Problem sending emails with Mac Mail 1.3.11

Desperately in need of help. I'm able to receive but not send email using Mac Mail. I keep getting an error message:
"This message could not be delivered and will remain in your Outbox until it can be delivered.
The sender address [email protected] was rejected by the server"
I have already tried the following at the advice of AppleCare reps:-
Have verified & repaired disk utilities & keychains
Have reinstalled the operating system
Have trashed the mail.plist file
Have trashed the outbox.mbox file
Getting quite frustrated now because we have a mac bookpro with identical mail settings and it is able to send and receive mail without any problems.Could it be the version of Mail I'm running ?
I initially thought that the problem related to having switched to a new ISP but the fact that one of the mac's has no problem has led me to be less convinced of that idea.
Any suggestions gratefully accepted.
Many thanks

I am having the same problem exactly. I can read e-mail, but get the same error message trying to send it. I can't use .Mac anymore--have to use alternate e-mail for the last month--since some time in October 2006.
I haven't changed anything on my G4, haven't upgraded anything, and the problem started about the time .Mac reported some customers were unable to use Mail for a couple of days in October.
I see nobody answered your post. Did you ever get your mail to work? I have repaired permissions, but I don't think it has anything to do with that.
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  • Users Having Troubling Sending Email with Mac Mail Client with Godaddy

    I recently had issues' with my mail and my new Mac Pro and sending emails from I tried 4 email clients and could retrieve my emails but the outgoing mail server keep rejecting my password. After I almost switch email companies I called one last person from godaddy. The support person James M suggested deleting the account in my email manager on godaddy system and re-created the account and everything works fine. Please note, to back up emails before doing this. I think something is corrupting something in the server that requires the deletion of the email account that is only effecting 10.64 users.
    Best of luck,

    Have GoDaddy reset the SMTP relays to 0 (zero), then back up to 250 (or whatever your limit is). This reset the password authentication and emails were sent fine afterwards. Good luck.

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    I only intermittently can recieve yahoo emails on my new Air. Sending is no problem. Also recieve most, but not all, messages on my iPad. Sending also ok. But my iPhone sends and receives perfectly. Cants get help from apple, yahoo or time-Werner cable. ALL suggestions greatly appreciated. Very frustrated with my new Apple gear.

    Well, since your iPhone receives perfectly, use it as the model to set up your iPad and MacBook Air.
    On your iPhone, check Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > (your Yahoo account).  Check the Incoming Mail Server settings, particularly the host name and server port (if you have that, it may be under "Advanced").
    Make sure they're set the same on your iPad.  On your Mac, in Mail, go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts and look under your Yahoo account.

  • Problems sending emails with iPhone 3G and outlook exchange

    I have a problem sending email with exchange. Receiving and answering mail works fine and calender updates work fine. However when I initiate an email from the phone it syncs and ends up in the sent folder in the computer but never reaches the recipient. I have tried this many times with different recipients and phones. It only happens from my iphone and ipad. Any suggestions?
    Any help much appreciated

    The iPhone you returned is still syncing against your server and locking out your account. Someone possibly has access to your mail data. I'd recommend having your Exchange Administrator install the Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Tool ( -E0B4C6301453&displaylang=en) and attempt to wipe/delete/block that other iPhone.
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  • TS3276 sending emails from mac mail?

    not possible to send email from mac mail since hotmail changed to outlook?

    The logo is an attachment. Anything in an email message that is not text must be sent as an attachment in order to be compliant with email protocols. But many modern email programs will automatically display the contents of some attachments. Apple Mail will display JPEGs and single-page PDFs. Presumably your correspondents are using an application that displays JPEGs but not PDFs.
    Some email programs expect attachments to come at the end of the message, not intermixed with the other contents of the message. Such an app may treat everything after the first attachment as attachments. That might cause the different behavior when additional attachments are included before the attachment in your signature.

  • How do I set up an alias email with Mac Mail, so that my alias shows up when I send email from my Mac Mail account?

    I am have an email forwarding service, not an email account, which I want to set up as an alias for Mac Mail so that my email appears in the "from" address when I send messages from Mac Mail. I'm having trouble figuring out what I need to do to set up this configuration. Thanks so much for your help!

    There are a couple of ways of doing this. The easiest is probably to just add the secondary address in the -> Preferences -> Accounts field.
    The specifics of which vary a little based on the OS/ version you're running, but in Yosemite:
    Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts
    Select your iCloud account and change the 'Alias' popup menu from your iCloud address to 'custom'.
    Doing this enables the 'Email Address' field. In this field you can enter the email address you want to appear in your From header.
    If you want to use multiple addresses (e.g. your iCloud address and your other alias), you can enter a comma-separated list of addresses - e.g. '[email protected], [email protected]' and then you'll have a pop-up menu on each new message where you can choose the address to use for each outgoing message. You can also set the default address in Preferences -> Composing -> Send new messages from:

  • Can't Send Emails With Mac OS X Mail?

    Why can't I send emails through Mac OS X Mail when I'm using another internet connection (besides my main home connection)?

    This is likely either because when at home you are using the SMTP provided by your ISP, and it is not separately Authenticated and thus blocked by the host ISP at the other venues, or you are using a third party SMTP successfully on Port 25 at home, but in the other venues, they are blocking third party SMTP on Port 25.
    If the SMTP of your ISP, check to see if they have a version that can be authenticated for travel use -- many do.
    If using another SMTP at home on Port 25, change to Port 587 which should work either at home or away.
    More info, please, if this does not solve, including who your ISP is?

  • Can't sending email via mac mail from home

    I have had BT broadband for a year now and recently I have had issues sending mail from mac mail on my business email.  It comes back with an error saying to check that email is addressed properly and check smtp settings with admin.
    This problem has only just started. 
    I searched the forum and found a sugestion to verify email in yahoo mail, whch I have done but still no joy.
    Any suggestions?

    cognitioncoach wrote:
    I have had BT broadband for a year now and recently I have had issues sending mail from mac mail on my business email.  It comes back with an error saying to check that email is addressed properly and check smtp settings with admin.
    This problem has only just started. 
    I searched the forum and found a sugestion to verify email in yahoo mail, whch I have done but still no joy.
    Any suggestions?
    Spent two hours on the phone today with BT. They escaleted the problem to a specialist support desk, which we then had to agree to paying a £30 charge if they were able to fix the problem as they say that it is a problem with mac mail. (Which it isn't because it works fine using a different broadband connection, and we have three laptops in the house all with same problem, using outlook as well as mail).
    All three laptops have been working with out fault for the last four years and just before christmas they all stopped being able to send emails using hotmail. Obviously BT have changed something somewhere along the line.
    The Specialist just changed our outgoing mail server to use BTs instead. (I have been using a different SMTP server anyway as a temporary fix since christmas) Whilst we are able to send emails, we are still unable to connect to hotmails SMTP server. Still had to pay the £30 though. As far as they are concerned that still counts as a fix. Another "solution" they gave me was to change the DNS address in system preferences- Not Ideal as everytime you connect your laptop to a new network you will have to reset them.An absolute joke.
    Their direct number is 08000 321 118 if you need them to talk you through it. Best to have your bank card to hand.

  • Problem sending email with Yahoo ISP

    All of a sudden today could not send emails (receive emails OK) on all 3 computers on two different sub accounts using the old ISP (Yahoo). I'm using Apple Mail 2.1. Called Yahoo and had to change the outgoing mail server from to and all 3 computers were able to send mail again.
    Interestingly tried it on Entourage and didn't work. worked for send email with Entourage. Didn't know the outgoing mail server was application dependent. Thought maybe this information would save sombody a call to yahoo. Terry
    Power Mac G4 1 GHz Dual   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    A mail server is a mail server, is a mail server.
    Usually, the SMTP server config will either work or it won't.
    Interesting that your needs one config, and entourage another.
    I'll bet entourage will need to have the new config soon, or there was something else borked on your config.

  • Problem sending emails with gmail on iPhone

    Everytime I send email with gmail on my iPhone. The message doesn't show up in the folder sent messages (only on the server). This never happens with my iCloud account or when I send email from Mail in osx. Does anyone have a solution for this?

    Take a look at this link,

  • Problem sending email with attachment by android

    Good Morning, I'm Luca.
    I have this problem:
    through a smartphone with Android system,
    synchronized via ActiveSync, the user
    is unable to send emails with attachments.
    While you can receive them and
    open them without problem.
    We have a server with Exchange 2010.
    Is there any authorization that I have to give
    Other devices, always with Android system,
    with other accounts of course,
    does not have the same problem.
    Thank you very much
    Best regards

    Luca, if one user is able to send attachments, the other should be able to as well.  However, if an attachment is too large, it won't be delivered.  
    Agreed, This does sound like a size limitation issue.
    Have the person try to send the same file from his outlook on his PC and see if he can send it out, that should be a good indication.

  • Cannot send emails in Mac Mail using third party SMTP via BT Infinity Broadband

    I have a Mac Book Pro and recently had my home broadband upgraded to BT Infinity. Prior to this upgrade sending emails via my Mac mail was working perfectly. Since the new installation I could no send any external emails using the or smtp outgoing servers. was ok.? very strange.
    So when I connected the same macbook to other wireless connections it would work perfectly.???
    So after many hours wasted messing around, I managed to get the right person at the right time via BT helpline in the UK not India. (India helpine just say "we are not trained in Apple".
    So the very polite man from UK Helpline provided me with the solution.
    GO TO > Apple Icon top left > System Preferences > Network > Wireless >
    Select your wireless connection > Click Advanced lower right on popup
    Select DNS tab
    Click on the + under DNS left pane and type the following :-
    Click Apply
    I hope this helps someone, as I know how painful these types of issues can be.

    Hi Haggie
    Had a similar experience but couldn't work out why macbook was working and imac not. I hate verification with bt. Anyway, tried your method and as you say eureka! Did have imac plugged in before and put it on wifi to try your fix  I will try plugging broadband back in to see if that works and will post back but at the moment just enjoying the moment!
    Just to say a big thank you for not only sorting the problem out but equally importantly posting the answer! Too many people sort out their problems without letting other people know how!
    Many thanks

  • Cannot send email w/mac mail using Juno and Tiger

    I have had a problem ever since I upgraded last year to Tiger. I have Juno, and ever since I upgraded from Jaguar, I cannot use the Juno software to log on. But more annoying that that (I have a work around that works just fine), I cannot send email from my mac mail. If I want to send an email or respond to an email, I have to physically log onto Juno's website and email and write and send from there. I have contacted Juno numerous times, and they tell me to reset my password, which makes no sense to me. Any Ideas?

    Regarding not being able to send mail with your .Mac account and .Mac SMTP server, most if not all ISPs used for connecting to the internet block the use of SMTP servers outside of their network on Port 25. Some ISPs allow the use of an authenticated SMTP server only (such as the .Mac SMTP server) that is outside of their network on Port 25 but some block its use regardless. These restrictions are in place as part of an overall effort to prevent or reduce spam eminating from the ISP's domain.
    Something to try.
    Go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts and under the Account Information tab for your .Mac account preferences at the SMTP server selection, select the Server Settings button below.
    At the Server Port field, enter 587 in place of 25 and when finished, select OK to save the changed setting.
    If this is not successful, select/use your ISP's SMTP server to send mail with your .Mac account which is invisible to all recipients.

  • Old but new Q: Cannot send email from Mac Mail application but computer tells me I'm online

    I know this is an "old" issue for many, but I cannot find the solution to my problem.
    A couple of months ago I moved to a new flat--suddenly I could not send emails anymore from my Mac Mail app, although I could receive them. I called Comcast, my Internet provider, who said it was my email server's problem. My email server is icloud, so I talked to a Mac tech guy who did remote desktop troubleshooting and said everything was set up correctly, etc., so I will have to talk to Comcast again. I called Comcast again and they told me again, it is not their issue.
    So this is what happens: When I try to send an email, I get the spinning circle in the mailbox bar, and then it tells me after five minutes of spinning that icloud is offline. However, when I do a further check of the diagnostics, the light is green and says that yes, in fact I am connected/online. Note: I can send and receive fine on webmail, but I do not want to keep using webmail at home. It is very inconvenient.
    I called Mac support again, and they told me I should find my solution online; otherwise, I can pay $20 to have someone remotely troubleshoot for me. Of course, I could not find the answer online. I am quite frustrated and annoyed at this point. Is it a port issue? Is it an OS issue? Mind you, I only have this problem at home, nowhere else. I take my laptop to a café, to a friend's place--I can send emails just fine. This leads me to believe that it's a Comcast issue, although they deny it.
    Any thoughts would be deeply, deeply appreciated! Thank you!!

    How about some free much-needed advice on how I can
    start receiving emails again!
    This indicates you were able to receive email with
    your Verizon account previously with the
    If so, try running Keychain First Aid on your login
    Open Keychain Access, located in
    Choose Window > Keychain First Aid.
    Select your login Keychain, enter your password,
    select Repair and then Start.
    This is Trevor from the first post and I figured it out:
    Go into mail - preferences - and delete the email account in question - the window will tell you that you'll lose all your saved mail, etc - you can save it if you like.
    Then click on yes and you create a new mail account using your same incoming/outgoing settings. And, like magic, it works!
    Try it - and if you want to save any mail before deleting your affected account, do it.
    All the best!
    Trevor "

  • Can't send email from Mac MAIL

    I am setting up my new MacBook -- specifically the Mac MAIL, and intend to include a yahoo account and my new account.
    So far, through Mac MAIL, I am able to send and receive email with my account, but can only receive email on my yahoo account. When I try to send an email from the yahoo account through Mac Mail, I get an error message about the outgoing server. (btw, no trouble if I go through the Safari browser to yahoo, which is why yahoo phone assistant gave up trying).
    BUT.....the outgoing server settings are correct, as per my review and the yahoo phone assistant. Still, no luck.
    Anyone had this problem? Thanks for any advice.
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Am I reading it correctly that you’re suggesting the OP to set up his/her Yahoo account again?
    You should never, ever, set up two accounts in Mail with the same Account Type, User Name and Incoming Mail Server. For each account, Mail creates a folder within ~/Library/Mail/ whose name starts with the account type (POP, IMAP, Mac), followed by the username and the incoming mail server. Having two accounts sharing the same account folder in Mail is calling for trouble. Amongst other problems, deleting one of the accounts would cause the (shared) account folder to be deleted as well, and all the mail stored there to be lost...

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