Process Order API -Reason for change either not provided ...

I'm calling Process Order API to update shipped_quantity for a RMA receipt. Nothing has changed about this code but now I am getting :
"The reason for this change is either not provided or invalid. (OBJECT=ORDER) "
We installed a patch last weekend to speed up Ship Confirms I wonder if we went backwards in OM. Any suggestions ???
Process Order code snipet:
l_header_rec.header_id := p_header_id;
l_header_rec.operation := oe_globals.g_opr_update;
l_line_tbl(1) := OE_ORDER_PUB.G_MISS_LINE_REC;
l_line_tbl(1).line_id := p_line_id;
l_line_tbl(1).shipped_quantity := p_rec_qty;
l_line_tbl(1).shipping_quantity_uom := 'EA';
l_line_tbl(1).flow_status_code := 'RETURNED';
l_line_tbl(1).operation := oe_globals.g_opr_update;
Call Process_Order
p_api_version_number => 1

Please review the documentation about process order API as there are several things you might want to revisit about this call to process order:
Following are my observations:
- you are updating shipped quantity. I think this field shoud not be updated using the API. As it shoudl be updated by a process(shipping process)
-You are also trying to update the flow_status_code. This field is also not supposed to be updated.
My suggestion is that you try to follow the same process step by step that one should follow to update the shipped_quantity on RMA order. (e.g. receiving the item against the order using inventory api's or probably shipping the order line using the shipping api's). I am afraid, using the given code you might create data discrepancy.
Hope this helps,
Nitin Darji

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  • Process Order API not initiating PO Acknowledgment Transaction.

    I have set up a Customer as trading partner in XML Gateway, taking care that the primary Sold To site is used for set up in XML Gateway. When i am creating orders using API, it is not triggering the Purchase Order Acknowledgment transaction.
    Does API support calling POA transaction ?

    All of order processing in order management is done using a private version of the process order API. (i.e the OE_PROCESS_ORDER_PVT package.) Hence, it will not matter to the PO acknowledgment transaction, how you create the order. The acknowledgment should get created. POAO is the transaction for the EDI acknowledgment (US: EDI 855 document)
    Do you see the "_ACK" tables getting populated with acknowledgment data? If yes, you will need to investigate the extraction program for POAO. If not, you will need to investigate in OM.
    Hope this helps.

  • Reason for change of Infotype Based on Company Code

    Hi Experts,
    I have a requirement where I need to restrict the F4 HELP in
    PA30 Transaction for the infotype 15  based on company code for the field reason for chagne.
    I know that reason for change of infotype are maintained in the table T530E.
    But can this be restricited through SPRO configuration.
    Thanks in Advance.

    It's possible to change the search helps with a search help exit.
    Take a look in SE11 for search help H_T530E.
    Search help exit
    A search help exit is a function module for making the input help process described by the search help more flexible than possible with the standard version.
    This function module must have the same interface as function module F4IF_SHLP_EXIT_EXAMPLE. The search help exit may also have further optional parameters (in particular any EXPORTING parameters).
    A search help exit is called at certain timepoints in the input help process.
    Note: The source text and long documentation of the above-specified function module (including the long documentation about the parameters) contain information about using search help exits.
    Function modules are provided in the function library for operations that are frequently executed in search help exits. The names of these function modules begin with the prefix F4UT_. These function modules can either be used directly as search help exits or used within other search help exits. You can find precise instructions for use in the long documentation for the corresponding function module.

  • Process Order API errors - Urgent

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement that involves importing booked orders from CSV file to Oracle using process order API. I am using the API for the first time and I am getting the following errors:
    ERROR WHILE BOOKING ORDER 3. Validation failed for the field - Bill To3. Validation failed for the field - Order Type3. The flexfield on this field contains a flexfield bind variable with a :BLOCK.FIELD reference. This prohibits operation in the mode that optimizes performance over a wide-area network.
    To continue using this form, have the system administrator either rem
    I am not sure where to begin with. I am sure that I am passing the correct value of Bill To Address ID of the distributor since I am able to create the order from front end. I am not sure why the bill to address ID failed. I am clueless about the rest of the two errors.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Hi Sudheer,
    We believe the issue is with the Data which you want to load in APPS is not matching with the setup.. For example you are getting error for order type which is basically Sales order transaction type and its a mismatch between system defined value and conversion data file.
    You are having the issues b'coz mismatch between setup and data which you want to bring to Apps through API or different method of conversion.
    In your case you need to check custmer bill to site, SO trx type (Order type for both Header & Line) of your conversion file.
    When you create Order from front end, Order type basically pick values from trx type LOV defined for the site in setups. Simillarly when you mention a customer name sysem again check the customer details of that particular customer like bill to, Ship to sites etc...
    Hope above explanaion will help.
    Regards, :)
    S.P DASH

  • Why no freight record exist in OE_PRICE_ADJUSTMENTS after process order api

    Hi experts,
    I have this procedure to call process order api to copy exist line then create line and also copy existing freight charges and create freight charges. But, the procedure only can create new line, but i can't see the freight charge to be created in OE_PRICE_ADJUSTMENT.
    can anyone advice what's wrong in my coding? I have Lygine my changes.
    PROCEDURE create_line
        p_header_id            IN NUMBER,
        p_old_line_id          IN NUMBER,
        p_qty                  IN NUMBER,
        p_item                 IN VARCHAR2,
        p_inventory_item_id    IN NUMBER,
        p_organization_id      IN NUMBER, -- 51305
        p_subinventory         IN VARCHAR2,
        p_schedule_date        IN DATE,
        p_freight_carrier_code IN VARCHAR2,
        p_shipping_method_code IN VARCHAR2,
        p_freight_terms_code   IN VARCHAR2,
        p_new_line_id          OUT NUMBER,
        p_new_order_line       OUT VARCHAR2,
        p_return_code          OUT NUMBER,
        p_return_message       OUT VARCHAR2
      ) IS
        l_pkg  VARCHAR2(60) := 'seaoe_partsub.create_line';
        l_opn  VARCHAR2(10) := 'Create';
        l_stmt VARCHAR2(500);
        l_org_id       NUMBER := fnd_global.org_id;
        l_user_id      NUMBER := nvl(fnd_global.user_id, -1);
        l_resp_id      NUMBER := nvl(fnd_global.resp_id, 21623);
        l_resp_appl_id NUMBER := nvl(fnd_global.resp_appl_id, 660);
        -- Variables for process order API
        l_header_rec     oe_order_pub.header_rec_type;
        l_line_tbl       oe_order_pub.line_tbl_type;
        l_action_request oe_order_pub.request_tbl_type;
        l_return_status VARCHAR2(50);
        l_msg_count     NUMBER;
        l_msg_data      VARCHAR2(5000);
        l_msg_index_out NUMBER;
        l_result        VARCHAR2(2000); -- Added 06-Dec-2005
        l_short_msg VARCHAR2(250); --limit l_err_msg to size 250
        p_api_version_number NUMBER := 1.0;
        p_init_msg_list      VARCHAR2(10) := fnd_api.g_false;
        p_return_values      VARCHAR2(10) := fnd_api.g_false;
        p_action_commit      VARCHAR2(10) := fnd_api.g_false;
        p_action_request_tbl oe_order_pub.request_tbl_type;
        x_return_status          VARCHAR2(1);
        x_msg_count              NUMBER;
        x_msg_data               VARCHAR2(100);
        x_header_val_rec         oe_order_pub.header_val_rec_type;
        x_header_adj_tbl         oe_order_pub.header_adj_tbl_type;
        x_header_adj_val_tbl     oe_order_pub.header_adj_val_tbl_type;
        x_header_price_att_tbl   oe_order_pub.header_price_att_tbl_type;
        x_header_adj_att_tbl     oe_order_pub.header_adj_att_tbl_type;
        x_header_adj_assoc_tbl   oe_order_pub.header_adj_assoc_tbl_type;
        x_header_scredit_tbl     oe_order_pub.header_scredit_tbl_type;
        x_header_scredit_val_tbl oe_order_pub.header_scredit_val_tbl_type;
        x_line_tbl               oe_order_pub.line_tbl_type;
        x_line_val_tbl           oe_order_pub.line_val_tbl_type;
        x_line_adj_tbl           oe_order_pub.line_adj_tbl_type;
        x_line_adj_val_tbl       oe_order_pub.line_adj_val_tbl_type;
        x_line_price_att_tbl     oe_order_pub.line_price_att_tbl_type;
        x_line_adj_att_tbl       oe_order_pub.line_adj_att_tbl_type;
        x_line_adj_assoc_tbl     oe_order_pub.line_adj_assoc_tbl_type;
        x_line_scredit_tbl       oe_order_pub.line_scredit_tbl_type;
        x_line_scredit_val_tbl   oe_order_pub.line_scredit_val_tbl_type;
        x_lot_serial_tbl         oe_order_pub.lot_serial_tbl_type;
        x_lot_serial_val_tbl     oe_order_pub.lot_serial_val_tbl_type;
        -- Cursor to get old line
        --Add all Attribute, Industry_Attribute and TP_Attribute,Rex, 15JUL2010
        CURSOR line_cur IS
          SELECT invoice_to_org_id,
            FROM oe_order_lines_all
           WHERE line_id = p_old_line_id;
        -- Start Added on 06-Dec-2005
        CURSOR hold_cur
          cp_header_id NUMBER,
          cp_line_id   NUMBER
        ) IS
          SELECT ohd.hold_id
            FROM oe_hold_definitions ohd,
                 oe_hold_sources_all ohs,
                 oe_order_holds_all  ooh
           WHERE ooh.header_id = cp_header_id
             AND nvl(ooh.line_id, -1) = nvl(cp_line_id, -1)
             AND ooh.hold_source_id = ohs.hold_source_id
             AND ohs.hold_id = ohd.hold_id
             AND ooh.released_flag = 'N'
             AND ohd.hold_id != seaoe_defaults_pkg.get_wait_for_cms_hold;
        -- End Added on 06-Dec-2005
         CURSOR  warranty_cur IS -- Lygine 09-Dec-2011
           SELECT list_header_id, list_line_id,
                 list_line_type_code, change_reason_code, change_reason_text, operand,
                 arithmetic_operator, modifier_level_code, charge_type_code, context,
          WHERE list_line_type_code = 'FREIGHT_CHARGE'
          AND   automatic_flag = 'N'
          AND   line_id = p_old_line_id
          AND   header_id = p_header_id;
          l_line_adj_tbl oe_order_pub.line_adj_tbl_type; -- Lygine 09-Dec-2011
        p_return_code    := 0; -- 0 is success --1 is fail
        p_return_message := 'Entered create_line sub proc.';
        -- FND application initializes --
        -- Varariables for FND_GLOBAL.APPS_INITIALIZE
        -- Assign 11i id to the variables in order to
        -- Get_Order_Number when process order API if
        -- script is running from SQL prompt.
        -- Note:
        -- If running from SQL prompt without submitting via concurrent program,
        -- these function return -1 which is not able to get Sequence Number profile setting.
        -- Thus, these values are pass-in as parameters
        fnd_global.apps_initialize(user_id      => l_user_id,
                                   resp_id      => l_resp_id,
                                   resp_appl_id => l_resp_appl_id);
        -- Initialization --
        l_header_rec := oe_order_pub.g_miss_header_rec;
        l_line_tbl(1) := oe_order_pub.g_miss_line_rec;
        *l_line_adj_tbl(1):= oe_order_pub.g_miss_line_adj_rec; -- Lygine 09-Dec-2011*
        -- Populate line table --
        FOR line_rec IN line_cur
          l_line_tbl(1).header_id := p_header_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).inventory_item_id := p_inventory_item_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).invoice_to_org_id := line_rec.invoice_to_org_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).price_list_id := line_rec.price_list_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).payment_term_id := line_rec.payment_term_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).schedule_ship_date := p_schedule_date;
          l_line_tbl(1).ship_to_org_id := line_rec.ship_to_org_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).sold_to_org_id := line_rec.sold_to_org_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute1 := line_rec.attribute1;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute10 := line_rec.attribute10;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute11 := line_rec.attribute11;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute12 := NULL;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute13 := NULL;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute14 := NULL;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute15 := line_rec.attribute15;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute2 := line_rec.attribute2;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute3 := line_rec.attribute3;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute4 := line_rec.attribute4;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute5 := line_rec.attribute5;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute6 := line_rec.attribute6;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute7 := line_rec.attribute7;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute8 := line_rec.attribute8;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute9 := line_rec.attribute9;
          --Add the left Attribute16..20 by Rex, 15Jul2010
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute16 := line_rec.attribute16;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute17 := line_rec.attribute17;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute18 := line_rec.attribute18;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute19 := line_rec.attribute19;
          l_line_tbl(1).attribute20 := line_rec.attribute20;
          --Add Industry_Attribute and TP_Attribute By Rex, 15JUL2010
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute1 := line_rec.industry_attribute1;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute2 := line_rec.industry_attribute2;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute3 := line_rec.industry_attribute3;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute4 := line_rec.industry_attribute4;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute6 := line_rec.industry_attribute5;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute6 := line_rec.industry_attribute6;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute7 := line_rec.industry_attribute7;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute8 := line_rec.industry_attribute8;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute9 := line_rec.industry_attribute9;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute10 := line_rec.industry_attribute10;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute11 := line_rec.industry_attribute11;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute12 := line_rec.industry_attribute12;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute13 := line_rec.industry_attribute13;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute14 := line_rec.industry_attribute14;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute15 := line_rec.industry_attribute15;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute16 := line_rec.industry_attribute16;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute17 := line_rec.industry_attribute17;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute18 := line_rec.industry_attribute18;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute19 := line_rec.industry_attribute19;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute20 := line_rec.industry_attribute20;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute21 := line_rec.industry_attribute21;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute22 := line_rec.industry_attribute22;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute23 := line_rec.industry_attribute23;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute24 := line_rec.industry_attribute24;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute25 := line_rec.industry_attribute25;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute26 := line_rec.industry_attribute26;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute27 := line_rec.industry_attribute27;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute28 := line_rec.industry_attribute28;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute29 := line_rec.industry_attribute29;
          l_line_tbl(1).industry_attribute30 := line_rec.industry_attribute30;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute1 := line_rec.tp_attribute1;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute2 := line_rec.tp_attribute2;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute3 := line_rec.tp_attribute3;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute4 := line_rec.tp_attribute4;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute5 := line_rec.tp_attribute5;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute6 := line_rec.tp_attribute6;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute7 := line_rec.tp_attribute7;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute8 := line_rec.tp_attribute8;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute9 := line_rec.tp_attribute9;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute10 := line_rec.tp_attribute10;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute11 := line_rec.tp_attribute11;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute12 := line_rec.tp_attribute12;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute13 := line_rec.tp_attribute13;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute14 := line_rec.tp_attribute14;
          l_line_tbl(1).tp_attribute15 := line_rec.tp_attribute15;
          l_line_tbl(1).customer_line_number := line_rec.customer_line_number;
          l_line_tbl(1).global_attribute2 := p_old_line_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).cancelled_flag := 'N';
          l_line_tbl(1).created_by := l_user_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).creation_date := SYSDATE;
          l_line_tbl(1).last_updated_by := l_user_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).last_update_date := SYSDATE;
          l_line_tbl(1).fob_point_code := line_rec.fob_point_code;
          l_line_tbl(1).freight_carrier_code := nvl(p_freight_carrier_code,
          l_line_tbl(1).freight_terms_code := nvl(p_freight_terms_code,
          l_line_tbl(1).ordered_item := p_item;
          l_line_tbl(1).line_type_id := line_rec.line_type_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).open_flag := 'Y';
          l_line_tbl(1).ordered_quantity := p_qty;
          l_line_tbl(1).order_quantity_uom := line_rec.order_quantity_uom;
          l_line_tbl(1).org_id := line_rec.org_id;
          l_line_tbl(1).orig_sys_document_ref := line_rec.orig_sys_document_ref;
          l_line_tbl(1).orig_sys_line_ref := line_rec.orig_sys_line_ref;
          l_line_tbl(1).pricing_quantity := p_qty;
          l_line_tbl(1).pricing_quantity_uom := line_rec.pricing_quantity_uom;
          l_line_tbl(1).request_date := line_rec.request_date;
          l_line_tbl(1).shipping_method_code := nvl(p_shipping_method_code,
          --        l_line_tbl(1).ship_from_org_id          :=  line_rec.ship_from_org_id;  -- 51305
          l_line_tbl(1).ship_from_org_id := p_organization_id; -- 51305
          l_line_tbl(1).sold_from_org_id := line_rec.sold_from_org_id;
          --commented for OF-OMAS TD#474 Part Substitution GST Tax, 4 Aug 2008 - Rex Qian
          --l_line_tbl(1).tax_code                  :=  line_rec.tax_code;
          --l_line_tbl(1).tax_date                  :=  line_rec.tax_date;
          --l_line_tbl(1).tax_exempt_flag         :=  line_rec.tax_exempt_flag;
          --l_line_tbl(1).tax_exempt_number         :=  line_rec.tax_exempt_number;
          --l_line_tbl(1).tax_exempt_reason_code  :=  line_rec.tax_exempt_reason_code;
          l_line_tbl(1).unit_list_price := line_rec.unit_list_price;
          l_line_tbl(1).unit_selling_price := line_rec.unit_selling_price;
          l_line_tbl(1).shipping_instructions := line_rec.shipping_instructions;
          l_line_tbl(1).packing_instructions := line_rec.packing_instructions;
          --        l_line_tbl(1).calculate_price_flag  :=  line_rec.calculate_price_flag;
          l_line_tbl(1).calculate_price_flag := 'N'; -- Added 06-Dec-2005
          l_line_tbl(1).subinventory := p_subinventory;
          l_line_tbl(1).operation := oe_globals.g_opr_create;
          l_line_tbl(1).shipment_priority_code := line_rec.shipment_priority_code;
        END LOOP; --for line_cur
        -- Lygine  09-Dec-2011
        -- Populate Extended Warranty Charge Line--
        *FOR warranty_rec IN warranty_cur LOOP*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).list_header_id := warranty_rec.list_header_id;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).list_line_id := warranty_rec.list_line_id;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).list_line_type_code := warranty_rec.list_line_type_code;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).change_reason_code := warranty_rec.change_reason_code;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).change_reason_text := warranty_rec.change_reason_text;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).operand := warranty_rec.operand;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).arithmetic_operator := warranty_rec.arithmetic_operator;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).modifier_level_code := warranty_rec.modifier_level_code;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).charge_type_code := warranty_rec.charge_type_code;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).context := warranty_rec.context;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).attribute1 := warranty_rec.attribute1;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).attribute2 := warranty_rec.attribute2;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).attribute3 := warranty_rec.attribute3;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).attribute4 := warranty_rec.attribute4;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).attribute5 := warranty_rec.attribute5;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).attribute6 := warranty_rec.attribute6;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).attribute7 := warranty_rec.attribute7;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).attribute8 := warranty_rec.attribute8;*
          *l_line_adj_tbl(1).attribute9 := warranty_rec.attribute9;*
        *END LOOP; -- for warranty_cur*
        -- Call Oracle standard API to process order             --
        -- Operation: Update - ordered_quantity on original line --
        oe_order_pub.process_order(p_api_version_number => 1.0,
                                   p_init_msg_list      => fnd_api.g_false,
                                   p_return_values      => fnd_api.g_false,
                                   p_action_commit      => fnd_api.g_false,
                                   x_return_status      => l_return_status,
                                   x_msg_count          => l_msg_count,
                                   x_msg_data           => l_msg_data,
                                   p_line_tbl           => l_line_tbl,
                                   *p_line_adj_tbl       => l_line_adj_tbl, -- Lygine 09-Dec-2011*
                                   p_action_request_tbl => l_action_request,
                                   -- Out paramters
                                   x_header_rec             => l_header_rec,
                                   x_header_val_rec         => x_header_val_rec,
                                   x_header_adj_tbl         => x_header_adj_tbl,
                                   x_header_adj_val_tbl     => x_header_adj_val_tbl,
                                   x_header_price_att_tbl   => x_header_price_att_tbl,
                                   x_header_adj_att_tbl     => x_header_adj_att_tbl,
                                   x_header_adj_assoc_tbl   => x_header_adj_assoc_tbl,
                                   x_header_scredit_tbl     => x_header_scredit_tbl,
                                   x_header_scredit_val_tbl => x_header_scredit_val_tbl,
                                   x_line_tbl               => l_line_tbl,
                                   x_line_val_tbl           => x_line_val_tbl,
                                   *x_line_adj_tbl           => l_line_adj_tbl,*
                                   x_line_adj_val_tbl       => x_line_adj_val_tbl,
                                   x_line_price_att_tbl     => x_line_price_att_tbl,
                                   x_line_adj_att_tbl       => x_line_adj_att_tbl,
                                   x_line_adj_assoc_tbl     => x_line_adj_assoc_tbl,
                                   x_line_scredit_tbl       => x_line_scredit_tbl,
                                   x_line_scredit_val_tbl   => x_line_scredit_val_tbl,
                                   x_lot_serial_tbl         => x_lot_serial_tbl,
                                   x_lot_serial_val_tbl     => x_lot_serial_val_tbl,
                                   x_action_request_tbl     => l_action_request);

    Hi all,
    is it need to put ...
    l_line_adj_tbl(1).operation := oe_globals.g_opr_create ?

  • Error while running Process Order API to import orders - URGENT HELP NEEDED

    Hi all,
    I'm stuck with order import using OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER api. Wanted to import a simple order in Vision database using the process order api. Figured out the right data to use, inserted into Headers and Lines Iface All tables. When calling the OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER api, it is throwing this error:
    "Header ID does not exist on this record or does not match ID specified on header record. You require a valid header ID if the operation is Create."
    But when I validate the same record using the CORRECTIONS form in Order Import GUI, the order is successfully validated. Also the order is imported when I click the IMPORT button.
    I understand that HEADER_ID column is not required for creating a new order, but not sure why it is erroring. Here is the data I'm using:
    Insert into oe_headers_iface_all
    (org_id, order_type_id, order_source_id, orig_sys_document_ref, ordered_date, request_date,
    sold_from_org_id, sold_to_org_id, ship_from_org_id, ship_to_org_id, invoice_to_org_id,
    values (204, 1430, 1046, '101040', sysdate, sysdate, 204, 1004, 606, 1018, 1017, 0, sysdate, 0, sysdate, 0, 'CREATE');
    Insert into oe_lines_iface_all
    (1046,'101040', '1', '1', 204, 'AS72111', 1427, sysdate, sysdate+1, 0, 10, 'Ea' ,204, 1004, 606, 1018, 1017,100,0,sysdate,0,sysdate,0,'CREATE');
    Any help is appreciated.
    FYI - this is a version installed on Windows 2003 server.
    Thanks in advance.

    I might be late in replying, but hope it might help.
    From your query it seems you are inserting records into interface tables and then calling process order API( probably from some PL/SQL block).
    This is where I am confused, because I hope you understand, that interface tables are for use with Order Import concurrent Program, and for Process ORder API, you need to provide the data as parameter. The api has, header record type and line table type as parameters. So you need to assign correct data to these variables and pass them as parameter when you are calling Process Order API.
    If you are doing the same thing, then post the exact pl/SQL code and error message from the API. That might help diagnose the issue.
    Nitin Darji

  • Issue in invoking process order API from SOA

    Hi All,
    I am working on creating sales order in oracle Apps from Oracle SOA using Apps Adapter.
    I have used OE_ORDER_PUB.Process order API to create the sales order.I am also sending the org_id,reponsibility,username properties in Invoke activity.
    When I invoke the API ,I am getiing SQL Exception- invalid name pattern.
    The error payload is as follows.
    <part name="summary">
    <summary>Exception occured when binding was invoked. Exception occured during invocation of JCA binding: "JCA Binding execute of Reference operation 'ESOA_SOprj' failed due to: Interaction processing error. Error while processing the execution of the APPS.XX_BPEL_ESOA_SOPRJ.OE_ORDER_PUB$PROCESS_ORDER API interaction. An error occurred while processing the interaction for invoking the APPS.XX_BPEL_ESOA_SOPRJ.OE_ORDER_PUB$PROCESS_ORDER API. *Cause: java.sql.SQLException: invalid name pattern: APPS.OE_ORDER_PUB_HEX54139X39X496 Check to ensure that the XML containing parameter data matches the parameter definitions in the XSD.* This exception is considered not retriable, likely due to a modelling mistake. To classify it as retriable instead add property nonRetriableErrorCodes with value "-17074" to your deployment descriptor (i.e. weblogic-ra.xml). To auto retry a retriable fault set these composite.xml properties for this invoke: jca.retry.interval, jca.retry.count, and jca.retry.backoff. All properties are integers. ". The invoked JCA adapter raised a resource exception. Please examine the above error message carefully to determine a resolution. </summary>
    <part name="detail">
    <detail>invalid name pattern: APPS.OE_ORDER_PUB_HEX54139X39X496</detail>
    <part name="code">
    I also checked the oracle Apps database where there is no error in APPS.OE_ORDER_PUB_HEX54139X39X496 object.
    Kindly give your suggestions.

    Did you get this to work?
    I checked the
    $INST_TOP/logs/ora/10.1.3/opmn/oafm_default_group_1/oafmstd.err file.
    Found the oracle.tip.adapter.db.sp.AbstractStoredProcedure execute was
    the next line was the
    <::Outbound><oracle.tip.adapter.db.sp.AbstractStoredProcedure execute> Bindings [P_ORG_ID=>NUMBER(null), P_OPERATING_UNIT=>VARCHAR2(null), P_API_VERSION_NUMBER=>NUMBER(1.0), ... long log details of the bind parameters....
    I search through to find the bindings which were P_HEADER_CUSTOMER_INFO_TBL=>APPS.OE_ORDER_PUB_CX54139X39X5692*(null)* but not allowable as null,
    then check the original SOAP request and added the blank parameter:
    So then it didn't come through "NULL" and the procedure got properly called.
    Causing an error:
    <::Outbound><oracle.tip.adapter.db.exceptions.DBExceptionHandler isRetriable> SQLState is 65000 (unknown) for java.sql.SQLException: ORA-06531: Reference to uninitialized collection
    ORA-06512: at line 1
    That's a nasty call parameter list and very easy to miss a parameter when cleaning up the SOAP XML request.  That's how i did it.  Hope this helps the next guy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Creating Sales Order with credit card using Process Order API

    Hi All,
    When trying to create sales order with payment type as Credit card using Order data storing into staging tables and then calling Order Import Concurrent Program. The order is being created in ENTERED state.
    While trying to passing the same details to Process Order API to create Sales Order, we are getting following error:
    Unable to set up a Credit Card Bank Account for the Customer.
    Credit Card information on the order is not valid.
    Why getting this error while using Process Order API.

    When using the API, are you trying to create the order as booked using the booked flag or the book action?  I would recommend using the action if you are not. To troubleshoot, I would try the API without booking and then use the following article to determine the issue:
    Unable To Setup A Credit Card Bank Account For The Customer. CC Information On The Order Is Not Valid (Doc ID 1450936.1)

  • Error in cancelling sales order line using process order API

    I have created a sales order which is in booked status. I want to cancel the order line . when I am running the concurrent request I am getting the following error message.I am using the process order API to perform this operation.
    API Error Message You are not allowed to update Inventory Item because:
    line has been booked
    API Error Message You are not allowed to update Line Type because:
    Line is Booked
    Can anyone help.

    What is the application release?
    What concurrent program you are running? Is it a custom or seeded one? And, what is the API name?
    Please see if these docs are applicable.
    Unable To Manual Mass Update Items For Multiple Booked Sales Order Lines [ID 887905.1]
    Cannot Update Ordered Item To Related Item On Booked Sales Order Line [ID 298796.1]

  • Releasing Holds using process order API in 11.5.8

    I am encountering a error when i try to release hold which has Criteria1 as Item and Criteria2 as Warehouse. When i try to release these kind of holds, i am getting the following error message 'Hold Source Not Found'. Please find part of the attached script.
    l_request_rec.entity_id := 32903577; -- Line_ID
    l_request_rec.entity_code := OE_GLOBALS.G_ENTITY_LINE;
    l_request_rec.request_type := OE_GLOBALS.G_RELEASE_HOLD;
    l_request_rec.param1 := 1341; -- HOLD_ID
    l_request_rec.param2 := 'I' ; -- ITEM_LEVEL HOLD
    l_request_rec.param3 := 432633; -- Inventory_item_id
    l_request_rec.param4 :='NOT_APPLICABLE';
    l_request_rec.param5 := NULL;
    l_action_request_tbl(1) := l_request_rec;
    The following information is available in oe_hold_sources_all table for this Order Line Hold
    HOLD_ID - 1341
    HOLD_ENTITY_ID - 432633 (Inventory_item_id)
    HOLD_ENTITY_ID2 - 86 (Organization_id)
    Please advise on how to pass values to the process order API so that the hold can be released.
    Appreciate your help.

    Not sure whether works in 11.5.8 version..but can you try this ...
    l_action_rec.operation_code = OE_Globals.G_RELEASE_HOLD;
         l_action_request_rec.param1 := 1341;-- l_action_rec.hold_id;
         l_action_request_rec.param2 := 'I'; --nvl(l_action_rec.hold_type_code,'O');
         l_action_request_rec.param3 := 32903577;-- nvl(l_action_rec.hold_type_id,
         l_action_request_rec.param4 :=&your_reason;-- l_action_rec.release_reason_code;
         l_action_request_rec.param5 := -&Your_comments; --l_action_rec.comments;
    l_action_request_tbl(1) := l_action_request_rec;

  • Unreservation Issue while SO line split using Process Order API

    We are facing unreservation issue in the parent line after sales order line split for partially reserved line scenario usiing oe_order_pub.process_order API in 11.5.10 instance.
    Standard Proces:
    Orlder line - 10 quantities
    Partially Reserved with 5 Quantities
    Splitting the SO line using Process order API
    Parent line with 5 quantities - Reserved
    Child Line with 5 quantities - Unreserved
    Our Issue
    Orlder line - 10 quantities
    Partially Reserved with 5 Quantities
    Splitting the SO line using Process order API
    Parent line with 5 quantities - Unreserved
    We are not facing this issue when try to split the SO line from the Appllication.
    Please find the script below which we are using for this line split scenario. The same script was working fine in our instance and not working after applying patch for Minimum Baseline Patch Requirements for Extended Support on Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 (Note 883202.1).
    I tried to find the differences between the APIs before and after patching and found these list of bug fixes in our API in the patched instances.
    Please help us in this issue.
    p_header_id NUMBER :=836084;-- Sales order header id
    p_line_id NUMBER :=2560509;-- sales order line id
    p_item_id NUMBER :=405477;--item id in sales order line
    p_ord_qty NUMBER :=5;-- Total ordered quantity
    p_reserv_qty NUMBER :=2;--partially reserved quantity
    ln_counter NUMBER := 0;
    lv_return_status VARCHAR2 (1);
    lv_msg_data VARCHAR2 (2000);
    ln_msg_count NUMBER := 0;
    ln_increment NUMBER := 0;
    ln_inv_item_id NUMBER;
    ln_list_line_id NUMBER;
    ln_service_duration NUMBER := 0;
    lv_duration_uom VARCHAR2 (10);
    lv_duration_uom_desc VARCHAR2 (10);
    l_line_tbl oe_order_pub.line_tbl_type := oe_order_pub.g_miss_line_tbl;
    lr_header_rec oe_order_pub.header_rec_type;
    lr_header_val_rec oe_order_pub.header_val_rec_type;
    lt_header_adj_tbl oe_order_pub.header_adj_tbl_type;
    lt_header_adj_val_tbl oe_order_pub.header_adj_val_tbl_type;
    lt_header_price_att_tbl oe_order_pub.header_price_att_tbl_type;
    lt_header_adj_att_tbl oe_order_pub.header_adj_att_tbl_type;
    lt_header_adj_assoc_tbl oe_order_pub.header_adj_assoc_tbl_type;
    lt_header_scredit_tbl oe_order_pub.header_scredit_tbl_type;
    lt_header_scredit_val_tbl oe_order_pub.header_scredit_val_tbl_type;
    lt_line_tbl oe_order_pub.line_tbl_type;
    lt_line_val_tbl oe_order_pub.line_val_tbl_type;
    lt_line_adj_tbl oe_order_pub.line_adj_tbl_type;
    lt_line_adj_val_tbl oe_order_pub.line_adj_val_tbl_type;
    lt_line_price_att_tbl oe_order_pub.line_price_att_tbl_type;
    lt_line_adj_att_tbl oe_order_pub.line_adj_att_tbl_type;
    lt_line_adj_assoc_tbl oe_order_pub.line_adj_assoc_tbl_type;
    lt_line_scredit_tbl oe_order_pub.line_scredit_tbl_type;
    lt_line_scredit_val_tbl oe_order_pub.line_scredit_val_tbl_type;
    lt_lot_serial_tbl oe_order_pub.lot_serial_tbl_type;
    lt_lot_serial_val_tbl oe_order_pub.lot_serial_val_tbl_type;
    lt_action_request_tbl oe_order_pub.request_tbl_type;
    lv_errmsg VARCHAR2(4000);
    v_user_id NUMBER:=fnd_profile.value('USER_ID');
    v_resp_id NUMBER:=fnd_profile.value('RESP_ID');
    v_resp_appl_id NUMBER:=fnd_profile.value('RESP_APPL_ID');
    v_security_group_id NUMBER:=fnd_profile.value('SECURITY_GROUP_ID');
    v_server_id NUMBER:=fnd_profile.value('SERVER_ID');
    v_login_id NUMBER:=fnd_profile.value('LOGIN_ID');
    l_file_val Varchar2(200);
    --- Apps Initialize
    l_line_tbl(1) := oe_order_pub.G_MISS_LINE_REC;
    l_line_tbl(1).operation := OE_GLOBALS.G_OPR_UPDATE;
    l_line_tbl(1).split_action_code := 'SPLIT';
    l_line_tbl(1).header_id := p_header_id;
    l_line_tbl(1).line_id := p_line_id;
    l_line_tbl(1).ordered_quantity := p_reserv_qty ;
    l_line_tbl(2) := oe_order_pub.G_MISS_LINE_REC;
    l_line_tbl(2).operation := OE_GLOBALS.G_OPR_CREATE;
    l_line_tbl(2).header_id := p_header_id;
    l_line_tbl(2).split_from_line_id := p_line_id;
    l_line_tbl(2).inventory_item_id := p_item_id ;
    l_line_tbl(2).ordered_quantity := (p_ord_qty-p_reserv_qty) ;
    --Debug File creation
    l_file_val := OE_DEBUG_PUB.Set_Debug_Mode('FILE'); -- add l_file_val Varchar2(200); in declare section
    dbms_output.put_line(' Log File : '||l_file_val);
    dbms_output.put_line('Log File name '||OE_DEBUG_PUB.G_DIR||'/'||OE_DEBUG_PUB.G_FILE);
    -- Start Process Order API for Splitting the line
    oe_order_pub.process_order (p_api_version_number => 1.0,
    p_init_msg_list => fnd_api.g_true,
    p_return_values => fnd_api.g_false,
    p_action_commit => fnd_api.g_true,
    x_return_status => lv_return_status,
    x_msg_count => ln_msg_count,
    x_msg_data => lv_msg_data,
    p_line_tbl => l_line_tbl,
    x_header_rec => lr_header_rec,
    x_header_val_rec => lr_header_val_rec,
    x_header_adj_tbl => lt_header_adj_tbl,
    x_header_adj_val_tbl => lt_header_adj_val_tbl,
    x_header_price_att_tbl => lt_header_price_att_tbl,
    x_header_adj_att_tbl => lt_header_adj_att_tbl,
    x_header_adj_assoc_tbl => lt_header_adj_assoc_tbl,
    x_header_scredit_tbl => lt_header_scredit_tbl,
    x_header_scredit_val_tbl => lt_header_scredit_val_tbl,
    x_line_tbl => lt_line_tbl,
    x_line_val_tbl => lt_line_val_tbl,
    x_line_adj_tbl => lt_line_adj_tbl,
    x_line_adj_val_tbl => lt_line_adj_val_tbl,
    x_line_price_att_tbl => lt_line_price_att_tbl,
    x_line_adj_att_tbl => lt_line_adj_att_tbl,
    x_line_adj_assoc_tbl => lt_line_adj_assoc_tbl,
    x_line_scredit_tbl => lt_line_scredit_tbl,
    x_line_scredit_val_tbl => lt_line_scredit_val_tbl,
    x_lot_serial_tbl => lt_lot_serial_tbl,
    x_lot_serial_val_tbl => lt_lot_serial_val_tbl,
    x_action_request_tbl => lt_action_request_tbl
    IF lv_return_status = fnd_api.g_ret_sts_success
    IF ln_msg_count > 0
    FOR i IN 1 .. ln_msg_count
    --fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.log,  fnd_msg_pub.get (i, 'F') );
    DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('ERROR'||fnd_msg_pub.get (i, 'F'));
    END IF;
    END IF;
    DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('EXCEPTION'||' '||SQLERRM);
    Edited by: 897922 on Nov 17, 2011 11:51 PM

    Suggest that you first enter the transaction manually via the order entry form and adjustments. Then query the oe_price_adustments table and determine the values you need to send in to get the results you want.

  • Error while updating the sales order through Process Order API

    Please any one will help plz.
    I am updating the promise_date through oe_order_pub.process_order(Process Order API) i am getting the following error.
    FND_AS_UNEXPECTED_ERROR N PKG_NAME OE_Order_Cache N PROCEDURE_NAME get_tax_calculation_flag N ERROR_TEXT ORA-01403:no data found
    Please any one will help plz
    Below is my code.
    l_archive_file_name VARCHAR2(1000);
    l_shipment_exists NUMBER:=0;
    l_header_id NUMBER;
    l_line_id NUMBER;
    p_header_rec Oe_Order_Pub.Header_Rec_Type;
    l_line_tbl oe_order_pub.line_tbl_type := oe_order_pub.g_miss_line_tbl;
    l_header_rec OE_ORDER_PUB.Header_Rec_Type;
    l_header_val_out_rec OE_ORDER_PUB.Header_Val_Rec_Type;
    l_header_adj_out_tbl OE_Order_PUB.Header_Adj_Tbl_Type;
    l_header_adj_val_out_tbl OE_Order_PUB.Header_Adj_Val_Tbl_Type;
    l_header_price_att_out_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Header_Price_Att_Tbl_Type;
    l_header_adj_att_out_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Header_Adj_Att_Tbl_Type;
    l_header_adj_assoc_out_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Header_Adj_Assoc_Tbl_Type;
    l_header_scredit_out_tbl OE_Order_PUB.Header_Scredit_Tbl_Type;
    l_header_scredit_val_out_tbl OE_Order_PUB.Header_Scredit_Val_Tbl_Type;
    l_line_rec OE_ORDER_PUB.line_rec_type;
    l_line_out_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Line_Tbl_Type;
    l_line_val_out_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Line_Val_Tbl_Type;
    l_line_adj_out_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Line_Adj_Tbl_Type;
    l_line_adj_val_out_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Line_Adj_Val_Tbl_Type;
    l_line_price_att_out_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Line_Price_Att_Tbl_Type;
    l_line_adj_att_out_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Line_Adj_Att_Tbl_Type;
    l_line_adj_assoc_out_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Line_Adj_Assoc_Tbl_Type;
    l_line_scredit_out_tbl OE_Order_PUB.Line_Scredit_Tbl_Type;
    l_line_scredit_val_out_tbl OE_Order_PUB.Line_Scredit_Val_Tbl_Type;
    l_lot_serial_out_tbl OE_Order_PUB.Lot_Serial_Tbl_Type;
    l_lot_serial_val_out_tbl OE_Order_PUB.Lot_Serial_Val_Tbl_Type;
    l_action_request_out_tbl OE_Order_PUB.Request_Tbl_Type;
    l_msg_count NUMBER;
    l_msg_data VARCHAR2(2000);
    l_return_status VARCHAR2(1);
    l_index NUMBER;
    l_rows_processed NUMBER:=0;
    l_line_mawb VARCHAR2(240);
    l_line_hawb VARCHAR2(240);
    l_line_flight_num VARCHAR2(240);
    l_org_id NUMBER :=143;--FND_GLOBAL.ORG_ID;
    l_resp_appl_id NUMBER:=FND_GLOBAL.RESP_APPL_ID;
    l_user_id number := FND_GLOBAL.USER_ID;
    l_promise_date date;
    SELECT ol.org_id, oh.header_id, ol.line_id,ol.promise_date
    INTO l_org_id, l_header_id, l_line_id,l_promise_date
    FROM apps.oe_order_headers_all oh, apps.oe_order_lines_all ol
    WHERE ol.header_id=oh.header_id
    AND ol.line_id =1319526; --&line_id
    -- apps.fnd_global.apps_initialize(&l_USER_ID,&l_resp_id,&l_resp_appl_id);
    p_header_rec := OE_ORDER_PUB.G_MISS_HEADER_REC;
    p_header_rec.header_id :=835035;-- l_header_id;
    p_header_rec.operation := OE_GLOBALS.G_OPR_UPDATE;
    l_line_tbl := oe_order_pub.g_miss_line_tbl;
    -------------------------Line Record -------------------------------
    l_line_tbl(1) := oe_order_pub.g_miss_line_rec;
    l_line_tbl(1).header_id := 835035;
    l_line_tbl(1).line_id := 1319526;
    l_line_tbl(1).promise_date := sysdate;
    l_line_tbl(1).operation := oe_globals.g_opr_update;
    (p_api_version_number => 1.0
    ,p_init_msg_list => fnd_api.g_true
    ,p_return_values => fnd_api.g_true
    ,x_return_status => l_return_status
    ,x_msg_count => l_msg_count
    ,x_msg_data => l_msg_data
    ,p_header_rec => p_header_rec
    ,p_line_tbl => l_line_tbl
    -- out variables
    ,x_header_rec => l_header_rec
    ,x_header_val_rec => l_header_val_out_rec
    ,x_header_adj_tbl => l_header_adj_out_tbl
    ,x_header_adj_val_tbl => l_header_adj_val_out_tbl
    ,x_header_price_att_tbl => l_header_price_att_out_tbl
    ,x_header_adj_att_tbl => l_header_adj_att_out_tbl
    ,x_header_adj_assoc_tbl => l_header_adj_assoc_out_tbl
    ,x_header_scredit_tbl => l_header_scredit_out_tbl
    ,x_header_scredit_val_tbl => l_header_scredit_val_out_tbl
    ,x_line_tbl => l_line_out_tbl
    ,x_line_val_tbl => l_line_val_out_tbl
    ,x_line_adj_tbl => l_line_adj_out_tbl
    ,x_line_adj_val_tbl => l_line_adj_val_out_tbl
    ,x_line_price_att_tbl => l_line_price_att_out_tbl
    ,x_line_adj_att_tbl => l_line_adj_att_out_tbl
    ,x_line_adj_assoc_tbl => l_line_adj_assoc_out_tbl
    ,x_line_scredit_tbl => l_line_scredit_out_tbl
    ,x_line_scredit_val_tbl => l_line_scredit_val_out_tbl
    ,x_lot_serial_tbl => l_lot_serial_out_tbl
    ,x_lot_serial_val_tbl => l_lot_serial_val_out_tbl
    ,x_action_request_tbl => l_action_request_out_tbl
    --dbms_output.put_line('l_msg_data-->' ||l_msg_data ||' l_return_status --> ' ||l_return_status);  

    Hi Sangu,
    See if the following notes help you:
    Error when calling API from SQL*Developer, eg. ORA-01403 in API OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER (Doc ID 1054295.1)
    Cancellation Of Transfer Orders Is Not Possible - ORA-01403: no data found in Package OE_Order_PVT Procedure Process_Order (Doc ID 391307.1)
    Thanks &
    Best Regards,

  • Purpose of Reason for Change on Timesheets

    We are using PWA 2010 for time reporting.  There is a field on the timesheet called "Reason for Change".  The only value I believe I've ever seen in this field is "Not Delayed", however, other possible values (from a Lookup
    table) are "Under Estimated", "Access to Resources", "Assigned to higher priority work", "Technical issue", "Other".
    To my knowledge there is nothing anyone does at my company that changes/sets the value of this field.  Can someone help me understand how it is used? how it is set? its purpose?  I've been looking online but cannot find anything that
    talks about it.
    Thank you

    What you are seeing is a custom field, created by your Project Server administrator, or perhaps by a consultant who might have set up your Project Server 2010 system.  I can assure you that this field is NOT a default field.  So, I would suggest
    that you talk to your Project Server administrator to see if he/she set up this field.  And if not, then I would suggest you talk to your consultant.  And if nobody knows where this field came from, I would recommend that your Project Server administrator
    remove it from the Timesheet-related views in PWA and then that the field be deleted.  Just a thought.  Hope this helps.
    Dale A. Howard [MVP]

  • Stop user creating process order with material for specific order type

    Hey Team,
    Is there a way where I can stop creating process order with material for specific order type says Z*. We are using ZNMA  order type to create trial batch and we do not want to create process order with material for this order type.
    Any ideas?
    Bhavesh Patel.

    You can restrict the order creation in CO01 based on authorization, Remove the authorization for Z order type for the particular user,  Check with your basis Guy

  • HT201335 Any technical reason for iPhone 4 not to have mirrorring feature?

    Any technical reason for iPhone 4 not to have mirrorring feature? It does support YouTube , photo slide show.

    Airplay mirroring requires an h.264 encoder in hardware. iPhone before the 4s and macs before mid 2011 don't have this hardware, so it won't work.

Maybe you are looking for