Problem with CDATA and new line character

I parse a xml document with org.w3c.dom, the document contain a CDATA section in which there are more lines of text, each line is terminated with the new line character (\n).
first line
second line
third line
When a parse this node:
Text txt_nota=(Text)elm_nota.getFirstChild();
String nota=txt_nota.getData();
the value returned is one string with no new line characters, example:
"first linesecond linethird line"
what's wrong?

Because i use the string nota into a jsp page and i print the string nota into a textarea and the text is with no newline, example:
<textarea name="nota" rows="4" cols="60"><%= nota %></textarea>
the text into textarea is:
first linesecond linethird line
but i want that the text displayed into textarea is equal the text into the CDATA section:
first line
second line
third line

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    Because i use the string nota into a jsp page and i print the string nota into a textarea and the text is with no newline, example:
    <textarea name="nota" rows="4" cols="60"><%= nota %></textarea>
    the text into textarea is:
    first linesecond linethird line
    but i want that the text displayed into textarea is equal the text into the CDATA section:
    first line
    second line
    third line

  • Is anyone else having a problem with photoshop7 and new snow leopard operating system?

    Recently purchased new imac with snow leopard operating system. Installed photoshop 7 successfully (it said anyway) but when I try to open get error message stating "an unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred because of a program error. Photoshop will now exit." Help!

    John_Levine_IOPHFI_INH wrote:
    It may not have been considered a "Major Release," But when the it's the only OS that the machines you are currently building will run, it's pretty freakin' major!
    (I'm not sure if Apple's latest machines will still run 10.5, or not, but from following this thread, I'm guessing not?)
    It is the standard at Apple... the latest build of the current OS is what goes on the new machines, and the Motherboards, Chipsets, & BIOS (not the right term for it with Mac, I know) are "hard written" to accept that OS as the absolute minimum, and nothing older (or lower as some call it).
    So, since the latest machines are coming preloaded with Snow Leopard (10.6.2) that, and subsequent newer builds of OS 10.6 and up is all they can be loaded with.
    This is nothing new. It's industry wide in both Mac and PC. Just try to put XP on a brand new Dell, HP, or Gateway PC. Without flashing the BIOS and taking a "more likely than not" chance of rendering most of your hardware undetectable, it just ain't gonna happen.
    Conversely, just as Snow Leopard won't run on a PPC powered Mac, Vista and 7 may install, or appear to, on a single core, older PC, but the first time you install and try to open anything other than the OS itself, you're in for a world of problems.
    People have tried to fight this for years. In 2005 Mac users went out of their minds when Apple dropped support for OS 9. A year later, it was Windows 98 users freaking out over their beloved OS being "sunsetted". I was skeptical of the move to Intel processors when I first heard about it, having become a full time Mac user, and being partial to AMD before that. But like Motorola PPC processors, AMDs run hot and heat is the enemy. The new machines run faster, cooler, and do more for less money.
    It's a major pain for people who don't have the budget for a new Mac (or PC) and still have old software that is perfectly functional, but they are finding more and more incompatibility as they interact with other people and newer systems. Sooner or later though, technology wins and everyone has to either upgrade or drop out.  Fighting it is futile.  I will always remember the day last Summer when I stopped at a traffic light and next to me was an older, redneck looking fellow in a new brand spanking new Honda Accord. It may have even been a hybrid, I don't know, but duct taped on his dash was what had to be a thirty-five year-old 8-track player with a bunch of wires coming out of the back, also taped to the dash, and running to a pair of 6 x 9 speakers, which were just laying on the dash (no duct tape). I had to wonder why he bothered to buy the latest in automotive technology and yet he was stuck in a time warp for his stereo. Don't Hondas come with some pretty decent CD stereo units? And where can you find 8 track tapes anymore?

  • Sync applications problem with 3GS and new computer

    Hopefully someone can help me out. I am trying to sync my fiancee's 3GS to our new Dell laptop that has Windows 7. I had no problem syncing and updating my 3GS with the same computer last night, I updated to the 4.0 last night on my phone. I then tried to update her phone. It asked me to backup and sync all data prior to updating. I was able to back up and sync contacts and photos without a problem. I tried to transfer the applications; and now I keep receiving this message: "Some of the purchased items on iPhone could not be transferred to your iTunes library because you are not authorized for them on this computer." I certainly authorized the computer; thinking that might be the problem, I deauthorized and reauthorized the computer successfully (It says that I have one out of 5 possible computers authorized). That did not solve the issue. I researched into the topic; and now my brain hurts. One of the threads requested to disable the automatic sync when the iPhone is connected to the computer. I reset the settings, powered down the iPhone and exited out of iTunes; rebooted and still no success. I am getting frustrated but do not want to erase all of her applications and buy them again. This message is applying to both free and purchased applications. When I look at the applications page on iTunes; all of her program icons are apparent. I am not an iPhone genius, but I read that the new computer has never recognized the phone and the sync will go from computer to phone (if I understood correctly). Does that mean I need to reinstall iTunes and start from scratch with this computer; or is there a solution? Both of our phones were rarely synced with our old laptop; but I worry that syncing with that computer will only further complicate the situation. Without transferring the applications, I am hesitant to update the phone to 4.0 and the new carrier settings. Do I just let the computer try to transfer the applications it allows and then lose my apps and do the update? I don't want to do that unless that is my only choice. Please help me!

    Not sure if this helps, but:-
    I just got an IPhone4 - Gave My IPhone3 to husband.
    We ended up hsving to set up two login users on the PC (not sure how to do that) and then two seperate ITunes accounts, one for each of us.

  • Problems with xfi and new logitech z5300 speak

    I just upgraded my speakers to Logitech z5300e's from my old set of Creative 5.'s. I am using an XFI soundcard that I have had no problems with in the past; it worked flawlessly with my old Creative 70 watt 5. speakers.
    The new speakers do not get sound from the center channel in entertainment mode. Using the speaker test in the creative console, the center channel output comes from the right front speaker--and the right front sound comes from the right rear. Every speaker's output is off by one position. This DOES NOT happen in game mode-the speakers function normally. It only happens in entertainment mode.
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and console/mode switcher to no avail. Logitech tech support tells me that this is a Creative software issue since the speakers work correctly in game mode, but not entertainment mode. Actually, this is my second set of 5300's, I returned the first as defecti've because of the same problem.
    Can anyone give me any ideas or help?
    The problem goes away if I hook up the old speakers and reinstall the drivers.

    It seems that in Vista bad things may happen if you ever choose a
    program to open downloaded EXE files.
    This may help with the EXE issue: sta-after-incorrectly-associating-it-with-another-application.html
    Aandi Inston

  • Big problems with CS4 and new computer!!!

    System information: This Computer
    CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
    Number of CPU: 1
    Cores per CPU: 4
    CPU Type: Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz
    CPU Speed: 2674.4 MHz
    Cache size: 256KB
    O/S: Windows 7 (64-bit)
    Total RAM: 12279.1 MB.
    Available RAM: 10447.6 MB.
    Video settings: 1920x1200x32
    Video driver:
    BIOS: Version 62.0.4c.0.1
    DATE: 9-27-2009
    Drive Letter: C
    Total Disk Space: 279.5 GBytes
    Cluster Size: 4.0 KBytes
    File system: NTFS
    I very grateful if some could help me!
    Sami Malmberg
    [email protected]

    Thanks for the file and the screenshots. A couple of remarks.
    Try to update your BIOS. You currently have version 05.04. There may be a newer version available, although the file date is 05/19/2009, so it may be current. Just check it please.
    You have ASUS Six Engine running. I would disable that from starting. I never found a use for it, I prefer to use my own judgement.
    Here are your results in comparison to my score, while running at a clock speed of 3441 MHz, so about 30% faster.
    As you can see, your CPU results are in line with mine, considering the 30% difference in clock speed. The same applies to your memory mark, nothing wrong with that either. You did not test the CD speed, and that can lead to a lower PassMark rating. Rerun the test with a CD or DVD in the drive. That may help.
    Your video card is causing serious problems. The speed of the video card is not really CPU clock speed dependent. Your results are very disappointing. First thing to check is whether you have the latest drivers. Your 2D Graphics results are about 1/3-rd of my results and the 3D results are about half of what I achieved. This is rather surprising, since I would have expected the nVidia card to be much better than shown here.
    Your disk results are disastrous for the final benchmark result, but on the other hand, not unexpected. Your results are done on a single disk in comparison to my 12 disk array, which is around 10 times faster, even with parity calculations.
    To summarize, your video card is the big bottleneck here. Check for new drivers, altough based on the date of the drivers, it seems unlikely there are newer ones. An alternative might be to temporarily reduce your screen resolution and rerun the test while using something like 960 x 600. This will possibly lead to a higher score, although that is faking it a bit.

  • Problems with Old and New Appraisals (switch HAP00 / REPLA)

    Hello Experts,
    I'm working on a HCM Global implementation and my country is joining now, and there are others countries that have already been there since 2002.
    Through of switch HAP00/REPLA (transaction OOHAP_SETTINGS_PA), it is possible enable the use of Appraisal Systems subcomponent (Old Version) or Objective Setting and Appraisals subcomponent (New Version).
    The others countries are using the Old version and we need use the New version.
    When I activated of switch to flag u201CXu201D and after I tried create appraisals to employees through transactions APPCREATE or PHAP_PREPARE_PA, I could see only the new appraisals forms templates that Iu2019ve created through transaction HAP_CATALOG_PA and I could not see the old ones  that I created through transaction OOB1.
    After this problem I have tested activation of switch HAP00/REPLA and the screen in infotype 24, tab Appraisals where appraisee changed after the switch was activated, in other hands all the Appraisals on tab  u201CAppraisals where appraiseeu201D disappeared and the columns are totally  different comparing to old version.
    My question is how can I activate (flag X) the switch HAP00/REPLA and without losing the existing Appraisals on TAB u201CAppraisals where appraiseeu201D in Infotype 0024?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Lima,
    The old appraisal system only supports appraisal templates with object type BA where as the new template uses object type VA. It is therefore you cannot view both of the appraisals in one tab 'Appraisals where Appraisee' or 'Appraisals where Appraiser'.
    I suggest either use new or the old appraisal because by the time you run APPCREATE report for creating appraisals, the SAP systems queries the table OOHAP_SETTINGS_PA to identify which appraisal system is used. Based on the selection made in this table, the system opts for the settings.
    I've went through your issue but cannot find the solution to it. It seems to be impossible.
    Irfan Malik
    SAP HR Consultant
    SIEMENS Engineering Co. Ltd Pakistan

  • Problem with Itunes and new Macbook Pro

    I just purchased a Macbook Pro, my first Apple computer ever though I have other Apple products (iPad, iPod, iPhone).  All of my iTunes music and playlists are on my Dell PC at work.  My hope is to transfer my music to my new Mac (at home) so that I have more room for actual work items on my computer at the office. 
    I had no trouble transferring the songs (via my iPod) the songs are there but the playlists are not listed on my new computer (the Mac).  Is Mac compatible with making playlists in iTunes and if so how can I get those lists back other than paistakingly creating all 45 play lists one by one again?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Do you have an external hard drive?  If you do, connect the drive to the PC.  Copy the iTunes Folder and all the media and various library files it contains from the PC to the drive.  Connect the drive to the Mac.  Copy the folder and replace the folder on the Mac in your Home > Music with the one from the PC.  Start iTunes and it will now be pretty much identical to the one that was on the PC.  Caution: If you have put things on the Mac that were not on the PC then you will need to change the process a bit.
    Some information:
    What are the iTunes library files? -
    More on iTunes library files and what they do -

  • BufferedReader and new line character

    Java doc of BufferedReaders' readLine method says
    Read a line of text. A line is considered to be terminated by any one of a line feed ('\n'), a carriage return ('\r'), or a carriage return followed immediately by a linefeed.
    And the returned string does not contain \r or \n characters. Is it possible to get the the character encountered by BufferedReader which caused the the line to end. (Wether it is \r , \n or \r\n). Or is possible to stop buffered reader from looking out for all \r, \n and \r\n and make it look only for \n.
    Best regards,

    I want add the line seperator character back to the returned string.
    For example if there was \r then I want to add a \r back to the returned string by readLine method.

  • Problem with Fotomagico and new iLife Media Browser

    I installed the new iLife Media Browser as part the Apple software Update several days ago. I use Fotomagico, which uses the media browser. After installing the new browser, Fotomagico no longer sees photos- it can browse the directories in iPhoto but can't see the actual photos (blank boxes appear with file names) and I can't select them.
    Is there some way to uninstall the new browser? On my wife's Mac, I did not install it after seeing what happened on mine, and Fotomagico still works fine there.
    Help! I'm in the middle of a project with a deadline! I've contacted Boinx Software also but they are taking their time.

    Do you use Time Machine? Apart from wiping the HD and starting over there’s no other way to go back.
    But try repair permissions first.
    it can browse the directories in iPhoto
    What version of iPhoto are you using?

  • Problem with Itunes and New

    Can anyone offer me advice how to effecti'vely transfer a (protected I tunes (MP4) file to my Creative Zen? I followed the instructions as Creative has offered, yet I receive a message stating that my player does not support the file.

    The Apple MP4 is not supported on the New Zen because the .MP4 file is encoded using H.264 compression.
    The Zen supports DivX and XVid .AVI video based on the mp4 video compression. You will need to convert your videos to DivX AVI or WMV which are supported.
    These explains it better
    Some people reported using Super for the conversion.
    Also ensure that your videos are no larger than 320x240 pixels.
    As for Audio, only MP3, WAV and unprotected AAC are supported.Message Edited by eddy2099 on -0-200705:00 PM

  • Problem with itunes and new ipod HELP!!

    i've had my ipod for two weeks now and when i connect my ipod to my computer, the device bar does not appear in itunes. i tried restarting my computer, reinstalling itunes, i don't know what to do next. help?!!

    Try these basic troubleshooting steps to eliminate a software issue.
    Check out the new remodeled MacOSG website! 24-hour Apple-related news & support.
     MacOSG: An Apple User Group  iTunes: MacOSG Podcast  Follow us on Twitter: MacOSG

  • Problem with new-line-character and under AIX

    Hi folks,
    I got the following problem: I wrote a little parser that reads in a plain-text, tabulator-separated, line-formatted logfile (and later on safes the data to a 2-dimensional Vector). This logfile was originally generated by an AIX ksh script, however, I copied it on my Windows machine to work with it (for I'm using a Java editor that runs under Win Systems).
    For any reason, Windows, and what is worse Java too, seems not to recognize correctly the new-line character (in the API it is written that this should be a newline '\n' or a carriage-return '\r' or one followed by the other) that marks the end of a line in the logfile.
    Also, when I'm opening the logfile with the "Notepad"-editor, this special character does not seem to be recognized, every line is inserted right after the other.
    On the other side, when I open the logfile with the built-in editor in the CMD-Shell ("Dos-shell"), the newline chars seem to be recognized correctly.
    But when start my parser on the AIX-machine the newline does not seem to be recognized correctly again.
    I tried to read in the logfile with MS-Excel and safe it as a plain-text, tabulator-separated, line-formatted logfile again, with such files my parser works fine both on the AIX as it does on Windows.
    Any ideas? Anybody got over the same problem already?
    Greetz FK

    Under windows, text files' lines are usually delimited by \r\n,
    under Unix/Linux/AIX etc. \n
    and under Mac \r.
    I recommend to use the following editors, which are capable to handle files with Unix and Windows-styled line-delimiters or convert between these types:
    Programmer's File Editor (PFE; available on Windows)
    The Nirvana Editor (; available on Unix, MAcOS, Windows)
    (BTW good old vim can handle that too. Transferring text files to windows in order to edit them, even using Excel for this purpose means your being a UNIX newbie, (I mean no offense by writing this) so vim is probably beyond your reach for the moment.)
    Java normally assumes the platform's line delimiters where it is running, so if you transferred the file from Unix to Windows might be distrurbing.

  • Problem is occurring in docx format; it is not printing "New Line" character in extracted txt using IFilter (offfiltx.dll) while with doc file IFilter (OffFilt.dll) is working fine.

    Problem: Problem
    is occurring in docx format; it is not printing “New Line” character in extracted txt using IFilter (offfiltx.dll) while with doc file IFilter (OffFilt.dll) is working fine.
    Environment: -
    Windows XP SP2/7
    Office Version: - MS Office 2007/2010/2013
    Description: -
    file with new line character, and we are processing this file in IFilter for extracting text, and it is giving output with concatenation of lines.
    file format (Sample.docx)
    Test this music
    Word processing
    Testing docx file
    - Test this music Word processing Testing docx file
    - We
    have requirement to get following text in particular format with New Line from docx because client is using docx format only.
    Test this music
    Word processing
    Testing docx file
    We have tried a lot after changing IFilter configuration,
    but it is not giving required output. Then we saved same file in doc format (Sample.doc), which is giving required output.
    Because it is application specific problem, kindly
    assist to resolve issue on priority. We are sharing IFilter paths for extracting text for doc and docx.
    Doc Filter Location: - %systemroot%\system32\OffFilt.dll
    Docx Filter Location: - <Drive>:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\MICROS~1\Filters\offfiltx.dll
    Code Snippet for setting property of filter
    internal static IFilter LoadAndInitIFilter(string fileName, string extension)
                IFilter filter
    = LoadIFilter(extension);
                if (filter
    == null)
                    return null;
                IPersistFile persistFile
    = (filter as IPersistFile);
                if (persistFile
    != null)
    persistFile.Load(fileName, 0);
                    IFILTER_FLAGS flags;
                    IFILTER_INIT iflags
                    if (filter.Init(iflags,
    0, IntPtr.Zero, out flags)
                        return filter;
                return null;
    assist to resolve this issue and also let us know if any input is required.
    For any help, we would be really

    assist to resolve this issue and also let us know if any input is required.
    For any help, we
    would be really thankful.

  • Insert and retrieve new line character in DB2

    I have a requirement in my project where I need to generate flat files to be sent to the bank for validation and for each record type in the flat file, I want to have a line separator inserted in the file. Now, the line seperator is configurable as a system option as per customers needs which is stored in the database (we are using DB2). Even though, I inserted '\n' (New line character) in the system option as a line separator, while retrieving from database through JDBC and appending to the flat file, it is not recognizing it as a new line character and simply appends '\n\ in the flat file.
    Please suggest any solution for this.

    Why with notepad I don't see 1 record per line? how to solve this problem?
    this is the problem, seems so clear.
    To use wordpad as standard editor is not an answer, neither for me, nor for other people who receives mail.
    No solution is a better answer.
    Best Regards
    Fabio Boni
    Edited by: Fabio Boni on Sep 6, 2010 10:46 AM
    Edited by: Fabio Boni on Sep 6, 2010 10:47 AM

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