Problem with special characters and xmldom.writetoclob

I have a problem with oracle parser in pl/sql.
My situation:
i have a clob with valid xml with for example decoded characters:
(spaces between & and # are for good representing characters by browser - in really there is no spaces)
<any><![CDATA[ & #187; ]]> text <![CDATA[ & #187; ]]></any>
i read this xml from clob, parse it and put into another clob by using
xmldom.writetoclob procedure.
And in second clob i have"
<any>& #38;#187; text & #38;#187; </any>
(ampersand is representing as & #38; !) Why there is not the cdata sections ?
Why the value of these sections changed?
Any ideas? I'm using newset xdk (9202) in database.
Please help!

Hi John,
According to your description, my understanding is that the Author showed incorrect character in SharePoint 2013 search result page.
I tested the same scenario per your post in my environment, and the Müller showed correctly in SharePoint search result page.
I recommend to reset the index in Search Service Application and run a full crawl to see if the issue still occurs.
Best regards.
Victoria Xia
TechNet Community Support

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    In our SP environment (Build Version 15.0.4420.1017) we have the following problem:
    We upload a Word document containing the name Müller in its Authors field.
    After upload the author name gets displayed normally in the library. We can check that by adding a new column "_Author" in the library.
    When searching for the document, the search results display the author Müller as M�ller. This issue is probably due to the Search Indexer.
    Has this been fixed in any of the SharePoint Updates, or is a fix planned in the near future?
    I just noticed the following post, but the answer is not really convincing. This is clearly a bug.
    Search and special
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Best regards

    Hi John,
    According to your description, my understanding is that the Author showed incorrect character in SharePoint 2013 search result page.
    I tested the same scenario per your post in my environment, and the Müller showed correctly in SharePoint search result page.
    I recommend to reset the index in Search Service Application and run a full crawl to see if the issue still occurs.
    Best regards.
    Victoria Xia
    TechNet Community Support

  • Problems with special characters like "u00F6" "u00E4" "u00FC"

    we currently face some major problems with special characters like "ö" "ä" "ü". First I thought it is a SP02 specific problem but it still doesn't work with SP03.
    When I start an import the import manager shows correct converted value. "ö"s "ä"s "ü"s are displayed correctly. But after I've done the import I look into the Data manager and I see instead of these characters charcaters like "&#776;". (note: the character should show a little square box - but the forum cannot desplay it)
    How can I solve this problem?

    Hi Nico
      Just try it out the following steps, hope it solves ur issue.
    <b>To set one or more values back to their original values:</b>
    1. In the Import Manager Source Values grid, select the values that you want to set back to their original values.
    2. Right-click on one of the values and choose Set to Original Value from the context menu, or choose Values > Apply Value Conversion Filter > Set to Original Value from the main menu.
    3. MDME sets each value back to its original value, which appears in black in the Source Values grid.
    <b>NOTE : You can use the Set to Original Value filter only at the value-level and not at the field level.</b>

  • Problems with special characters in InputStream or XPath

    Hello everyone,
    I am having problems with special characters such as ", ', - and so on, everything becomes ? (questionmark). (Not with special nordic characthers (å,æ,ø) though.)
    The encoding of the XML is UTF-8, and the server that holds the webservice is setting encoding to UTF-8 also, so no conflict there.
    What I have done is something like this:
    String url = ""; // This is not the feed I use, it is a custom XML document
    InputSource is = new InputSource(url);
    DocumentBuilderFactory fct = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
    DocumentBuilder builder = fct.newDocumentBuilder();
    Document doc = builder.parse(is);
    Element rootElement = doc.getDocumentElement();
    XPathFactory factory = XPathFactory.newInstance();
    XPath xPath = factory.newXPath();
    out.print(xPath.evaluate("/rss/channel/title", rootElement)); // The xml is not a RSS feed, this is just an example.
    Please let me know what I am doing wrong, or give me a hint of how to solve this in another way.
    Best regards,
    Edited by: G.Hansen on Mar 24, 2009 2:39 AM

    Hello, thanks for you reply. I had to rewrite your code a little, and I think that your code would not really compile, if you tried yourself :-)
    I ended up with something like this:
    our environment is running in 1.4 mode, so I could not use the for-each loop :-(
    public String printEntities(String s) {
         char[] sArray = s.toCharArray();
         StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
           for (int i = 0; i < sArray.length; i++) {
             if (sArray[i] > 256)
                  sb.append("&#x" + Integer.toHexString(sArray) + ";");
         } else
         return sb.toString();

  • Problem with special characteres

    Hi. I have a problem with java. I�m making an application that works with special characters and displays correctly on my local machine, as I use escape characters such as &igrave; for �. The problem is when I deploy the application on a unix machine. All of the special characters (�, �, �, etc) appear like a �?� (question mark). Any tips, please?
    Thanks in advance

    Andy2008 wrote:
    Hi. I have a problem with java. I&#146;m making an application that works with special characters and displays correctly on my local machine, as I use escape characters such as &igrave; for �. The problem is when I deploy the application on a unix machine. All of the special characters (&#145;, �, �, etc) appear like a &#147;?&#148; (question mark). Any tips, please?First step: read [this excellent introduction into Unicode|], it will give you the basics you need to solve this problem.
    How do you input and output those characters? Simply print them to the console? Or write them to a HTML file (since you mention &<something>; notation)?
    "?" is normally the result when you convert a String (which is always in UTF-16 encoding in Java) to an encoding that can't represent your characters (ASCII for example).

  • Problems with special characters in JSP app

    I am working for a JSP application which uses special characters.
    The database used is a Novell MySQL version, it is fine.
    I use Tomcat, Apache.
    I do not think that the versions are important.
    ON NT:
    The application works fine with special characters.
    Obs: I tried only with Tomcat; I didn't use Apache.
    If I try to insert some special characters,
    they arrive just fine into the database.
    The problem is when I want to display them.
    I tried with jsp directive to set the charset,
    or with HTML meta tag - no result al all.
    Everytime I use the same work station, and the same browser to do the tests.
    Please help with any ideas.
    Another question, maybe relayed:
    Can I set Tomcat so that when it creates the servlets it uses a custom charset I can indicate?

    The characters I want to use are french characters, e-acute, etc.
    I take the data with request.getParameter, POST method, etc.

  • Problem with special characters getting converted into '#'  in portal

    Hi All,
    The special characters like " - ", " ' ", " ` ",  are getting converted into '#' when the smartform is displayed in portal.
    I have a smart form in which the text contains the above special characters and they are getting displayed as  ' # ', when the form is invoked in portal. We are not able to trace the problem.
    I need your input on this ASAP.
    Thanks in Advance,

    This could be caused by conversion routine on the field.
    in sapscript, can use &FIELD-NAME(K)& to ignore conversion routine
    To see this and other options, in text edit of script select menu option Insert>Symbols>New  and then type field name and select desired check box options - field will be placed in script with relevant formatting characters

  • SMARTFORM problems with special characters

    Hi everybody,
    only to know if somebody knows how to fix a problem printing special characters in a smartform, instead of some characters the smartform display (Print preview)  and prints interrogative symbols <b>"?"</b>.
    If someone knows about this problem, it will be helpfully for me,
    thanks and have a good day

    To display Special characters in Smartforms ...
    goto text editor of the perticular text node.
    in the text editor, Click INSERT - Characters - Displayable Characters.
    a new window will open showing all characters...if ur required character is not
    present, click on non-dispalyble character button , it displays all the characters
    and their respective ur required character .
    Check it, if it is helpfull reward points..

  • Problems with Special Characters on Exchange Email

    People I have a issue with our Corporate Email on my Iphone. We use Exchange 2003 and we have users with special characters on his emails address.
    I receive fine the email, just appear a errors on the display name. The issue is when I try to reply thie email. A error message popup said:
    Invalid Address
    "email with special characters" does not appear to be a valid email address. Do you want to send it anyway?
    If I press Yes, Iphone try to send the message But I receive another error message:
    Cannot send Mail
    An error ocurred while delivering this message.
    Any Help or Idea?
    Here My Email Configuration
    Email = Email
    Server = Server IP
    Domain = Work Domain Name
    Username = my user id
    Password = my password
    Description = Work
    Use SSL = ON
    S/Mime = Off

    When I Said "we have users with special characters on his emails address" its mean users with ñ,ó, ú, Ñ on his emails address. 
    When I said "just appear a errors on the display name" I mean characters like Âñ¡

  • Problems with special characters with XML/PDF printing

    Our setup:
    Apex Listener 2.0.5
    Oracle DB 11G
    Apex 4.2.2
    Various recent major browsers
    We used this blog post so we could do some PDF printing with APEX Listener:
    The problem is special characters. For example the "&" sign comes out as "%26amp;" when we export an XML.
    Could anyone provide some insights of what we can do to fix this?

    This is a known bug.
    The bug 18282188 has been fixed in Apex 4.2.5 version.
    Upgrade the Apex version to 4.2.5 when it is available.

  • Problem with specials characters like '€' or 'œ'

    I'm having troubles with specials characters such as '€' or 'œ'.
    I use an application connected to a database on a w2003 server.
    Characterset of the database is FRENCH_FRANCE.WE8MSWIN1252.
    In my workstation the value of [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\HOME0\NLS_LANG] is also FRENCH_FRANCE.WE8MSWIN1252.
    But when I type such specials characters through the application, they are replaced by '¿' in the database. The datatype of this column is varchar2.
    Can anyone help me ?
    Edited by: Antoine.M on Aug 19, 2009 12:45 PM

    Is your application a java application ? if so, pl see MOS Doc 365874.1 (Euro Symbol/Trademark Symbol is Garbled When JDBC Thin Driver Retrieves Data from a Database with Characterset WE8MSWIN1252)

  • Dtterm and xterm - problems with special characters

    I run SGD 4.2 on a Solaris 8 box with 50 users globally. This installation replaces a 3.42 installation. Clients are all Solaris 8.
    Currently my most nagging problem is that I have "special characters" (at least on a german keyboard layout). @, �, `, ' are not working in xterm or dtterm, while they did on 3.42.
    As we have users connecting from all over the world, I have no idea how to fix this, so every user has "his/her own" keyboard setup.
    So far I tried with and without "Lock keymap" in Object Manager | Attributes | Advanced
    and "Use LANG variable" vs. "Use client's input locale" in Array Manager | X Protocol Engine | Keyboard Map.
    I'm quite new new to SDG and look for an Amin training currently, but this is too urgent to wait for this. Anyone an idea, please?

    Did you get an answer after 3 years?? :-)
    Whe do have the same problem.
    SUSE 10.1 sp1
    SSGD portal.
    Only when we connect thru de portal whe have this problem.
    When we connect straight to a terminal server and we open Winword than it ok, but when we open thru the terminal server de portal and logon to it, than then keyboard setting is changed.
    Any help??
    Best regards Rob de Bruin

  • Problems with special Characters in filenames and folders

    My problem is that i have a small portlet which lists some files under each other. These files have sometimes the special character & in there name.
    If now a person clicks with right mousebutton on such a link, the saving dialog only shows a cryptik filename.
    filename = harry&sally.pdf
    rightclick and saving the file the new name is something like: 2C576B9904F63BBEE040200A2A040606.pdf
    All other files even if they have blank characters or characters like ä, ö ... it works but not with &.
    Do anyone could say me how i can manage this?
    Message was edited by:
    Oliver Lemm

    having special characters in filenames is not a safe and healthy practice as you may see. this is specially true for the content that has to be displayed online using Oracle as Oracle uses <b>&</b> and <b>?</b> for passing parameter values in dynamic URLs. </p>
    I would recommend estimation of the cost of fixing filenames to tackle this issue rather than to get a way-around to just bury it again. if you are using Unix platform, it should not be more than a line worth of command to fix for all such files using stream-editors; in windows you may take some more. but i understand, changing filenames might require one to see the impact of those changes on all other places where these files have been called. </p>
    with kind regards,

  • Vibe 3.2 problems with special characters?

    I'm not sure where the issue lies here, the client or Vibe, so I'll throw
    this out there to see if anyone has run into this problem. I have a user
    with a + sign in their password. If he tries to log in from either his
    Android phone or his Android tablet, he gets a bad password error. Using a
    different browser on the tablet, he was able to get logged in. Using my
    Android phone, he was also able to get logged in.
    Are there any known issues with Vibe not supporting certain browsers for
    special characters in passwords? I don't think he had the problem with Vibe
    Todd Bowman
    Senior Network Analyst
    University of Minnesota Physicians
    [email protected]

    Yes, you're right. Same issue here with a '' character. Found this:
    '6.2 Character Restrictions in Usernames and Passwords
    Do not use extended characters or double-byte characters in Novell Vibe usernames and passwords.
    This includes usernames and passwords that are synchronized from an LDAP directory into Vibe.
    This limitation is caused by the open source Spring Security (
    spring-security/site) that Vibe uses for authentication, in combination with the various authentication
    methodsboth basic authentication ( and
    form-based authentication ( by
    single sign-on products such as Novell Authentication Manager, by Web services, and by WebDAV.
    Only ASCII characters are properly interpreted in all combinations.'
    Extremely frustrating for anyone using strong passwords...

  • Hi friends, Problems with Special Characters in Table download to Excel.

    Hi friends,
    I am using Binary Cache method to download to excel. The problem is that there are certain fields in the back end R/3  that has special characters in it eg : & * £ # etc.
    As a result, the download is not working for these rows. Please can any of you tell me how to get rid of this. As an example let's say I wan to replace the "&" with "and".
    Please help.
    Thank You.

    Hope you find tgis of some help !!
    public void ReplaceMethod( )
        //@@begin ReplaceMethod()
        // get the string value of the cell (for you from the table cell, for eg, Pinki & Rakesh)
        test = wdContext.currentTestStringConversionElement().getInput();
        // calculate the total length of the String
        n=test.length ();
    // catching each character from the String
                            c = test.charAt (i-1);
            // checking if any character within the String (eg, Pinki & Rakesh)  is “&”            
                               if (c=='&')
                String val = Integer.toString(no);
                // breaking the String and adding “ and” in place of “&”            
                            sub1=   test.substring(0,i-1);
                            sub2= "  and  ";
                            sub3= test.substring(i,n);
                      //Concatenating the String   
                            test1 = sub1sub2sub3;
                      //Printing the String  

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