Problem with Mac OS X Lion reinstall - Cannot install on server volume

I have a MacbookPro 2011 that has been upgraded to Lion from Snow Leopard. I can log on and use the computer but I want to reinstall Lion and make a clean start. I have created a rcovery partition on an external drive and booted to this partition using the option command when re-booting. The Lion install process goes well until the screen which asks you to select the disk where you want to install Mac OS X Lion. The Macintosh HD drive is there, but I cannot select it as I get the following message with it:
You cannot install Mac OS X on a server volume. You need to use disk utility to erase this volume before you can continue to install Mac OS X.
I have no idea why the install is seeing my hard drive as a server volume. I just want to install OS X Lion, preferably using the archive and install option, on a standard MacbookPro. If I go ahead and erase the HD  will I still be able to install Lion? How will Apple know that I have already paid for the Lion upgrade if the main HD is erased? I have already created a clone of the existing HD so I have a backup of all files I need.

Slight Update. I found a guy with my EXACT problem here.  Go to this discussion for further details.

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    Please help!!!

    Somewhere at either Macworld or here I learned that DVDSP 2, DVDSP 3 and now DVDSP 4 "internally" are major re-writes.
    Support for HD among a few other items along with QT 7 which comes with Tiger means sincerely that one set of applications/OS is not going to be stable.
    Personally I think of all the issues possible its DVDSP vs QT.
    Unless you move to DVDSP v4 the alternative is to wipe the disk and go back to Jaguar (10.2) or perhaps Panther but avoid upgrading QT beyond 6. I advocate wiping the disk because I'n not sure an archive and install to down shift to an earlier version of the OS is possible. If it is I'd still worry about mis-matched files in all sorts of locations.

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    Strangest thing started happening ever since I installed Adobe Masters Collection Trial Version CS6.
    Randomly, and I can pinpoint exactly when, all of a sudden I will loose my sound.  The muting goes off and I can't get it back on again no matter what I try.  Then I loose web-video playback.  Nothing will playback beyond 11 seconds.  I followed all the support community advice on how to handle this situation with no luck.  Resetting the SCM does nothing.  The ONLY way I can fix it is with a re-install of Mac OS X Lion!  I've reinstalled twice (fixed the problem both times) but the problem just keeps coming back. 
    I'm guessing it's a software issue of somesort but I'm not exactly sure what the problem is or how to fix it.  Any advice?

    Slight Update. I found a guy with my EXACT problem here.  Go to this discussion for further details.

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    I have a problem with mi imac g5 Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63) bought the last year.
    During the last week the system are wrong because when I open a aplication like itunes, illustrator or another one like a simple navigator "Firefox", somethimes this goes crazy, the keyboard write diferent and the finder folder open and close really really slow, and sometimes not even that, and everything goes bad, so I have to close the session or to restart the computer, I already reinstall the software, but nothing goes better It´s the same...It`s really maddening because in the 5 hours more or less I have to restart 4 times! depend of the day...
    I reed that The software Lion and Mountain Lion have many mistakes, it`s really?maybe it`s one of them?
    Anyone have the same problem? Maybe I have to restart again all the computer with all the programs? Or someone Knows with is the problem and the answer?
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    I hope you understand me...

    Is OSX Lion not the same as OSX Mountain Lion?
    Correct. You would need to upgrade to Mountain Lion to be able to utilitize AirPlay with your Apple TV.
    Make sure your Mac can run Mountain Lion >  System requirements for OS X Mountain Lion
    Moutain Lion can be purchased from the  Mac App Store - OS X Mountain Lion for $19.99 (U.S.)
    A good way to discern one OS X from another is the version number.
    Lion   OS X v10.7
    Mountain Lion   OS X v10.8
    To see which version your Mac has installed, click the Apple menu icon top left in your screen. From the drop down menu click About This Mac.
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  • Magic Mouse Bluetooth connection problems with Mac OS X Lion

    I've a problem with my Magic Mouse on  bluetooth since I've updated my Mac to Lion, it's disconnecting too often. How to fix it ?

    It might be a physical battery connection problem. The solution was already described by this article:
    Placing a trimmed piece on paper that was cut from a business card between the batteries and the battery-enclosure lid helps hold the batteries down firmly. This eliminates the tiny freeplay that allows a physical battery terminal disconnect when the mouse is jolted.

  • Ongoing problem with flash player and FF..cannot install adobe Flash 11 with FF 16

    I have tried everything.
    I cannot install any Adobe flash product
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    so I decided to try Flash 11... windows 8 won't even let me run the installer.
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    sends me to do it manually.
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    Sometimes a problem with Firefox may be a result of malware installed on your computer, that you may not be aware of.
    You can try these free programs to scan for malware, which work with your existing antivirus software:
    * [ Microsoft Safety Scanner]
    * [ MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware]
    * [ TDSSKiller - AntiRootkit Utility]
    [ Microsoft Security Essentials] is a good permanent antivirus for Windows 7/Vista/XP if you don't already have one.
    Further information can be found in the [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware]] article.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!

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    Hello im the proud owner of the imac 27" intel quad core i7 i have installed the Mac osx Lion dev 3 and my hardware system profiler has gone crazy "The specs have been changed" 1.Memory has been downgraded to 1067Mhz 2.The video card adapter to 4670, 256Ram 3.Proccesor speed to 3,06 intel core 2 duo !
    What can i do to reset it????? help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    lyberis wrote:
    Hello im the proud owner of the imac 27" intel quad core i7 i have installed the Mac osx Lion dev 3 and my hardware system profiler has gone crazy "The specs have been changed" 1.Memory has been downgraded to 1067Mhz 2.The video card adapter to 4670, 256Ram 3.Proccesor speed to 3,06 intel core 2 duo !
    What can i do to reset it????? help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Please post in developer forums for questions regarding ureleased software.

  • After I updated lion to 10.7.4, app store does not recognize my ID APPLE and it unable to connect me to app store in order to update/download apps? What have I to do? I have the same problem with mac mini e mac book air. Please help me!

    After I updated lion to 10.7.4, app store does not recognize my ID APPLE and it unable to connect me to app store in order to update/download apps? What have I to do? I have the same problem with mac mini e mac book air. Please help me!

    Your advice did not help me. I also installed 10.7.4 combo but the situation is the same.
    my internet connection is ok, mail is ok, but app store after 3 resets does not recognize my ID and it says "connection is not possible". Why? I have the same problem in both my mac mini late 2009 and mac book air 2010? Is it a problem of 10.7.4 update? I have to solve this problem and how can i return to 10.7.3 if my last backup was not with 10.7.3???thank you for your kind collaboration...

  • Cisco Connect does not run with Mac OSX Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

    When I first installed Cisco Connect that came with my E1500 router, I was running Mac OSX Snow Leopard (10.7) and it worked fine.  I upgraded my OSX to Mountain Lion and now when I start Cisco Connect, I get:
    Unsupported operating system
    The router software supports these operating systems:
    - Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
    - Mac OS X 10.6.1 or later
    - Mac OS X 10.7 or later
    I saw some other thread/info/download on Cisco Connect with Lion (10.7) but nothing for Moutain Lion (10.8) - is there a fix forthcoming?

    All i want to do is disable the guest function through cisco. i live in an apartment and everyone logs into my guest account. i was at my neighbours and they were laughing saying they done need to subscribe for the internet cause they just log onto local wi fi. and mine is one of them. i dont know if that'll slow down my internet with so many people using it. but all i want to do is just avoid it all together and get rid of it. but in this case i am having the same problem as all of you. to disable the guest function you need to go through cisco connect and it is not compatible with mac osx mountain lion. grrrrrrr

  • AD account Login problem with MAC 10.6.8

    Hi All,
    We have around 50 odd MAC that are connected to windows server 2008 R2. the user were logining in to these MACs using their AD account. Recently few of the random MAC did not allow the user to login using their AD account.When analyzed though the MAC shows that it has connected to the Domain and the server is active with green button it has unbind itself from the server.I had to login in as local user bind the MAC back to get this resolved.
    Now the same has started happeneing for most of the MAC that we have and every morning I have login as local Admin and unbind / bind the MAC with the server. this gets reset once the user reboots or shutsdown.
    Have tried with few of the below solution but nothing helped:
    Solution 1:
    The integer value is in seconds; changing it to at least 5 should allow the Mac OS X client to reconnect to the Active Directory domain after a network interruption. In some configurations, a larger timeout value may be required.
    You can change this value by using the sudo command and a text editor to edit the preference file directly. Or you can use the Terminal command below, making sure to enter it all on a single line:
    sudo /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Set :mdns_timeout 5' /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/IPMonitor.bundle/Contents/Info.plist
    Solution 2:
    I have seen all of the probable solutions and tried everything and still I am getting issues with 10.6.6 and after rebooting the Mac gets unbind. Or the Mac gets Network Accounts Available even when not accessing the list of users from AD. But the thing that I have done that has solved all my issues with AD on the Macs is to uncheck the box to search on all domains. For some reason I am seeing that when the Macs have this option checked, it searches through out the forest on the same domain controller more than once, so AD stops the handshaking of the authentication.
    I hope this helps like it did on our Network, since then I have not seen the Macs lose the binding or slow SMB.
    If you've tried this please let us know.
    TIP: Uncheck Allow Authentication from any domain for Mac AD problems
    Wednesday, April 20, 2011
    Steven Wells sent a fix and an explanation of problems with Macs losing their binding to Active Diretory:
    Unchecking "Allow authentication from any domain in the forest" is working at our college. We have been beating our heads on this for about 2 terms, with no understanding of why it works in some places and not in others. When we found this working, our IT guy said that the Security SID is being duplicated, when it looks in other domain forest, and that is what is causing the problem. This is the first time I have found an explanation for the problem.
    If you've tried this approach please let us know.
    Solution 3:
    Solved it. Create a file in Textedit with the name 'auto_master' (no file extension) with the following contents:
    # Automounter master map
    +auto_master # Use directory service
    /net -hosts -nobrowse,hidefromfinder,nosuid
    /home auto_home -nobrowse,hidefromfinder
    #/Network/Servers -fstab
    /- -static
    Place this in /etc/ folder
    Hope this helps
    solution 4:
    TIP: a Kerberos fix for OS X 10.5 and 10.6 binding to Active directory
    Friday, November 11, 2011
    Mehdi Mafi forwarded a fix he found for problems with Leopard and Snow Leopard binding to Active Directory:
    This was taken from Dane Riley's imaging building for DeployStudio.
    With Mac OS X Leopard every Mac is now running a KDC (Kerberos Distribution Center). Basically each imaged machine is using the same security certificate and hash. Deploying a single image will deploy the same KDC to every system. This [Apple] article covers how to reset the local KDC so that each system is unique. Basically, do the following:
    Launch Keychain Access
    Search for and delete all 3 items
    Using Terminal type sudo rm -fr /var/db/krb5kdc
    After deployment, perhaps using Apple Remote Desktop to all systems, re- establish the KDC by typing sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDC
    If you've tried this approach with Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, or even Lion, please let us know. .
    TIP: More on a kerberos fix for AD binding problems
    Monday, November 14, 2011
    Mehdi Mafi updated his Friday report about Mac OS X 10.6 problems binding to Active Directory:
    You may want to add this. If the Mac keeps unbinding from AD (people can't log in to a Mac), here is how to fix it:
    Unbind it from Domain
    Launch Keychain Access
    Search for and delete all 3 items
    Using Terminal type sudo rm -fr /var/db/krb5kdc
    Re-establish the KDC by typing sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDC
    Bind it to domain again ( When you bind, uncheck allow authentication from any domain in the forest in: Directory Utilitiy-> Advanced Options\Administrative ) this fix the issue that sometimes it can' find AD under search space.
    If you tried this please let us know.
    Solution 5:
    For Snow Leopard AD login issues, use upper case domain
    Solution 6: for .local
    To create this StartupItem, create the following directory as root:
    Then chown it to root:wheel and chmod it to 755. These must also be the owner/permissions on the two files it will contain, below:
    Contents of our /Library/StartupItems/FixADAuth/FixADAuth:
    . /etc/rc.common
    date > /var/log/FixADAuth.log
    while [ $AuthSuccess != 1 ]
    id Administrator && AuthSuccess=1 || networksetup -setsearchdomains Ethernet "Empty"; networksetup -setsearchdomains Ethernet middlewich.local; n=$(($n+1))
    echo Authentication successful: $AuthSuccess >> /var/log/FixADAuth.log echo Operation count: $n >> /var/log/FixADAuth.log
    date >> /var/log/FixADAuth.log
    Contents of our /Library/StartupItems/FixADAuth/StartupParameters.plist:
    Description = "Fixes Active Directory authentication issue";
    Uses = ("Disks");
    Obviously you'll need to change "middlewich.local" to your own domain name (and the network interface name if your connection is wireless). The script checks to see if it can see the user "Administrator" on the domain, as he's a fairly common bloke, but if you've renamed yours for security reasons then pick another one. I've also included some logging functionality for debug purposes, so you can verify how well the script is working if you need to and time it in your environment before telling the users how long to wait. The /var/log/FixADAuth.log file will contain the date/time the process started, the success variable set to 1 (just to verify), how many DNS operations were required to fix the problem, and the date/time it ended. For us the time difference is normally about +30-40 seconds with around 120-180 operations taking place. Once you're happy with the script, you can strip it down to its bare functionality if you like, like so for us:
    . /etc/rc.common
    while [ $AuthSuccess != 1 ]
    id Administrator && AuthSuccess=1 || networksetup -setsearchdomains Ethernet "Empty"; networksetup -setsearchdomains Ethernet middlewich.local
    I hope this helps someone!

    You are welcome.
    But the question is 10.6 mac  just like 10.6.8  , as long  as its the same and works.
    Yes. You can save some updates by using the combo update.
    10.6.8 Combo Updater

  • PDF edits with Mac OS X Lion Aperçu don't show up on iPad: anyone with this issue?

    I am using a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Lion, and an iPad 2 with iOS 5. If I edit PDF files with Aperçu, the drawings or texts I have added do not display on the iPad 2. Is this a known Apple bug? Does anyone else have this problem?

    Actually, it is in iBooks that I have this problem with PDF files that have been edited with Aperçu. With iPad Safari, the PDF edits are displayed correctly, through Google docs PDF viewer; I have not tried with iPad Safari independantly from Google docs, but I think it won't work. It does not work in iPad mail for such edited PDF files that are attached to a message.

  • Email Problem with Mac

    Hi, I am new to FIOS so I hope this is the proper board to post in.  I set up 2 subaccounts for email and configured them for my Mac Mail program. Everything worked well for about 2 days, and all of a sudden the Mail program keeps asking for my password (even though it was saved in my Mail settings) and says the the incoming mail server is offline.  I've Googled this issue and see that others have posted about the same authentication error. Has anyone else here experienced - and solved - this problem? Thanks. 

    I am having the same problems with Mac eMail.  I have two Macs, one that is running Lion and the other is running Snow Leopard.  I have spent days on the phone with Apple and Verizon and they are blaming each other and neither have a solution.  Have you been able to get a response?  It looks like this is something that happens from time to time but never really gets fixed.
    Please let me know if there has been a fix since the Mac Mail update in July?  With the Union Issues Verizon doesn't have enough people to address the issues both in person ( I had a tech come to the house and he didn't know anything about software ) or on the phone.  They keep kicking it back to Apple.  I also have a couple iPhones and both are working fine. So this seems to be OS X specific.  I've had Macs and iPhones for 3 years or more. 
    Just makes me think something was done to the mail servers they didn't get correct.

  • After installing mac os x lion, i cannot import video.mpg to create an iMovie project..Someone could help me please?

    hi all, still disappointed with mac os x lion. Last problem I had: I'm trying to create a project using imovie. I have to import some videos.MPG but it appears as imovie doesn't read that format. Can anybody tell me wheter is a problem of format or lion Vs imovie?
    thanks Martina

    In Lion, one can select a video clip, go to finder services, and click on encode will transcode the .mpg to something iMovie can handle. Far as I can tell, .mpg is not something iMovie likes to play with.

  • Magic Charger  Mobee for Magic Mouse doesn't work with Mac OS X lion Mountain

    The Magic Charger  Mobee for Magic Mouse  Apple
    with Mac OS X lion Mountain
    makes connections overflows and stops the system work.
    What could I do, other that disconnect Magic Charger?

    When you say you cannot add the printer, with the Add Printer pane open, is the 6250 visible in the Default Add Printer view? If no then it could be the USB cable at fault and I suggest you try another cable.
    If the printer is visible but the Mac fails to locate a driver when you select it then you may have to trash the contents of the BJPrinters folder (HD > Library > Printers > Canon) and then run the iX6250 driver installer again.

  • VMWare Fusion version 3.1.3 compatible with MAC OS X Lion

    Hi, does anybody know if VMWare Fusion version 3.1.3 is compatible with MAC OS X Lion? I need to emulate windows 7 on my mac. Thanks!

    Hi Andreas
    Your message prompted me to have a quick check at my own VM network settings.  I've got a Win7 BootCamp partition based VM, and 2 Linux VM's running DocuWiki and Squiz.  On each of these I'm using bridged connections without issue.  After my initial problem with Fusion after my upgrade my VM network connections had changed to NAT.  All I had to do was change these back and specify Ethernet as the transport (I'm not one for using autodetect settings).
    It may be that your DHCP server is needing a reboot.  I've got a Netgear router on my network here that acts as my DHCP source and I have on occasion had to restart that to kickstart IP address allocations again.  I would try putting your Linux VM back to bridged networking and setting a manual IP address from your main networks IP range.  If that gets you on to your main network, then I'd try a restart on the DHCP server.

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    Hi, I'm using an iPad Mini with the latest iOS and latest version of iMovie. I an importing an image of my company's logo to iMovie to use as the start of a movie. The initial preview is fine, and the image centres. Exiting the project and then re-en

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