Problems when transporting from DEV to PROD

Hi experts, I have problem during transport from DEV to Production.
We have a  DEV, QAS and PRODUCTION and we have transport from DEV to QAS very well. But when we transport from DEV to PROD, recibe an error  like:
After beginning the import method RS_IOBC_AFTER_IMPORT for Objects types IOBC mode (activation)
  Failed to verify catalog InfoObjetos ZCM_UNIMET_CHA01
  The InfoObjeto ZCM_RENC version does not exist in active
  The InfoObjeto ZCM_RENM version does not exist in active
1.The Query is: Wy if the transport go OK from DE to QAS, then The transport from DEV to PROD terminated in error?.
2. There are any items to check in production before to transport?.
PD: All of the Objects in DEV are in ACTIVE status
Ramon Sulvaran

The transport ended in QAS with error code (4) and ended in Producion with error code (8), the detal of the error in Production begin with:
Home After import RS_ODSO_AFTER_IMPORT method for type (s) ODSO object (trigger mode)
Activation of DataStore objects of type Object
Check DataStore objects of type Object
DataStore Object Verification ZCM_DS01
The DataStore object is consistent ZCM_DS01
Burning the DataStore objects of type Object
Internal activation (DataStore Object)
Pretreatment / Creating DDIC objects to DataStore Object ZCM_DS01
Table / View / BIC/AZCM_DS0100 (type 0) DataStore object recorded ZCM_DS01
Create / Delete the indexes for the active table
Table / View / BIC/AZCM_DS0140 (type 4) recorded ZCM_DS01 DataStore object
Type of table / BIC/WAZCM_DS0100 recorded
Table / View / BIC/VZCM_DS012 (type VIEW) recorded ZCM_DS01 DataStore object
Log ZCM_DS01 DataStore object changes was recorded successfully
Writing Object Catalog entries (Tadiran)
He has written the object TABL / BIC/AZCM_DS0100 in catálgo objects (Tadiran)
He has written the object TABL / BIC/AZCM_DS0140 in catálgo objects (Tadiran)
He has written the object TABL / BIC/VZCM_DS012 in catálgo objects (Tadiran)
He has written the object TTYP / BIC/WAZCM_DS0100 in catálgo objects (Tadiran)
Activate all ABAP Dictionary objects (5):
Error / Warning in progr.activación Dict., Detailed log> Detail
Activate table / BIC/AZCM_DS0100.
Lack of expansion to the category table
Lack of extension category for include or subtype .......
When i go to BW Production to check teh object. I see tha the Object was create but in inactive status (grey color). When y Try to Actiavate it y see the error:  Error/ Warning in program Activation Dcit. Detailed Log -> Detail

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  • Transport from DEV to PROD  BPC 7.5

    i had a question of transporting AppSets from DEV to PROD System.
    On the PROD Systems are no AppSets the PROD System is completly new.
    Is it possible to transport the AppSets directly from the DEV to the PROD or must we first make a Backup in the DEV and an Restore in the PROD.
    Thank you for your help.

    Hi Carsten,
    As far as i understand you need to transport application sets individually, from development to production. The object type ASET and APPM refer to an application set and application respectively.
    As mentioned above, you can check and confirm from SAP Support if the back up mode ia now available to users.
    Hope this helps.

  • Handle metadata of configuration objects when transported from DEV to QA?

    I was reading this blog /people/sravya.talanki2/blog/2005/11/02/overview-of-transition-from-dev-to-qa-in-xi
    <i>"Unlike IR when we import the scenarios in ID the configuration metadata will be lost and have to be manually entered in the QA ID. For Ex: Parameters like source directory, filename scheme, FTP server will vanish and have to be entered appropriately as required for QA sand box. After entering the metadata we need to activate all the scenario objects in the ID. After successful activation your interfaces are ready for testing."</i>
    From the above I understand there are somethings(like adapter metadata..) that has to be entered manually when the objects are transported from dev to QA.
    So my question is, for what all objects of ID needs metadata to be entered  manually in QA.
    Business systems(business systems, bus servcies, integration process)?
    Communication channels?
    Receiver determination?
    Interface Determination?
    Sender Agreement?
    Receiver Agreement?
    I appreciate your reply

    first of all it's not adapter's metadata
    (adapter's metadata is something completely different)
    the "thing" that will dissapear is the adapters'
    configuration (configuration of your communication channels) - that's all
    RFC destination (idoc adapter) ftp server (file adapter) etc.
    basically all you need to do
    is to fill it one every system (QAT, PRD etc.)

  • Abap dictionary activation problem when transfer request dev to prod

    hi experts
    i develop enhancement in that i append structure in afru table.
    when transfering requset dev to production there is error
    abap dictionary activation .

    problem not solve.
    see below error.
      Activate table ZZAFRUD
       Field RPM: Component type or domain used not active or does not exist
       Nametab for table ZZAFRUD cannot be generated
       Table ZZAFRUD was not activated.
    structure zzafrud is active but in error it shows not active.
    i used domain zrpm it also active.

  • "No service for system..." after transporting from dev to prod

    again i have a problem like some other guys also had. I already checked several postings concerning this issue!
    We transported dev-objects to prod, also ID-object like Business Systems.
    The sender side now changed their communication for sending IDoc's to our Prod-XI. While sending IDoc's form Prod R/3 they get "no service for system SAPPSI, client010.." etc.
    I already checked:
    1. idx1 port is SAPPSI pointing to right destination PSI
    2. idx2 all necessary Metadata are loaded
    3. checked adapter specific identifiers in ID and also reloaded them with no change!
    4. in receiver IDoc CC i added RFC-Dest: PSI and Port is SAPPSI
    5. did a cache refresh!
    I need to let you know that we are using one SLD and already communicated with the sender-prod r/3 -system to SAP XI -DEV.
    can someone please help us?! we have no clue what might be wrong!!

    Well i have some strange thoughts:
    when the idoc is send in sender-system the values on sender informations are:
    Port: SAPPSI
    Partner number: PSICLNT010
    Type: LS
    The error we receive is:
    no service for system SAPPSI, client 010 in Integration Directory
    Shouldn't there be the Partner-Number like PSICLNT010?!
    Can someone confirm and tell me if i am right?!

  • BEx Query objects transported from Dev to Prod Test do not overwrite

    I'm migrating BEx queries that were developed in a Dev instance and then packaged and imported into a prod test environment. The queries that already exist in qual are not overwritten with the changes, and the transport imports successfully. New queries import just fine and without issue. I'm not sure if this is a problem with how I am packaging the query for transport or some level of pre-work that is not being done in Prod test. Basis has confirmed that they are allowing re-writes when Importing.
    Any suggestions?

    Hi ,
    Whenever we create a query in the System it generates reference ID's ( ELTUID,SELTUID,COMPUID etc) in backend.
    For e.g.if you create a query in your quality system (Z_TEST) it will have a COMPUID generated for it (e.g ABCD).
    Now when you create a query in Dev system (with the same technical name Z_TEST) a new COMPUID will get generated (e.g EFGH)
    So when you transport Z_TEST to QUALTY ,it will create a new entry against COMPUID.thus having two instances of the same query.So best option would be to delete the old instance after transporting the new instance.
    This wil solve your problem.
    -Vikram Srivastava

  • Xcelsius based on BEx query. Issue when transporting from DEV to PRD

    Hi all,
    I am facing an issue as described below:
    I created dashboard based on bex query in Query Browser. Everything is working find in DEV. Then I transport the dashboards to PRD, I also use the override settings to point from BOD-BWD to BOP-BWP, my connection changed accordingly. Everything seems ok. One day when we stop the BOD system. Dashboards in BOP are not working. Then I start BOD, everything is ok then.
    The issue I got:
    Internal: BOP....
    External: BOD.../XcelsiusWebServices.
    Is there any chance that dashboard in BOP using the BOD xcelsius web service?
    I have resolved this issue by:
    - Open the dashboard in BOP, then in each of the query in Query Browser, I clicked edit and click next, next until end.
    - Then re-save to BOP, then it is working
    For your information, I used BEx query in Query Browser only, not use BIWS.
    Dashboard 4.0 SP04
    BW 7.3
    Does anyone face this issue before? And how you resolved it? Please kindly share with me.
    Quan Vo.

    Hi Quan,
    Found few points regarding this.Please check might help you.
    Migration of Dashboards (using Query Panel) on BI 4.0 environment - Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) - SCN Wiki

  • DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR while doing a transport from DEV to PROD

    We are trying to transport some requests from our BW Development to BW Production. As we are importing the request we are facing the following two runtime errors in Dev.
      Database error text........: "ORA-01654: unable to extend index SAPSR3.TBTCO~1
      by 128 in tablespace PSAPSR3"
    Internal call code.........: "[RSQL/INSR/TBTCO ]"
      Database error text........: "ORA-01653: unable to extend table
       SAPSR3.TMSALOGAR by 128 in tablespace PSAPSR3"
      Internal call code.........: "[RSQL/INSR/TMSALOGAR ]"
    Looking forward to your help on this error. Additionally please let me know if this has got anything to do with Production? Or as this is occuring in Development this is an development issue only?
    Andy Kroos.

    Ask your basis guys to increase the table space...
    check this thread...
    --- Thanks...

  • 0Material is blocked by conversion when transporting from Dev to quality Bo

    Hi All,
    I am transporting omaterial , I had selected with data flow before option while creating the transport request , when importing the request i am getting the following error in the quality box" 0Material is blocked by conversion "i had already transported the table view ( t ocde osml)
    Please guide me to resolve this issue .
    thanks in Advance
    suitable answer will be awarded

    Hi Krishna,
       Goto SE14, Give all the relevant tables one by one and Delete data and acivate.
    1. SE14
    2. Eneter table like /BI0/PMATERAL
    3. On the next screen select the option Delete Data and Activate.
    4. Repeat step 1 to 3 for all the other tables.
    To find out all the tables:
    1. Goto Se14
    2. /B10/*Materal
    3. press F4.
    Hope this helps.
    best regards,

  • Can not transport from DEV to PRD (Hang up)

    Hi Experts,
    Please help.. I have this problem, was not able to transport from Dev to Prod, it just hang up.. I've read a lot in web how to solve this problem and did the following:
       ==> Stop all TP running in OS level
       ==> Delete all pending job in Import Monitor (with truck logo)
       ==> and the last to be done is to delete the data from table TRBAT, but it took so long to delete the data in that table.. What I've noticed is that the data left in table TRBAT is the transport number wherein user was log-off during transport execution (as in the middle of the process)..
    What should be the solution of this problem, as we can not proceed with the transport of our changes made in DEV system, as it just hang up in there.. and I'm also having this problem in deleteing data from TRBAT table.
    Edited by: Deo Pasion on Feb 20, 2010 7:25 AM

    Its well known problem which is discussed many times in many threads.
    Did you check TP System Log and TMS Alert of the System ?
    Execute RSTPTEST report to check the STMS configuration. Also check the existence/status of RDDIMPDP Background Job.
    Please refer these useful threads with similar symptoms.
    [Transport (STMS) issue + Hang|Transport (STMS) issue + Hang]
    [regarding STMS_IMPORT Transport Hang.|regarding STMS_IMPORT Transport Hang.]
    Also check this SAP  Note 71353 - Transports hang during background steps.
    Bhavik G. Shroff

  • Error while importing request from DEV to PROD

    Dear Experts,
                      i am having the problems with request no.. There are two transport request nos and these have to be transported
                     from DEV to PROD. I relesed these two but while importing into PROD showing everthing completed successfully
                      with one error and error is Generation or programs and screens  for both transport  requests .
                      I am just enable to understand what this message is for ..
                       Please someone help me out in this....
    with regards.
    Moderator message: please search for available information/documentation before asking, read the detailed transport logs, correct the errors, try again.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Dec 13, 2010 6:05 PM

    First check the source system: ZSTGLDV110 is exists or not. check the rfc connections (Also check the source system assignment in both the system to each other). check the settings in the stms tcode. check the suppoet pack on your quality system,.... there are plenty of reasons.

  • Encountered problem when converting from development to runtime environment

    1. I ran apxdevrm.sql switch my environment to runtime. Although it seemed to finish successfully, this error was in the log and according to registry, my installation was invalidated(still works though).
    drop package wwv_flow_create_flow_api (doesn't seem to exist)
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-04043: object WWV_FLOW_CREATE_FLOW_API does not exist
    Entry in dba_registry:
    COMP_NAME--Oracle Application ExpressSTATUS
    2. Next, not sure if it had made the switch, I then ran apxdvins,sql to revert back because of problem #1. (later found out that it was still devl environment)
    This time, this message appeared in log...
    (Installation still invalid)
    Any ideas?

    1. Commented "drop package" stmt out on apexdevrm.sql to get rid of non-existent package problem. (probably holdover from v3.0)
    2. purged dba_recyclebin to get rid of problem #2.
    Dba_registry entry still shows as INVALID... Has anyone else encountered these problems when switching from dev to runtime? (or vice-versa)

  • Best method to transport changes from DEV to Prod Environment

    Hi SDNers,
    I have a requirement here :
    I have made some changes to the DEV environment, which i want to move to the production Environment.
    Changes mainly include the Structural changes, XSD's, Import maps, Remote systems, Export Maps, Validations etc. Please note that I DO NOT WANT to transport the data from DEV to Prod environment.
    I can see 2 options available :
    1. Export/Import Repository schema - But as far as i know, the import and export maps will not be transported auomatically through Export/Import Schema.
    2. Archive/Unarchiving Without data -
    Here are my questions :
    1. Is the 2nd option feasible looking at the changes I need to transport? If yes, is there any recommended guide available by SAP suggesting the 2nd option for trnasport mechanism.( Please sendme the links)
    2. Will it affect the data in Prodcution in any chance?
    3. Is there anything Archiving/Unarchiving without data cannot handle.
    4. Will it impact any other normal running of Production environment.
    Please respond to my queries.
    Thanks and Regards
    Nitin Jain

    Hi Nitin,
    If you use Archive/UnArchive option without data then you cannot persists the PROD env since you need to UnArchive the entire repository which is empty and then you need to move the PROD data into this repository.
    1. Is the 2nd option feasible looking at the changes I need to transport? If yes, is there any recommended guide available by SAP suggesting the 2nd option for trnasport mechanism.( Please sendme the links)
    Ans. I don't think, 2nd option is feasible as a mentioned earlier. This option should be used when we need the entire repository without data which is not the case you are looking for.
    2. Will it affect the data in Prodcution in any chance?
    Ans. If you are using 2nd option then this question is not related because when you UnArchive, you will get the new repository so this wont affect the existing repository at all.
    3. Is there anything Archiving/Unarchiving without data cannot handle.
    Ans. Workflows
    4. Will it impact any other normal running of Production environment.
    Ans. If you are using 1st option then you need to unload the PROD repository first and then import the changes. For option 2 its not related.
    Jitesh Talreja

  • Not updating Prompts when report is moved from Dev to Prod

    I have a report In development which uses a Prompt ( Dynamic Lov) pointed to an existing prompt group.
    When this report is moved to production the prompt does not give any values as the it is not pointed to any prompt group.
    Could any one help me why the prompt is not being updated when it is moved from DEV to PROD.
    Thank you..!!

    Need more info...
    What version and are you using BOE or CRS?
    Thank you

  • Transporting standard table from DEV to PROD

    Hi All,
    I have updated a table called T166K and T166P for Purchase Order Printouts.
    I have entered few values in the above mentioned tables in DEV server.
    Now, i would like to move these tables to Production, since i can not create values to these tables in Production server.
    How to move tables from DEV till PROD...??
    NOTE: While updating these tables, system didnt prompt for saving under Transport Request Numbers in DEV server. 

    You can use scatt tool to upload the data in the developement server. Prepare a file with data. Do it in developement environment only. then in SCATT you have remote logon facility using which you can run the scatt in developement environment and the result will be placed in the production server.
    Let me know if you what more information on this.
    Pls reward points if helpful

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  • About workflow

    Hi all, I have problem with process flow, when i am deploying process flow it not deployed and i am getting workflow is not properly installed error. where i have to install workflow is it in database(oracle 10g) or in OWB software. Thanks, Kumar.