Printing text in medruck

Hi Guys....
m working on purchase order form. want to add some text to it which is clients condition..
earlier i copied the form and created couple of windows after main window. i also decreased the length of
main window to adjust all other windows. for one line item it's fine. as soon as i create more than 1 line item for po, that line item is going to next page's main window. and the window i have added is still. what i want is: when more line item is created the content of main window should be printed continuously, and text window must move accordingly. i copied form and print prog(standard) .  in the copied form's main window at the end i wrote text and given text element and protect and endprotect.
then i tried with changing print program, in that i called write_form in entry_neu form...

I you want to print all your PO lines and then this conditions text, you can do it in different ways.
You have to resize your main window , so the po lines will get printed ok,
Then you could add your condition text into one existing element in the main window - example TOTAL_AMOUNT.
Or if you want to change you print program you can add a new element in maina window and call it from the print program.
Or if its a lot of conditions you can add them on a own page , printed as last page of you PO
Åsa Thenstedt

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    Can any one tell how to print text vertically in smartforms

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  • Print Text File in NW 3.12?

    I have to admit some ignorance regarding NetWare printing, so my
    apologies in advance...
    I work for a document management company, and am trying to find a
    solution for a customer running a fairly archaic, DOS 6.22-based
    application that utilizes a NetWare 3.12 server for file and print
    services. My need is to retrieve print output from their application,
    in the form of a text file, and then reprocess it for automated faxing
    through a fax server device.
    My problem is this: their application seems to print directly to a
    printer by defining what it calls a "network port" (which seems to map
    to a spooler, 0 through 5) or LPT1, and by referencing a printer
    definition. As far as I can tell, the files that are deposited in the
    print queue are byte streams, i.e., they're not human-readable (they
    have extra characters that I'm assuming are control characters). They
    therefore aren't usable by my print distribution software.
    I've tried using CAPTURE to send to a text file, but the application
    seems to conflict with the command. If I set CAPTURE, then start the
    application and send a job to LPT1, the application returns an error
    that the printer is unavailable. Upon exiting the application the port
    is no longer being captured (although I've tried all of the options I
    can think of to keep it so). Oddly enough, the application does
    successfully print a text file to LPT2 (for a barcode printer), which
    is CAPTUREd via a command in the system autoexec.bat. This is done a
    different part of the application.
    If anyone can help me figure out a way to generate a text file in this
    environment, or to work with the print file that's currently being sent
    to the queue (e.g, can it be translated somehow to a simple text file?),
    that would be much, much appreciated. This customer is in a tight spot,
    with an unsupported application that they can't presently afford to
    upgrade. My solution would save them enough money over time to replace
    the system.
    Again, thanks in advance for any help!

    If the Dos app has no print drivers included, then indeed it is relying
    on NW and PRINTDEF/PRINTCON to do the formatting stuff. That must have
    already been set up for it to be successfully printing now, it's just a
    matter of adding a definition that doesn't do anything to the print text.
    >In fact, given my ignorance of the NetWare environment, I'm not sure
    how the term "driver" even applies, unless it would refer to the
    printer definition.
    I was referring to a driver within the Dos app, nothing to do with
    NetWare. For instance Word Perfect for Dos came with Dos drivers for all
    sorts of printers, one of which was a generic text driver.
    >I wonder: is there a setting in PRINTDEF that could be changed for one
    of the printer configs that would influence the output? Or, would
    PRINTCON apply in this environment?
    Not supplied, AFAICS, but either one of the simpler print drivers
    supplied such as Diablo will do, or you'd need to set one up. Hopefully
    will help you enough as it's been too long since I did it to remember
    the details.
    Andrew C Taubman
    Novell Support Forums Volunteer SysOp
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    necessarily those of Novell Inc.

  • How to print text/data in flex 3 using printer???Plz help...

              plz tell me the way to print text/data using printer in flex.  I tried the FlexPrintJob class. but it takes object of a container to be printed & prints the visible content of that container(along with scrollbars), bt i want to print all contents of the container(including invisible).
          I have tried to print bitmap image through FlexPrintJob but it takes lot of time for spooling... So plz help me out in printing(fast with all content) in flash
    I am using flex 3 (flex Builder 3 IDE).
      Thanks in advance!!!

    Hi Sagar,
    Don't worry You can use the below work around to print all the contents of the Container including the invisible contents under scrolll with out scroll bar..
    So what the idea here is we are seeting the container height to full size with out scrolls before sending the container object to printer and as soon as you print the object you are restoring it to the original height with that you can print the full contents without scrolls...
    You may have doubt that by chnaging and restoring the size the user may see momentary resize of the container but it is not so as it is a fraction of a second and user cannot notice this change... Give it a try ..I had already run into this problem recently and I have found a work around for this which is as below:
    // Here mainContainer is the container or box id the contents of which you want to print
       private function doPrintContainer():void
        var printJob:FlexPrintJob = new FlexPrintJob();
        if(printJob.start() != true) return;
         var mainContainerHeight:int = mainContainer.height;
         //Increasing the height of the desired component to be printed.
         mainContainer.height = mainContainer.measuredMinHeight;
         mainContainer.verticalScrollPolicy = "off";
         //Adding the resized Component to our FlexPrintjob and then sending the print request
         //Resizing the component back to normal size
         mainContainer.height = mainContainerHeight;
         mainContainer.verticalScrollPolicy = "auto";    
                     trace("Error : " + error.message);
    If this post answers your question or helps, please kindly mark it as such.
    Bhasker Chari

  • How can i print text messages from my htc amaze to my deskjet 3050A

    how can i print text messages from my htc amaze to my hp deskjet 3050A

    I believe the phone uses Android OS, v2.3.4 (Gingerbread) therefore you can use one of these applications:​.cloudprint&hl=en
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  • Not printing text-only graphics on Canon. Not printer problem-print ok on Brother and another network Apple prints ok on Canon. Believe a computer setting was inadvertently reset. What setting and how do I reset?

    Not printing text only on Canon--grahics print ok.  Not printer problem.  Prints ok on a Brother and another network Apple prints ok on Canon.  Believe a computer setting was inadvertently reset.  What setting and how do I reset?

    Without your printer model numbers, readers can only give you vague general directions.
    System Preferences > Print&Fax > ...
    ... shows a list of all set-up printers.
    If you are having serious problems, it makes sense to "Reset the Printing System" (which also removes all printer set-ups) and add back each printer. It only takes a few minutes.
    Mac OS X 10.6 Help: Resetting the printing system

  • How to print text on container using oop on alv list

    Hello Guru's,
             pl guide me how to print text on container using alv list-display which have interactive events  using     oop classes/methods ...
                    I want to print hard coded text on coantainer , on double clicking it will call another screen.
    Pl Help..
    Message was edited by:
            paresh sonavane

    Hi Paresh,
           1.      Go to the Layout and Create One custom container box and give name it.
            2. Custom Container is the one type of tool and its used for Displaying the Reports 
                with the use of ABAP Objects.
            3. Go to se38 and Write The Following Code.
    tables ZTEAM_GD.
        CONTAINER_NAME              = 'ALV'.          -
    > Give ur Container Name
        I_PARENT          = OBJ.
        I_STRUCTURE_NAME              = 'ZPLAYER_BAT_DET'
        IT_OUTTAB                     = IT_TEAM.
       IT_OUTTAB        = IT_TEAM.
    CALL SCREEN 9000.
    *&      Module  USER_COMMAND_9000  INPUT
    WHEN 'EXT'.
    ENDMODULE.                 " USER_COMMAND_9000  INPU     
    Reward If Helpful.

  • Print text file with labview 2011 and windows 7

    I am having some strange problem, hope someone out there knows the solution.
    We have a labview program running under windows xp, the program runs some test and print label from a local label printer. Last week, I have to upgrade the computer to windows 7 and all the sudden the printer will not print any more.
    The print vi is very simple. I am using the report function and I am attaching the diagram of that vi below. 
    If I use windows notepad to open that small text file, I can print fine. This means the printer driver itself is OK. However, if I print the same text file through Labview printing vi, from the printer's task list, I can see it does not recognize the char. From the attached png file, the top one is the task from notepad, it shows 2 pages and the bottom one is from the labview, it becomes 33 pages. 
    For the printer part, I use Generic / Text Only printer driver which comes from windows itself. And I am aslo attaching a sample of the text file, there are quite a lot of special char, it is for print bar code. When I tried to use labview print text vi to print general text from my computer to a regular printer, the vi works. So it seems Labview print can not handle the special char? Although it worked many years under windows XP in the past.
    Welcome to any suggestions!
    print vi.gif ‏9 KB
    labview print bug.png ‏26 KB
    SerialLabel.txt ‏1 KB

    DGU wrote:
    where to check RAW or TEXT? the print report vi only asks for file name and printer name.
    When I print from notepad, everything just goes by default. This is a label printer, so I never need to specify printing parameter such as size, orientation, etc in the past
    Famous last words go something like this: "...never had to do that before."  Maybe you have to do that now.  It's worth at least comparing the defaults settings for bothe generic drivers.  It could save you a lot of headache if you notice something different.
    (Mid-Level minion.)
    My support system ensures that I don't look totally incompetent.
    Proud to say that I've progressed beyond knowing just enough to be dangerous. I now know enough to know that I have no clue about anything at all.

  • Can't print text documents

    For a little over a week I have been unable to print text documents from either of my printers (Lexmark Z-23 and HP PSC 1410). I had noticed that the sharpness of text had been declining-but I was in denial, sort of. Now, when printing text documents from the computer, the printout is garbled, streaked, and unreadable. Sometimes the first half of printed document will be okay but the second half will be all garbled and streaked.
    I have tried to print from Pages, Appleworks, and TextEdit. No success in any of them. I have converted a page of my word processing document to pdf format, but it does not print out properly in pdf, either.
    Here's the weird part: the HP will produce good copies (copy function) I am able to print out beautiful iCal (calendar) pages; some web-based information (like maps with directions) comes out great; and even "screen-shots" (or pictures) of text documents are fine; I just can't print text-based documents.
    So far, I have cleaned and calibrated the printers; they have enough ink. I have uninstalled then reinstalled the software and drivers.
    iMac G5 2GHz PPC   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   still miss my Indigo G3

    my guess is, it's not your printers that are the
    problem but maybe a font problem.
    Have you done anything with fonts lately?
    Why, yes.
    Just today, in FontBook I validated fonts and
    resolved duplicates, whatever that means. I also
    "turned off" a bunch of fonts that I never use. Then
    I restarted, reset PRAM, and repaired permissions in
    Disk Utility.
    I still have the problem.
    What other kinds of things can you do with fonts?
    ~PM, wife of GM
    Glenn-- Here is a great article written by a fellow apple forum frequenter:
    Maybe you can read it or weed thru it and make sure you haven't turned off any necessary fonts that you don't use but the system finds necessary. Especially "TextEdit" uses I think exclusively system fonts and if you've turned them off... It's just good to know which fonts are for what before you disable certain ones.
    I believe fonts can definitely cause these sorts of problems, especially if you've disabled system fonts.

  • How to print text on back and back of page in smartforms

    How to print text on back and back of page in smartforms.

    in page's output option you can set D for double-sided.
    Default: No change of print mode
    S     Begin new page in SIMPLEX mode (single-sided)
    D     Begin new page in DUPLEX mode (double-sided)
    T     Begin new page in TUMBLE DUPLEX mode (double-sided)

  • How to Print Text in WAD 7.0

    i have created a web template using WEB APPLICATION DESIGNER
    now i have added few custom texts in it like
    Report name,Cost centers ,Plant Names
    now if i use Export to command to create print , it is not printing this custom texts
    it is only printing Query Result.
    If i use File -> Print
    this print texts but cannot print WHOLE QUERY DATA
    it only prints what is visible (e.g. if the report is wide with 20 Columns, it cannot print 20 columns.)
    how to resolve this ??

    Hi kartikey,
    just select a text item and enter the text at the last parameter TEXT_CONTENT, that´s it. You may change the style and so on. It is also possible to bind the data provider and display the query title or other generic text.
    Look up the SAP help here:

  • How to Print text in two main windows

    For printing label have created two main windows on a page. calling function write_form In ABAP Program under do loop for two times. 
    but program prints only one window. why is it so? how can i print text on two windows.
    do 2 times.
      COUNT = COUNT + 1.
    loop at itab WHERE DEPTT LT 200.
            ELEMENT  = 'TEST'
            FUNCTION = 'SET'
            TYPE     = 'BODY'
          WINDOW   = 'MAIN'
           ELEMENT   = 1
           FUNCTION  = 2
           TYPE      = 3
           UNOPENED  = 4
           UNSTARTED = 5
           WINDOW    = 6
           OTHERS    = 7.
    Please guide.

    Since the information is variable and coming out of the print program, I can assume you want to print many labels but two to a page. Also, any page numbering, etc will need to be updated. This is easily accomplished with SAPScript but a feature people rarely use I believe. Here are the simple steps:
    1) On the Windows Screen: Creat a main window for the size of the label, etc knowing that you will be putting multiple windows on a page. For example, if page size is 8.5 x 11, maybe your window size is 6 X 4 or something similar. You only need one main window defined.
    2) Now go to Page Windows Screen. Add a window MAIN and down at the bottom where it says Window Type put in MAIN. Next to this field is a little field about two characters long. In here put in '01'.
    3) Now Add another window MAIN and down at the bottom put in '02'.
    Hopefully this gives you the idea. I've done this with up to 30 small windows in order to print variable window for labels on label stock such as Avery 8167, etc. 
    Good Luck!
    Tim Stadler
    Menasha Corporation

  • How to Print Text in the PLD when we select Type : Text

    Hi All
    I designed a PLD for Purchase Order which is working well but
    whenever we select type: Text and we enter some text in the row level for each item. when we see the PLD priview
    Items are displaying but the text below the items are not displaying
    it displays an empty row after each item
    How should i print text in the PLD
    I required in this following Format
    001              XYZ                      20
    this is capital Good Item
    002             PQR                        30 
    this is Raw Material
    In this above format
    I didnt get the text below the Items
    Can any one suggest the correct answer

    Thanks for your reply
    I already select the linetext field from table POR10 and kept it  in the PLD
    but i didnt get my required format
    after giving that line text field  iam getting
    in this way
       1               001               XYZ                 20
    this is Capital Goods
    this is Capital Goods
    the text is repeating twice
    I Put the ItemDescription field  in POR1 and Line Text Field in POR10 in the same repetitve area

  • How to print "Text" in JAVA(TM)....

    Does anyone know how to print "text" using Java?
    - Here's an example output...
    NOTE: # == 'empty spaces'
    --------------------------- <- Paper
    Please post a complete << SAMPLE CODE >> for printing the "text" (Welcome to JAVA(TM) Programming. Including the indentions. So it will not be like this...
    -------------------- <- Paper
    |Welcome |
    |to |
    |JAVA(TM) |
    |Programming |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    Please read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

  • How to print text in paper format iin smartforms

    Hi all,
      I want a question that  how to print text in paper format like  paper divides into 2 parts and if the firstpart is full of text i.e., it exceeds the first page the text will be displyed in the second part of the first page.
    Usefull answers will be awarded.
    Thanks all...

    U create two windows in the page and same as like second page.
    but in first page first window select the condition print only on first page.
    in second window select conditin print only on second page.
    first try without creating a secondpage. if that doesn't workout create secondpage and try.
    Assign points if useful.

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