Printer prints small

For some reasons, my printer is now printing all files at about .5 inch square on the bottom left corner of the paper. Printer is laserwriter 16/600 ps.
When I use fit to page (in illustrator or Acrobat) it indicates that it is printing at about 500 %. Other applications won't let me print (just that tiny sheet on the corner)...
How can I fix this

Try logging in as another user.
If there is no other user on your system then create one (Preferences/System/Accounts/click on the + and make a test user or whatever name. Give is an easy to remember password and login as that user.
If that new user can print correctly there is a corrupt preference in your user preferences.

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    How can I make the font / text size bigger? When I print a web page it's so small I can't read it. I have a HP Photosmart C8180   all-in-one printer. Help Please  :-(

    Problem "Smart Web Printing - Print too small"
    I have experienced the same problem on Windows 7 / IE8 with Photosmart C6280, but same problem apparently(?) not on other PC running Windows XP Pro / IE8 with same printer.
    Note: A clip ("cut" of a screen area) is NOT a piece of text, but an image, and "text" in the image is not directly editable.
    Solution (mine): After cutting the desired area select clip in the SWP window (green tack in upper left corner of clip), click 'Edit' (or right click in selected clip and 'Edit this clip...'). In window 'Edit clip' popping up, select clip by clicking it. Clip now marked "selected" by dashed line with green corners. Enlarge clip på dragging (left mouse button) lower right corner to right. Print page.

  • 8750 printer will only print a small part of a photo what ever size paper I use and prferences

    Is there a solution to printing as when I try to print a photo either in 6x4 or even A4 it still only prints a small section of the photo in one corner of the paper and after all preferences checked it still remains the same.

    Hi there john2boy,
    With the jam and print missing ink lets try downloading and running the HP Hardware Diagnostic Utility located here:
    It can fix a lot on its own and if not give a better idea of what is going on.
    Best of Luck!
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  • How do I get my HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus to print a small font?

    My printer prints a very small font.  How can I get the pringter
    to print a larger siged font. 

    Hey , I understand that you are not able to print the court seal on legal documents on your HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One Printer. I would like to assist you today with resolving this issue. However, I do need to clarify a few things before I will be able to guide you to a solution.  (1) What program are you printing these court documents through?   (2) Does the court seal appear in a Print Preview window under the program?    Once I have the answers to my two questions above I will be happy to guide you to a solution. I look forward to hearing from you!  

  • Print Too Small from Photoshop CS4 with HP 8500 All In One Printer

    I'm running Windows XP with CS4 and latest patches and drivers.  When I print an image to my HP 8500 All in one printer, the printout is too small.  Instead of a centered 4 x 6 image on the page I get a 1 x 1-1/4 inch small print of the image in the upper left hand corner.
    I re-installed CS3 and it works perfectly as do any other print options, such as word, etc.  But from Photoshop CS4 I can find no way to print to this printer without the image shrinking in size.  If I print to another printer at the same sitting, the image is fine.  So it's a PS CS4 vs. HP 8500 unique problem I guess.
    I've see this post in other forms and no help as yet.  Does anyone have this one on their radar.  I really like this printer, but it's quite annoying.
    By the way, If I print to a PDF from PS CS4, the pdf file image is fine.  That's another end around for printing also. HMMMM.
    I did contact HP and they put the problem squarely back on Adobe.  No partnership there.

    Will the printer print from any app?
    I know it sounds like a dumb question, but you didn't actually say...  And I admit to looking for software problems on an occasion or two when I had forgotten to plug in cables. 

  • Printer prints images too small

    Whenever i try and print an image, or even a text selection, the printer prints out the image or selection in a small form. (only takes up a little of a corner of the top left of the page.) Im not sure of how to adjust the setting to make it where images or webpages will print and fill the entire page of white paper.

    I probably should have mentioned its an HP D110 touchsmart lol

  • .pdf reads fine on screen but prints very small making it almost illegible

    reads fine on screen but prints very small making it almost illegible. What do I have to do? The .pdf is a single page and I have tried to bring it into a screen capture to break it down into different parts but it still remains very small when printed

    Here's your answer

  • Print too small to read

    New HP Officejet J4580
    All in One
    Prints too small.  When I disable shrink to fit to after enlarging font, it cuts off text.
    How to print larger?

    I use a Compaq laptop computer, belong to Frontier.Com and TRY to print on C3180 All In One.  It was working fine, but now
    when I print emails, the printing font is SO SMALL I can bearly read it.  How do I increase this?
      I do NOT have this problem when printing something from Internet other than email.
     HP has not given me any help that works so far.

  • I am having trouble printing 4x6, 1" bottle cap images, they are printing too small

    I have a new iMac and cannot get standard 1" bottlecap images to print to the correct size. They print slightly smaller than 1". They are printed on 4"x6" photo paper. I am selecting that size when I print. I also can print from photoshop. Thanks for any tips!

    Oh my...
    It seems that, embarrasingly I was tripple checking everything for 4x6 prints but actually had 5x7 loaded in the printer!
    Thanks for helping the hopeless.

  • Printer prints wrong size---pri​nts smaller than told to.

    HP Photosmart B8550. Prints images smaller that told to. Is there a fix?

    Hi there,
    Try downloading and running the print and scan doctor located here(to make sure there are no software issues causing the problem):​e=c03275041&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en
    It can fix a lot on its own and if not give a better idea of what is going on.
    Best of Luck!
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  • Prints too small and doesn't do margins correctly

    When printing any document, either form Microsoft Word or the internet, the font sizes come out too small and the margins do not match the settings. For example, I have my margins set to 1inch all the way around and yet the printer prints the paper margins at  **Top 1inch, left and right @ 1.3 inches, and the bottom at 2 inches. This is very annoying because it condenses everything and makes the font smaller.  I have already went into all of the settings both in Word and the Printer. Everything is set right, I am using letter paper 8.5 x 11, it is set up to match that paper, and I've double checked everything. And the paper is loaded in correctly. I seriously don't know what to do. I've even tried selecting "fit to paper" under the printer options and nothing has changed. I am really tired of this printer.
    Please help!

    Welcome to the HP Community Forum.
    Every printer I have ever had seems to revel in messing with us about margins - I had the 7520 printer for a year; in my personal opinion this printer is not better or worse in this regard than others.   
    I am not being sarcastic; far from it.  I am fully sympathetic. 
    There is always something going on -- IF it is the printer then it might be one of the following:
    Printers have margin restrictions that can get in the way of the settings - and the results manifest themselves in odd ways depending on the document type (Word, PDF, html, some-other-type).
    Software can have an effect -- Online Word, for example, may not be the same as Word-in-a-Box and a PDF file on your computer is never the same as a PDF file on the Internet.
    If you think the printer is messing with you because the software is tweaked, then you can remove and then reinstall the printer software -- it does sometimes help IF the software is corrupted or out-of-date.
    Install Full Feature Software – Printer
    You can download files from the Internet and try printing them from your computer -- local files frequently print better from your computer than they do from the Internet.  This assumes you can trust the files to be downloaded onto your computer.  Scan any downloaded file with your best Security Software.
    You can try setting Word document margins to Narrow.  This may work as long as you don't get into trouble with other printer margin restrictions of it if doesn't mess up your document.  Depends.
    You can try using Print Preview to adjust the margins.
    You can try -- when using Word - to adjust the Footer / Header to move the Page Numbers / Headers out of the way of whatever Printer margin restrictions exist.  For example, if the printer cannot print within .5 inches of the edge of the paper, make sure the page numbers have been moved away from the edge of the paper at least that far.
    Our British friends know that A4 paper is not American "Letter" paper.  The difference can present challenges - Word offers an Options setting for this to keep the A4 bottom bits from chopping off.  This setting MIGHT do odd things to "Auto" select paper settings in some printers.
    You can try using Printing Preferences / Properties to print borderless -- assuming your paper selection combination and printer supports this.
    For example:
    Printing Preferences > Paper Quality > Advanced >
    Under Printing Features >> Borderless Printing > Select from Drop Down Menu "Print Borderless"
    Combine this with Print Preview / Margins
    The following might be helpful:
    Manage Print Output with Print Preview
    I hope this helps.
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    And...Click Accept as Solution when my Answer provides a Fix or Workaround!
    I am pleased to provide assistance on behalf of HP. I do not work for HP. 
    Kind Regards,

  • Prints too small on HP Inkjet 2800, prints too large on Adobe PDF Printer

    I have been having this problem with all Macs in my network:
    Whenever I need to print anything on my HP Inket 2800 printer, from either InDesign or Illutrator, it will print really small, even though "fit to page" is unchecked, size is at 100% and page sizes are correctly chosen. It will even ignore the Position settings (if I choose centered, it will print on upper left). If I export the PDF it shows fine and I can print perfectly through Acrobat.
    If I choose to print over Adobe PDF, I get the opposite: InDesign will enlarge everything a lot and maintain the paper size for some reason. This way, I can't use Print Booklet to generate PDF files.
    I have tried reinstalling the HP printer drivers, without success.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you.

    Just got off the phone with Adobe and found a cure.
    Open print dialog box.
    Go to Set up
    the paper size: scroll to top and select defined by driver.
    It worked for both the HP 8150 and Xerox Phaser 7700
    I'm running CS3 on Mac Intel G5 OS X 10.5.5.

  • Print too small

    HP 4600 printing too small. How do I enlarge using Apple Snow Leopard program?

    What program are you trying to print from? 
    Photosmart or Officejet printer?
    Wireless or USB?
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  • Print too small, tried everything (I think..)

    I recently installed the driver for this printer from the HP site and replaced some empty ink cartridges. So, printer now prints.
    Trouble is, whatever I do in Preferences, or in Word, Acrobat, anything, the page prints too small and centred. The setting in preferences is A4
    When I ask the printer to print the TEST pages, i.e the 'Self Test Diagnostic Page' and 'Print Quality Diagnositcs Page' they are both perfect and the correct size.
    I am using an older version of Mac OS (10.4.....) but not had trouble before.
    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

    Hi @migrations 
    If I am not mistaken, you need to increase the font size within the program you are printing from. Be sure not to increase the zoom, the font size needs to be larger for the print size to be increased.
    You may also see a scale to option, or fit to page, in the print preview, this might help too.
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  • Forms like boarding passes,UPS labels print too small

    I have two HP OfficeJet 6400 series printers that I use with several computers, laptops and desktops. Even though I have the box checked to print to actual size in the Properties section, when I print forms like boarding passes and UPS labels, they only print in a very small format.  I've had UPS reject shipments because of scanning errors and airlines fuss with me because they can't scan at the gate.  I've tried everything I can find in the settings and nothing works.

    Will the printer print from any app?
    I know it sounds like a dumb question, but you didn't actually say...  And I admit to looking for software problems on an occasion or two when I had forgotten to plug in cables. 

  • Trying to print very small picture on HP C7280

    I am trying to print a picture of my son to go into a tiny frame mounted on a ring.  The problem is, the finished product needs to be about .6" x .75" and I don't see where I can go (if I can) to get the dimensions to print this small.  I have edited the photo so that it appears this small on my computer, but the smallest option I can get the printer to print is 3x 4.92, which is obviously way to large.  Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you!

    How you enable double-sided printing can depend on the applications from whick you wish to print. Example: if I print to my HP PhotoSmart  from Safari, I get this print dialog box:
    (Edit: OOPS! Note that I forgot to switch printers when i took the scene-shots, so ignore the "Brother" reference. It's should look the same for your HP.
    Note the selection labled "Safari" near the bottom. If I change that form "safari to "Layout: I get this:
    Note the option for two-sided printing appears for your selection. If I print from Word, the box is different:
    The "Copies & Pages" option can be changed to "Layout" when you click it, again allowing the selection of two-sided printing.
    If you tell us what applciaiton is vexing you, we may be able to give better-focused information.

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