Problem with translate

in XSQL i am one getting one row like this
<REASON_FOR_REJECTION>1.Overhead line is not existing in front of the premises,2.The distance from the pole to the serice is more than 30 meters.,3.Another service is existing in the same premises with arrears.</REASON_FOR_REJECTION>
In the above String for every comma i want to put <br>
the output should come like this:
1.Overhead line is not existing in front of the premises
2.The distance from the pole to the serice is more than 30 meters.
3.Another service is existing in the same premises with arrears
i have used translate function like this <xsl:value-of select="translate($REASON_FOR_REJECTION,',',<br>)'"/>
but i couldnt get proper result;
How can i do this ??? PLZZ HELP

Try this...
<xsl:template match="REASON_FOR_REJECTION">
<xsl:variable name="comma">,</xsl:variable>
<xsl:value-of select="translate(.,$comma,'&lt;br&gt;')"/>
Hope this helps.

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    When upgrading to v9 of the C++ parser, we notice a problem with the translate function within xsl stylesheets. Take the following snippet :-
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    Previously, this statement would strip the '-' chars from our input dates of the form 2002-05-02 to give 20020502. It now does not replace the '-' chars which causes our transformed output to be invalid. We have many developed and tested xsl's which now don't work.
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    It worked for me as well.
    Use DUMP to find out the char code used for é and ú and try to replace these character codes.
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    best regards

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    can't see any other "shared" directory.

  • Problem with "Translation" Widget

    Hi all,
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    Try this: Open Terminal and type at the prompt:
    Killall Dock
    that will quit Dashboard and relaunch the Dock. Then go to User/Library/Preferences and trash:
    Then go to User/Library/Caches/DashboardClient folder and trash the subfolders inside it (they are numbered 01, 04, etc. This will clear the Dashboard cache).
    Open Dashboard and verify if it works.
    MacMini G4 1.25GHz 1GB   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

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    hello everybody,
    I have an application with two corresponding transport requests (this is because I would like to transport to different systems only part of the functionality of the app). Recently a translator made an English translation of my application which resulted in a new transport request with about 100 new objects. I would like to distribute accordingly these objects to the two old transport requests ( respectively the two parts of the app). Is there a way to do this, to find out which translation object belongs where?

    problem with translation transport
    Same message here?
    Regarding to the issue, perhaps giving some information would be helpful. What kind of objects are them? (Data element, message class? )
    Best regards,

  • Problem with translations

    I'm dealing with translations at the moment using transaction se63.
    When it comes the time of looking at the result, two things happen mainly:
    - The translation doesn't work
    - Or it takes ages to show up
    Does anyone knows a way of activating the translations automatically by means of a report or whatever?
    Thanks and regards,

           Go to se63 t-code menu - >Translation->ABaP objects -> translated objects.
    enter the R3TR in one text box , in the second box enter the object name ie if table is been translated then give as TABL, in the third text box give table name.
    click on edit .change the text .
    after that execute the report RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER, enter the target language as en , then on the application toolbar click on the second push button ie create request cntrl + f1, after creating the request execute the report, the result is that the request which is created by you will have all the translation done by you
    Santosh Thorat

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    Hi Friends,
    Right now I am working with Adobe forms.
    While Translating the forms from English into Spansih I am encountering a problem.
    Even though it is Translated into spanish, if I login in spanish (ES) and see the Text is stil in English.
    the text is in 'TEXT' field.
    Kindly, Help me in solving the problem.

    For example, if you have an english form and want to translate it to spanish, login in spanish, go to SFP and do your translation to spanish. It should have a pop-up shown that says "original language" is English....keep it as that.
    Not sure why it works this way, but it does. I would love to be able to login in English and then simply do all my other translations from there, but it doesn't work that way.

  • DHTML Menu - Problem with Translation

    I have the DHTML menu installed within portal and have just added a "French" Translation to a few of my page groups. When I flip over to French using the "Set Language" portlet, the menus no longer show up.
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    Hi there
    I'm getting the same problem. I'm trying to add Portuguese translation and the dhtml menu simply disappears.
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    I don't think it is a issue with the code because it works fine for both languages in another page group.
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    Hello Everybody.
    I'm doing some translations and whenever I try to paste a Russian text into one of the messages in TTP, the app transforms the Russian characters into question marks. For example:
    Предупреждение: Контактное лицо X не имеет связи с Бизнес-Партнером Y. Но Активность будет сохранена.
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    ??????????????: ?????????? ???? X ?? ????? ????? ? ??????-????????? Y. ?? ?????????? ????? ?????????.
    Did anyone come across with this problem?
    Please any information would be helpful.

    It looks like Translation Tool Package does not support russian character set and that's why it is displaying as '?' which means character is not recognized by the application.
    Are you able to type the russian text in a note pad?? If you can type and text is proper, Operarting System is able to recognize russian characters, and not the TTP.
    If it displays '?' in the notepad also, it means OS is not able to identify the Russian character set. In this case, you need to install the russian character set in the machine.
    Can you please provide which CRM mobile release you are currently using. In case if you are using CRM 5.0 or above, you can translate the texts using Mobile Application Studio itself.

  • Re.problems with translator after converting pdf file.please help:-)

    Please can someone help me.
    i've converted a pdf file to a word document but it was a scanned document so word had to translate it but its come out as a load of gibberish.
    i have over a hundred pages of corrections to make because of it so i was wondering if any of you could either tell me what i could of done wrong r tell me how to do it right:-)
    thanks a bunch!!!

    You cannot use Reader to do what you want. Depending on the language of your original document, you might be able to convert the document from a scan to text with Acrobat Professional.  You can also investigate programs that are dedicated to OCR.

  • Problem with translation

    Hi all,
    I notice a phenomen with the teamviewer.
    when my portal is in french, teamviewer is in french(it displays french sentences). When I configure my portal in english, teamviewer stay in french !
    I logged off and close my browser.
    One moment after, I connect to the portal(which the language is english) and the teamviewer is in english.
    Do you know the problem(session surely)? If you have any suggestions or tips, thanks.
    Best regards

    Hi Nicolas,
    Have you tried refreshing the teamviewer with the icon in the tray?  Another thing that may matter is the language that your web browser is set to, or even possibly the language the computer is set to...
    Just a thought.

  • Problem with translation of Area Manu.

    I need to translate the AREA MENU (T-code SE43)
    The steps followed:
    1) Go to SE43 in change mode
    2) Goto menu: Utilities-> Translation
    3) Made the translation
    4) Saved & activated... It asked for the transport tequest.
    When the request was transported the changes(translation) did not get reflacted in the target system.
    Could you please suggest how to translate Area Menu so that the changes go to the target system

    The text of the menu can be bufferd, try to run the report BMEN_CORRMEN1 in target system

  • Problem with translation builder

    i need to use translation builder to translate reports and forms from English into Arabic
    i had ran the script sqlbld.sql
    and all tables are created
    i started new db connection then create a new project when i import the module i get the error
    please i need help

    Welcome to the Oracle Forms Forum. ;)
    Please start here:

  • Problem with translation (OTR)

    I made buttons for the navigation part of a web side as follows:
    Methode for the button:
      '<td><a class=button href="'
      '<td background="b_mitte.gif" nowrap '
      'style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle"'
      'height="19"><a class=button href="'
      INTO RE_HTML.</b>
    For the navigation I made a page fragment:
    <i><%@page language="ABAP" %>
    <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 "bspTbvStd">
    <%= application->bsp_button(
    im_text = <b>'START '</b>
    im_url = 'index.htm' )%>
    If I open the page fragment, the text 'Start' is written on a button. But I want to change the text 'Start' to an element of my OTR (for example $TMP/ZSAN_START').
    Can you help me how to change the bold code to make it suitable?
    <b>Message was edited by: Michael Gaidies</b>

    hi michael
       i'm not sure but try this one
    '<td background="b_mitte.gif" nowrap '
    'style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle"'
    'height="19"><a class=button href="'
    <b>'<%= otr('
    and send im_text as '$TMP/ZSAN_START'.
    otherwise you may get the text of otr in the method by using
    then just concatenate this text as it is you did.

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