Printing differences for certain BP's

Hello Experts,
I have some checks that are printing incorrectly for some BP's
I am using Pre-numbered check stock and for most of the outgoing checks it prints correctly however, for a few of the BP's the margins don't seem to be taken in to account and the information is thusly being printed in the wrong area, over the top of other information.
I have determined that the correct and incorrect BP's are all using the same(correct) PLD template.
All preferences for the BP's are identical.
I've tried every configuration I can think of to get this to work properly, I have even recreated the BP's that are not printing properly with no success.
My next step will most likely be to escalate this issue to the SAP support center, but was hoping maybe someone has run into this before.
Kind Regards,

we were able to resolve this issue by giving the BPs a shorter name, I'm not sure if the length of the name was the issue but, changing the name is a viable workaround for the time being

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  • Don't want to take print out for certain condition

    Hi Expert,
    I am taking printout from transaction F.27 for Periodic Statement. Spool request generates for the output. For one particular variable value=0 i want to stop the Periodic Statement printing off. That means it should not appear in the spool.
    Can you please guide me how can i prevent it to appear into the spool?
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi ,
    You can do that by using userexits for this transaction. there is no BADIS for this transaction .
    the below are the user exits for specified transaction.
    RTR00010                                Exit in report tree (display transactions)
    RTR00020                                Exit in node in report tree (change mode)
    S38MREP1                                Exit at Start report

  • Unable to print remittance advice for certain quick payments

    This is regarding issue " Unable to print remittance advice for certain quick payments."
    Product version:
    -Customer has paid through the payment batch.But the payment batch data is not available in ap_inv_selection_criteria_all.
    -The status of the check is 'RECONCILLED'.
    -The payments have already been submitted to the bank and reconciled to bank statement lines.
    -While running "Send Separate Remittance Advices" concurrent program, some payments generated from Quick Payment are not available for selection for generation of remittance advice.
    Search in the metalink but could not find any related issue.
    Could you please adivce me how to proceed on this issue.
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    Found the problem.
    Paper size for those documents are actually A5 size.
    Solve it by adjusting the Scale to paper size in the printing option to the size that our printer is set to printout 
    which in my case is 'Letter'
    Hope this helps anyone who is encountering the same problem.

  • SPRO: Maintain Print Indicator for Goods Receipt Documents

    In SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Print Control->Maintain Print Indicator for GI/Transfer Posting Documents I don't understand the difference between options 2,3,4,5,6.
    I only understand that Im can print (0) or not (1) a material document but what is the purpose of options 2,3,4,5,6 ?
    Yours faithfully

    Check help given by SAP
    Printing of document item
         Indicates whether a material document item can be printed with a certain  movement type. The indicator also determines which type of GR/GI slip (for example, GR slip, GI slip, return delivery slip, label) is printed.
         The output type relevant to the given goods movement is derived from the  print indicator and other indicators (for example, transaction/event type, version).

  • Scanning Printed Materials for 4K

    Hi there,
    I need to get a number of printed materials (photos, letters, articles etc) scanned by numerous people across the U.S. for a current project.
    I would like to get the material scanned at the highest resolution possible to allow for zooming/re-framing in Premiere.
    I am wondering what is/if there is a recommended dpi for scanning printed materials for 4K screening?
    From calling every place I can find in the first location, for some of the most important material, the highest resolution print/copy places offer seems to be 600dpi.
    I am wondering if 600dpi is usually the max limit for scanning printed materials or if 1200dpi and upwards is typical and I somehow haven't managed to find the right places (although I have called literally every print/scan shop on google for the first city)?
    Many thanks...

    While dpi doesn't apply to video (which measures by pixels), it most certainly matters for scanning stills to be used in the video. The higher the dpi of the scan, the higher the resulting image resolution in pixels. 100dpi would be inadequate for even SD video if using less than an 8x10 source.
    Simple math says scanning dpi x inches (of source photo) = pixels
    An 8 x 10 image scanned at 600dpi would be 4800x6000 pixels. Note that most still images are not a 16:9 format, so the scanned image typically does not "fit" the video screen without some cropping or black edges to make up the difference. The 8x10" scan at 600dpi would work for 4k video, but smaller pics like a 4x6 or 5x7 is going to fall short, so yes you will want to try and scan at 1200dpi. What about wallets? Even at 1200dpi, not much resolution to work with.
    I like the photo idea of shooternz, if the photos can for instance be put on an easel and the still camera on a tripod takes a high megapixel image, if the lighting works without reflections. Might be an good option. I used to "grab" SD stills on a copy stand with a DV camera years ago.
    The maximum frame size that can be imported for still images and movies is 256 megapixels, with a maximum dimension of 32,768 pixels in either direction. Adobe Premiere Pro Help | Importing still images

  • Wireless and network printing transcript for Meet the Experts

    On March 16th, HP hosted its first online chat event on wireless and network printing. Below is a transcript of that session.
    I am in the process of planning the next chat event. I would love to hear what topics would interest you, what day of the week and time is best for you, and if you think an hour is too long.
    So, if you get a minute, please let me know.
    Here's the transcript:
    SiobhanF-HP: Welcome! Cameron, Craig, David, and Jim are ready to tackle your questions.
    SiobhanF-HP: Just to remind you if you want to ask a question, you must be a member of the HP Support Forums. If you want to join, go here
    nc256: Do I need a wireless router to hook up my wireless printer?
    CameronL-HP: No, but most people will want to do it this way. You can use a feature called an ad hoc connection to avoid using a router, but it is only covered under an older standard that is slower and less secure. Also, without something to route traffic between the local network and the internet, you cannot get an internet connection. Using a wireless router makes setting up a wireless network easier, and it will generally make the network work better too.
    jest1: I've seen some hardware in stores for a "print server" hardware device that attaches to a network. Is this something that I need in order to run a printer over a network?
    CraigB--HP: Not if you have a printer that has a network connection built in. Many models of HP computers are ready to be connected directly to your wired or wireless network.
    katiepage: How can I print when I am using a VPN?
    DavidH-HP: VPN connections generally hide the rest of your home network to increase the security of the VPN connection. A printer on the network isn’t a security threat but the VPN doesn’t know that. It just hides everything just to be sure. That means that when a VPN is active you need some way to connect to the printer other than your home network. Bluetooth, USB, and even printing to a thumb drive and plugging that into the printer are all ways of getting your print job to the printer that don’t go through your home network.
    SiobhanF-HP: If you have specific product questions, the more information you give us the better we will be able to help you. Getting your exact model number; any error messages; a description of your wireless network including what kind of security you have, what wireless-devices are connected to your network, and your IP address will go a long way to helping us answer your question.
    MelissaP: Why would I want a wireless printer?
    CraigB--HP: The main advantage of a wireless printer is the ability to place the printer somewhere in your home or office even if this is not near your router or computer.
    Deltan: What is the maximum distance I can have between my router and my printer?
    CameronL-HP: It does depend on your environment. Without interference about 25 feet. Walls and floors and other objects can reduce this. The types of walls are important. For example, mirrors and outdoor walls will greatly reduce the indoor range.
     jest1: Is there a preferred wireless router type or brand for wireless printing compatibility? We are using a Linksys 802.11g router in my home.
     JimB-HP: In general, any wireless-router from a name brand manufacturer that has been Wi-Fi certified is compatible with our printers (look for the Wi-Fi logo). We use Linksys in our lab with great success.
     nc256: Are there any digital cameras that can send directly to an HP wireless printer for photo printing?
     DavidH-HP: Many printers support a feature called Pictbridge. If the camera and printer both supports this feature, the camera can be plugged directly into the printer to print photos. Or are you asking about printing over a network connection?
     KevinW: I keep hearing that you shouldn’t use default settings for a network. Why?
     CraigB--HP: There are three reasons not use default settings: First, wireless-routers do not have any wireless security enabled by default. Second, you will be using a common network name in which case you may connect accidentally to your neighbor’s network. Third, your wireless-router is accessible by inadvertent guests who may change the configuration of your wireless-router without your knowledge or use your internet connection without your permission.
    Bodie08: I have an HP Lan attached printer and Windows XP on my home network. Is there a known setting (Firewall/port/other) or patch to address the issue of hpqtra08.exe hanging on Windows XP Shutdown? A number of us in the forum have identified this issue. Thanks!
    DavidH-HP: This problem has been seen in the past but there were attempts to address it. Have you checked to see if there is a later release of software available on the web? (
    ZhuLee3: How old is wireless printing technology? I noticed all the experts have around 20 years of experience with it, was there wireless 20 years ago?
    JimB-HP: Wireless printing first appeared with the introduction of the 802.11 standard in late 1990's. HP has been making wireless printers since 2003.
    lpeterson123: What makes wireless so flaky at times?
    CameronL-HP: There are lots of reasons. Wireless signals are affected by distance, walls, metal objects, and other wireless devices like cordless phones. However, most of the problems seem to be from how the network or how security software is configured, and these can also cause things to fail only occasionally or in certain situations. Having a good wireless connection between a PC and printer involves several hardware devices and lots of software made by different companies that all have to work together; if something is not quite right in any of these things then the whole solution looks flaky.
    Bowman16: I use a Mac, are there any features that would not work if I was to set it up for wireless use
    DavidH-HP: All the features will work on a Mac if you install the full HP software solution.
    jest1: Thanks for the answer on the router question. The next question, then, is to ask what would be a recommended consumer-grade wireless-enabled printer (or series) just so I can start my research.
    JimB-HP: Any of our Photosmart or Officejet wireless printers will work with Wi-Fi certified wireless-routers. Our price points really have more to do with how much printing you do. In general, our more expensive printers cost less per page than our less expensive models.
    Bodie08: Why would I choose "spooling" on my PC over "direct connect”?
    CraigB--HP: In general, spooling allows you to use your program sooner than printing directly.
    ZhuLee3: Jim: What is it like to be an "HP Printing Expert"? What kind of stuff do you get to work on, on a day to day basis?
    JimB-HP: I really like my job -- I've always been a radio enthusiast so working on 802.11 technology is really a dream job for me. I'm also fortunate to work with a great team here in Vancouver, WA. More importantly, I like designing equipment that people use in their everyday lives.
    TEACHER1: Recently I changed routers, now I am unable to print wirelessly, even though the SES and wireless network light are steady on my Deskjet 6980 printer. What is the solution? Thanks.
    DavidH-HP: The wireless light indicates that the radio is on but does not indicate that the printer is connected to the network. First check that the printer is connected to the network by printing a network configuration page from the printer.
    AgentRed: I get my internet with a Verizon wireless broadband card. Someone told me that wouldn't work with a wireless printer. Is that true?
    CameronL-HP: Our wireless printers use the 802.11 b, g or n standard which is not compatible with the wireless cellular standard. It would be like trying to connect to a wireless network using Bluetooth. They are different wireless technologies.
    DavidH-HP: Regarding the Verizon card, it is true that you cannot connect the printer over the Verizon connection, but as long as your laptop has Wife you can print to the printer over WiFi at the same time that the Verizon connection is active. This should not be a problem.
    jest1: Is there a "minimum" internet connection that is recommended for wireless printing? We live a bit far from the DSL CO so our connection is sometimes flaky. I would guess that incoming speed shouldn't affect my local wireless LAN but I want to ask it anyway
    CameronL-HP: There are 2 parts to your home network. 1 is your wireless router which manages your local network equipment, then your network connection to the world wide web which your DSL provider gives you. The connection speed of your local network is not affected by your internet connection speed.
    Bowman16: Are any HP printers 802.11n? I do not want to add an 802.11b,g to my network and cause it to slow down.
    JimB-HP: Currently, our printers comply with the 802.11g standard. We are investigation the emerging 802.11n standard.
    ZhuLee3: Will there be a transcript of all the questions and answers from this chat available for viewing after the session? I think I missed some questions at the start.
    SiobhanF-HP: The chat event begins when you joined. Sorry that you can't see what was said before you joined. I hope to have transcript posted tomorrow or on Wednesday at the latest.
    nc256: Where is the future of printers headed? Does HP have any interesting plans with printing technology? And what’s your opinion on whether or not color laser printing will ever approachthe photo realism of ink jet color?
    JimB-HP: The future of HP printing will be characterized by wireless connectivity to not only computers but to mobile internet devices. In fact, as mobile devices become smaller (think phone or netbooks), the need to print from your mobile device might become more relevant.
    jest1: Am I able to print from my iphone to a wireless printer?
    CraigB--HP: You can print photos from your iPhone to HP wireless printers and it works great in my experience. Go to to get the details.
    TEACHER1: Thank you. I printed a page. It shows that wireless is disconnected.
    DavidH-HP: Then you just need to input the wireless settings from your new router into the printer. If your printer does not let you input the settings from the front panel, you can use the CD that came with the printer or downloaded from to configure the printer again ( look for the option to "add a device" ).
    ZhuLee3: Question about security... if I get a wireless printer, what’s to prevent other people within range of my printer, from adding it and printing documents? How is this configured on the actual printer?
    JimB-HP: The simplest way to secure your printer is to enable WPA-PSK security for your wireless network and to use a security pass-phrase that is at least 12 characters long. This configuration is very safe from intruders for the foreseeable future.
    CameronL-HP: It' is also a good idea to use a unique network name, also called an SSID.
    carolj: I have a photosmart C7180 and I have it hooked up to my laptop (windows vista) when the setup completed the printer was put in networking instead of printers and I cannot access it or move it out of there. What do you suggest?
    CraigB--HP: You might need to uninstall and reinstall. Before doing this, make sure your get the latest driver from the HP support at: This is also where you can get a copy of the instruction book.
    wizll: Hi, I haven't done much research in wireless printing, but I'm interested as I currently have my printer set up the old fashioned way where it's connected to a networked PC, but if the PC is off I can no longer print, which is obviously inconvenient. Do hp wireless printers have a web gui you can connect to once it's on the home network, or is it simply all done from the printer's interface. I've seen some old wired network printers that only use the printer's ui and that seems like a clunky use.
    DavidH-HP: Yes, the HP printers which have networking built-in have what we call an "embedded" web server which allow you to configure settings, check status, and have many other features; on some models you can even scan using the embedded web server.
    nc256: Jim: Will color laser printing ever reach ink jet quality for photos?
    JimB-HP: While never is a long time, inkjet printers will, for the near future, output higher quality photos.
    katiepage: If I'm at home, connected to my office network via VPN, can I access my office networked printers?
    CraigB--HP: Yes, when you are connected to the office VPN, you can print to your office printers. However, you will not be able to print to your home networked printers while you are connected to the VPN.
    jest1: If a friend comes over to my house with their laptop and needs to print something, are they able to do this just by authenticating with my wireless LAN (assuming I have a wireless printer set up)?
    CraigB--HP: In addition to authenticating to your network, you friend will also need to install the printer driver for your printer.
    jpszambelan: Is there a wireless USB device of some kind I can connect to my printer if there is no network connection already built in?
    JimB-HP: HP sells an accessory that adds Wi-Fi capability to your USB printer (see Also, many higher-end wireless-routers allows USB printers to be connected to them to allow sharing of the printer from the network. Note that this solution often limits you to just printing and not scanning from the network.
    rockwoodchev: It seems that my computer can find my printer, but my printer can't find the computer, so that "Scan to computer" won't work. What do I need to do in order to fix that?
    DavidH-HP: This can be blocked by security software running on the PC (such as a personal firewall). Make sure that your firewall is configured to allow communication on your local network. You can also unblock specific ports, but the easiest way is often just to allow communication on the local home network. The specific setting varies from firewall to firewall.
    SiobhanF-HP: We are nearing the end of our chat session. We only have time for 3 more questions. If we did not get to your question, please post it on the Networking and Wireless board in the Printers and All-in-Ones forum.
    SSPatrick: Is it possible to print wirelessly to the same HP printer using both a PC and a Mac?
    JimB-HP: Yes -- I do this in my home. I have both Macs and PCs on my network without any trouble.
    Bowman16: Any plans to do this again?
    SiobhanF-HP: Yes we are.
    ZhuLee3: Do all of the experts hang out on the HP community? Will we see you posting there after this?
    DavidH-HP: Oh yes, whenever time permits. In addition to trying to help people, I learn things too.
    JimB-HP: I'm known as Wi-Fi-Guy on the support forums. I hang out there often helping where I can. It helps me be a better designer.
    CraigB--HP: I monitor the forums looking for problems to take back to the development lab for investigation. To date, I have only posted one reply.
    CameronL-HP: I haven't been involved in the past but expect to be more involved in the future.
    SiobhanF-HP: We only have time for one more question. If we did not get to your question, please post it on the Networking and Wireless board in the Printers and All-in-Ones forum.
    ZhuLee3: Thanks for setting this up!
    SiobhanF-HP: The transcript will be posted on
    TEACHER1: Thank you all for conducting this session !!!!
    jest1: Is there an OS limitation to print wirelessly?
    JimB-HP: All the OS versions supported by the printer as supported wirelessly. In general, we are compatible with Macs, Windows and Linux.
    SiobhanF-HP: We are ending the chat event. Thank you for coming. We hope you found it worthwhile. I will be posting a transcript of the event in the Networking and Wireless board in the Printers and All-in-Ones forum. We will be hosting future Meet the Experts chat sessions on a variety of topics, so please tell us what you thought of the event and how it could be improved.
    Live Forum Closed
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  • Is there a way to save print job for later?

    Is there a way to have print jobs saved for a later date/time? The only solution I can think of is to save the document/web page/file to a folder (e.g., "print later"). However, I'd rather just be able to hit print and in the print dialogue "send" the job to a print queue that I can open later.
    For the curious, there are two often reoccuring situations where I want to save a print job for later: 1) I work late at night when my family is asleep and my house is not large enough to avoid disturbing their sleep by printing; and 2) I need to print out a 50+ page work document and I don't want to use my home computer to do it.
    I'll appreciate whatever tips, recommendations, thoughts I get.

    the method mentioned by benwiggy will certainly work.  If you want to an option that would give you more options, you could use a PDF Service.  You could then put a specific job on hold while still allowing others to use the printer.
    You can do this by opening AppleScript Editor (/Applications/Utilities).  You can copy and paste the following into an editor window --
    on open printJobs
    tell application "Finder"
    set trapFile to quoted form of POSIX path of (printJobs as string)
    end tell
    set defaultPrinter to do shell script "lpstat -d | awk -F: '{print $2}'"
    do shell script "lpr -P" & defaultPrinter & " -q " & trapFile
    end open
    Save the file as an Application.  You can name it something like Hold Print Job.  Then just put it in the PDF Services directory in the Library directory of your Home folder <yourname>/Library/PDF Services.  You may need to make the PDF Services directory as it may not already be there.
    Once the file is in place, you can use it by using the PDF drop down menu at the bottom left of a print window.  That will send the file to the printer and put it on hold.  Others can still use the printer.  You can then print your file whenever you want.  Just open the print queue as mentioned by benwiggy.  Highlight the job that is Paused.  You will see a little curly icon at the very right (looks like a reload icon in a web browser).  Just click that icon and the job will start printing.

  • How to save print setup for pdf file so that every user can open and print w/o manually performing?

    Can is there a way to configure the print settings (i.e. paper size, orientation, etc.) and save this setting as part of the pdf file? I would like the users of pdf files to be able to open the file and simply print, without having to manually configure the print settings.

    Not sure if this will help. I got this information from the built-in help under Acrobat 9.
    Lists PDF settings, print dialog presets, and reading options for the document.In the PDF settings for Acrobat, you can set a base Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for web links in the document. Specifying a base URL makes it easy for you to manage web links to other websites. If the URL to the other site changes, you can simply edit the base URL and not have to edit each individual web link that refers to that site. The base URL is not used if a link contains a complete URL address.
    You can also associate a catalog index file (PDX) with the PDF. When the PDF is searched with the Search PDF window, all of the PDFs that are indexed by the specified PDX file are also searched.
    You can include prepress information, such as trapping, for the document. You can define print presets for a document, which prepopulate the Print dialog box with document-specific values. You can also set reading options that determine how the PDF is read by a screen reader or other assistive device.
    Create print presets
    A PDF can contain a set of print presets, a group of document-specific values that is used to set basic print options. By creating a print preset for a document, you can avoid manually setting certain options in the Print dialog box each time you print the document. It’s best to define print settings for a PDF at the time that you create it, but print presets provide a means to add basic print settings to a PDF at any time.
    Choose File > Properties, and click the Advanced tab.
    In the Print Dialog Presets section, set options and click OK.
    The next time you open the Print dialog box, the values will be set to the print preset values. These settings are also used when you print individual documents in a PDF Portfolio.
    Note: To retain a print preset for a PDF, you must save the PDF after creating the print preset.
    Print Dialog Presets
    Page Scaling
    Prepopulates the Page Scaling option in the Print dialog box with the option you choose:
    Uses the application default setting, which is Shrink To Printable Area.
    Prevents automatic scaling to fit the printable area. This setting is useful for preserving the scale of page content in engineering documents, or for ensuring that documents print at a particular point size to be legal.
    For best results, the selected printer should support duplex printing if you select a duplex option.
    Prints on one side of the paper.
    Duplex Flip Long Edge
    Prints on both sides of the paper; the paper flips along the long edge.
    Duplex Flip Short Edge
    Prints on both sides of the paper; the paper flips along the short edge.
    Paper Source By Page Size
    Selects the option by the same name in the Print dialog box. Uses the PDF page size to determine the output tray rather than the page setup option. This option is useful for printing PDFs that contain multiple page sizes on printers that have different-sized output trays.
    Print Page Range
    Prepopulates the Pages box in the Print Range section of the Print dialog box with the page ranges you enter here. This setting is useful in a workflow where documents include both instruction pages and legal pages. For example, if pages 1–2 represent instructions for filling out a form, and pages 3–5 represent the form, you can set up your print job to print multiple copies of only the form.
    Number Of Copies
    Prepopulates the Copies box in the Print dialog box. Choose a number from 2 to 5, or choose Default to use the application default, which is one copy. This limitation prevents multiple unwanted copies from being printed.

  • #(hash) sign printed out for spaces material description in PO

    Hi All,
    I have problem with my sapscript form for PO, when preview, the material description is ok
    but when print out,  the space between the word of the material description become # sign like
    Leif#Eriksson#1oz#Silver#Coin###, this not happen to all item, only for certain material.
    When checked, these material are not created manually in system but is uploaded by BDC.
    In material master screen, there are no #sign either.
    Any solution or what should I check ?

    Well, as you've probably discovered by searching the forums, the # is a substitution for an unprintable character.   I would look at the data value in debug, convert that to a hex value with a chart, and see what needed to be done to either clean up the data values or substitute a space for whatever character(s) the # values represent in the output.

  • What is the best hp laserjet printer monochrome for transparent film ?

    I want to know what is the best laserjet printer monochrome for transparent film ?
    Can you recommend a printer ? I want to print negative or positive films at high opacity
    I wait your recommendation.
    Thank you

    high price:HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 color MFP M575dn  This is the top of the line for consumer laser printing.  It's technically an enterprise (fancy word for commercial) printer, and there for has a commercial warranty attached to it, which is a very good thing.  This also has dual trays with automatic tray switching depending on the media type.  That means you can keep the transparencies in one tray, and plain paper for everyday printing in the other without having to switch between the two manually.  This printer also supports 1200 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch) which will give the transparencies a clear crisp look.
    average price:HP LaserJet Pro 400 color MFP M475dn  This is about the middle of the road laser printer.  It's still technically an enterprise printer, so you get the enterprise level warranty, and you still get the dual trays with auto-switching.  The main differences are in the price, and in the quality of prints.  This printer is much cheaper, but the maximum dpi is 600 x 600 so the images that print are not quite as good as with the M575dn.
    low price: HP LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175nw  This is not the bottom of the line by any means, but it's not as fast at printing as the two above.  You still get 600 x 600 dpi, but you loose the extra tray.  You also loose the enterprise level warranty, but you do still get a 1 year consumer level warranty.  It's not as flashy as the two above, but it will do the job.
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  • How to print Checks in certain order than by Vendor Numbers?

    We need to print certain batch of checks in different order than SAP standard(Vendor Number), is there anyway to make SAP to print them in different order?
    Thanks in advance for the assistance.
    Points will be awarded.

    hi Frank,
    Banking>Outgoing Payments>Checks for Payment . From that window you can access the print layout for checks and customise it to suit your requirements.
    If you are using SBO 2005, I would recommend going to Banking > Document Printing... See help details as pasted below.
    The following definitions are set:
    · The required parameters in Administration > System Initialization > Print Preferences >Per Document tab >Checks for Payment option
    · The print-related parameters for each house bank account in Administration > Setup >Banking >House Bank Accounts.
    1. Choose Banking >Document Printing.
    The Document Printing – Selection Criteria window appears.
    2. In the Document Type field, select Checks for Payment. Enter all other parameters and choose OK.
    The Print Checks for Payment window appears.
    3. All checks are selected by default. Deselect checks that you do not want to print.
    4. Ensure that the Next Check No. is correct. Change it if necessary.
    5. Load the printer with the correct check pages or blank paper. Then choose Print.
    The Check Number Confirmation window appears.
    6. Collect the printed checks from the printer and compare them to the checks displayed in the window.
    7. If the numbers assigned by SAP Business One do not match the printed checks, you can change them. Correct the number of the first check and press TAB. The following check numbers are updated accordingly.
    Only checks with successive numbers issued by the same account will be updated accordingly. For example, if you change the check number from 999 to 2000, check numbers 1000, 1001, 1002 and so on will be updated to 2001, 2002 and 2003.
    If the check numbers are not successive, you must correct each one of them manually.
    8. By default, the status of all checks in the window is confirmed. Change the status if necessary.
    9. Choose Update or OK.
    The numbers assigned to confirmed checks are marked as used.
    The Next Check No. field in the House Bank Accounts – Setup window is updated.
    Check numbers used for overflow printing are marked as voided.
    Checks with the Unconfirmed status are marked as printed, but the numbers assigned to them are not marked as used.
    hope this helps u.

  • PRINTING: Keynote will only print to a certain page # then stops

    Just to get this out of the way: iWork '08/Keynote 4.0, Mac OS 10.4.10 and everything has been updated. I also looked for other strings relating but could not find any.
    I have a few reports created in Keynote that will only print to a certain page. Each report prints the same page every time, but the page # differs for each report. For instance, one report will print to page 32 out of 64, another to 42 out of 70, etc...
    Further, if I select the pages that were missing, they will not print at all.
    I have tried different printers, networks and printers. Other programs (Word/Excel) will print in total.
    Has anyone heard of this problem/have any advice?
    Much thanks,

    Not Charge
    - See:      
    iPod touch: Hardware troubleshooting
    - Try another cable. Some 5G iPods were shipped with Lightning cable that were either initially defective or failed after short use.
    - Try another charging source
    - Inspect the dock connector on the iPod for bent or missing contacts, foreign material, corroded contacts, broken, missing or cracked plastic.
    - Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.
      Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar 

  • How do I set the default print margins for ALL printers in mozilla.cfg

    How do I set the default print margins for ALL printers in mozilla.cfg, even ones that are not yet installed / connected to the computer?
    I'm trying to install firefox with MDT and apply certain print options, but the printers themselves are connected at a later stage so the print.printer_myprinterhere cannot be used.

    Best answer I could find: []
    If you can figure out how to add the printer name, this can be used to lock the margins.

  • Is there a printed manual for Photoshop Touch?

    I'd like a printed manual for Photoshop Touch for Tablet.

    I think there was a PDF quick start but that was for version 1.3; we're now on 1.5.1, which is a little different.
    My advice for people who just picked up PS Touch is to have a rudimentary understanding of Photoshop's main paradigm: Layers. From there, it's a matter of understanding the similarities and differences between the two.
    e.g., Photoshop & Photoshop Elements have adjustment and layer masks but PS Touch lets you "paint" an effect onto a layer, even though it's destructive. (You can, however, mimic something like an adjustment mask by simply inserting a blank layer, filling it with neutral gray, setting the blend mode to Overlay, and then paint with the brush tool using various levels of black or white.)
    Effects and adjustments like Curves and Levels work very similarly.

  • Need printer driver for Style Writer 2400

    I need a printer for my Power Book G3 running OS 9.0.4.  It has a printer extension for a Style Writer 2500.  I found a Style Writer 2400 on line and need a printer driver for the 2400 OR will the printer 2500 extension work for the 2400.  Also, what is the differnce between the 2400 & 2500 ?

    According to the text file for the Color StyleWriter 2500 download, the Color StyleWriter 2400 is supported. -North_American/Macintosh/Printing/StyleWriter/Color_SW_2500_2.2.1.txt
    Whenever possible, use the printer extension supplied with the operating system.
    It is mainly a print quality (DPI) difference:
    The manuals could perhaps be of interest:

Maybe you are looking for

  • Creating a staff time formula

    I would like to create a Number document in which I would just input the login time in cell A2, logout time in cell A3, total minutes deductions in cell A4 and the total hours logged in in cell A5. I hope this is clear enough. Please help. BTW cell A

  • Export Corrupt duplicate images

    I am having a problem with export to pdf.  the pages file looks the way it should but when you export the images are not right.  Some pages that I have 4 different pictures export as 4 of the same picture.  I tried... restarting, closing the applicat

  • Combobox as Datagrid Item editor

    Hi there, i'm trying to use a combobox as an itemEditor for a datagridcolumn, and i'm having some difficulties in doing this. I'm using the code below to define the column, so far so good the itemeditor appears and selects the item accordingly to the

  • Custom Login Module for EP7

    Hello Experts, i have a requirement to develop a custom Login Module for EP7. I am fine with the programming part and on this side everything should be fine. I am puzzling about the configuration. My LoginModule is configured according to this link:

  • Can't update my e7 phone too belle

    When I want too up date phone with my PC in back up step at back up from my phone software  my phone rebooting so I can t update my phone tell me what to do