Problem with FTE in DataTips of PlotChart (missing texts)

Hi @all,
we have decided to use the Flex 4.1 and Flash text engine in our projects.
Now I have the following problem with the dataTips: the texts are appearing only partly if datatips of more than one point are showing. The behavior is not regularly.
Here is my code for testing (compiler options: hook at "Use Flash Text engine in MX components":
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Application xmlns:fx=""
    <mx:SolidColor id="sc1" color="#EC6605" alpha=".3"/>
    <mx:SolidColorStroke id="s1" color="#EC6605" weight="1"/>
      import mx.charts.HitData;
      import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
      private var seriesAverageScores:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(new Array());
      private static const tipDataString:String = "zeile 1 zeile 1 zeile 1\nzeile 2 zeile 2 zeile 2\nzeile 3 zeile 3 zeile 3\nzeile 4 zeile 4 zeile 4\n -\n -\n -";
      private function init():void {
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 1, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 2, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 3, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 1.1, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 2, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 3, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 1.05, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 2, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 3, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 0.95, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 2, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 3, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 1.2, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 2, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 3, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 1.15, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 2, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 3, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 1.12, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
        seriesAverageScores.addItem({x: 2, y: 2, dataTip: tipDataString});
      private function dataTipFunction_average(hd:HitData):String {
        var val:String;
        var d:Object = hd.item as Object;
        return d.dataTip;
  <s:VGroup width="100%"
    <mx:PlotChart id="myChart1" width="100%" height="100%"
      dataTipFunction="dataTipFunction_average" showDataTips="true">
        <mx:LinearAxis title="TurnOvers" padding="0.1" minimum="0" maximum="50"/>
      <mx:LinearAxis title="Scores" padding="0.1" minimum="0" maximum="10"/>
        <mx:PlotSeries dataProvider="{seriesAverageScores}"
          name="series 1" fill="{sc1}" stroke="{s1}"
          displayName="Average Scores per customer"
Has anyone an idea how to solve this ?
Thanks, Lutz

Has noone an idea?
The same problem exists with Legends. For this there was a help from Adobe with a style.
Isn't there a comparable solution for this malfunction?

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    with that one, let's try the following procedure.
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    Although I am not too familiar with Java FullScreen mode (only played with it once or twice ),
    after checking the API's...
    I was able to make these modifications to your code...
    // Create a window for full-screen mode; add a button to leave full-screen mode
    Frame frame = new Frame(gs.getDefaultConfiguration());
    frame.setUndecorated(true); // no decorations aka title bar and buttons....
    frame.add(btn, BorderLayout.NORTH);
    frame.add(ta, BorderLayout.CENTER);
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    // Enter full-screen mode
    gs.setFullScreenWindow(frame);// used Frame since is subclass of Window
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    //gs.setFullScreenWindow(null);if you noticed, I removed all the Window statements and used Frame in the setFullScreenWindow() method instead since Frame is a subclass of Window...
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    And it tested fine on my PC, so this should "theoretically" work on your too...
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    However the database seems like not indexing my blob column although the index can be created without error.
    Please advise.
    Really appreciate anyone who can help.
    Thank you.

    The situation is I have already loaded a few pdf document into the table's blob column.
    After I create the Oracle text index on this blob column, I find the system generated index tables listed in my earlier posting are empty, except for the 4th table.
    Normally we'll see words inside the table where those are the words indexed by oracle text on my document.
    As a result, no matter how i search for the index using select statement with contains operator, it will not give me any result.
    I feel weird why the blob is not indexed. The content of the blob are actually valid because I tested this by export the content back to pdf and I can still view and search within the pdf.

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    Repair your Apple software update.
    Go to START/ALL PROGRAMS/Apple Software Update. If it offers you a newer version of Apple Software Update, do it but Deselect any other software offered at the same time. Once done, try another iTunes install
    If you don't find ASU, go to Control Panel:
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    Programs n Features(Win7/Vista)
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    public class Game extends GameInterface
         GameInterface gameInt = new GameInterface();
         String boardString;
         // final static char NOUGHT='O', CROSS='X';
         private int square = 0;
         Player player1 = new Player();
         Player player2 = new Player();
         String firstPlayer, secondPlayer;
         public Game() // Constructor
              boardString = "0123456789";
    public boolean initialise(boolean first)
              MyPrint.myPrintln("Player one name is " + player1.getName());
              MyPrint.myPrintln("Player two name is " + player2.getName());
              String P1 = player1.getName();
              String P2 = player2.getName();

    It means you declare your method to return something, but you don't actually return anything.

  • Problem with NEO2 and sata controller card

    1.Product Type: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (MS-7025)
    and the controller card is a InnoVision DM-8301 and the hard drive is a Seagate ST3320620AS
    2.BIOS version: The newest one, 1C0 or something.
    3.External VGA Type: Geforce 6800 GT
    4.CPU Type: AMD 64 3500+
    5.Memory Type: G Skill ZX 2048mb.
    6.Power Supply Type:
    7.Operating System: Xp Pro
    8.Problem Description:
    Hello. I have a strange problem with my controllercard. I wrote this text to InnoVision suport and they send me files and bios updates for a whole week and it was still the same problem. And then i tried the card in an older computer and everything worked fine.
    I wrote
    "Hello. I got some problems with my new controller card. I can find my new harddrive ,that's conected to the controller card, when iam inside windows and it's seems to be no problem. I can look on every seting on it and everywhere i look i can read "No problem". I Also did some test with the seatools programe and everything was fine. But when i schould copy files to it the coumputer start lagging after a few seconds and i cant do anything. After a while i can move the mouse around but the it laggs again. My computer is overclocked at the time but i have tried to use the harddrive when it's not clocked also. Also when im goin in to teh controlpanel and starts the setings for Sillicon Images sata controll and have music on my computer, the music laggs for a very very short moment. Something must be wrong and i can not find it."
    It's still the same problem in my computer. The older computer had a MSI moderboard with a VIA chip and i have a nForce 3. InnoVison said i should talk to you about this problem. I have 3 harddrives but i use this controllercard because i want to have my computer overclocked and then i can't use 2 of the sata ports as i think you know.
    I would be very thankful if you could help me with this problem.

    I've used a noname SATA pci card (non raid) with SIL3112 on my neo2 without problems with 1C bios.
    Think you may try with a disk lower than 48bitLBA need (137GB barrier), eg a 120GB disk
     have the InnoVision EIO DM-8301 and had alot of problems using it with WD 160MB SATA drive.
    I am using Intel 865 based MB with 2 original SATA channels. The original SATA channels are bootable.
    I could not used the EIO card with 160G HDD. The whole setup is working only after I connected oine of my 120G Segate SATA HDD to the EIO Sata card.
    I think this card do not properly support HDD above 120G.
    Please respond to: [email protected]
    Btw: you have xp sp2 ?
    48bitLBA is not enabled in the first version.
    Here's another with complete different setup and same problems
    I doubt it has anything to do with your motherboard and/or bios.
    Btw: I looked at innovision and their drivers in download area are very old.
    Get the latest SIL3112 drivers for XP here:
    And remember 3112 is sata150 only , so it's not sure it will work with your drive at all .
    Anyway it should be set to fixed sata1.5G with jumper - not certain the controller can autonegotiate
    without trouble. You cannot have command queing enabled either , disk support only NCQ and controller TCQ
    so having command queing set ON will cause major conflicts in data transfers.

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    I have a problem with my php form that passes the text field to a javascript object. When I copy text from MS Word that includes smart quotes, the form inputs that into the database as ? (upside down) marks. The charset of the DB is WE8MSWIN1252. How do I store these smart quotes as regular quotes? And also if I can do any conversions on the front end (js or php). I tried doing some conversion but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated thank you. “double”

    Decide if you want your HTML pages in Windows code page 1252 or Unicode UTF-8. Then, make sure the pages are properly tagged as either "text/html;charset=windows-1252" or "text/html;charset=utf-8". Use HTTP header Content-type or the corresponding <META HTTP-EQUIV=...> tag. Then, set NLS_LANG environment variable for your PHP engine to either AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8MSWIN1252 or to AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8, depending on which encoding you selected for your HTML.
    -- Sergiusz

  • Is Verizon unwilling or unable to fix problem with Account Owner(s)

    A forum or Google search reveals several customers unhappy with how Verizon treats the account owners... count me as one.  I'm sure there are many more customers who were equally unhappy but just accept Verizon's incompetence and complete the unnecessary gymnastics of un-registering accounts and then re-registering with a new username.
    There are numerous scenarios that can cause a My Verizon account to have the Account Owner be listed with an incorrect telephone number.  In my case, I had an account with AT&T and 3 additional numbers associated.  As each account expired, I transferred the numbers to Verizon.  The first account transferred was my 14yr old son.  I registered a My Verizon account for management (my name & my userid) and eventually added the additional numbers, however, the Account Owner's phone number is listed as my son's cell.
    Over the past 2 years (since I migrated to Verizon), I've had small problems with account notifications and other information being text to my son's cell.  I've called numerous times and customer service says it's corrected, but eventually the problems return.  Recently, I upgraded my phone and started using some new services like Backup Assistant and the fact that the Account Owner is associated with an incorrect number has caused even more trouble.
    I simply want to keep my existing username for My Verizon and correct the cell phone number associated as the Account Owner.  This should be extremely simple.
    "We can't do it".  "Our systems don't allow us to make this change".
    The Customer Service Department (or Lack of Customer Service Department) tells me that since they can't or are unwilling to do the necessary changes, their only solution is to force their customer to do their work.  They will un-register the account and I can register again.  There is no concern for the preferences of an existing customer (almost 3 years); there is no concern for the inconvenience caused to an existing customer who spends hundreds of dollars each month and thousands of dollars each year (I currently have 2 separate accounts with Verizon, 4 phones on my problem account and 4 phones on another for a total of 8 phones with data plans... do the math); there is no concern that I will now have to use a completely different username one that is no longer uniform with my other accounts; there is no concern that I will have to change any and all services that reference My Verizon.  Quite simply... Verizon Wireless shows their Account Owners that they have no concern for us.
    I have almost 25 years of Information Technology experience and over 3 years working with Call Centers (similar to Verizon's Customer Service), which explains in part why I find this so frustrating...  the fix for this is SIMPLE!!!  The real problem is that Verizon simply doesn't care enough to fix it because we are existing customers and not new customers.
    Without going into specifics (nor could I since I don't have access to their systems), data for the My Verizon portal is contained within modifiable databases.  These relational databases will be tied to other systems and other databases, but a modification of this type would just require that the portal be allowed to make the update to the appropriate field(s) within the appropriate database(s).  If direct access is not attainable because of their design, it is still not too difficult to write an additional process to accommodate this change.  These types of things are done everyday.
    More importantly, even if Verizon was unable or unwilling to make these programming changes...  I have no doubt that if Customer Service has an escalation process to their I.T. Department that a programmer with access to the application(s) and/or database(s) could easily make the change directly and almost immediately.
    Until now, my experience with Verizon has been mostly positive even to the point of recommending the carrier to friends and family.  I've found their coverage area to meet my needs and the data speeds to be more than satisfactory.  However, Verizon needs to remember that cellular service has essentially become a commodity and that customer retention is often based on other things than simply providing dial tone.  With a monthly cell phone expense that rivals a car payment, I would think that Verizon would be more than willing to accommodate such a simple request to maintain a satisfied customer.
    If you too are one of the many customers having issue with modifying the Account Owner, just resolve yourself that it appears Verizon is unwilling to make the simple correction to the My Verizon portal to satisfy our request.

    I'm not 100% sure that I follow your reasoning, so please correct me if I misstate your opinions.  I've numbered them so it will be easier to identify any mistakes I make.
    1.  Not allowing a user, customer service representative, or any Verizon representative to change the cell phone number associated with the Account Owner to another cell phone number on the same account is a security risk.
    I'm not suggesting that I be allowed to change the name, social security number, or any other pertinent details related to establishing the original account.  All the information pertaining to who is responsible for the bill remains the same with the single exception that the current associated cell phone number be changed to another number already listed on the account.  In what possible manner is this a security risk?  Frankly if the ability was enabled and someone either by mistake or incompetence made such a change the impact would simply be what I'm currently experiencing (inconvenience).  Since in this hypothetical situation the ability to change this value is enabled, the "inconvenience" would easily be re-mediated by returning the value to its original state.
    Furthermore, if there is some "security risk" that I'm over looking then an organization that is concerned about providing quality customer service would create procedures to accommodate customer requests and meet security requirements.  Let's use a bank (with an obvious security vulnerability) and debit cards as an example.  If I lose my debit card, I cannot go to my computer and print out a temporary debit card (very user friendly, but not secure).  Some banks will allow you to go online and cancel the lost debit card while requesting a new one to be mailed to the address you have on file (user friendly and mostly secure).  To solve this same problem at other banks might require you to go into the office and sign a form cancelling the lost debit card and confirming the address to mail you a new one (less user friendly, but highly secure).  The Verizon equivalent, is me requesting that I add an existing bank account to my online banking and being told "We can't do it".  However, because the bank cares so much about keeping me as a customer... they will delete my account, allow me to create another, possibly losing my historical data, have me change my username that I've been using for years, spend time adding all my online bill payments... all for the pleasure of staying their customer and getting to use their services as they should have been designed.
    2.  Making a software change that would allow users or CSR's to associate a different cell phone number on the account to the current Account Owner would be difficult and require downtime.
    You give some time expounding this thought and I'm unaware of your web, application, and/or database experience... but I will try to address your concerns later.  However, let's assume that you are correct and these changes will be difficult ("taking weeks to months").  The purpose of my post was whether Verizon was unwilling or unable to accommodate this customer request.  You seem to be agreeing that Verizon is unwilling to make these changes, or at the very least, feel that Verizon has decided that the time and expense involved is of more importance than correcting an issue impacting their customers.  I personally find the later equally disheartening as this has been an issue for many customers (you yourself mention experiencing the problem) and has been well documented through previous forum and Internet posts.  Even by your estimations, if they had taken previous customer complaints seriously... this would have been fixed by now.  Once again it seems the obvious answer is that Verizon may not consider customer service as an important factor as I do.
    As far as your technology issues, I agree that more than a web page change would be required.  I do take issue with comparing the change of a distributed application (operating system) that must be designed to support enumerable hardware components to the work required to makes changes to a web portal with a back-end in-house database.  You could write an entire book detailing the differences between these two scenarios as they have very little in common, but I'll try to keep it focused to your points.
    Coding an Operating System that must run on literally a multitude of hardware configurations and support an unending diversity of applications is an incredible endeavor and really never a finished product.  Changes to an OS are constantly being made and the developers must consider hardware and software that they are not intimately familiar and occasionally even deal with 3rd parties to facilitate changes.
    The change I'm advocating has a web component which would be replicated throughout their web server topology, however, these are items that Verizon's developers deal with routinely (if not daily).  There are a very limited number of 3rd party concerns (a few different browsers, IE, Chrome, Mozilla & a disparate platforms such as PC, tablet, phone).  A little research in the benefits of web portals (and cloud computing) verses distributed applications will clearly outline the drastic differences.  A simple illustrative question (though maybe not a completely fair analogy) is how many people do you know who can code an operating system and how many people get on GoDaddy and create their own web pages.  I'm not trying to insinuate that anyone who knows a little HTML can make the web portal changes, however, this isn't a difficult project for an experienced developer.
    The bigger issues and ones that I alluded to in my original post are the changes that would be required to Verizon's back-end databases.  The changes that would need to be made mostly likely involve multiple databases and assuming they are using a typical relational database design might require changes to key fields, adding new databases/tables, and exhaustive integrity checks.  This isn't something that an average user could sit down and accomplish in an hour, however, these are simply the routine day-to-day duties of any professional database developer.
    Again I reiterate... this change simply involves allowing someone (either a user, CSR, or other Verizon agent) to readily change an index record or records that correlates Account Owner to cell phone number.  In terms of database management this should be simple.
    Debugging & Deployment
    The debugging/testing of changes made to an Operating System are amazingly complex for all the aforementioned reasons.  The deployment of such changes is even more complex in that you've got to develop the mechanism to push these changes out to the entirety of the user community.  I'll address deployment (or as you said dispersal) of this change because it's the easiest... quite simply there isn't one.  The benefit of having a centralized web portal like My Verizon is that users come to you, not the other way around, and any change made will immediately be accessible by the user community.  There is a deployment aspect in that My Verizon doesn't exist on a single web server, but again this is just the typical topology for a portal of this size and not relevant to our discussion.  Debugging/Testing is an important aspect of any change and certainly Verizon has this methodology in place, however, I'll reiterate that this change should not be complex and shouldn't require extensive testing.  We've also already discussed the fact that any debugging/testing only has to take place on a limited number of platforms.
    If adding the ability to change the relationship of the Account Owner to an associated cell phone number requires any downtime... the person responsible for Verizon's Development, Beta, and Production environments should be fired.  There is simply no way this is even a possible concern.  I've dealt with many companies with far less resources than Verizon and I assure you that changes of this nature would never require down time.  I'm sure they have staff in place whose sole responsibility is to work on their continuity plan.  This is a non issue.
    Other Carriers
    You can't possibly know how all carriers operate, though you may have some past experience with other companies.  I would contend (and maybe I'm too optimistic) that a company with a focus on customer satisfaction when made aware of complaints and/or limitations in their service would seek to rectify the issue.  It's quite possible that whatever other company you are referencing has fixed this issue if indeed it was similar... especially since I've hopefully bolstered my opinion that the resolution is not overly complicated.
    Would you mind telling me if you deleted your 2 original comments to my post before I had an opportunity to answer?  The reason I ask is that last night another user (jimfitzgerald) had posted a comment and I replied.  He later posted a 2nd comment and while writing my response... all the posts were removed (his 2 posts, my reply, and your 2 posts).  I'm curious if this was just a user withdrawal (though I really wish my response had remained in the thread), if there was some sort of technical issue with these forums last night, or if my response was deleted for cause by Verizon or other admin.   Thanks!

  • Problem with Alt Text output from thumbnail image of Lightbox widget

    I’m having a problem with the Lightbox widget not producing alternative text based on the image properties.  I’ve set ALT text for the image properties on both the larger Ligtbox image as well as the thumbnail.  But the HTML output from Muse does not include the ALT text on the thumbnail version of the image.  Here’s an example:
        <div class="popup_anchor">
           <div class="Thumb popup_element clearfix" id="u4409"><!-- group -->
            <a class="anchor_item grpelem" id="untitled"></a>
            <div class="grpelem" id="u4433"><!-- image -->
             <img id="u4433_img" src="/images/n0060292x292.jpg" alt="" width="292" height="292" />
    This may be a problem that came in a previous release of Muse.  I have a few older examples where ALT text is produced, but it’s no longer updated if I update the Image Properties.

    I'm seeing the same problem. Looks like a bug to me. Any ideas as to how we can get this on Adobe's bug fix list?

  • Problem with a text in the last page of XML Publisher Template

    Oracle Applications :
    Oracle BI Publisher Template Builder for Word Build 129
    I have a problem with XML Templates, I need that a text (*Este documento no confiere origen, señala únicamente país de manufactura.) is always at the bottom of a table and it has to be in every page, the problem is in the last page where the text is showed twice.
    *Este documento no confiere origen, señala únicamente país de manufactura.<?end body?>
    *Este documento no confiere origen, señala únicamente país de manufactura.
    Is there a way in order not to print the text twice in the last page?.

    Whatever the problem, it's likely due to how those paragraphs
    were formatted in Word. The RH conversion usually only reflects
    what was done there.
    Are you comfortable inspecting the underlying HTML code (the
    RH TrueCode tab)? I think you'd find some type of SPAN tag or STYLE
    attribute that is determining an absolute paragraph width.
    Otherwise, you could try this experiment:
    1. Strip the base Word doc to a moderate size, but which
    includes at least one of these non-wrapping paragraphs.
    2. Select All and press Ctrl+spacebar (this removes all
    formatting from the selected text).
    3. Import that Word doc to RH and see how it looks now.
    Good luck,

  • SYSDBA - problem with viewing other users package body texts on sys account

    SQL Dev has problem with correct display of other users package body texts on sys account. All bodies have "create or replace" text instead of all pck. bodies text.
    I guest it's problem with SYSDBA role. On system account text is displayed correctly. Quest SQL Navigator 5.x has no problem with this. Any ideas ?

    Hi Everyone,
    Just so I can close the case on this issue, although I was successful in
    using CSS to resolve the issue, actually, the issue was not really
    resolved. There was (for me) still the problem of rollover images not
    working in IE, and if I were ever to get another good night's sleep, I
    would need to resolve it -- so I did. Recall me saying earlier about the
    sizes being brought in to the javascript code by Dreamweaver? The original
    issue with having the size of the small image in the code caused the code
    to see the larger image as small also! However, when I deleted those size
    attributes' numbers, I failed to delete the words "width" and "height"
    along with the double quotes following each. So, while the other browsers
    ignored these "blank" attributes within these double quotes, IE apparently
    didn't, reading these "blank" values as some very small value, thus
    displaying the image in the absolutely smallest size possible! Wow! When I
    removed these two blank attributes, my problem went away! Live and learn!
    So, to all who were desperately trying to assist me, please accept my
    deepest and most sincere apologies. All the while I was blaming IE, I was
    the guilty one!!! Shame on me, and thanks for the wonderful responses I
    received from the Dreamweaver forum team. I will go and stand in the corner
    for 8 hours with my dunce cap on...
    Joe Dardard

  • Problem with Virtual Keyboard in Apple Apps?

    I am using an iPad 3 and have had Numbers and Pages apps since my iPad 1.  I am suddenly having a problem with the virtual keyboard covering/hiding the text box where you type.  For example, in Numbers: I double tap to type something in a cell and the keyboard comes up but the text box where it shows what you are typing is behind the keyboard.  I haven't seen anyone else mention this problem.  I have tried it both in landscape and letter orientation.  I have deleted the app from my iPad and reinstalled it but that doesn't change anything.  This is also happening in these apps on my iPhone 5.  This started happening after the last OS upgrade.  Anyone have any ideas?  Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    No, I haven't seen that on iOS 6.
    Have you tried restarting or resetting your iPad?
    Restart: Press On/Off button until the Slide to Power Off slider appears, select Slide to Power Off and, after the iPad shuts down, then press the On/Off button until the Apple logo appears.
    Reset: Press the Home and On/Off buttons at the same time and hold them until the Apple logo appears (about 10 seconds). Ignore the "Slide to power off".

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