Problem in workflow Inbound error Idocs (IDOCAPPL)

Hi All,
  First of all I am new to workflow. I have created a custom business object ZIDOCAPPL by copying standard object IDOCAPPL. My requirement is to send emails to the users with the inbound Idoc error details.
My workflow has below tasks.
Task 1: Create a entry in Ztable with error idoc details. (Background step)
Task 2: Send a email to the list of users with EDIDC data.
Task 3: Idoc foreground correction (Foreground step - Using IDOCAPPL-INPUTFOREGROUND method).
Task 4: Delete the entry form Ztable, which was created in task 1(Background step)
For this, I have created a ZIDOCAPPL BO and in that created methods for step 1(Create entry in ztable) and Step 4(Delete entry in Ztable).
So my problem is , I need to create below Function modules. Please suggest the logic for below function modules, as I did not understood clearly.
1-  A new Function module for send email step, that creates the list of users. The user list need to be leveraged from Rule FM and the email through USR01. (This need to be called in my custom ZIDOCAPPL BO method and for  send email step of task 2)
2- A new FM needs to fetch the positions (table HRP1001) under the sub org units (partners) again under the main Org unit The returned positions needs to be linked back to the task and also for the emails. ( I think this need to be linked to the Role of the idoc foreground correction task (Task 3).
Appreciated your inputs. Thanks in advance.

I recommend that you do NOT copy the object, but rather create a sub-type.

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  • Outbound error IDoc reprocessing

    I have a scenario like whenever an outbound idoc is in error status, should be able to correct the idoc n reprocess it.
    Suppose outbound idoc is in status 02. System process code will notify the agent assigned in partner profile. When i execute the workitem and corrected the port and try to reprocess, this status is set to 30. My requirement is once i correct the port status should become 03. How do we acheive this ? (not through report rseout00 )
    1. In general scenario how do we handle outbound error idocs?
    2. Is system process codes are used only for notifications or error processing?
    Inputs will be appreciated regd outbound error reprocessing .

    Hi Indira,
    1. In general scenario how do we handle outbound error idocs?
    You can use transaction BD87 to monitor the IDoc statuses.
    and use the following programs to reprocess outbound and inbound error IDoc(s).
    RBDAGAI2 - Re-processing of IDocs after ALE Input Error
    RBDAGAIE - Reprocessing of Edited IDocs
    RBDAGAIN - Process Outbound IDocs with Errors Again
    RBDAGAIP - New Posting of Partially Posted IDocs
    RBDMANI2 - Manual Processing of IDocs: Post IDocs Not Yet Posted
    2. Is system process codes are used only for notifications or error processing?
    The process code ise used in both ALE and EDI framework to identify the function module or API (Application Programming Interface) to be invoked for subsequent processing.  Inbound as well as outbound interfaces use process code but for different purposes. Outbound process codes are stored in table TEDE1, while inbound process codes are stored in TEDE2.
    Hoep this will help.
    Ferry Lianto

  • Inbound delivery idoc error in segment e1eld20

    we are receiving delivery idoc from the vendor, so this is delivery will be created as inbound delivery in our system, so in the segment E1EDL20 field VBELN(let say 'ABCD') is the outbound delivery number of the vendor ( i believe), but when is try to process this idoc it gives the error as 'delivery ABCD does not exist' ( it's obvious that the delivery 'ABCD'  will not be in our system because it's a vendor delivery number), can some body please let me know whats wrong with this E1EDL20-VBELN.

    Thanks for your replies and documents.
      Now I find the problems lies in the error connection between R/3 and BW. IF the autoconfiguration is completelly correct , the table RSBASIDOC in both system should be added one record.But now when the source system is activated successfully ,the table in R/3 side has no entry while the BW side has one entry .juding from this ,there is no BW system connected to the R/3 ,which is proved when I fill the setup table for LO datasource an error message shows that there's no BW system is connected to the OLTP system.
      How can i figure this issue out ?If I want to do an automatic configuration ,what shall I do ?

  • Problem with HR inbound IDoc

    I have a problem with processing inbound IDocs from an external payroll system to infotype 0008.  The process is quite simple; salary changes from the payroll system is recorded to the corresponding employee's infotype 0008.  When testing I noticed that that the new record is recorded as is.  For example if there is already an existing record with the validity dates 01.01.2010 - 31.12.9999 and the new record in the IDoc is 01.01.2011 - 31.12.9999, the new record is written as is.  I would expect the system to delimit the old record correctly - similar to what would happen if you maintain records online.  There is no error checking or any kind of processing done by the system. 
    I did some debugging and found out that the function module linked to process code HRMD writes the information directly to the database.  If this is a standard way of doing this, it is really unusual.
    Has anybody else encountered this?  Any pointers?
    Edited by: Theo Droste on Jan 20, 2011 11:56 AM

    This is correct, the ale programme writes the data directly to the database, I have faced this isssue on occassion. I once raised an oss message on this as well, and sap confirms this is what happens. If it is a sap to sap ale, it somehow seems to work, - this could be because the outgoing idocs are created by sap itself  but if it is a non sap to sap ale the onus is on us to ensure that the external system sends the correct data to sap in the way we intend it to be displayed.
    that is how it has been in my experience. It is unusual, but apparently not impossible. Please let us know if you find out anything different.

  • Inbound INVOIC01 IDOC problem

    I am working on inboind INVOIC01 idoc and i am facing some problem in that.
    When IDOC comes in it is creating application document ( Status 53 ). When i go and check in transaction MIR4 the application document (Invoice) is created. But the problem is, the Invoice is not being posted.
    When i see the invoice document, there is not tax code and so the invoice does not show any amount. I do not know why it is happening.
    Can anyone let me know what are the all required segments / fields for inbound invoice interface. What are the all configuration options required for it.

    Hi Srinivas,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have already configured the tax code config and now invoices are created correctly.
    But now i have one scenario which i am tying to figure out how to get it right.
    Let say for example
    <u>Example - 1</u>
    - i have PO with 1 line iteam with Quantity = 1 and amount $100. ( we mostly have PO with quantity =1 and only thing matter is $ value )
    - If the incoming invoice also have quantity = 1 and amount $100, it works fine.
    - But the problem is, sometime vendor sends the partial invoice. that is, quantity = 1 but amount $ 50. There can be multiple invoice with same quantity as PO line item different amount at different time. In this case i am gettng "Account Determination" error ( message  M8 147 ). Is there any way i can make this scenarion work. 80% of invoices comes like this. Please let me know
    <u>Example - 2</u>
    - i have PO with 1 line iteam with Quantity = 2 and amount $200.
    - If the incoming invoice also have quantity = 1 and amount $100, it works fine. Also, if it has quant = 2 and amount $ 200 it works fine. In other workds the quantity / amount ratio in invoice matches that of PO, it works fine.
    - But in few case we will get invoice with quantity = 1 ( PO as quant = 2) with amount 80 ( infact, any value other than 100. PO has $200, $100 / 1 each ) and in this case invoice is failing too.
    Can you please let me know, is there any setting in Logistic Invoice Verification, to support these scenarios.

  • When we post Inbound Invoice IDocs, we are getting an error message "Enter a tax jurisdiction code".

    Hi Experts,
    When we post Inbound Invoice IDocs, we are getting an error message "Enter a tax jurisdiction code". As checked, we have configured OBCD and OBCA for the vendor and we are passing the Tax Jurisdiction code in E1EDP04 SAL segment. Can anybody give us some idea to resolve this issue.

    Hi Sameek,
    Please refer the below link. Hope it helps.

  • Some of the error idocs are not falling into Workflow Inbox

    The extract of IDOC list with status 51 from WE02 transaction is not matching with Workflow inbox column "object", some of the idocs which are errored are not showing in the workflow inbox. Here we are in need to get all the errored idocs into the inbox. Please suggest me to proceed further.

    Hi Smita,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have maintained the suggested role SAP_GRC_SPC_SCHEDULER in backend for an user id and i can able to see a job is getting completed in SM37.
    However, the task in the inbox hasnt come yet.Any idea you may have as to how much time it will take for task to come into inbox.Or is that i need to do any more extra task.
    Please advice.
    Ashok S

  • Error in Inbound Customer IDOC (WE19)

    Hi All
    I am creating Inbound Customer IDOC
    Message Type : DEBMAS
    But getting error(51) : "No batch input data for screen SAPMF02D 0340".
    According to previous threads, I have seen this screen for Mandatory fields but I didnt found any.
    Could anyone tell me what mandatory fields to enter in DEBMAS or  the Solution for this Error.

    Hi Nikhil I am getting this error which you got it before but this time I am getting it in LSMW when creating customer master screen."No batch input data for screen SAPMF02D 0340"
    what am i supposed to check?
    Can u plz send me ur mail ID.

  • Problem in reporocessing Error Idoc

    We have created a customized Tcode to reprocess the error idocs (idocs in 64,51 status).
    The report is developed using standard program RBDMANI2. The same program is used in BD87. After executing the idocs it create related sales orders.
    The problem is : When we reprocess one error idoc on two differant system at the same time (probabaly at the same time upto seconds),  two sales orders are getting created.  Ideally one sales order should be created.
    This is happening for only one kind of sales document type. There is no any hardcoading of document types in report.
    I want to know whether there is any configuration related issue or what.
    Please suggest.
    Thank you,
    madan shinde

    You can use WE19 to debug the Idoc FM.
    Check this link if it is helpful:
    Debugging Idocs

  • 'Purchasing document does not exist' error while testing Inbound PO Idoc

    Hi experts,
    i am working on Inbound PO Idoc scenario. I am testing Idoc in WE19 with ORDRSP mesage type.
    Idoc type:ORDERS05
    Process code:ORDR
    while trying to create PO it is giving an error 'Purchasing document does not exist' in we05.
    please suggest me how to resolve this???

    first time i am testing this IDoc and i don't find any field in Idoc structure to provide purchase order value.
    any more inputs plz??

  • Inbound Invoice IDoc - Problem, Please clarify.................

    Hi All,
    I am implementing an Inbound INVOIC02 IDoc for posting Credit Memo that references purchase order. But there is some unique thing. This IDoc is used to post only the SAC (D240 - Freight Allowance).
    Freight Allowance will come at Header level on the X12. This amount should be posted to a G/L account.
    I want this SACD240 amount to be mapped onto IDoc.
    I have extended the IDoc with a Z-segment @ line item level and is mapping into this z-segment.
    The mapping team came up with a question. If SACD40 is mapped onto Z-segment. And no other line item information is present on the X12/IDoc (such as matnr). Will SAP process this IDoc??
    Plz clarify??

    data in extended Z segment would not get processed automatically.
    If std Function module IDOC_OUTPUT_INVOIC is used as inbound process code then
    you need to add custom code in  exit   CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '001'   include ZXEDFU01 to pass to correct fields. or you may have to call another FM or BDC to pass data to required transaction/fields.

  • ALE Inbound Error Handling

    Here I have problem in setting up Error handling in outbound/inbound processing of Idocs in ALE....
    Can any one please explain how to do it....
    My requirement is, if ever idoc goes in to error then the user has to be intimated by mail in SAP Inbox.As per my knowledge it can be done through partner profile...if specify user name in partner profiles/post processing agent place.
    My doubt is will it be same in outbound/Inbound?
    Do i need to do anything other than specifying usernames in partner profiles?
    What is the use of Idoc Administrator?
    Please explain how to do that....
    Awaiting your valuable answers...
    Message was edited by: Suresh Babu  Mannem

    I think you also need to specify the "post processing agent" in your Partner profile - Message Type.
    Check WE20.
    In case you don't want to use organizational assignment then leave the task as it is as general task.
    So only the user specified in "post processing agent" will be taken into consideration.
    Here are the steps that you need to do for a complete error handling procedure ( but you can avoid organizational assignment if you just need to use User Name as receipient ):
    I've taken it from F1 help on error handling:
    Error Handling
    In this section, you can make the settings for error handling:
    Create organizational units and assign standard tasks
    Maintain EDI administration ( Idoc administrator section on Xn OYEA or We40 )
    Maintain error process code ( Xn OYEA or We40 )
    Further you can check it using Verification Processing on OYEA / WE40 .
    Errors are processed in the system in which the error occurred.
    You can repost IDocs that were not posted (with status 51) using program RBDMANIN.
    ALE error handling uses workflow. A standard task is provided for each message type. Task TS20000051 is used for all BAPIs.
    Workflow functions as follows:
    A task (work item) is generated for the error handling and stored as a message in the inboxes of the employees responsible.
    If one of these employees processes the work item, the standard task method for error handling is started. The user can, for example, restart IDoc processing.
    If the IDoc is processed successfully, the work item is deleted from the inboxes of all the employees involved.
    For this procedure to function, the employees responsible for a particular message type and partner (sender or receiver) must be defined as follows:
    1. A hierarchy of organizational units (for example, "sales office") and positions (for example, "customer officer for customer X") is created and employees are assigned to it.
    2. The standard tasks for error handling (for example, an error related to an inbound sales order) are assigned to the relevant organizational units or positions (for example, "sales office").
    3. The organizational unit, position or employee responsible for dealing with the error are specified for each partner and message type in the partner profiles.
    If an error occurs, the system determines:
    1. The employees responsible using the staffing schedule of the organizational unit or position linked to the standard task.
    2. The employees defined in the partner profiles (using position, user ID, or organizational unit).
    3. The employees appearing in both groups represent those who will receive a work item in their inboxes.
    Create organizational units and assign standard tasks
    Maintain EDI administration
    Maintain error process code
    If you used EDI communication in an earlier version, you can check the assignment of error process codes to the standard tasks.
    Check names of the employees responsible in the partner profiles.

  • EDI inbound error message

    While processing the inbound DELINS Idoc, i am getting the error message Vendor number & has not been saved for customer &.
    Could you please guide me to do the necessary configuration to avoid this error.
    Thanks in Advance

    you can goto We 19 and reprocess the idoc in debug mode to find the actual problem.
    GO TO WE02
    Get the Partner Number
    GOTO WE20
    Get the inbound Process code
    Get the function module associated with the same
    Make a Break Point on the function module

  • Regarding Inbound Order Idocs

    Hi All,
    I want the tables in which Inbound Order Idocs were stored,
    Use WE02 transaction,
    i am trying to find the tables , but i cant, plz any body help me in this problem,

    Hi bala,
    do one thing..u wil get the idoc number as 0000000000123456(16 digit)..
    please chek the document numebr in the ztable,say for example in ur ztable it  is 10 character u have extra 6 characters.
    so what u do is use CONVERSIONEXIT function module and delete the leading zeros,
    if u do like will be 10 characters...
    now u can write the select query as u written,it won't give any error..

  • Workflow Termination when IDoc is changed

    Hi all,
    For some inbound IDocs (SRCLST and INFREC), a workflow is triggered in case of an error. This works very well, and the extended notifications are triggered as well (mail included).
    However, in some cases, an IDoc in error is retreated automatically by a certain job and often, succesfully (data is locked or...). Nonetheless, the workflow item remains in the inbox and can only be closed by executing it and clicking on "End Process". Sometimes this leads to a number of notifications (mail) that are being sent even though the IDoc has already been treated successfully.
    Is there any way to trigger the termination of these workflows when the IDoc status is changed? The standard tasks that I am using are TS40007912 (SRCLST) and TS40007911 (INFREC). I am fairly new to workflows, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Aerv,
    (on the requirement in general)
    I think that your requirement (terminate error workitems when Idoc is re-posted successfully) is part of standard:
    Workitem termination is implemented by means of terminating events. If you look at 'terminating events' tab of task TS40007912( or TS40007911), you'll see that INPUTFINISHED event is there.
    Thus, the workitem should terminate whenever INPUTFINISHED event fires.
    The event fires when
    - a user processed the idoc (see 'Error Handling Process' here Error Handling - ALE Programming Guide - SAP Library) ,
    - the system processed the idoc successfully (RBDMANI2) - your case
    (on your setup)
    I suppose, you don't need to add entries in SWE2 to make a terminating event work.
    If you have those extra entries now, try deactivating them - probably it will correct the inconsistent behaviour as we see on the screen shot.

Maybe you are looking for