Problems with HP Pavilion dv600 audio with Windows Vista

Good evening my name is Jose Heriberto and I have a problem with my computer.
I have a Computer HP Pavilion dv6000 to purchase about 2 years ago and have kept the operating system Windows Vista, my problem is that two weeks ago the audio stopped working and do not know how to fix it and look for solutions online but does not solve anything.
Only  the audio icon appears as disabled and takes no action
I wonder if some internal error hardware or software, please need help.
HP Pavilion dv6000

Hello Heriberto_Bta,
I see that you are having problems with the sound on your HP computer. I have a couple of suggestions that may help with this issue.
Here is a link to some troubleshooting steps for no sound issues on Windows Vista. Follow the steps in the link and let me know what happens.
Can you also provide the full model and product number of the computer? Here is a link that shows how to find that information.
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    Hi Guys,
    I am using a Linksys router supporting draft-N; it seems that after some time of usage; Windows Vista stop being able to connect to Linksys using a WPA-2 PSK.
    Everytime you search for the SSID and attempt to connect, the ''network is taking too long to connect''' and Windows always informs the user that ''limited or no connectivity'' even though the signal strength is excellent.
    Is that a common problem in Windows Visa (I am using Home Edition)?

    Yes thats the basica command problem with Windows Vista while connecting to the Wireless Network.... In this you can need to update your Windows Vista OS with all the Latest Patches and the Service Pack to improve more stability on your Vista Computer to get connected to the Wireless Network..

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    I did some searching and was wondering if there is a solution to the photo sync problem with Windows Vista. I have gone the route of changing some of my photos to bitmap files but this is was way too much work just to view on ipod. I like to email Apple but could not find a link to do so. As far as I know I have all updates but still the iPod does not sync photos. Is there an update to this that I am missing or am I stuck changing all my photos to .bmp files?

    I checked out the article and not much help, thanks anyway.
    Would it make a difference if I purchased Adobe Photo Album or would I still be stuck with changing and saving files to .bmp extensions? I have Adobe Photoshop album starter but still have to change file extensions.
    If someone has a solution to this problem I would really be greatfull. I did contact Dell as this is a brand new computer and that was a wash. They did give me a number for Apple but of course I bought the iPod off of ebay and has no warranty on it so unless I pay a fee I'm not calling. It just blows my mind that Microsoft and Apple can't or won't come up with a fix. But I guess when Microsoft wants you to buy the Zune or Apple wants you to buy the overpriced Macintosh why would they waste time on having there products compatible with each other.

  • Itunes problem with windows Vista

    ok i bought my touchsmart tx2 1025 with windows vista ultimate 64 bit and well i ve noticed that ..well since this is my third time i exchange this computer and i noticed there was a problem with the speakers when i was playing music that anytime during a song i would get this distorted sound like when u put a lot of volume in ipod headphones that it sounds like a crack. Well that happened in my computer even with low volumes.
    However I played two times the same song on itunes and two times on windows media player.
    Every single time on itunes the sound came as if the speakers were about to blow... like a crack..
    Every single time on Windows media player it never sounded like that.
    So i am pretty sure its an itunes problem. Does anyone know how to fix this.. i would rather use itunes than windows media player but i really hate the sound it makes sometimes because it shows about 2 to 3 times during one song.

    It's possible that the song your playing does indeed have a little audio distortion in it, some media players are capable of filtering it out in a silent way, others play a beep, hence with one song I have, if i play it in windows media player it goes on and then for a split second theres a beep, iTunes doesent seem to do it, so instead of filtering out the missing data, it plays it.
    This is more likley a problem with the song than iTunes

  • ITunes / Quicktime Video Problems With Windows VISTA

    I took up Windows Vista as soon as it was available and initially had no problems with iTunes. Then later, video clips (those purchased from iTunes and those I had converted myself) started stuttering / freezing and eventually crashing iTunes and finally I lost audio as well.
    Ayyway to cut a long story short, I have uninstalled / re-installed Vista now about eight times for problems with installing drivers for USB devices (I've finally solved all these problems). After the last install the first program I installed was iTunes, tried video and it worked flawlessly. Then, each time I added a hardware device or program I would restart Vista and retry iTunes video.
    The first item I added was a USB thumb drive (as I had on all previous occasions to take advantage of Vista's 'Ready Boost'). The thumb drive is a 'Sony 2GB micro vault tiny', and meets the transfer speed requirements for 'Ready Boost', as soon as I had set the drive up for 'Ready Boost' I started having the same problems with iTunes video and Quicktime.
    Removed the thumb drive, restarted iTunes and had flawless video playback again. Have tried this over and over with the same result.
    So my question is, has anyone else had video playback problems with iTunes / Vista and found similar problems. Trying to tie down whether this is a compatability problem with 'Ready Boost' or the thumb drive used. I have also tried a Sandisk Titanium 2GB with the same result.
    I am not sure exactly how 'Ready Boost' works, I thought it added memory that was used to cache page files to the thumb drive instead of to the HDD making a faster seek /access time? Which should make things faster. Another article I read today was talking about 'Ready Boost' being an affordable extension to RAM, in this case I could understand the problem as I would think the access to a USB 2.0 thumbdrive would be slower than that to RAM.
    Any help appreciated, but I guess my bottom line is anytime I want to watch video on iTunes, I just pull the USB thumb drive .
    PC Pentium 4   Other OS   Windows Vista Home Premium

    I have the same stuttering video issues with iTunes and Vista. While I have used a thumb drive to transfer files (not Sony) I have not yet messed with Ready boost. I have seen several others complain about the video problem, perhaps they will chime in as well. Unfortunately, your solution doesn't work for me. I pretty much ignore iTunes, waiting for the next version (only god knows when it will be released).
    I do have an external firewire drive connected, I'll disconnect later today and see if that has any affect.

  • MSI 651 Radio Problem with Windows Vista

    When I start the MEGA Radio in Windows Vista I get the following pop up error: "Audio is not available. Please install audio driver first!" (the audio driver is installed 12x over).
    After clicking OK on the error pop the MEGA Radio loads, but no sound. 
    Please help me with this!!  Any suggestions???

    I too had this problem, and here is Adobe's official answer:
    "There is a know issue with Windows Vista and Acrobat Pro 7.
    You have two choices, down grade to Windows XP or upgrade to
    Acrobat Pro 8."
    "Those are my only two options?"
    Hope that helps,
    [email protected]

  • ¿Problems with Windows Vista or Sony Vaio?

    Hello everyone
    I have a Cisco 2100 WLC with two Access Points 1130, with two WLAN networks, one with WPA2 and the other with Web-Authentication. The two networks works correctly, but I have a client, a Sony Vaio with Windows Vista, which usually give  problems, disconnects, and when you try to reconnect, you can not.
    When  this happens, in the WLC appears the error "Decrypt errors Occurred for client xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx using WPA2 key on 802.11b / g interface of AP xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" .
    Sometimes several times to restart the laptop, reconnect. The network card is an Intel 5100, anyone know if there is any inconsistency between this card and Cisco AP? Or is it a matter of O.S.?
    I have no other Windows Vista client to verify, the other clients are Windows XP and 7. I have tried reinstalling different drivers on the laptop and not the solution.

    Hi Carlos,
    Make sure that:
    1. you are running latest driver from intel on your laptop
    2. use only AES encryption with WPA2. If TKIP is also selected. Uncheck it and leave only AES.

  • Flash player installation problem with Windows Vista 64-Bit

    I just can't get Flash Player to install on my computer with Windows Vista 64-Bit - doesnt matter if I try with Firefox, Opera or IE (I usually use Firefox).
    The download isn't a problem, but when I start the downloaded .exe, this file just disappears from my download folder and nothing happens - besides starting a process called install_flashplayer11x32_mssd_aih_3.exe, which does nothing. The usual installation popup never appears. After that I can't try starting the installation again, until disabling the process via task manager ("Only a single instance of this application may run"). Doesn't matter if I try the download and installation with or without "McAffe Security Plus" btw - same result.
    I never had such a problem before - Flash Player 10.3 was and is no problem to install and use.
    I have tried all the measures suggested in the troubleshooting section on the official site, including the advanced troubleshooting measures (uninstall old version, run as administrator, disabling software firewalls, disabling virus scanner etc.). Nothing helps.
    I don't got those problems with my laptop running Windows 7 - just my desktop computer with Vista 64-Bit.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Try using the installers from the links in
    P.S. topic moved to the Installation section of the forum.

  • RoboHelp Problems with Windows Vista?

    A client has asked me if there are any known problems running
    RoboHelp Office Pro versions 5 or 6 under Windows Vista? And are
    there any problems viewing CHM Help or WebHelp under Windows

    I have been using Robohelp X5 with Vista for a couple of
    months. It's been fine, except for two problems:
    1) I can no longer generate printed doc--I get an error
    message. I transfer the entire project to another PC with XP to do
    2) If I try to launch Robohelp by clicking the desktop icon,
    it usually stalls or takes a very long time to open. If I click on
    the .xpj project file I want, it opens right up.

  • Previewing web page problems with Windows Vista

    Just wonderering if there is anyone who can solve a problem I
    have with Windows Vista, It wont let me preview my pages being made
    in Dreamweaver...I get a pop with a navcancl message...
    Can you help please as I am seriously thinking of going back
    to Windows XP...

    No, but really - what's the message? I'm developing under
    Windows Vista and
    DW CS3 and never had an errors with previewing.
    Shane H
    [email protected]
    Web dev articles, photography, and more:
    Proud GAWDS member
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    "Shane H" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:f3tcg3$mvk$[email protected]..
    > Yeah, all the errors drove me nuts. I'm all the way back
    to developing on
    > Windows 3.1, now.
    > --
    > Shane H
    > [email protected]
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    > Web dev articles, photography, and more:
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    > "htmlgirl" <[email protected]> wrote in
    > news:f3ssbi$5va$[email protected]..
    >> Just wonderering if there is anyone who can solve a
    problem I have with
    >> Windows
    >> Vista, It wont let me preview my pages being made in
    Dreamweaver...I get
    >> a pop
    >> with a navcancl message...
    >> Can you help please as I am seriously thinking of
    going back to Windows
    >> XP...
    >> Creative

  • Problems with Windows Vista for BPC, from Windows XP

    We have developed some templates in excel 2003 in SAP BPC for Windows XP and these work perfectly. But this templates in excel 2003 and with Windows VISTA makes a fault.
    The fault is: when the template is opened and you select a year (made with a EVCVW), the box for choose the year opens correctly, then you click OK,and the Excel makes a fault and close itself.
    How could i solve this problem?
    Thank you for the help.
    With best wishes

    In this case open and check the MS Windows Application and System logs and foward to your MS Windows support channel to debug.

  • SAP problem with Windows Vista

    I have purchased a Laptop with Windows Vista OS having Internet explorer 7.0 and loaded SAP GUI 6.40 with patch 20. I am facing the following problems:
    1. Not able to execute CJ20N transaction
    2. Heirarchy reports are not showing column descriptions
    3. Some standard reports are not able to be executed
    4. Not able to get connected to my client thru Cisco VPN
    5. Not able to reply in webmails
    Also some times my system is taking lot of time to execute simple commands and shutdown.
    Can anybody help me how to resolve these?

    try this link:
    if this does not work, try at but you will need to register on that website first.

  • Database connectivity toolkit problem with WINDOWS VISTA and Microsoft jet 4.0 provider

    Hi again,
    I'm experiencing a problem with Database connectivity toolkit and Microsoft Jet 4.0 provider (MS ACCESS mdb database).
    I was able to get my application to work properly on my PC: WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL, VERSION 2002, SERVICE PACK 3 and Msjet40.dll ver. 4.0.9511.0 (Windows XP SP3 and Security Bullettin MS08-028).
    The same connectivity toolkit seems to have problems (although I didn't get any error dialog) on a laptop with WINDOWS VISTA ULTIMATE, SERVICE PACK 2 and Msjet40.dll ver. 4.0.9755.0.
    Does anyone have an idea whether it is a sort of compatibility issue or a different thing?
    Would it be possible to include my DLLs into the installer in such a way LabVIEW application calls those DLLs instead of the ones it finds on the host PC?
    Thanks a lot. Any suggestion or advice very welcome and appreciated.

    I ran into this with Windows7 64 but, could not get the jet 4.0 to work.  Endnd up dumping access and used sql server express, its free, and all my code worked fine, just used a different UDL to connect.  I wasted lots of time trying to find a way of getting the jet4.0 to work with 64bit windows.
    Paul Falkenstein
    Coleman Technologies Inc.
    CLA, CPI, AIA-Vision
    Labview 4.0- 2013, RT, Vision, FPGA

  • StarCam 370i Problems With Windows Vista

    Hi! I'm new to this forum. I've been reading the topics and I haven't found anything about the compatibility problems that the StarCam 370i has in Windows Vista. I'm using the RC1 5600 version.
    Is there any driver or anything I could do to install the camera? I receive this error that says there's not enough storage available to complete the operation, when there's obviously enough space in my hard disk.
    Any ideas?

    you'll need  to wait until MSI release a Vista-compatible driver

  • IPod nano installation problems with Windows Vista

    I purchased an iPod nano today and have not been able to install iTunes. There are instructions for Windows XP but not much help for Vista. As of right now I am very unhappy with my purchase and if I can't get help soon I am going to return it. I have heard so many good things about iPods but I haven't had any good experiences yet. Please help!!
    HP E6400   Windows Vista  
    HP E6400   Windows Vista  

    I, too, just bought my first ipod and have Windows Vista. I purchased songs through iTunes and tried to drag them to my ipod icon, but it said that I was not authorized on this computer! I called tech support for HP and they said it's a compatibility issue and to contact Apple about it to fix it. Before I do so, I am checking here first, just hoping there would be a really easy fix for this problem. I'm regretting getting Windows Vista now for many reasons, this being the latest. Any advice?
    HP Pavilion Notebooj   Windows Vista   2 GB ipod Nano

  • Sound Problems with Windows Vista

    Ever since I installed Windows Vista onto my MBP, the sound has not worked properly. Can someone please help me with this, it doesn't recognize my sound card and I do not know what to do. Someone please help me.
    Thanks A Lot,
    Dawn Holubiak

    I am interested by your following answer:
    All you have to do is reinsert your Mac Windows Drivers CD and open it up (NOT TO INSTALL EVERYTHING AGAIN) but so you can individually choose which items to install. Scroll to SigmaTech Audio and just install that and POOF you have sound!
    What do you call the Mac Windows Drivers CD?
    I have installed parralell in order to run Vista on my MBP and indeed having some problems with the quality of the sound so happy to learn how to fix it. Thanks for yur help.

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