Problem with accessing controls via getNetuiTagName

I am migrating my project from weblogic 8.1 to 10.3. I am facing issues in calls like : document.forms[getNetuiTagName('tagname', this)]. Is there any issue in using getNetuitagName? what is the work around in that case? Thanks.

solved on my own.

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    I have problem with complete task via email. I found this blog very useful ( te.html), but...
    I set up everything as it’s written in blog mentioned above. When a task is assigned to me, I received an email notification with actions (accept, deny). After that I replied with action “accept”. Then I received email with subject “Errors from LiveCycle ES”:
    LiveCycle ES has tried to process your request and encountered the following error:
    com.adobe.pof.POFRuntimeException: Transaction is not active: tx=TransactionImple ; – nested throwable: (javax.resource.ResourceException: Transaction is not active: tx=TransactionImple )
    This response to your original email
    Subject:RE:Task Assignment – Process: Test/Email_Test. Task 76 has been assigned to you.
    Date Sent:Thursday, October 24, 2011 1:17 PM
    In log appeared this following error:
    Caused by: ALC-DSC-215-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.DSCRuntimeException: None of the Auth Provider could authenticate the user. Authentication Failed
    at com.adobe.livecycle.notification.TaskNotificationServiceImpl.processEmailComplete(TaskNot
    Can you me please? I have no idea what to do to succesfully complete task via email endpoint. Thanks
    Jan Petrla

    Hi Diana, thanks for your reply.
    You're probably right about 2 different error messages.
    To the 1st one: I'm sure that status task is Assigned (to me). I received an email and I also reply on that email.
    To error log: I found out that error log appears when I enable email endpoint on Complete Task service. But I managed to solve this problem. I set wrong user. Now I have here the same user as is written in login-config.xml so log seems to be ok.
    So I created new task and tried to complete it via email. Now I receive email with another error:
    LiveCycle ES has tried to process your request and encountered the following error: Error getting user context
    This response to your original email
    Subject:RE:Task Assignment - Process: WorkFlowClient/Test. Task 92 has been assigned to you.
    Date Sent:Thursday, October 27, 2011 3:05 PM
    And to the last point: email endpoint is set up with [email protected] and user receiving email has [email protected] I use Lotus Notes as email client, I tried another account with gmail, but the result was same.
    Now I really don't know to do...

  • Problem with Access Policies (create multiple resources)

    I'm having a problem with Access Policies:
    The first policy must create a resource.
    And the following policies should create childs on the resource.
    The problem here is that when policies will add the childs, the resource is not provisioned yet.
    And then each one will create a resource but i just want one resource with the childs.
    When the resource is already provisioned, the policies update this resource properly.
    How can I fix this?

    I had a similar problem. In a post-process handler I was managing the user membership in specific roles through the removeMemberUser and the addMemberUser of the tcGroupOperationsIntf class.
    The last parameter of this method was a boolean which, when true, would automatically trigger the access policies programmatically in the post-process.
    The problem is that there also is an OOTB event handler for triggering access policies, so I was basically triggering the access policies twice and duplicated resources were appearing.
    Hope this helps.

  • Problem with access to SMTP, IMAP, POP3 protocols in CAS 2013.

    we have problem with access thgrough SMTP, IMAP, POP3 protocols in CAS 2013.
    If I test connection to SMTP 25 port from other computer, session end quickly.
    Test from CAS2013 to localhost or public IP is OK (similar also for IMAP and POP3).
    Receive connectors are with defaults settings, firewall is disabled.
    Service Microsoft Frontend Transport Services restarted, but no success.
    Certificate is assigned to IMAP, POP3, SMTP, IIS.
    IIS and HTTP(s), protocols are OK. Clients can connects only thgrough web, mobile (ActiveSync), or with Outlook with proxy.
    Do you have some tip, what to test?
    If I create new testing receive connector on port 26 for anonymous, behaviour is same, quick disconnecting.
    Thank's Mirek

    Pleaser try to use the following link to test your STMP/POP/IMAP e-mail, and check the test if successful:
    If unsuccessful, please check the test result, it will tell us what caused the problem.
    Niko Cheng
    TechNet Community Support

  • Problem with access to SipFactory from jsp-pages in JBoss environment

    I have an installation of the OCMS deployed into a JBoss (jboss-4.0.5.GA) environment. Unfortunately I have a problem with accessing the SipFactory from a jps-page. Encouraged by the "messagesender" example I tried to get an instance of SipFactory from my jsp-page simply by calling:
    SipFactory sipFactory = (SipFactory) application.getAttribute(SipServlet.SIP_FACTORY);
    But unfortunately there seems to be no attribute "SipServlet.SIP_FACTORY" and I only get a null pointer. I have also tried running that code in the orignal messagesender example but it didn't work either. So I wonder if this should definetely work in a JBoss environment or if this might be a known problem. Is there anything that I could check/do regarding this problem? I suppose there must be an oracle module which should take care of making the SipFactory availabe after it is deployed. Perhaps something went wrong during the deployment?!
    Best regards,

    On JBoss, OCMS does not support converge applications.
    I.e the SipFactory can be retrieved from the servlet context when running on OC4J.
    Instead the SipFactory can be found in JNDI as described in the Developer's Guide:
    "External Access to SIP Servlets
    To enable convergent applications between SIP and HTTP, the OCMS Container allows you to get access to the javax.servlet.sip.SipFactory by looking it up through JNDI. The SIP Factory will be registered under the same name as the display name of your SIP servlet as illustrated in Example 2–12. The <display-name> in the sip.xml in this case must be "My sip app".
    Example 2–12 Accessing the Data for a SIP Session through JNDI
    InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
    SipFactory sipFactory = (SipFactory)ic.lookup("sip/My sip app");"
    Lucas Persson

  • Problem with Table control lines

    Hi Friends,
    This is the problem with table control lines:
    I have screen with table control and I would like change the table control lines dynamicaly.
    In my PBO the Internal table which I am using to loop the TC is havig 7 records and its displayed with 7 records, now I have added one more record into my ITAB and now ITAB is having 8 records, when I am looping this ITAB with TC its taking the TC lines 7 only.
    here is the code:
    Initial values in gt_scr400 = 8
    Initial values in tc_scr400 = 8
    Now added one more recor into gt_scr400 , now gt_scr400  = 9.
      LOOP AT   gt_scr400
           INTO wa_scr400
           WITH CONTROL tc_scr400
           CURSOR tc_scr400-current_line.
    I have used this logic :
      DESCRIBE TABLE gt_scr400 LINES g_rec_300 .
      tc_scr300-lines = g_rec_300.
    but its not modifying the lines in my table control.
    How to change the TC lines based on ITAB total records.

    there is a field in TableViewName-xxx
    don't remember the exact field name for (total no of records)
    you can check it in debug.  when you add records in Internal table, u need to modify this field which is set at the first time when table control is populated.

  • Who else has a problem with parental controls enabled not being able to run Firefox on the Mac?

    Who else has a problem with parental controls enabled not being able to run Firefox on the Mac? (Any solutions?) (BTW. Chrome doesn't work either)

    Although FF4 is so nice I'm almost ready to ditch iGoogle!
    Please fix what appears to be an RSS/iGoogle issue with FF4...
    Gmail is fine, but titles dont show in most RSS feed gadgets and no stories, strangely, apart from this one:
    Which if you enter the last part of the url reports that
    "<Content type="html">
    This is a builtin module, so the UserPrefs and Content are ignored."
    Any ideas?

  • I have problem with Access Connections on L412 after that utilyty upgrade

    I have problem with Access Connections on L412 after that utilyty upgrade in early August. Windows 7 Ultimate/x64.
    It stops connecting to WPA2 Enterprise (AES-CCMP), Microsoft PEAP, no server cert, with any credentials I try to use. The same account(s) works with native Intel manager on other notebooks and on mobile devices. I lost the wireless connectivity to enterprise WiFi network.
    And, after deinstallation of Access Connections, the inability to connect keeped intact with native Win7 WiFi management.
    I think, something was broken in Access Connections 5.83 Build 83C753WW and some registry settings/ dll modules were altered but not returned to normal after deinstall.

    Access Connections is definitely broken for WPA encryption.  Both versions 5.02 and 5.84 fail for me.  If I use the Windows XP wireless configuration instead of Access Connections, everything works.
    Does anyone know how to report this to Lenovo?  I chased links around the web site but couldn't find a place.

  • Keyboard problem with T410 - Control Key

    I have a problem with the control keys on the keyboard of T410.
    I swapped my X200 keyboard over to T410 to check if it is software or hardware issues.  With the X200 keyboard, the 'Ctrl' key is not working.  With the T410 keyboard, 'e', 'd', 'c' and 'Ctrl' keys are not working.

    Welcome to the forum!
    I believe that X200 and T410 keyboards are mapped differently in BIOS.
    Can you find another T410/T510 keyboard to test with?
    In daily use: R60F, R500F, T61, T410
    Collecting dust: T60
    Enjoying retirement: A31p, T42p,
    Non-ThinkPads: Panasonic CF-31 & CF-52, HP 8760W
    Starting Thursday, 08/14/2014 I'll be away from the forums until further notice. Please do NOT send private messages since I won't be able to read them. Thank you.

  • In JSF, how to make a menu with access control?

    In JSF, how to make a menu with access control?
    The access control can be guided by programming, database or other means if possible?

    I want to make a dvd menu in iMovie because i don't have IDVD and can't find anywhere to download it?
    For making DVDs I would recommend iMovie 06 and iDVD 09 both readily available on Amazon or eBay.  Shop for iLife 06 and iLife 09.
    You can make menus and chapters with any version of iMovie except the latest one. There's nothing wrong with iMovie 11 either but I prefer iMovie 06.
    By using iMovie 06 and iDVD 09 I make DVDs with professional moving menus with very little effort. They look almost as good as Hollywood.

  • Why do i have a problem with accessing images in adobe muse

    why do i have a problem with accessing images in adobe muse ??????!!!!!
    i need heeeeeelp ASAP

    I am on the begining stages with constructing the web so i do not have yet URL. The problem is i can not insert any image any way. Whether by fill a browser or by place image, i have the same issue. All the images with all image's format unable to be selected and it is turned off
    I really need help plz
    Is there any info i can supply that would help you figiring out the problem ??

  • URGENT ! JDEV 10.1.2 Problem with data control generated from session bean

    I got a problem with data control generated from session bean which return a collection of data transfer object.
    The dto's seem to be correct. The session bean load correctly the data into and the object's are plenty of data. Using the console to display the dto content is ok.
    When generating a data control from this session bean and associate the dto included in the collection only the first object level and one-to-one dto object are correctly setted in the data control. Object that represent collection into the dto (one-to-many foreign key) are setted as collection with an iterator but the structure of the object is not setted. I don't know how to associate this second level of collection with the dto bean class to obtain the attributes definition.
    I created a case with hr schema like the hrApp demo application in the tutorial with departments and employees table. I got the same problem.
    Is it a bug ?
    It exists a workaround to force the data control to understand the collection data structure ?
    Help is welcome ! this is urgent !!!

    we found the problem by assigning the child dto bean class to the node representing the iterator in the xml file corresponding to the master dto.

  • Can Play iTunes Library from PC on MacBook Air but cannot import, problem with access rights?

    I can play Itunes library from Windows Vista PC on my MacBook Air using homeshare but cannot import the library . Error message is problem with access rights. Latest OS and Itunes installed. Both computers registered with Apple on same Apple ID. Wifi Router turned on and off. Still does not allow importing. Any suggestions please?

    Might be an alternative for you here > iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer

  • Just wondering if anyone has a problem with accessing iTunes store. have iTunes installed but can't bring up the store home page?

    Just wondering if anyone has a problem with accessing iTunes store. have iTunes installed but can't bring up the store home page?

    i have the same problem! Safari won't work either. Can anyone help please? I have completely restored my computer trying to fix this and it still won't work! I have a 2 month old alienware laptop running windows 7

  • Problem while working with Access Control List assigned to Group

    We have a following scenario for which Access Control List is not Working.
    We have a group "Webi_Grp" who should acess only Webi Reports (can perform all operations related to Webi).
    Following Steps are performed but still no success...
    Pl. review and provide the solutions.
    1) Create a Group "Webi_Grp"
    2) Create user "user3"
    3) Assign User to a a group (Now user3 is part of Webi_Grp)
    4) Create Access Ctrl List (ACL) "Webi_ACL"
    5) Goto Included Rights section of "Webi_ACL" & select "YES" for all Webi Operations.
    6) User Security in ACL shows
               a) Administrator -> Full Control (Inherited)
               b) Everyone -> No Access
    7) Included Right for ACL has all Webi Rights as "GRANTED", all Deski Rights "DENY", & Few of the General Rights "GRANTED"
    8) Go  to Users & Group
    9) Select "Webi_Grp"
    10) User Security
    11) Add Principal
    12) Add "User3" and its Security as "Webi_ACL"
    13) Thus User Security in "Webi Grp" shows
              a) Administrators -> Full Control
              b) "user3" -> Webi_ACL
    14) Login With "user3", but still cant create any Webi Report
    Pl. let me know any further settings are required or not.

    Hi James,
    Thanks for help.
    I have given ACL to Universe & now user can create Adhoc Query.
    But while I run this query it gives following error "You Donot Have Rights to Access Data in this Universe"
    When I check the rights status in ACL we have following rights granted for "System Universe"
    Create & Edit Query Based on Universe
    Data Access
    Edit Access Restrictions
    New List of Values
    etc... all other rights in this category are granted.
    Still problem persist.
    Could you let me know where else should I check for permissions / rights for data access.

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    hi, Error - The file must match the template type. Upload one file per language and territory combination. i am getting above error while registering RTF template in oracle application e -business suite using XML publisher admistrator responsibility.

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    I queued up a TV series for downloading and it's gonna take me more than 12 hrs. And my battery backup is just 2 hrs. So, I was wondering if the battery/notebook is affected in anyway if I leave my notebook plugged in over night for about 10 hrs.  BT

  • IPhoto 9.4 start - Macbook Retina freeze

    Today I've installed 10.8.2 and iPhoto 9.4. When I'm now starting iPhoto, my Macbook Retina completely freezes. I can only move the mouse pointer. In addition the screen is blurring. The only thing I can do then is a hard shutdown by switching off th