Problems displaying and editing long documents on small pages sizes

Problems displaying and editing long documents on small page sizes
I read this problem have called with the helpdesk they didn't know the solution but how can I find the solution:
In Pages 09, I can't scroll down andand click on text to edit it!! All the mouse will do is draw gray transparentboxes and not place the cursor in the text. Again, like the display problem, itdoesn't happen at the beginning of the doc, but starts showing up around 50 to60 pages in ... I can't select text at the bottom of pages ... at 50 pages, thecursor can be clicked into anyplace on a page. Further and further down, the unselectablearea on any particular page creeps up from the bottom line by line: at 175pages in the unselectable area is 12 lines high; at 360 pages in theunselectable area is 25 lines high. and finally at around 440 pages down, Icannot place the cursor anywhere on any page all the way to the end of thedocument.
I have Page versie 4.1

What you get was described here several times.
As we are end users like you, we can't change the app behavior.
Under 10.6.8 you have the buttons allowing you to scroll one line up or one line down.
Under Lion they are no longer available.
Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) jeudi 18 août 2011 17:53:12
iMac 21”5, i7, 2.8 GHz, 4 Gbytes, 1 Tbytes, mac OS X 10.6.8 and 10.7.0
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    how can i open and edit microsoft documents in macbook pro with retina display? I am a new user to mac book

    You could install Office for Mac. You could install a free Office-like program such as LibreOffice. You could open the documents with a program like Pages. Or you could install Windows and Office on your Macbook Pro.

  • Form load rules are not working on display and edit forms

    I have customized SharePoint 2013 list form using InfoPath 2013. I want to hide certain fields based on user group. I created rules on form load for that. These rules are working fine on New Form but are not working on display and edit form.
    What can I do?

    It could be because the value might have not changed ie, you might be checking for a particular value, the values might have got overwritten when the new form is saved, see if that value is blank or overwritten in display and edit forms.
    I would first check the form load rules and check those values again in Display form and edit form, if the values are not getting cleared/overwritten.
    It would be better if you could upload the screenprint.
    Hope this helps!
    Ram - SharePoint Architect
    Blog -
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  • I try to 'Print booklet' and receive an eror that "the active document uses multiple page sizes..."

    I try to 'Print booklet' and receive an eror that "the active document uses multiple page sizes..." but all the pages on my document are in the same size (as far as I know)
    How can I deal with this eror?

    This seems to be a bug, and so far the only workaround I know is  to copy/paste everything into a new file.

  • Open and edit PDF document simultaneously in two windows

    I am currently studying on a very long PDF, about 1600 pages. I have two copies of the same PDF open in full screen, and I use the first (A) to read and highlight, and the second (B) to search for images and references. So if I am on page 200 of A, and it refers to an image on page 270, instead of scrolling 70 pages and losing track of where I was I scroll on B.
    That being said, I tend to highlight on both copies, and I would like to have unified highlights and comments. Is there a way to:
    a) merge the comments and highlights after I close both files
    b) instead of having two copies of the same file A and B, open two windows of the same file A and merge modifications

    Adobe Reader won't but Acrobat Pro XI can open the same document in two windows and it updates both as you make changes "on the fly"...
    The downside? $499.
    Acrobat Standard is $299 and I  don't know if it can do the "one doc two window" editing.

  • When will we be able to open and edit PDF documents in Indesign?

    It would be nice if Indesign could open PDF files.
    When will this happen (without a plugin)?
    Today I need to open the files in Illustrator. The customer prefers to use Indesign, so even though Indesign can export pdf documents I will have to tell the customer and the program can not open pdf files. This I find really weird.
    Hopefully opening and editing pdf files in Indesign will happen real soon.
    Have a great day!

    Paal, I'm sorry for that little out-lash. There is nothing wrong with inquiring the feasability of a new feature. The problem is that PDF has been an "output intended format" from the very beginning.
    An Illustrator file (from a fairly modern version) also is a PDF file, for all intents and purposes. You can rename an .AI file to .PDF and use it anywhere, with any software that supports PDF (so that's excepting Apple's Preview, probably ;-) ). Moreover, you can still open and edit this PDF with Illustrator and get all of your objects, symbols, layers, paragraph styles, and guides back!
    That's because in fact this file *contains* all this extra information in a data block marked "For Private Use Only". Other software, if adhering to Adobe's PDF specs, will simply ignore this (and thus my little jab at Apple's Preview). Does that mean you can edit such a PDF with *any* software? No -- the Illustrator data is "proprietary", and the details are not published to use by other software developers. Similarly, one could envisage InDesign to do the same. Yes, it would lead to *huge* files -- but hey, you would be able to open THAT file into InDesign and edit it. But not with any other software!
    The meta-problem is that an extremely large amount of this private data would be *extremely* dependant on the software that was used to create it with. What would an Illustrator file do with InDesign's GREP styles? What would InDesign do with Illlustrator's brush styles, or symbols? Illustrator allows slanted guides, InDesign does not.
    And let's not focus purely on a combo of ID and Illy; Photoshop *also* outputs PDFs, and its graphic data has yet another set of requirements.
    So all of Adobe's software would need to be able to parse *every others' data* to some degree. Well, it's still not "unconceivable" as all of this would need to be done in one office (note that in that single office there are still vast differences in something as straightforward as a User Interface across the CS suite). But there are lots of other software developers out there, and they *all* want to write out PDFs, all with their own internal data! (Think of the different requirements between an architectural app and one for graph plotting.)
    A *possible* solution would be to add "more" metadata to a PDF without crossing into the realm of "every single bit". Article tagging is an example of this -- it tells software that wants to know in which order *plain text* is to appear, and as such it serves as meta-data for plain text content. But the mind reels thinking of what more to add -- a list of used GREP styles per paragraph would probably be useless to anyone else.
    But such an idea will not solve the problem, as 1. this meta-data is optional (lazy programmers would be allowed to say "nothing to see here, move along"), and 2. this data would only get added to *newly created* files, and it would not retroactively make older PDFs editable ...
    (Now that's just the *short* version :-) h

  • Display and Edit Patterns in XML Tags

    Using LiveCycle E2 V9.
    The display and or Edit Patterns are not reflected in the XML of a submitted form.
    While these display properly on the Adobe form on-screen, e.g.
    $150,000.00 when the fields are are submitted the XML tag as reflects 150000.000000
    Please advise whether there is something that I am doing incorrectly and or a fix for this?
    Thank you!

    Formatted displays for numbers is never the same as the actual field value. This approach allows a user to see a formatted numeric value but the data remains as a number in floating point, integer, or binary value for further calculations as a number. If this were to change, then one would need to parse the numeric value as a character string back to a numeric value before performing any calculation.
    There are specific forums for LiveCycle Designer.

  • Problems opening and editing Olympus OM-D E-M1 files

    I have a new Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera. It produces (pretty great) video's of the .MOV format, H.264.
    However, I am not able to open, view and edit these files in Premiere Pro CS5.
    Some more information:
    - Video format .MOV, H.264, 1080p 29.97fps
    - Windows 7 machine, 6Gb ram, reasonably fast video card and quad core chip. Editing of other video formats with the same HD specs is no problem (e.g. mp4 or avi)
    - Video's play just fine in Quick Time and in the proprietary Olympus Viewer 3 software and in Windows Media player
    - Video's will import and I can put them on the timeline but very slowly.
    - They usually do not open in the Source monitor, or show just 1 frame
    - The sound sometimes plays fragments (as if it is reading the files very slowly)
    - It does not play a preview
    - I can export a sequence that I put on the timeline, for example to an MP4 which is then fine, but rendering and exporting takes forever, up to hours for 4 mins of film
    I am thinking that Premiere Pro somehow does not know where to find the right codecs for importing these videos, because they must be on my computer somewhere with QuickTime and Olympus Viewer. Anyone know how to tell PP how to find/use these?
    Please let me know if you need any more information to help me solve this problem.
    Thanks, Bastienne

    I made a screen dump of the folder in Olympus Viewer that is named Movie.
    It has some files which seem to be involved in codec. Please take a look if there is anything useful there .
    btw there is only one folder in Movie (AsFilter) and there is also only one folder in AsFilter (MP4), so there is no folder called MOV or similar, strangely enough.
    There may be one other interesting .dll file called CodecHelper.dll in the Olympus Viewer 3 root.

  • How do I shrink a MS doc to a smaller page size, not just divide the document into a smaller size?

    I am trying to shrink a microsoft word document from a standard page to a smaller, possibly half page, to create a printable reference booklet I plan on laminating but when I try to change the page to a different size, it doesn't shrink the document to that size, it just breaks that page into a bunch of smaller pages, breaking up whatever chart or words were on the page. Any insight?
    Ex. I have a chart that looks like this on a standard letter size MS word doc page layout.
    Header 1
    Header 2
    Header 3
    Header 4
    I want to change this so that is it on a landscape "half letter" MS word doc page size, shrinking the chart, and keeping it in tact.
    When I change the page layout size, or try to copy paste to the above mentioned half letter doc size, the chart breaks up into multiple pieces, creating 3 or 4 "half letter" sizes, with only part of the chart on each.
    Help MUCH appreciated!

    You'll need to create a custom page size under "Page setup..." in Word. Word really isn't the best application for what you're trying to do, but a custom page size with custom margins should work.
    EDIT: Oh, and you'll need to change the sizes on your table, obviously.
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  • How to display (not download) pdf document on web page?

    Very confused as to how to hyperlink to a word document (pdf) and have the document displayed on my web page rather than download the document...I am putting together a website for a high school cross country team and would like to make meet results available....THANKS?

    In that case, you would not create a hyperlink to it. This just enables it to be downloaded.
    It won't work with Word, so it would have to be a pdf, but you can copy and paste it into iWeb. Go to the document and press Command + C. Then go to your iWeb page where you want the document to appear and press Command + V and it should appear in iWeb. You can alter and re-size it so that it can be viewed.

  • Processing a long document's even pages

    I need to process my pdf because I have many pages with really complicated vector layers. I want to just rasterize the art, saved as jpeg or something like that but I would like to keep the pages that are all text in their vector form - luckily, it would seem, my "picture" pages are always even, my text always odd. So there's a clear system but I can't figure out how you might bring these even pages back in once they've been exported and have them automatically return to their original position, which is interleaved with the odd ones.
    Anyone know of how you might do this without scripting or manually shuffling? My document is 200+ pages...

    Yes, unless you've saved manually or have autosave software for it installed, which is only preloaded when using the latest Pages version on Mac OS X 10.7.
    Save your work frequently.

  • My firefox display and appearrance suddenly changed to a huge size and I WANT TO CHANgE THE HUGE LAYOUT. How?

    My Firefox homepage used to appear as a one page size when I opened the homepage. One day I signed onto the computer and the homepage size and layout had changed to a '''huge large print version that does not even fit on my whole computer screen.''' I have to scroll from side to side to see one end of the open page to the other. It is terrible and unusable. The font size changed from this to a 60 font size. I did not choose this change and do not know how to undo this problem. Please help.

    Please try pressing '''Ctrl''' + '''0''' (zero) on the keyboard. Alternatively '''View''' ('''Alt''' + '''V''') > '''Zoom''' > '''Reset'''.
    [ Zoom Feature]
    [ Keyboard Shortcuts]
    Useful links:
    [ All about Tools > Options]
    [ Going beyond Tools > Options - about:config]
    [ about:config Entries]
    [ What's That Preference? add-on] - Quickly decode about:config entries - After installation, go inside about:config, right-click any preference, enable (tick) MozillaZine Results to Panel and again right-click a pref and choose MozillaZine Reference to begin with.
    [ Keyboard Shortcuts]
    [ Viewing video in Firefox without a plugin]
    [ Firefox Profile Folder & Files]
    [ Safe Mode]
    [ Basic Troubleshooting]
    [ Problematic Extensions]
    [ Troubleshooting Extensions and Themes]
    [ Testing Plugins]
    [ Troubleshooting Plugins]

  • Problem with too small page size using Java 2D Printing API.

    I have problem with resolution of printer using Java 2D Printing API. Despite my printer has 600 x 600 DPI, inside java.awt.print.Printable.print(Graphics, PageFormat, int) I receive page format with 600 x 840 page size.
    I have tried to set resolution using javax.print.attribute.PrintRequestAttributeSetand javax.print.attribute.standard.PrinterResolution, but with no result.
    Can anybody solve this problem?

    600 x 840 is a Point value; Point is defined as 1/72nd of an inch. Printers do have much higher DPI than this, but I believe that this DPI has to do with richness of the printed image, not an actual ability to color with that level of resolution. You might want to try calling zoom on your Graphics2D object. Otherwise, I don't know what else you can try.

  • Creating a document with different page sizes.

    I'm trying to produce a leaflet with different pages sizes. To try and explain what I mean I have included a picture of what I'd like the front cover to look like. When producing a booklet there doesn't seem to be a provision to individually alter each page size in the pages or document set up panel. Is there anyway around this or do I have to create each page seperately, export to pdf and then combine into the leaflet? Help gratefully received. tomas

    The build booklet feature is for very basic booklets, not something like this.
    Sorry, but you’ll need to make everything full size and then do the cutting.

  • HP PhotoSmart Premium C310 - Windows 8 and Office 2013 - Where have the page sizes gone

    I have just upgraded to Office 2013 on my windows 8 PC.
    Now when I goto print, and click "printer properties" evert drop down is blank, and all the titles are in Chinese. HELP please.
    Also the page size options have now lost useful things like A4, Letter etc.
    Technet says to upgrade my printer drivers, but I'm on the latest ones, I can't contact support, as It says my printer is no under warranty support any more. I don't have fault with the printes, its with the driver. Please HP help.
    I can supply screen shots of the issue, but could not work out how to post them here!
    Everything worked O.K. with office 2010.

    So only print functions and printer-related settings are in another language?  Did you use the installation disc that came with the printer or did you download the software from the HP Website?
    Here is a video on how to uninstall the HP driver from Windows 8 in case you can not understand the words.  And here is a link to the Photosmart Premium C310 Full Feature Software and Drivers for a Windows 8 64-bit PC in United Kingdom.  When I went to, I selected your country first and then chose the Software and Drivers section after that.  You will want to click the "Download" button and follow those instructions.  I hope this helps you.  Let me know if this provides for you the proper driver.
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    Every problem has a solution!

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