Problems installing Photoshop Elements 11 upgrade

I'm trying to install photoshop elements 11 and premiere elements as an upgrade from elements 6. When I click on 'download' on the order page the next screen tells me that I'm using internet explorer 4 or earlier and have to use a later version.  My browser is IE 10.  I tried downloading IE 10 just in case but it told me that I already have it.  How do I get past this screen?  Thanks.

Personally I prefer the disks that come in a box. 
Perhaps you could download a copy of Chrome and use that if IE10 is acting up.

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  • Problem installing Photoshop Elements 10

    I am trying to install Photoshop Elements 10 on my Macbook air using remote disc and every time I get to the point where I put in the serial number and sign in I get the following error code; "Your installation encountered errors" and below that, "Inconsistency in the installer database. Please restart your computer and install again." Thanks, I would appreciate any suggestion on how to solve this issue.

    Photoshop Elements

  • Problem installing Photoshop Elements 9

    When I try to download photoshop 9, it states: "the wizard was interrupted before Photoshop elements 9 could be completely installed"
    Please help.
    Thank you

    Which operating system are you using?  Were you able to install Photoshop Elements 9 previously?  What have you tried so far to resolve your difficulties?

  • Problem installing Photoshop Elements 10 on Windows 7 PC

    When I installed Disc 1 of Photoshop Elements 10 on my PC laptop running Windows 7, the prompt came to insert Disc 2. Disc 1 would not eject. I restarted the computer to get Disc 1 out. When I inserted Disc 2, the installer would not accept the serial number that I had used the first time saying that it was an invalid number. What is on Disc 2 that I need for full operation of the program? How can I get the 2nd disc installed?

    Liano, I had the same problem today.  If you didn't see it, check out this post for the answer -
    If you are using Elements 10, there is only a 32 bit version and it installs off Disc 1. 

  • I am having problems installing Photoshop Elements

    Still do not understand what exactly I have to do to Download ( Install failed ????) Photoshop Elements Trial 11. Does this mean unles I fix it asap I will "lose" some/all of the free 30 days ? I tried in the past to trial Photoshop Elements 10 and just gave up.
    I am very interested in upgrading from 9 as I have not found it an "improvement" on earlier version I had.
    In fact, it has proved quite hard to see etc being so small and all so dark. Not an improvement.
    Also very quick to freeze and crash my laptop.

    Branched this out to a new discussion.  Do you receive any error messages when you are installing the software?   Downloading is the process of obtaining the install files.  Installing is the process of getting the software on your computer.

  • I am having problems install Photoshop elements 8.0 and premiere elements 8.0

    I have recently received both photoshop elements 8.0 and premiere elements 8.0 and neither will install.
    I have gone through (at length!) all the support suggestions e.g. adusting accelaration etc. Absolutley nothing works! I have spent over 4 hours trying to sort this problem which as it is a new product is extemely disappointing. I look for any helpful advice or should I just claim my money back?

    I tried downloading the trial version which seems to have gone through. However although i can see lots of new files in a "Premier elements" folder in programs, I cannot see any way to open it. It has not appeared on the programs list and there is no shortcut on the desktop. How am I supposed to access this software?
    If this is a trial, you really should make it more user friendly as I am not impressed at all so far.
    I have spent over 6 housr now trying to get this sofware to work. If you cannot nwo get this to work, i will return to store and get refund (and use a version of Pinnacle recommended by a friend who has had no problems!
    I look forward to an easy and quick resolution.
    P.S I note your on line chat is useless as it is only available to USA residents.

  • Problems installing Photoshop Elements 13?

    I just purchased a license of Photoshop Elements 13. I have been trying to install the program for the last 2 hours. After waiting 2 hours for the downloading of the installing manager and after that the downloading of the photoshop elements, your program is saying that I don't have the acquired system to install the program.  I am willing to believe that something went wrong, so I try to call the customer service number for Belgium that I could find at the bottom of this email.  After waiting 12 very expensive minutes on the phone, one of your customer service managers tells me that they only handle creative cloud problems. The photoshop elements telephone line no longer exists and that he will redirect me to another line where I will find someone who will help me start up the chat??? After waiting another 10 very expensive minutes on the phone, I simply hung up because nobody was answering.  I don't understand how it is possible to purchase a program that I can not use on my macbook who is only 3 years old. If I buy a bunch of new computers every year to be able to install your products, I might as well close my business. I also have other drawing programs that don't work anymore one the latest macs.  I would appreciate it if you can help me to find a proper solution for this problem. Can I maybe switch to a lower version of the program? If that is not possible, can I get a refund?  I have my own architectural firm and would like to keep working with your products in the future. At the time beeIng, I have already lost money by buying your program and by calling your non existing customer service. So you can understand that I am not feeling very happy.  I hope to be getting your solution to this problem soon.  Hoping to hear from you soon,  Kind regards,

    I believe the problem is that I have a mac with OS X 10.6.8.
    I have added a screenshot.
    What can I do about this?

  • I am having a problem installing Photoshop Elements 11.

    The installation begins, however a message appears stating that an error was encountered while installing Shared Technoligies. The message tells me to restart my system. The error message still occures. How can I resolve the problem?

    Does anything here help? premiere.html

  • Problem installing Photoshop Elements 11

    I recently purchased the combination Adobe Photoshop Elements 11/Adobe Premiere Elements 11. When I attempt to install Photoshop 11, midway through the installation, I get a message that ElementsAutoanalyzer.exe and dynamiclinkmanager.exe are running on the computer and need to be closed to proceed with the installation. I cannot find any instance of eitherof the two, not as a program nor as a file so I could not close them. The installation aborted at that point. I did not not uninstall either Photoshop Elements 10 or Premiere Elements 10 prior to the installation of version 11.

    You might have to check "Show processes from all users" on your task manager before you could see the exes running.
    Alternatively, you could use tasklist command on your commad list to get the list of commands (if you're using vista or a higher version of OS, please run/launch command prompt using admin rights)
    tasklist > \myFolder\myTasksList.txt would redirect the output to a txt file inside <myFolder>
    Hope this helps.

  • Problems installing Photoshop Elements 4.0/5.0??

    Hi all,
    I recently attempted to download Photoshop Elements 4.0/5.0 from CS2 found here: . I am on a Macbook Pro (2011), and running Mountain Lion. I am receiving an error message (shown below). I have plenty of space available for the program. What am I doing wrong? I'm not even prompted to enter in the serial number. Thanks for your help!

    It's not compatible. Read the info on teh download pages and the pertinet announcements everywhere correctly.

  • Problems installing Photoshop Elements 12

    This particular user has had quite enough.  After several years of using Elements7 (essentially without any real problems), I foolishly bought Elements 12, mostly because I now have a Nikon DSLR and required the functionality of 12 to process the Nikon RAW files - oh silly me.  I installed E12, completed the registration process (entering a VALID merchandise number - please note adobe - A VALID MERCHANDISE NUMBER).  I foolishly expected that E12 would now function - stupid boy that I am!
    To start E12 I had to login to adobe with my user id - what the hell is that all about?  Upon searching the adobe forum I was advised to carry out a series pf steps on my system  - excuse me?
    Let's lay this out (using small words for the benefit of adobe) - I legally purchased E12 - thereafter I installed E12 on my computer - it then works (NOT BLOODY LIKELY!).  I was in a loop where I was required to login using my adobe id - then RE-input my E12 serial number - well...NO MORE.
    I have now deleted both E7 and E12 from both my computers.  I regret ever purchasing them, stuff the money,I now couldn't care less about it!.  I have also deleted adobe reader (and ANY other files on the computers relating to adobe, or adobe software,
    Please now, as a final act DELETE my account, my adobe id and make sure you retain NO information relating to myself.
    Thank you
    John Keddilty

    You are NOT talking to Adobe here - we are users who try to provide help to others.
    So, we can't do anything with your account.
    Just for your information, from version 12, it is necessary to sign in with your Adobe ID (and remain signed in) in order to activate that copy of elements. Signing out will deactivate that copy.

  • Problems installing photoshop elements 11

    Hi well I got elements 11 and when I try to install it.  It stops after I input my serial number, for example; I write my serial number then chose where to install it, I press install but after that nothing happens.  Well Im not sure if the installation actually stops but...  when I check Task Manager I see "SetUp" but I dont think is installing.. can anyone help?

    Suggest that you contact Adobe Support. You may be able to access a chat agent.

  • I'm having problems installing photoshop elements 9

    Everytime I try to install it the program rolls back due to error 1935. "An error occurred during installation of assembly components (AE56AAFS-F3CO-3048-8859-AIE50A3E278F)HRESULT:OX8007054F.
    Is the installation disk software faulty? Do I need to return the product to the retailer?

    Hi marcia,
    Are you getting this error after seeing the below error dialog as it says in one of your other forum post?
    "Everytime I try to install it the program rolls back due to error 1935. "An error occurred during installation of assembly components (AE56AAFS-F3CO-3048-8859-AIE50A3E278F)HRESULT:OX8007054F.
    Is the installation disk software faulty? Do I need to return the product to the retailer?"
    If yes, then this error normally appears when the VC++ runtime installation fails on the machine. Try downloading and installing the VC80 and VC90 runtimes from Microsoft website and see if their installation works fine on your machine? If no, then we have the root cause of the error and we can look more on the web on how to resolve it.

  • Problem installing Photoshop Elements 12 because message of invalid serial number

    I punched the 18 digits number appearing on the reverse of the box. I bought the product at B&H. I got the message invalid serial number. How do I get the right one then?

    See this link if you have a redemption code:

  • I just installed Photoshop elements 11. Install fine. When I clicked to open Organizer, I received a messaging indicating that it was out of date and coudl not be upgraded. How can I address/fix this?

    I just installed Photoshop elements 11. Install of the application was fine. When I clicked to open Organizer, I received a messaging indicating that it was out of date and coudl not be upgraded. How can I address/fix this?

    Thank you for the replies. I'm afraid neither one helped.
    kglad, I never get to any error code so your link can't help.
    Jeff, I looked at your link and
    a) again, I never make it to an error code
    b) I'm definitely connected to the internet
    c) I can access secure sites; I tried connecting with the firewall disabled and the same thing happened, so I don't believe it's a firewall issue.
    d) I don't understand the checking host sites - this is far too complicated for a novice user. It should not be this difficult to get a software running. I don't want to mess with these kinds of settings.
    e) I followed the steps for the global sign in root CA and my screen looks the same as the picture here.
    I can't activate the software offline as there is no option to generate a response code when I click on having trouble connecting to the internet. All I get is a prompt to change my password.
    If the problem were simply connectivity from my computer, then why does the box completely freeze? Can't cancel, can't click on the little X to close it, can't right click on the box to close it. I have to reboot every single time. I know others have had the same problem and I haven't found any answers that I could apply.
    I don't understand for the life of me why Adobe does not have TELEPHONE customer support. I have spent 2 days on this, this is crazy.

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