Problem installing Photoshop Elements 10 on Windows 7 PC

When I installed Disc 1 of Photoshop Elements 10 on my PC laptop running Windows 7, the prompt came to insert Disc 2. Disc 1 would not eject. I restarted the computer to get Disc 1 out. When I inserted Disc 2, the installer would not accept the serial number that I had used the first time saying that it was an invalid number. What is on Disc 2 that I need for full operation of the program? How can I get the 2nd disc installed?

Liano, I had the same problem today.  If you didn't see it, check out this post for the answer -
If you are using Elements 10, there is only a 32 bit version and it installs off Disc 1. 

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    use compatibility mode to install problematic older versions of software (adobe and non-adobe): hop-elements/fd297cf9-f1c6-48d2-aa81-c339dc798e47?msgId=29934f75-800f-4344-8852-c87af58293 56

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    As long as your license supports both platforms you should only have to download the Mac version and install/activate using your serial number.  If you need help finding a link to download the file, please indicate the PSE version you need.

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    Download Photoshop Elements trial from
    Double click the exe to install the PSE11.

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    I bought this program about eight years ago adobe photoshop elements is the only thing it says on the disk, I have lost the packaging and other information.  This program has worked great for me all these years without any difficulties on my old windows XP.  My old computer and gave out trash the motherboard.  Now I have windows8 and when I tried to install Photoshop on new computer it accepts the program until the end, when I get the message adobe Photoshop elements requires windows explorer 4 or better to install.  This computer came with explore 10.
    I would like to keep this program because it's always works great for me, and I do really do not want a buy a new one.  So he can really help me how would really appreciate it.  Thank you Ray

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    I am trying to install Photoshop Elements 10 on my Macbook air using remote disc and every time I get to the point where I put in the serial number and sign in I get the following error code; "Your installation encountered errors" and below that, "Inconsistency in the installer database. Please restart your computer and install again." Thanks, I would appreciate any suggestion on how to solve this issue.

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    Which operating system are you using?  Were you able to install Photoshop Elements 9 previously?  What have you tried so far to resolve your difficulties?

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    I'm trying to install photoshop elements 11 and premiere elements as an upgrade from elements 6. When I click on 'download' on the order page the next screen tells me that I'm using internet explorer 4 or earlier and have to use a later version.  My browser is IE 10.  I tried downloading IE 10 just in case but it told me that I already have it.  How do I get past this screen?  Thanks.

    Personally I prefer the disks that come in a box. 
    Perhaps you could download a copy of Chrome and use that if IE10 is acting up.

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    I have an older adobe photoshop elements install disc with a serial number that I have enjoyed using for years.  However I just got a new computer with windows 7 and when I try to use the disc to install I get an error message stating that I need to have Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher in order to install, and the install immediately shuts down after this pop up message.  I would like to know what I can do to get this program installed on my new computer.  Thanks.

    Jaredblackway it would appear you are referencing Photoshop Elements 1.0.  I would recommend upgrading to a compatible version with modern operating systems.  Photoshop Elements 12 is the current version available.  You can find more details at

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    windows 8
    photoshop elements 10 and premiere elements 10
    the trial version 11 seems to install fine with no errors poping up but i have not tested that

    It means what it says. At the time PSE 3 was new, the WM libraries were at version 8 and now we are at 11 (or 12/13, depending which version counting you use). It's simply not compatible because it can't hook up to the newer versions. short of upgrading to the latest, there is no way to make it running smoothly. However, PSE10 should run by using Win7 compatibility mode...

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    I have recently received both photoshop elements 8.0 and premiere elements 8.0 and neither will install.
    I have gone through (at length!) all the support suggestions e.g. adusting accelaration etc. Absolutley nothing works! I have spent over 4 hours trying to sort this problem which as it is a new product is extemely disappointing. I look for any helpful advice or should I just claim my money back?

    I tried downloading the trial version which seems to have gone through. However although i can see lots of new files in a "Premier elements" folder in programs, I cannot see any way to open it. It has not appeared on the programs list and there is no shortcut on the desktop. How am I supposed to access this software?
    If this is a trial, you really should make it more user friendly as I am not impressed at all so far.
    I have spent over 6 housr now trying to get this sofware to work. If you cannot nwo get this to work, i will return to store and get refund (and use a version of Pinnacle recommended by a friend who has had no problems!
    I look forward to an easy and quick resolution.
    P.S I note your on line chat is useless as it is only available to USA residents.

  • Problems installing Photoshop Elements 13?

    I just purchased a license of Photoshop Elements 13. I have been trying to install the program for the last 2 hours. After waiting 2 hours for the downloading of the installing manager and after that the downloading of the photoshop elements, your program is saying that I don't have the acquired system to install the program.  I am willing to believe that something went wrong, so I try to call the customer service number for Belgium that I could find at the bottom of this email.  After waiting 12 very expensive minutes on the phone, one of your customer service managers tells me that they only handle creative cloud problems. The photoshop elements telephone line no longer exists and that he will redirect me to another line where I will find someone who will help me start up the chat??? After waiting another 10 very expensive minutes on the phone, I simply hung up because nobody was answering.  I don't understand how it is possible to purchase a program that I can not use on my macbook who is only 3 years old. If I buy a bunch of new computers every year to be able to install your products, I might as well close my business. I also have other drawing programs that don't work anymore one the latest macs.  I would appreciate it if you can help me to find a proper solution for this problem. Can I maybe switch to a lower version of the program? If that is not possible, can I get a refund?  I have my own architectural firm and would like to keep working with your products in the future. At the time beeIng, I have already lost money by buying your program and by calling your non existing customer service. So you can understand that I am not feeling very happy.  I hope to be getting your solution to this problem soon.  Hoping to hear from you soon,  Kind regards,

    I believe the problem is that I have a mac with OS X 10.6.8.
    I have added a screenshot.
    What can I do about this?

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    Does anything here help? premiere.html

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    I tried installing Photoshop CS4 on my new laptop running Windows 8, using my disc. I got the message: 'We looked in the default locations for qualifying products installed on this machine, but none were found.'

    Hi yungys,
    As suggested by Michael CS4 is not tested with Windows 8. Please find the system requirements to install CS4: Photoshop_CS4_system_requirements .
    Romit Sinha

  • I am having problems installing Photoshop Elements

    Still do not understand what exactly I have to do to Download ( Install failed ????) Photoshop Elements Trial 11. Does this mean unles I fix it asap I will "lose" some/all of the free 30 days ? I tried in the past to trial Photoshop Elements 10 and just gave up.
    I am very interested in upgrading from 9 as I have not found it an "improvement" on earlier version I had.
    In fact, it has proved quite hard to see etc being so small and all so dark. Not an improvement.
    Also very quick to freeze and crash my laptop.

    Branched this out to a new discussion.  Do you receive any error messages when you are installing the software?   Downloading is the process of obtaining the install files.  Installing is the process of getting the software on your computer.

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