Problems with Skin Retouching Actions pack

Hello everyone and sorry for my bad English. I need some help if possible: I bought and downloaded Skin Retouching Actions (I have C6S on Mac) but I can not install it in Photoshop with the Extensions Manager. 
When I try to open the action pack I get this message "An unexpected error occurred while trying to verify this extension."
I kindly ask if there is a way to install it manually? Or in another way...
I hope to solve the problem. Any suggestion is welcome.Thanks!

That is unusual Axel. I just tested it again to make sure it was working ok but I had no difficulties using that build of Extension Manager CS6 (see below).
The only way to get hold of the actions would be to email the producer for them and they can send them to you. Their email address is: [email protected] Please let us know if you hold of them ok.

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    Direct link to (send the author a PayPal donation if you like his program)
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  • Problem with skin for server side buttons.

    I have a problem with the skin for server side renderd buttons.
    In my CSS file I have :
    JPG files in project are in dir "public_html/skins/images".
    In WAR file,the JPG files are in "/skins/images" directory.
    Skin configuration is correct because other settings from CSS
    file are functioning fine after deploying.
    But buttons are standard browser buttons and are not taking the images i have used.
    In document provided by Oracle it says:
    (Note: These icons must be specified using either context-image or
    resource-image icons. Text-based icons are not allowed.)
    I am nt able to understand what this means?

    Perhaps this thread will help.
    JSF Skining Button Images
    The doc should say whether or not the width/height is a requirement. But since it doesn't mention it, try adding a width and height.
    - Jeanne

  • Problem with sub-screen actions on Cancel button

    Hi all,
    I have a problem with sub-screen.
    I created a subscreen (screen sequence in MM01/MM02/MM03). When users leave this screen, I call POPUP_TO_CONFIRM to ask if they want to save the data.
    1) My goal is: when they choose Cancel, no actions are performed and users will see the current screen. However, I cannot use command: SET SCREEN 0 or LEAVE TO SCREEN 0 because the system gives an error message:
    *SET SCREEN not allowed in subscreens*.
    2) How can we determine when the user leaves the screen? which value of SY-UCOMM will be used to check this?
    Thanks in advance.

    for dis SET SCREEN is not required.
    Consider d code given below as n eg:
          titlebar              = 'SAVE'
          text_question         = 'SOME _QUS'
          text_button_1         = 'YES'
          text_button_2         = 'NO'
          default_button        = '2'
          display_cancel_button = ' '
          answer                = l_ans
          text_not_found        = 1
          OTHERS                = 2.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        MESSAGE e066.
    IF l_ans EQ '1'.    " when yes is pressed
       MODIFY db.
       commit work.
       leave program.
    ELSEIF l_ans EQ '2'.  "when no is pressed
        leave program.
    ELSE.     " when cancel is pressed
    In above module when Yes is pressed it saves data den leave prog.
    As no action is specified for cancel button it will remain on that screen only from which popup is called, in this way ur problem can be solved.
    Reward properly.

  • Problem with skin in a server

    I've created a skin for my project.. It works fine in embedded OC4J server. But when I deployed it on JBOSS server, my buttons' icons don't show... by the way and tree components' icons are hidden,.. instead oracle provides the default ones instead.. Where could be the problem?

    since all of your images don' show it seems either to be a general issue with images or a problem within your access path to the images. Lets continue this on your thread about buttons, which I asked a developer to have a look at.
    JBoss and buttons problem

  • Problem with SQL Query Action

    I have a problem in using transactions with SQL Querys.
    I developed a TA based an SQL Querys against a MS SQL Server by using the jtds driver.
    After execution of the sql query I iterate through the result data by using the repeater action on the xMII XML results of the query. Using the jtds driver all table and field names are in lower case letters.
    Now I changed the data server to test it with oracle to an oracle database by using the oracle jdbc driver. The database and tables on both Oracle and MS are created with the same sql script.
    The oracle driver returns table and field names in only capital letters. So the created transaction can not be used. Because it for example accesses the node "type" in the XML structure which is fine for jtds. But when oracle is used, the node has the name "TYPE", so the TA tries to use node type but there is only node TYPE that causes the TA to run into an error.
    Anyone has an idea how to avoid / solve this problem?

    That's exactly what I used as solution now.
    Instead of doing
    "select fieldname from tablename"
    I do now
    "select fieldname as "fieldname" from tablename"
    So both in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server the returned field names of the query are in lower case letters.
    Thank you for your help.
    Regards Timo

  • Problem with undo/redo actions in a StyledDocument

    In my app i have a text area where each user can keep some notes.The document is serialized and saved in the database for later access as StyledDocument, in order to be saved with the formating the user has chosen(for example with certain fonts,text color and size).
    What i want to do now is to give to the user the ability to undo/redo his actions. I have these methods implemented and everything worked fine when i was saving and loading simple text in my JTextPane (previously i was saving in the database what user typed as a simple string which meant that the formatting was lost). Now, after loading styled document (using the textPane.setStyledDocument(doc) code line) these actions do not work.
    Are there any suggestions on how i can make this work? Is it possible?
    I hope i made my problem clear enough
    Thanks in advance

    Seem like I found the answer to my issue: enhancements
    Undo/Redo enhancements
    All undo/redo actions are recorded at the HTML file-level. This means, any manual changes to a CSS file can be undone from ANY related file.
    Someone called it Undo/Redo enhancements!? Damn this is the most stupid thing one can imagine about undo/redo! How the heck editing one source file affects the other!? Do whatever you want in Designer mode, but I'm editing SOURCE CODE and need to be able to undo/redo my actions on a file level.
    With this change TextEdit or Notepad becomes a more suitable tool for editing HTML/CSS than Dreamweaver.

  • Problem with invoking an Action in a Menu...

    I wanted to make a program that would create a box of rectangles and have each rectangle change color when clicked.
    I want the user to be able to decide which color you want the rectangle to be. I put choices in a menu.
    However whenever an option is selected from the menu, I get exceptions:
    Exception occurred during event dispatching:
    at ShapeTest$ColorAction$
    at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    The code is displayed below. Am I missing something with the Swing thread? Please help.
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.geom.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    // This Rectangle knows it's particular color
    class ColorRectangle extends Rectangle2D.Float
       private Color color;
       public ColorRectangle( float x, float y, float w, float h, Color c )
          super( x, y, w, h );
          color = c;
       public ColorRectangle( float x, float y, float w, float h)
          super( x, y, w, h );
          color = Color.white;
       public void setColor( Color c )
          color = c;
       public Color getColor()
          return color;
    } // end ColorRectangle class
       This is the main frame.
    public class ShapeTest extends JFrame
       private ShapeTestPanel panel;
       public ShapeTest()
          setTitle( "ShapeTest" );
          setSize( 500, 500 );
          setDefaultCloseOperation( EXIT_ON_CLOSE );
          JPanel panel = new ShapeTestPanel();
          Container cp = getContentPane();
          cp.add( panel, BorderLayout.CENTER );
          // Set up the menu
          JMenuBar mb = new JMenuBar();
          JMenu mColor = new JMenu( "Color" );
          mColor.setMnemonic( KeyEvent.VK_C );
          // Adding the actions to the menu
          mColor.add( new ColorAction("Blue",, KeyEvent.VK_B) );
          mColor.add( new ColorAction("Green",, KeyEvent.VK_G) );
          mColor.add( new ColorAction("Red",, KeyEvent.VK_R) );
          mColor.add( new ColorAction("White", Color.white, KeyEvent.VK_W) );
          mb.add( mColor );
          setJMenuBar( mb );
       } // end ShapeTest constructor
       public static void main( String [] args )
          JFrame frame = new ShapeTest();
          frame.setVisible( true );
          This action inner class will be added to the menu to change the main color
          of the panel.
       class ColorAction extends AbstractAction
          private Color color;
          private ColorThread thread; // this is used to change panel color
          public ColorAction( String name, Color c, int keyEvent )
             putValue( NAME, name );
             putValue( MNEMONIC_KEY, new Integer(keyEvent) );
             color = c;
             thread = new ColorThread();
             Here I want to change the main color of the panel, so that
                clicking on a rectangle will now display a different color.
          public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent evt )
                I tried to just call the function panel.setMainColor( color ).
                I tried to make the mainColor variable public and access it.
                I tried to use SwingUtilities.invokeLater( thread ).
                I tried to use SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait( thread );
                SwingUtilities.invokeLater( thread );
             catch ( Exception ex )
                System.out.println( ex );
          } // end actionPerformed( evt )
          // Inner class of an inner class
          class ColorThread extends Thread
             public void run()
                panel.setMainColor( color );
                // panel is a member of the frame.
          } // end ColorThread class
       } // end ColorAction class
    } // end ShapeTest class
    class ShapeTestPanel extends JPanel
       private Rectangle2D bigRect; // the outer rectangle
       private ColorRectangle [][] araRects; // the inner rectangles
       public Color mainColor =; // will change inner rectangle
                                            //   color on mouseClicked
       public ShapeTestPanel()
          int x = 10;
          int y = 10;
          // Make the outer rectangle
          bigRect = new Rectangle2D.Double( x, y, 401, 401 );
          // Make the inner rectangles
          araRects = new ColorRectangle [4][4];
          int i, j;
          for ( x = 11, i = 0; i < araRects.length; i++, x += 100 )
             for ( y = 11, j = 0; j < araRects.length; j++, y += 100 )
    araRects[i][j] = new ColorRectangle( x, y, 99, 99 );
    addMouseListener( new ShapeTestMouseListener() );
    } // end ShapeTestPanel constructor
    // This will change the main color for clicking
    public void setMainColor( Color c )
    mainColor = c;
    // Draw the outer rectangle and the inner rectangles in the right color
    public void paintComponent( Graphics g )
    super.paintComponent( g );
    Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D)g;
    g2.draw( bigRect );
    for ( int i = araRects.length - 1; i > -1; i-- )
    for ( int j = araRects[i].length - 1; j > -1; j-- )
    g2.setPaint( );
    g2.draw( araRects[i][j] );
    g2.setPaint( araRects[i][j].getColor() );
    g2.fill( araRects[i][j] );
    } // end paintComponent( Graphics g )
    // I want the color to change when someone clicks on a rectangle
    class ShapeTestMouseListener extends MouseAdapter
    public void mouseClicked( MouseEvent evt )
    Point p = evt.getPoint();
    for ( int i = araRects.length - 1; i > -1; i-- )
    for ( int j = araRects[i].length - 1; j > -1; j-- )
    if ( araRects[i][j].contains(p) )
    araRects[i][j].setColor( mainColor );
    } // mouseClicked( MouseEvent )
    } // end ShapeTestMouseListener class
    } // end ShapeTestPanel

    replace the following line
    JPanel panel = new ShapeTestPanel();
    this.panel = new ShapeTestPanel(); in the ShpaeTest constructor

  • I am having a problem with skins

    I have tried to add different types of skins, not changing anything. However, the only thing that appears like the skin I have chosen is the Contents panel. Other navigation appears on grey tabs. Also the Search Tab just shows the alphabet with all kinds of numbers below. I know I'm doing something wrong, but just can't figure out what.

    No, went back and check just to be sure. I didn't check anything in that area.

  • Problem with a button action

    Hi guys. I am trying to build my first website and I
    follow the instructions of a videotutorial of flash 8. But in the
    second step (Making it work the buttons) when I had tried to add
    action to my selected button, appear a message like this....Cannot
    add actions to this selection (translated from spanish) Why?...Is a
    conflict between versions 8 and CS3? Please help to fix and learn
    Know How?

    I'm a newbie to Flash, and I ran into this same issue with
    not being able to add actionscript to a button in 3.0. So I clicked
    Settings and changed the version to 2.0 in order to do it, and it
    worked fine. My only concern is - if you create a file in v3.0,
    then switch it to v2.0 midstream, will this cause any issues later
    with the file? Have you run into this? Thanks much!

  • Problem with an advanced action

    I created an advanced action which i applied to a button. once you click the button it's should reveal a text box...which it does, and apply an effect to an image. problem is, it's applying the effect before you even click on the button.
    Are you able to apply effects using a button?

    It's very possible.  Just work the step into the advanced action similar to the below:

  • Problem with PDF table Action Block

    Dear All,
    I am generatin PDF document using xMII PDF Action block.
    I am required to display output of my query in PDF Table.
    When my query returns multiple rows data is properly displayed in PDF table.But when my query returns just single row I am unable to see anything in my PDF document.
    After working on this for sometime I understood that we are required to give caption for the PDF table to see data populated in it for single row result.
    Is this the case?Without giving caption to PDF table will data not get displayed in PDF document for single row output?
    Can anyone please help me out with this?

    With Blank caption I am able to see the data, but I get a blank row above my table.This is what I do not want.I want to remove that blank row.
    Can you please suggest how can we do this

  • ADF TUTORIAL: PROBLEMS WITH "Export Collection Action Listener"

    hello all,
    windows xp
    firefox 3.6.13
    tutorial: Developing Ajax-Based User Interfaces with JSF: An Introduction to ADF Faces Rich Client Components
    mainstep: "working with menus"
    substep: number 5 "add collection action listener"
    until the step "working with menus" works everthing fine. after i added the collection action listener and saved my work, the webapplication will not open. i see only a blank page and no error message.
    when i delete the action listener works everything fine again.
    how can i fix this issue? thx to everyone.
    best regards

    I'm not sure if this is going to help anyone , but if you're stuck at that point of the tutorial , try to drop the "Export Collection Action Listener" onto the menuItem "Export To Excel" not under it;
    So the xml under the source tab should look something like this :
    <f:facet name="menus">
    <af:menu text="My Options" id="m2" detachable="true">
    <af:commandMenuItem text="Export To Excel" id="cmi1">
    <af:exportCollectionActionListener type="excelHTML"
    <af:commandMenuItem text="Show Specials" id="cmi2">
    <af:showPopupBehavior popupId=":::p1"/>
    Hope this helped somebody .

  • Problems with Skin display and publish options on FrameMaker 12

    Customising the FrameMaker output for web help is proving problematic.
    1. Here's the first issue - The Online FrameMaker help says the following:
    "You can also import WebHelp or compressed WebHelp skins defined in .skn or .zkn files, respectively. To import a skin, click Import and then select the .skn or .zkn file from the file system."   (see Adobe FrameMaker 12 * Customizing output specific settings)
    However, when importing a skin (publish settings > custom > outputs >navigation > skin selection > import), the  Import option only enables a file of type *.skn and not the compressed *.zkn.
    2.  Second issue - The customised skin is not picked up correctly in the Webhelp output.
    To be specific, the required graphic elements have not been copied over from the customised skin. The only way round this is to manually copy over the graphic skin files to the output folder and then refresh the help output. The graphics appear, but unfortunately the skin still does not display 100% correctly.
    3. Third issue. To create the customised skin, I had to create a new RoboHelp project and then create a new skin from one of the available skin galleries. Preview and generating the RoboHelp project displays the Skin correctly. Unfortunately, when using in FrameMaker, the skin does not display correctly.
    4th issue - inaccurate information in the online help regarding the ISF import options.
    The FM online help says the following:
    Important:  When you import an ISF file, the RoboHelp settings included in the file overwrite the corresponding FrameMaker STS file settings.
    To import an ISF file:
    In the Publish dialog, click the Settings button and choose Import ISF File.
    In the Select ISF File dialog, choose the settings file.
    Where's this option? There's no ISF import option on my version of FrameMaker???!!!

    In FM, Help > Updates... and configure your Update Application Manager on how often to check and how to handle updates. Or manually go the update page kisted on the main FM Forum Overview pagefor a manually download and install. You have to install the two patches in order to get up to the 12.0.2 version.

  • Problem with components after action performed

    I am using JPanel in my JApplets and with that I am communicating the data between the my Applets (both r running in same page)I can recv my data but with that I want to add some components to the JPanel . I tried with methods repaint() update(Graphics) . still I can't achive wat I am X-pecting can any of u help me .

    I am told that the correct answer is to call
    repaint(); Certainly revalidate on its own does not work for me.

Maybe you are looking for