
    89 *                TYPE       = SY-MSGTY                              
        90 *                CL         = SY-MSGID                              
        91 *                NUMBER     = SY-MSGNO                              
        92 *                PAR1       = SY-MSGV1                              
        93 *                PAR2       = SY-MSGV2                              
        94 *                PAR3       = SY-MSGV3                              
        95 *                PAR4       = SY-MSGV4                              
        96 *           IMPORTING                                               
        97 *                RETURN     = ls_return.                            
        98 *   endif.                                                          
        99 *   if not ls_return is initial.                                    
       100 *      append ls_return to return.                                  
       101 *      raise error_in_status.                                       
       102 *   endif.                                                          
       103 *                                                                   
       104 *  Füllen der Ausgabetabellen                                       
       105    perform fill_output_tables tables lt_status                      
       106                                      lt_jsto                        
       107                                      et_appreq_status               
       108                                      et_appreqvarnt_status          
       109                                      et_appreq_user_status          
       110                                      et_appreqvarnt_user_status     
       111                                      lt_objnr                       
       112                                      lt_objnr_varnt                 
       113                                      lt_return                      
       114                               using  i_language                     
       115                                      i_with_text.                   
       117    if not lt_return[] is initial.                                   
       118       append lines of lt_return to return.                          
    >>>>>       raise error_in_status.                                        
       120    endif.                                                           
       123 ENDFUNCTION.

    You said you are trying to do this stuff in IDES right.
    If you are using IDES provided by a company and where many people play on IDES, then you can get many such issues...
    This is by our experience.  Today you do something in IDES and tommorow that thing or config is screwed up by others.
    If you have your own IDES, then check the suggestion given by the forum Guru's.

  • Error message while creating or editing a report

    Hi, we acquire the Crystal reports Ver 2008 type full, and this moment we are having an error message while creating or editing a report, the message suddenly appears saying:
    Crw32.exe has enconutered a problem and needs to close.
    Is there a patch available or what can we do?

    Hi Lucus,
         This is to general an error, 1st try to reinstal the software, make sure you have admin rights on the PC, and try again.  If you still get the error, I would call the support number, and let them help you out.   You may need to know,   the type of PC or server the software was installed on, the current os, available memory... etc    For now, I would go to windows (If that is what you are running ) and re-install or repair the software.

  • Error message while creating an inbound delivery to generate an idoc

    i am getting the following error message while creating an inbound delivery(vl31n) where the message has to be sent ot decentralized warehouse mangament using idoc .
    ." No recipient could be determined for object BUS2015 method SAVEREPLICA"
    Procedure for System Administration
    The system attempts to determine a recipient for object BUS2015 method SAVEREPLICA using the filter object types WHSE_NO. The system cannot determine a recipient. Define a filter object type WHSE_NO with a valid filter value for recipient determination for object BUS2015 method SAVEREPLICA.
    need help

    Inbound delivery is not part of Sales and Distribution. You might want to move your post to either the Logistics Materials Management (MM) forum or the Workflow forum.
    Also sometimes search for OSS notes by the message class and number helps.

Maybe you are looking for

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