Printing/creating PDF problems with Mac OS 10.6.4 and word v.X

In my job at university I use Word 2003 (version 10) in my new iMac. Since I updated to MacOS 10.6.4 I have problems with the printing menu. That means that I can not print or convert to PDF or even generate a preview. When trying to print or obtain a preview, word freezes and I have to force quit. When trying to generate a pdf file it does, but the generated file is unreadable (it says is damaged) and word freezes again. I have played with the preferences, change user and it didn't help. I checked the Font Book and indeed they were many duplicated fonts. I sorted them out, but the problem persists. With very short files it works, but with longer ones word invariably crashes when trying to print or make a pdf. I took one long .doc file and I copied into my laptop (MacBook pro, 2008) that was running 10.6.3. I printed it and converted to pdf; no problems at all. Then, for the sake of knowledge, I updated the system to 10.4.6 and then I couldn't print or create a pdf with the very same file, so it seems that certainly the update is reponsible. So now I know cause but I can not print from any of my computers. To me convert to pdf is an important functionality so I would appreciate any help. I have some ideas: reinstall Office 2003? reinstall 10.6 from the disk (and not update)? use Time Machine to restore the system as it was before the update?
I didn't detect problems in Office 2004, or any other programs in my macs. Unfortunately, I need Office 2003 for compatibility with some other software. Thanks in advance!

I updated my MBP to 10.6.4 last night and today I was printing fine from Word 2008 (v12.2.5). I haven't used Office vX since Tiger so I cannot comment on its stability with the latest update. But I suggest that if you haven't done so already, try opening Disk Utility and running Repair Disk Permissions on the 10.6.4 partition. Once this has completed I also suggest that you reset the printing system, restart your Mac and then add your printer queues again.
*How to Reset the Printing System*
1. Open System Preferences > Print & Fax
2. Move your mouse over the Printers list
3. Hold down the Control button and click the mouse (or right click if supported).
4. Click "Reset printing system ..."
5. Restart your Mac

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    Somewhere at either Macworld or here I learned that DVDSP 2, DVDSP 3 and now DVDSP 4 "internally" are major re-writes.
    Support for HD among a few other items along with QT 7 which comes with Tiger means sincerely that one set of applications/OS is not going to be stable.
    Personally I think of all the issues possible its DVDSP vs QT.
    Unless you move to DVDSP v4 the alternative is to wipe the disk and go back to Jaguar (10.2) or perhaps Panther but avoid upgrading QT beyond 6. I advocate wiping the disk because I'n not sure an archive and install to down shift to an earlier version of the OS is possible. If it is I'd still worry about mis-matched files in all sorts of locations.

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    You select the options in the Print dialog of the application you are using. Just be sure you have the extended dialog showing (big down arrow next to the Printer drop down menu.) There are various options presented, some of which are in additional drop down menus.

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    I've had Apple try to solve the sluggish scrubbing and editing problem in Premiere Pro CS6 on my iMac (i7 2.93GH with 12 GB RAM). They have replaced the internal disk, the logic board, and 5750 processor, all with no solution. What's the solution?
    Is there an unsolvable problem with this processor and Premiere Pro?

    Welcome to the forums, and congratulations on your excellent English usage and grammar.
    The usual cause of video problems in these iMacs is something called the PAV board. The graphics cards themselves are seldom an issue. The board can be replaced as a unit, and is usually available on eBay as a iMac PAV board or Down Converter.
    It's not a normal user replacable item. Although some posters here do it regularly, I don't. I find it more efficient to buy another unit off eBay. Often the used iMacs are nearly the same price as the PAV boards.
    Takeapart for swapping drives - slot load is a series of pictures that will help if you need to open the machine.

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    I do not use Microsoft Excel much but when i do use it it works fine on my G5. my powerbook has excel to but sometimes freezes on the powerbook. but not the G5 so give it a try you can always uninstall it if it does not work good
    anitabean wrote:
    Thanks so much for your positive reply! Are you a big user of Excel? That's where I've heard people have had trouble, with cells locking up and so on.
    Crossing my fingers and loading Leopard....

  • Problem with mac osx 10.6.4 and audio firewire device

    ok i use an edirol fa-66 , the problem is a random one , sometimes when i play music with itunes , logic or even the preview mp3 feature , the sound go downsampled and then stops, the only way to return is turn off and turn on the audio interface. I had this problem time ago only with logic 9.0.2 but with the version 9.1.1 everithing got right. Now with osx 10.6.4 the problem come back on all the audio programs (not only logic),so i have returned to 10.6.3, everithing works fine.
    in 10.6.4 there is something wrong with the core audio that is incompatible with edirol fa device.
    maybe with osx 10.6.5 apple can resolve this?
    i'm thinking to buy a motu device (they have their driver and don't use core audio)


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    I have been trying to install a program via Terminal however i get error message and and the installation terminates.
    When I checked in the configure.log , i saw ..."configure: failed program was: | /* confdefs.h.  */ | "  how can this be fixed ?

    hey my friend i figure out a way to fix it. do te following
    If you have any external hardrive or usb drive or sd card remove it. If you have acces to a windows computer, plug your devices there and delete all the .something files that are created by mac os.  Make sure to setup windows so you can see hidden and system files. Delete all thos .somethig files and olders.
    Then plug in and reboot your mac and run the rm command now it will work

  • Acrobate IX freezes when printing/creating pdf in Firefox - same settings as in IX

    Hi Guys,
    Had the product for a week and it is not working... Usual stuff, a new PC take weeks to bed down.
    When I try to print/create pdf from something in Firefox, both Acrobate IX and Firefox freeze. I have the old PC with Firefox and Acrobate IX, same default setting and it works everytime. XI freezes. Close Firefox and Acrobate and then re-open and it may print. If it does the next time I try it freezes.
    Can anyone help?? not sure how this works... but my email is [email protected]
    This place was so hard to find... is there a way to tag this question when an answer comes?? Possibly a Moderator could make it so??

    Could you please let me know the version of both Adobe Acrobat & Firefox installed on your machine?

  • Printing PDF's from Autocad, but Unable to create PDF's with layers

    I need to create PDF's where I can layer voice, data, and wireless coverage areas on seperate layers, but but have been unable to figure out how to do so. I can export and plot pdf's, but there isn't an option for creating layers, at least that i can find. I have researched and found that there should be some sort of create Adobe PDF button, but no such button seems to exist. I would really appreciate any insight that anyone could give me. Thanks!

    Good day,
    Do you have Adobe Acrobat X Professional installed?  PDFMaker, the Adobe PDF icon you were referring to, will install into AutoCad 2008 and later with Acrobat X  Converting via PDFMaker should preserve your layers.
    Kind regards,
    Acrobat Community Manager
    Adobe Systems

  • My pc will not print a pdf made on mac os?

    my pc will not print a pdf made on mac os? Anybody out in adobe land have any helpful tips or suggestions, or I am I doomed to running to kinko's everytime I need to print a signed pdf from a mac user, it's 2014, and many dumb IT problems still exist in the world. But hey, we can put people on the moon, and sounds like mars is on the way, why adobe, why?

    This can happen with PDFs made in Preview (Part of Mac OS X). PDFs created with Preview are "quirky" at best with Reader. Especially if they contain form fields or images. THAT's an Apple thing. Whenever I need something "universal" I always make it with Acrobat Pro, because I deal with PC clients all week long.
    Even PDFs made with Acrobat on a PC, signed and then saved with Preview, will have problems.

  • HP 1300 printer fails to print certain PDF documents with OSX 10.7.5.

    HP 1300 printer fails to print certain PDF documents with OSX 10.7.5.

    I solved this through the phone call help ( which cost me $25 ...) - there was some name colusion in the printer name - the rep basicallt uninstalled everything, did hard resent to all devices - printer, router and Mac, then installed the printer again under new name , seems to solve the problem . 

  • AD account Login problem with MAC 10.6.8

    Hi All,
    We have around 50 odd MAC that are connected to windows server 2008 R2. the user were logining in to these MACs using their AD account. Recently few of the random MAC did not allow the user to login using their AD account.When analyzed though the MAC shows that it has connected to the Domain and the server is active with green button it has unbind itself from the server.I had to login in as local user bind the MAC back to get this resolved.
    Now the same has started happeneing for most of the MAC that we have and every morning I have login as local Admin and unbind / bind the MAC with the server. this gets reset once the user reboots or shutsdown.
    Have tried with few of the below solution but nothing helped:
    Solution 1:
    The integer value is in seconds; changing it to at least 5 should allow the Mac OS X client to reconnect to the Active Directory domain after a network interruption. In some configurations, a larger timeout value may be required.
    You can change this value by using the sudo command and a text editor to edit the preference file directly. Or you can use the Terminal command below, making sure to enter it all on a single line:
    sudo /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Set :mdns_timeout 5' /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/IPMonitor.bundle/Contents/Info.plist
    Solution 2:
    I have seen all of the probable solutions and tried everything and still I am getting issues with 10.6.6 and after rebooting the Mac gets unbind. Or the Mac gets Network Accounts Available even when not accessing the list of users from AD. But the thing that I have done that has solved all my issues with AD on the Macs is to uncheck the box to search on all domains. For some reason I am seeing that when the Macs have this option checked, it searches through out the forest on the same domain controller more than once, so AD stops the handshaking of the authentication.
    I hope this helps like it did on our Network, since then I have not seen the Macs lose the binding or slow SMB.
    If you've tried this please let us know.
    TIP: Uncheck Allow Authentication from any domain for Mac AD problems
    Wednesday, April 20, 2011
    Steven Wells sent a fix and an explanation of problems with Macs losing their binding to Active Diretory:
    Unchecking "Allow authentication from any domain in the forest" is working at our college. We have been beating our heads on this for about 2 terms, with no understanding of why it works in some places and not in others. When we found this working, our IT guy said that the Security SID is being duplicated, when it looks in other domain forest, and that is what is causing the problem. This is the first time I have found an explanation for the problem.
    If you've tried this approach please let us know.
    Solution 3:
    Solved it. Create a file in Textedit with the name 'auto_master' (no file extension) with the following contents:
    # Automounter master map
    +auto_master # Use directory service
    /net -hosts -nobrowse,hidefromfinder,nosuid
    /home auto_home -nobrowse,hidefromfinder
    #/Network/Servers -fstab
    /- -static
    Place this in /etc/ folder
    Hope this helps
    solution 4:
    TIP: a Kerberos fix for OS X 10.5 and 10.6 binding to Active directory
    Friday, November 11, 2011
    Mehdi Mafi forwarded a fix he found for problems with Leopard and Snow Leopard binding to Active Directory:
    This was taken from Dane Riley's imaging building for DeployStudio.
    With Mac OS X Leopard every Mac is now running a KDC (Kerberos Distribution Center). Basically each imaged machine is using the same security certificate and hash. Deploying a single image will deploy the same KDC to every system. This [Apple] article covers how to reset the local KDC so that each system is unique. Basically, do the following:
    Launch Keychain Access
    Search for and delete all 3 items
    Using Terminal type sudo rm -fr /var/db/krb5kdc
    After deployment, perhaps using Apple Remote Desktop to all systems, re- establish the KDC by typing sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDC
    If you've tried this approach with Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, or even Lion, please let us know. .
    TIP: More on a kerberos fix for AD binding problems
    Monday, November 14, 2011
    Mehdi Mafi updated his Friday report about Mac OS X 10.6 problems binding to Active Directory:
    You may want to add this. If the Mac keeps unbinding from AD (people can't log in to a Mac), here is how to fix it:
    Unbind it from Domain
    Launch Keychain Access
    Search for and delete all 3 items
    Using Terminal type sudo rm -fr /var/db/krb5kdc
    Re-establish the KDC by typing sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDC
    Bind it to domain again ( When you bind, uncheck allow authentication from any domain in the forest in: Directory Utilitiy-> Advanced Options\Administrative ) this fix the issue that sometimes it can' find AD under search space.
    If you tried this please let us know.
    Solution 5:
    For Snow Leopard AD login issues, use upper case domain
    Solution 6: for .local
    To create this StartupItem, create the following directory as root:
    Then chown it to root:wheel and chmod it to 755. These must also be the owner/permissions on the two files it will contain, below:
    Contents of our /Library/StartupItems/FixADAuth/FixADAuth:
    . /etc/rc.common
    date > /var/log/FixADAuth.log
    while [ $AuthSuccess != 1 ]
    id Administrator && AuthSuccess=1 || networksetup -setsearchdomains Ethernet "Empty"; networksetup -setsearchdomains Ethernet middlewich.local; n=$(($n+1))
    echo Authentication successful: $AuthSuccess >> /var/log/FixADAuth.log echo Operation count: $n >> /var/log/FixADAuth.log
    date >> /var/log/FixADAuth.log
    Contents of our /Library/StartupItems/FixADAuth/StartupParameters.plist:
    Description = "Fixes Active Directory authentication issue";
    Uses = ("Disks");
    Obviously you'll need to change "middlewich.local" to your own domain name (and the network interface name if your connection is wireless). The script checks to see if it can see the user "Administrator" on the domain, as he's a fairly common bloke, but if you've renamed yours for security reasons then pick another one. I've also included some logging functionality for debug purposes, so you can verify how well the script is working if you need to and time it in your environment before telling the users how long to wait. The /var/log/FixADAuth.log file will contain the date/time the process started, the success variable set to 1 (just to verify), how many DNS operations were required to fix the problem, and the date/time it ended. For us the time difference is normally about +30-40 seconds with around 120-180 operations taking place. Once you're happy with the script, you can strip it down to its bare functionality if you like, like so for us:
    . /etc/rc.common
    while [ $AuthSuccess != 1 ]
    id Administrator && AuthSuccess=1 || networksetup -setsearchdomains Ethernet "Empty"; networksetup -setsearchdomains Ethernet middlewich.local
    I hope this helps someone!

    You are welcome.
    But the question is 10.6 mac  just like 10.6.8  , as long  as its the same and works.
    Yes. You can save some updates by using the combo update.
    10.6.8 Combo Updater

  • Have a problem with my MacBook Pro.5,3 and monitor.  Intermittently, the desk top screen becomes broken up into vertical sections, which appear in the wrong order, creating a haphazard picture.    The Apple icon, usually at top left corner, appears in to

    have a problem with my MacBook Pro.5,3 and monitor.  Intermittently, the desk top screen becomes broken up into vertical sections, which appear in the wrong order, creating a haphazard picture.
    The Apple icon, usually at top left corner, appears in top right corner  in a strip including all that left hand.  When the computer is restarted, the screen goes back to normal.  But I have to move the mouse to the far left of the screen and then up until it reappears on the far right hand side of the screen so that I can hit shut down button.
    It seems to happen randomly though always on desk top and sometimes when I move mouse and computer switches on from rest mode.   My large flat screen is relatively new.
    The video card on this computer, which is approximately two years old, is Nvidia FeForce 9400M.
    Any help would be welcome as my usual source of assistance is not available and I am not well versed in workings of the Mac although I have used one for many years.

    That sounds like a Hardware problem.
    You may be able to confirm that with Apple Hardware Test, or make an appointmenst for a free Genius Bar evaluation.

  • Cannot print a pdf off my mac 10.6.x. I can print all other files Epson printer  'Cancelling'

    Cannot print any pdf from my mac to Epson printer
    I can print all other files except pdf
    Using the most updated Adobe Reader XI
    Using the latest driver for the printer from Epson
    Using a USB cable
    Whats up?

    I have the same problem, I cannot print ANY PDF file from my Mac running 10.8.5 Mountain Lion and using Adobe ReaderXI 11.0.4 I have verified that all files print properly when printed from within Preview or within Libre office. There is no option in the Mac Adobe reader to reset the installation like there is on Windows. I have also tried deleting reader completely and re-installing and the same behavior.

  • Problem with Mac Office Password Protection

    I'm running Mac OS X 10.7.5 with MS Word for Mac 12.3.5 and MS Excel for Mac 12.3.5. 
    I created a Word (.docx) and an Excel (.xlsx) document on my Mac at home, both with password protection.  I uploaded the documents onto Google Drive.  I was able to open the documents a few times with the password on my Mac at home, and on my PC at work.  However, now upon opening the docs, Word and Excel say the password is incorrect (both home MAC and work PC). 
    I know I'm entering the correct password. I'm 100% positive. I was able to open the docs a few times previously just a day before.  Now they're completely inaccessible. My questions are:
    (1) Is this a common problem with Mac for Word/Excel docs?  
    (2) Are there ways to recover the password (a dictionary based brute force solution is unlikely to work, as I use non-word passwords with numbers)?
    (3) If this is a common problem, are there other alternatives to password protecting or encrypting Mac for Word and Excel docs that don't cause problems?
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 

    Could just be thats the way it runs on Rosetta. I called in apple to ask if I could return office '04 because I didn't want to take the chance, they were more than eager to return it for me because of the fact it would be slow/maybe have problems running in Rosetta.
    I just got iWorks instead till the universal version of office comes out (which if you buy office '04 you'll have to buy the new universal version as well, or so the rep told me).

Maybe you are looking for

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