Problem when change bank clearing account for payment posting.

We recently changed the bank clearing account for payment posting (program PC00_M99_PPM). But I found out because the config can only be changed but not delimited on payroll side, the program errored out when it retro back for an employee to the old clearing account.  So what am I supposed to do to fix this problem?
Have anyone ever handled this problem before and could please throw some light on it?
Thanks in advance.

check following
1. Check in OMWD, whether Valuation grouping code "0001" ia ssigned to Ur plant
2. OBYC - If you have assigned GR/IR Clearing A/c to WRX then check whether you have maintained it with combination of valuation class and GL A/c
If yes then maintain only GL A/c w/o valuation class OR maintain one entry with valuation class empty and GL A/c
check following
Error in service entry sheet
Re: Error in ML81N

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    Have you tried selecting the page, and then changing the theme directly on that page?

  • G/L Account for Bank Clearing Account

    Quick question: when we post TBB1, Treasury creates payment requests (table PAYRQ) with entries in field BKHBK, data element PRQ_BKHBK. This field is normally empty and F111 should pickup corresponding GL account from T042Y (FBZP: Bank Determination). But in our case, because Treasury passes this account during TBB1, it's being picked up and conflicting with T042Y.
    So my question is: how do I deactivate Treasury to not pass this account to payment request? Or how do I change it's value within treasury so it would match with Bank Determination value?
    This field in PAYRQ is called G/L Account for Bank Clearing Account.

    Yes, it does not post to GL but it does identify Bank Clearing GL account when it's posted which is recorded at BKHBK field of PAYRQ. F111 gets 'confused' and throws error message when this value does not match with corresponding entry in T042Y. How to deactivate it?
    Other way of solving this problem would be if I can identify separate Gl account for incoming and outgoing payments bank clearing account. I know it's defined in Account Determination (table TRACV_ACCSYMBREP). It's Account Symbol 3 (Bank Clearing). There we have masked GL account as "++++3". This account is used for clearing of incoming payments. And for outgoing payments we use "++++5"
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  • New functionality in ECC 6.0 for auto clearing of bank clearing account.

    Is there any new functionality in ECC 6.0 for auto clearing of bank clearing account.

    There no new functionality in ECC 6.0 for auto clearing of bank clearing account. Still you need to depend on Manual / Electronic bank statement to clear them.

  • Clearing accounts for Bank account

    I understand the concept of maintaining clearing accounts for Bank a/cs. But i dont know how to create them. Is there any spl procedure for that or is it similar to GL creation using FS00. Please guide me...
    Thanks in advance
    Choudary KV

    it is just like anyother account. please don't forget to create it as an open item managed account
    Assign points if useful

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  • Bank Clearing Account - Open Item Clearing

    Dear Friends,
    We have maintained the configuration for importing the electronic bank statement and we have tested and found that the entries are getting posted in the Bank Clearing Account. However, we have encountered a major issue, when we perform the automatic payment run, the value date gets updated in the Assignment Feild, whereas the users want this to be updated with the combination of "Document No. + Value Date".
    Secondly, when we import the bank statement, in the multicash format, the posted entries in the Bank Clearing Account have the "Document Header Text" field updated in the Assignment Field coloumn, thus making it difficult to do automatic clearing of open items. In these entries also it is desired that the combination of Document No. relating to the item paid thru payment run plus the Value Date should get update so that the open items in debit and credit can be matched and cleared off automatically.
    Your help would be highly appreciated in achiveing these objectives.

    Thanks Murali. Another help needed is how can we change the values in Assignment Feild, which is now getting picked up from the Document Header Text? We need the original Docuemnt No. + Value Date to get populated in the Assignemnt Field in the entries posted while importing the electronic bank statement.
    Would appreciate your help.

  • Can we directly debit into bank a/c without bank clearing account?

    Hi expert,
    Can we directly debit into bank a/c without go through the bank clearing account?
    What is the effect bring to if ignore bank clearing account?
    This is because want to reduce more step in deposit the cheque. Is that any body can help? Thank..
    From :
    Eric Tan

    You can directly debit into the bank account. At the Payment Means, in the Checks tab you have the field for the G/L Account. By default you have the clearing acc., but you can change it to the one for the Bank Account.
    If you deposit each check individually into the Bank Acc., but in practice you have a Deposit with several checks, once you have the Bank Statement you will have to match each Deposit with several deposits in B1. A little annoying.

  • Impact of not having bank clearing account?

    My client doesn't want to use bank clearing account and wants to directly cr or dr the main bank account whenever a payment is received or made. Could you guys tell me what will be the impact of this, as I see reconciliation might be an issue.

    The best solution is to seperate the AP and AR process. The reason i am mentioning this is for better reconciliation process.
    According to that, you would have an account 1 for AR i.e deposits(including Wire Ins) and then accounts 2(Wire Outs) and 3 for Check outs.
    It's better ( recommended) to have a clearing acct while making payments, so that you have an idea of how much is the outstanding balance. If not, the whole of reconciliation process gets a little complicated - The outstanding balance can still be found out, but as i said, lot of calculations need to be done.
    Hope that helps..

  • Auto posting of bank clearing account in FF67

    I am trying to complete the manual bank statement however during posting of differenty transaction type it does not post to desired bank clearing account.
    Where does this bank clearing account set-up for automatic determination when a certain house bank and transaction type is used.
    Hope anyone will reply.

    actually the main bank account was entered in the house bank.  The following were defined also such as:
    1.  transaction type with posting rule assignment
    2.  Posting key and posting rule
    However during the transaction of FF67 the bank clearing account is not the one derived during posting.
    So where is the lacking configuration that I need to do.
    Hope a reply.

  • Which  Bank Clearing Account  should be assigned to account symbol

    Hi  Friends,
    I    have   2   bank clearing accounts    ,  CHECKS    OUT ( 113005)   AND  CHECKS IN (113006)  . 
    For  the   GL  account  assignment to  account symbol,  which   bank clearing account   should be  used.    I    ask  because  only  one   bank  clearing account  GL  can be  assigned to   the   account  symbol  3.   Dont  i  have to  use  different  GL  for   BUY & SELL   spot  transactions.

    Hi Kamala,
    You have to assign your both clearing account 113005 and 113006 to account symbol.
    In this case you can use more than one account symbol with posting catagory "bank posting in payment currency". So, you must create new account symbol with with posting catagory "bank posting in payment currency" example 3-Out for check out clearing.
    After that you can assign this new account symbol to suitable posting spec. (or you can crete new posting spec which assigned to suitable update type).

  • Bank clearing account -Automatic clearance

    Dear Friends,
    I had set up bank clearing account as open item management and as part of bank reconsilation procoess am clearing the my bank sub account with the assumption that my payment have been processed by bank and my bank account have been deducted.
    While processing my sub account with transaction f.13,am getting an error message "No G/L account documents selected".
    Could someone advice why am getting this error.
    greatly appreciated.

    Settings for Manual BRS also same like EBS.. only thing here we will give our own business transactions..
    All bank GL Accounts should have masking logic.. eg: 230101 is for main bank 230201 is for Incoming Check 230301 is for Outgoing check .. this is only for one bank like that we have to define for others as well.
    In the House bank we will tag Main bank account.
    Go to IMG --> FI --> Bank Accounting -->Payment Transactions --> Manual Bank Statement - Create and Assign Business Transactions
    Here we have to define business transactions like...
    Transaction types eg: Z001 - Outgoing cheques -ve indicator Posting rule z001 - enter text
    Got to second node: Define Posting Keys and Posting Rules for Manual Bank Statement
    Here we have to define all 4 steps
    Above masking logic will helpful here
    1. create account symbols eg:ZOutgoing checks ... and Main Bank
    2. Assign accounts to account symbols (Here we have to assign all bank accounts to account symbols)
    Acc.Mod: Put + Currency+ If the GL Lenght is 6 .. We have to enter GL Account like this --> XXXX2303XX so up to 99 gl accounts we can masking rule...
    3.Create posting rule eg:z001 outgoing checks
    4. Define posting rules ... Under debit .. postinkg key blank, account symbol Z001 Credit : Posting key 50 account symbol:Main and document type ZP and posting Type 4
    Through above steps we have to follow for other transactions...

  • Bank Clearing Accounts

    Can someone please tell me which account group do the clearing accounts for bank in sap fall under.
    (For eg, from one bank account you do payroll and ap checks)
    Another question, do we need clearing accounts for wires, ach or only we need to have clearing accounts for checks? Please confirm.
    Third question, if there are no checks, wires or ach from a bank then do we need to maintain the clearing account. If not then what do we put in the in the bank determination for sub accounts. Or is it that we dont need to have anything set up bank determination?
    Looking to get the answers for all three

    Hello Lakshmi,
    1. Accountgroup clearing accounts bank
    Recommendable is Accountgroup CASH, but you can even choose i. e. BS for Balance sheet. Normally the accounting department decides which accountgroup is relevant.
    Very Important: activate open item management and line item display.
    2. Different clearing accounts
    I recommend min. one account for outgoing cheques and one for outgoing wires/banktransfers. Depending on the way you post incoming payments you need one account for incoming cheques and another for banktransfers/wires/direct debits.
    Cheques should always be managed with a separate subaccount, just to enable a clear presentation of the chequeregister. Other electronical payments can be posted to another account.
    3. outgoing automatical payments
    If automatical payments are not used (cheques, wires, ach....) you don't need subaccounts.
    If you use automatical payments: never allocate the GL-Bankaccount directly in the accountdetermination of the paymentprogram because the accountancy can not post the bankstatement correctly. Always use subaccounts in the customizing of the paymentprogram.
    Hope this makes the banksubaccounts a littler clearer for you.
    Best regards

  • Change of Reconciliation account for Customer/Vendor.

    Dear All,
    I need to change the reconciliation account for customer, after changing recon account i want the balance from the old recon account to be transfered to new recon accont.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks & Regards

    Once you made any change of reconciliation account in customer master, you are required to execute F.5D.
    Please read the documentation available on this.
    This will adjust the postings made to old reconciliation account to new reconciliation.
    Hopefully, it should solve your problem.

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