Problem updating iPod software (version 1.2)

I'm trying to update my video iPod (30GB) with the latest software (version 1.2) through iTunes, but I get the following message:
"The iPod cannot be updated because it contains files that are in use by another application."
I've tried restarting the computer and resetting the IPod, but still get this message.
  Windows XP  
  Windows XP  
  Windows XP  

I had the same problem (before I bought my Mac). Apple hides the fix pretty well. It can be found here: Hope this works for you!

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  • Update ipod software version 4..3.5 fails

    update ipod software version 4..3.5 fails

    Abit more information is needed so we can help you more.
    What OS are you running on
    What is the error message displayed if any,

  • Ipod generation 1, updated ipod software version 5.1.1 and now my ipod is dead..

    I have an ipod generation 1 since 2005 and it works perfectly till yesterday when i receive a prompt from iTunes store (after my last login 6 months ago) reminder/alert to update my ipod software version to 5.1.1 in which i did and just after i updated the software my ipod went dead..
    The message appeared "Please Wait..Very low battery.." However, when i plug it into adapter charger i'll see the normal screen, but the message appear when i use the cable to connect to my lappie....Urgent help! Thanks.

    You need to continue with the Recovery...
    Once the Device is in Recovery Mode... it is too late to save anything...
    To minimise loss... After the successful Recovery... Restore from the most recent Backup...
    Restore from Backup

  • Problem Updating iPod software on iTunes

    I am having problems updating my iPod software through iTunes. As soon as it gets to the end of the download, an error message comes up (-48, I think) that states there was an error in downloading the update. It suggests to check my internet connection or try again later. It happens everytime. I have a very stable internet connection and my iTunes software is version
    Please help me! Thank you.

    See if placing the iPod in Recovery mode will allow a restore via iTunes
    Next try DFU mode
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings
    You can also try another computer to help determine if you have a computer or iPod problem.

  • Problem updating iPod software

    When I open iTunes with my video iPod connected I get this dialog: "Some of the items in the iTunes library were not copied to the iPod because your iPod software is old. Go to the Summary tab and click Update...." etc. When I go to the Summary tab the Version selection says "your iPod is up to date". I'm using iTunes 7.02 on a G5 dual ghz. Software Update finds no iPod or iTunes software updates for me. Apple tech support told me to "restore" the software but I really don't want to go through that. Is there another option?

    Just to make sure you understand, tech support is
    asking you to restore the software on the iPod, not
    the computer, right. It's not a big deal and won't
    take that long.
    OK, here's what solved it for me without a complete restore and maybe it will help someone else who encounters the same issue: I clicked the "restore" button but when the "are you sure?" dialog came up I clicked "cancel"--the update button then became available--I clicked it and upgraded the iPod software--evidently it was NOT the latest version even though iTunes said it was up to date.
    Power Mac dual 1ghz    

  • Problem updating iphone software version 4.3.3

    Every time I have tried to update the iphone software when prompted by itunes it crashes, sometimes at the end of the update sometimes before. It comes up with an error message every time. Please can someone help?

    First thing I'd do is check that I have the latest version of iTunes. This has cought me out a few times. Other thing that I've experienced is a iTunes seems to think there is a problem with my USB socket, so I've tried another and it's worked fine.
    But yes what is your error and error number?

  • Problem updating 3GS software (version 4.2)

    I connected my iPhone 3GS to my iMac (OS X 10.4.11) and synced it with iTunes. On the iTunes iPhone summary screen under the "Version" heading, it says; "A newer version of the iPhone software is available (version 4.2). To update your iPhone with the latest software, click Update."
    I click on the "Update" button and a window pops up saying "This version of iTunes (9.2) is the current version."
    I am trying to update the iPhone software, not iTunes. Why is it doing this? I've tried restarting the computer, etc.

    I also have exactly the same problem and yes, I have the latest version of iTunes (well, for Tiger anyway). I'm guessing that I need to upgrade to Leopard with the new iTunes 10 so that I can upgrade my iPhone to 4.2?? This doesn't sound right to me...

  • Problem: updating phone software version 5800XM

    hi mate
    i have got a nokia 5800XM.the version is v21 but when i tried to update it i couldnt do it because it said there is no available update for your device.
    in CAN I UPDATE? page i entered my phone code and it said there is no such a phone with this phone code.
    phone code:0549361
    my phone is made in hungary

    Cant see that code on lists as well. Likely that you got a fake sticker so the suppliers can say that they got it from Hungary and fool dealers.
    If the update is not available for you via OTA or NSU, you could try going to a Nokia Care Center.
    If you find my post helpful please click the green star on the left under the avatar. Thanks.

  • Every time i try to update my ipod to the latest version of ipod software i keep gettint the error message "there was a problem downloading ipod software. The network connection timed out"

    every time i try to update my ipod to the latest version of ipod software i keep gettint the error message "there was a problem downloading ipod software. The network connection timed out"

    Most of the times your security software is the cause for the network time out: iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting security software issues

  • I am unable to update my software version on my iPod touch. It gets to the very end and tells me that my session timed out. What should I do?

    Every time I try and update my software version for my iPod touch from version 4.2.1 to version 4.3.5 I get within .5 MB (409.5 of 409.6MB) to the end and an error pops up telling me that my network connection has timed out so that the update could not be completed. I start the nursing program next week and need to download books onto my iPod, but it will not let me download the updated versions until my software is updated. I have tried restoring my iPod but when I restore it it says I have to download new software at the same time, therefore I can't even restore it. I just tried resetting my iPod and erasing all data as well as uninstalling iTunes and downloading it again and it still wont work. What do I do? I need to update it so it is ready for school in a week. Any advice? I have tried calling but as I understand I would have to pay for anyone to help me and I really don't want to do that until I have to.

    Hi Jen.  My daughter just compleated her nursing program and is now working as a full time nurse.  Focus and study hard and soon you will be there too.  Now to the problem at hand.  I have the same problem.  I gave up on it and satisfied myself with my iPod without the upgrade.  Reason being I've read so many posts of people having problems after the upgrade.  But I'm sure other factors are involved.  Nevertheless here is the fix most say works to solve the problem:  What ever virus protection you have installed on your computer, disable it.  Then try to install the update. After that enable the protection. I had Kaspersky, and it does it's job well. The thinking is, the virus protection is blocking the upgrade.  Hope this works.   Charlie

  • IPod freezes after updating to software version 1.2!!!

    iPod freezes after updating to software version 1.2!!! After installing version 1.2 the "do not disconnect" screen took forever to disappear, so i just removed the cables and it still remained
    like that, i restarted it manually, but now it's getting stuck when the apple logo appears...i reset it and when i finnally turns on, and i'm at the language tab, it freezes. can anyone help.!?

    Apple just released firmware 1.2.1 for the ipod, you should try restoring your iPod again with that.

  • Cannot update ipod software from version 1.0.2 to 1.0.3

    I cannot update ipod software from version 1.0.2 to 1.0.3.  The message says, "The ipod cannot be updated because it contains files that are in use by another application."  It's an ipod nano 7th generation. My Mac OS X is version 10.6.8.  What should I do?

    Temporarily disable ALL of your anitvirus/antispyware software or in your AV software turn off iPod scanning.

  • Can't update iPod software to 1.2.1

    I have 30Gb iPod video. Currently running version 1.2 with iTunes version 7 on a souped up Mac G4. I can't get it to update to v1.2.1 as iTunes offers. Keeps coming back with 'cannot be updated because it contains files that are in use by another application' and 'the required file is in use'.
    I know I've updated the software version before this, but can't get a handle on this problem.

    You do not need an app at all to listen to audiobooks.
    They are in your music library.  Just sync them and listen to them.

  • HT4972 i want to update my software version to 6.1.3. but my c drive runs out of memory and i cannot upgrade it at the end, but having to delete the files and gain  more space for the computer to operate... plz help me :(

    i want to update my software version to 6.1.3.. but i have never updated this before and this is my first time.. im having 20 GB apps and music in my ipod. so when i click 'update and download' tab it starts downloading the new version and upgrading,... but afetr some time it says im having a very low memory in c drive and i would have to stop the upgrading...
    can i use my external hard to save this download and upgrading files without using my c drive? plz give me a solution as im only having only 7GB of space left in the C drive

    I would rather you delete/move other files to the external HD rather than downloading the update file to the external HD.
    First try going here and delete any update files to regain C drive space.
    IPSW file location for Mac and Windows
    Also, make sure that you have emptied your computer's recycle bin
    You can try the manual update/restore method included here and download the file to the external HD

  • I am using iphone 3gs and have accidentally clicked "update" to software version 5. However, after I failed and all my data was lost. I manage to restore back to my previous situation. But all my apps has been gone. How can I get back all my aps?

    I am using iphone 3gs and have accidentally clicked "update" to software version 5. However, after I failed and all my data was lost. I manage to restore back to my previous situation. But all my apps has been gone. How can I get back all my aps? I know I can get it by itunes but there are a few problems as below:
    1. I have jailed break my iphone and I never purchased any apps from itunes
    2. I have some important infomation saved in one of the apps called "awesome notes". How can I get it back? Is it store inside my computer? if so, how can i restore?
    3. I am using window 7
    I sincerely hope you guys can help me.
    Stephen Hong

    alrite. I have made my mistake. I should not jail break my iphone. So if I purchase my apps again from itunes is that mean mean my data will be back?
    I hope you guys can giv me some support here since I am Apple genuine buyer. I could be wrong last time and now I turn over a new leaf and learn a lesson.
    Please noted that I can always create new account to ask for the same questions without mention about "jailbreak" if I want to but obviously I won't do that. Please provide me your support! Thank you!

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