Print profiles no longer working correctly with CS6 64bit to my Epson R2880

Hi, until recently, my print profiles were working correctly  with CS6 64bit (Win 7 ultimate 64) to my Epson R2880, they now print washed out/desaturated  but the same profiles still print correctly using Lightroom 4. has there  been an update that could have affected things or are there any other  suggestion? Thanks, Dave.

I hope someone can help!
I recently bought my first Mac, a great MacBook Pro which I love!
I use Lightroom3 and Photoshop CS5 to edit photos and now want to print from my Epson R1800.
I found that the prints initially came off very dark & contrasty, so I calibrated both the MBP screen and my Samsung SuncMaster 245B monitor with my Spyder2 and the Colorvision software.
Even after establishing colour profiles for both screens, the printed image was still far darker and "heavier" than that shown on screen. This was the same whether printing from LR3 or from the Mac Preview app (it was worth trying I thought!).
So searching for help on the web I came across this thread and now wonder whether I should uninstall my driver (6.57) and reinstall the printer with 6.23.
Stephen did you find that this worked - did PS CS5 behave after that?
Of course I'm trying to print some work soon and in desperation could adjust every (edited) image by brightening & reducing contrast, however with dozens to print it seems crazy to do that, not to mention wrong!
Thanks for any help!

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    Sounds like you've probably already looked but the CUPS article in the wiki led me through setting up a printer without any problems.
    The first section describes how to troubleshoot CUPS and printing problems.
    I've also found a few other posts and links that may help. … eries.html
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    This is a variation of similar postings on this forum, but hopefully provides more information to allow others to pinpoint the problem.
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    There are lots of similar postings of people having problems with printers previously working, but then stopping working on an Airport Expresss/Extreme. I hope the above scenario, which is a very simple network topology, and the fact that the iMac and printer and Airport all work correctly on their own, is of help. It does look as if the problem is in the Airport Extreme, and was triggered by the WAN outage, and not fixed by printer reinstallation or firmware upgrade.
    Looking forward to someone with a clever suggestion...

    What did you use to discover the printers on both Mac and PC. Did you use Bonjour for both?

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    1. I start typing 9 in a textbox to filter the list
    2. list filters down to what I want
    3. I click on the item in the list which fires off the IndexChangeEvent
    4. changeHandler is called
    protected function changeHandler(event:IndexChangeEvent):void
           filterTxt.text = "";
           var selfact:Object = event.currentTarget.selectedIndex;
         // This should yield 8, however because testdata current view only has one item in the list the event.newIndex is acutally 0 where it should be 8
         // So I would need a way to get to the "current view"
    So its like there are two lists.
    1. filteredlist (auto generated) 
    2. list with mydata before filter.
    The IndexChangeEvent is giving me the selectedindex of the filtered list (item 0) but resolving item 0 with the unfiltered list and the data does not match up.
    Now I can no longer get the correct name of the list after applying the fiilter.
    Is this a bug that was introduced in Flex 4.6?

    galleherjazz, a little research would tell you a lot.  Palm sold the rights to Palm Desktop years ago to a company called "Access" from Japan.  It was their responsibility to come up with a version of Palm Desktop that works with Vista.  They produced one version, then updated it to 6.2.2 to fix some bugs.  After that, they abandoned the project!  Palm Inc. moved on to a wholly new operating system (webOS).
    "Palm programmers" had nothing to do with the decisions made.   Access' version came with no color categorization.  Pleas for improvements and bug fixes have fallen on deaf ears.
    Palm Inc. appears to have no interest in supporting Windows 7 with their legacy (read: discontinued) devices.   Any hope for 64-bit USB compatibility appears to be gone. 
    I am a Volunteer here, not employed by HP.
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    My HP printer is no longer working with my Macbook after installing Mavericks.  It scans, but will not save or send any files.  My computer has also slowed down considerably....

    Your printer might need an updated driver. Check the HP website and see if there is a driver for Mavericks.
    You may have other HP applications installed that are incompatible with Mavericks. Try uninstalling them and see if your printer works. There may be updated versions of these apps on the HP website too.
    If you just recently installed Mavericks, Spotlight may be indexing, and this can slow things down until it is done. If Spotlight is indexing you will hear a lot of hard drive activity.
    If Spotlight is done indexing, and your Mac is still slow, then it is probably because you have bad/old/incompatible third party software that does not play well with the new OS. It would help to give us more information. Etresoft: EtreCheck is a free app developed by one of the contributors to this forum which will generate a system report on your computer. If you can paste the report here we can take a look and see what might be the problem.

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    It appears to be a bug with (I assume) Facebook's servers - other people are having the same problem, me included, with the app switching into YouTube in Safari and showing the last video that was posted on the wall. Until Facebook (if it is their bug) fix it, then there is not much that you can do, apart from possibly accessing Facebook via Safari on your iPad and/or on your computer instead. The problem has also been reported on Facebook's help site as well - it may be related to their new 'timeline' feature or the new iPad that they are rumoured to be announcing soon

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    Take a look at for some information. Was DYP found that on Mac the monitor profile was being introduced into the print flow for RGB printing out of ID -- an Apple Bug I think -- and the status of what's happening has changed.

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    This is a disaster for one of our main products !

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    Hi as2020,
    If you are having issues with Mail in Mavericks, you may want to make sure you have updated to the most recent release. You may find the following article helpful:
    OS X: About Mail Update for Mavericks
    - Brenden

  • Which Macs have graphics cards that are specifically designed to work best with CS6?

    I'm currently using a late-2009 24" iMac but it just isn't robust enough for some of the the programs included in CS6 (After Effects, Premiere Pro, for example).  I'm planning to buy a new Mac, but I would like to know if there is one or more that has/have graphics cards that are specifically designed to work well with CS6, and if not, were I to purchase a Mac Pro, would I be able to replace the factory graphics card with an after-market card that does?  Thank you.

    If you are not in the 4K business --> I would go for the 32 GB & 27" iMac w/o Retina, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M mit 4 GB GDDR5 (CUDA support) will give you quite a good performance, i.e. with a Thunderbolt connected Raid6 system your 2K projects (including some color correction and other plugins) will work well and you can even use the system as 4k starter/test system.
    If you in the 4K business you could use a full blown iMac Retina system with a GPU AMD Radeon R9 M295X mit 4 GB GDDR5 together with an already mentioned TB Raid6 system. As described from the forum-compatriots, this non-CUDA card doesn't perform too well on GPU accelerated functions of PPro --> but --> search this forum... you will be surprised....some workflows are nearly unaffected....
    If you are in the high end 4K footage busine$$ and you apply a lot of external color correction to your 4k footage (e.g. BM DaVinci) I would go for a MPro with 2 D700 cards.

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    Thanks for letting us know, however, this is a user to user forum and not an "Apple Run" forum.
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    Move the Safari app from the Desktop to the Applications folder.
    Restart your Mac.
    That's why you see this:
    When I try to do the updates my computer says it has ready it goes through like it is downloading them then at the end it says some of the files could not be saved to "/" files.
    After your restart your Mac, click the Apple  menu (top left in your screen) then click:  Software Update ...

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    Remove Office 2008 for Mac using Microsoft deinstall procedure. Reinstall Office 2008 for Mac.  If there are updates, apply them. Using Disk Utility, verify/repair permissions on your boot drive.
    Does Office for Mac 2008 now work correctly? If not, you may want to repeat the above first sentence, and then update to Office for Mac 2011, and apply the latest (14.4.8) update which has Yosemite fixes.

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